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yoonjin famous au!;
Yoongi and Seokjin break up years before, yoongi has this insta acc where he shares his love for him secretly. He gets caught, has to either hide his true identity or tell the truth.
#yoonjin #yoonjinau
pls be kind with me djsjsj
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1. Famous rapper Agust D’s secret account.
2. inside the account 1/2
3. inside the account 2/2
4. a picture from past
5. another account finds this “yoonjin” account weird.
6. Seokjin turns out to be the other acc and rants to his friends.
7. they are useless tho
8. Jungoo is worried
what should Seokjin do?
9. seokjin warns yoongi. (-1 pt.)
10. this relationship is over.
11. and so is this conversation.
12. Yoongi writes to his group chat.
13. Yoongi ducks up 2x.

a/n; pls excuse my bad edit ;*
14. Yoongi tries to say sorry but he is already blocked.
15. Namjoon does the work of god.
16. Yoongi calls him and surprisingly Jeongguk opens.
“What,” Jeongguk says, but its clear from his voice that he has been crying.

What should Yoongi say?
17. (+1)
WARNING: this may include triggering content. You can scroll down to the 🔸 emojis down to pass this part, you will not miss anything.

WARNING2; Don’t forget that this is fiction. None of the members have these issues.
“I’m sorry,” Yoongi says quickly. Jeongguks faint sniffles stop for few seconds. So Yoongi is sure that it worked atleast a bit. Just like Joon said he was going to fix it.
“You- You told him.” Jeongguk says. Yoongi gulps.

“I know. And I am so sorry for that. I wasn’t thinking, I was just.. You know how I start to act like a jerk when the situation involves /him/.”

“Do I? I’m too ‘stupid’ to know.”

Yoongi scolds himself mentally.
“You are not stupid Gukkie. I am the stupid one for hurting you like this. I am your hyung and I should have been more like a hyung, not like..this.” Yoongi says. He expects the other to say something but now its just silence.

“I’m really sorry. I was at wrong,” he tries again.
Yoongi still hears nothing. Millions of reasons why he wasn’t answering pass trough his head. He is still confused until he hears a quick breathing over the line.

Jeongguk is having a panic attack, he thinks.
“J-Gukkie, pay attention to my voice. It’s okay, everything is going to be okay. Do you trust your hyung?”

“I- I can’t—breath,”

“Put your hand over your chest Gukkie, It’s going to be alright.”

Yoongi keeps calming him down as he instructs Jeongguk to breath slowly.
Jeongguk calms down finally, breathing normally. They stay like that, just silence is what they hear for minutes.

“Hyung,” Jeongguk says first.

“Yes, Gguk?”

“I forgive you.”

“Thank you, jeongguk.”
And their call ends.
[you now have ... points. you must receive +15 for the good ending. -5 for the bad ending.]
18. The group peace is back.
19. Yoongi is glad Namjoon exist. And we learn more about Yoongi and Seokjin’s past relationship.
20. Don’t blame yourself Yoongi.
21. Picasso is shaking.
22. Yoongi writes to Jeongguk.
Choose a song, be careful as it will effect the story line. 👀👀
Thats it for today, I will update when the poll is over. Hit me up on cc cuz i often get bored or loose motivation easily djdjj
23. (+1)
k0reab00 is into something as usual.
24. K0reab00 2/2 feat. Teahyung expecting drama.
After three hours of working on the tracks and the main song, both Yoongi and Jeongguk are tired. The songs are all done, as perfect as they could get. Jeongguk and Yoongi clean up the studio and the empty plates on the table.
Jeongguks eye gets stuck to the guitar on the corner. “Hyung?” he asks.

“What’s it?” Jeongguk points the guitar with his head. “Why dont you play few stuff?”

Yoongi thinks, he is really tired and it is already 7pm, but why not.
Yoongi’s fingers trail on the guitars strings, trying the sounds. Jeongguk holds his breath as Yoongi finally starts to sing.

“It was a good start,
In itself”

Yoongi, aka Agust D, who is known globally for his amazing rapping skills, dedication and producing.
What they don’t know is that Yoongi can also sing. Jeongguk likes to hear his voice, listen the unnamed tracks Yoongi probably wrote years ago and never shared. He finds himself special as he listens the “non existent songs”.
It is loud inside the studio, and the sound outside does not come in as the sound inside doesn’t come out. So the duo hears nothing when Jimin, Hoseok and Seokjin open his apartment door with the key given to them (Hoseok). They hear nothing when the trio creeps to the door.
And they both hear nothing, nothing but Yoongi singing when the trio is eavesdropping.

“Alright, a repeating seesaw game
It's about time we put an end to it
All right, this boring seesaw game
Somebody has to get out of here
Though neither of us can,”
Yoongi stops singing and moving his fingers on the strings when the door gets open wide.

“Uhm, we’re here,” Jimin says to Jeongguk while his eyes are open wide with shock just like Hoseok. Yoongi quickly turns his head away when he sees Seokjin.
“Oh– when did you guys come?” Jeongguk stands up, too nervous to stay still. Seokjin shrugs.

“We call you few times and rang the bell, got ourselves in when you didn’t answer.”

“Sorry hyung, we were— we were working on the album. I didn’t hear,”
“Yeah, you got yourself company too Ggukkie,” Seokjin says with a smile.
Thats it, Jeongguk thinks, Thats the end for me.

“Yes, company, you see Yoongi hyung–Agust D, helps with the production.”

Yoongi has already gathered his stuff and put on his jacket.

“I gotta go.”
“Ofcourse you do, coward,” Seokjin mutters under his breath. But Yoongi hears.

“Say it to my face, Kim.” Yoongi glares to Seokjin.

“I said coward, Min.” Yoongi steps closer to him.

“I fuckin dare you to repeat, sucker.”

Yoongi charges towards Seokjin to attack the taller. But Hoseok holds him, as Jimin holds Seokjin, stops him from attacking the other.

“Come at me, fucki***”

“I will show you your place, you pie***”

They swear to each other back and forth, trying to throw punches.
“ENOUGH!” Jeongguk screams.

Yoongi and Seokjin stop their tantrum, turning their heads towards the youngest.

“Just— Stop, don’t— Its enough—Dont,” He says, his words getting mixed, his breathing getting out of track and faster.

Yoongi gets his arm free from Hoseoks hold.
“He is right,” Yoongi says. “It’s enough. This isnt the place for this.”

“Hyungs are sorry Gukkie,” Seokjin assures the younger, his voice suddenly calm and quiet, eyes softer.

Yoongi and Seokjin share one last gaze before Yoongi pushes him away from his way and gets out.
Seokjin slumps down to the couch eith a thud, burying his head into his arms.
What should Jeongguk do?
25. (+2)
Jeongguk gets out of the studio, leaving Seokjin with Hoseok and Jimin. He tries to put on his shoes with one hand as he texts to Yoongi with the other one.
25. Yoongi seems fine. He will remember that you care about him.
26. Yoongi talks to Namjoon, gaining himself company for the night.
27. While Yoongi is getting ready to chill, Seokjin is still at Jeongguk’s house. Jeongguk didn’t let Seokjin go, wanting to look after him and making sure he is okay as he promised to Yoongi.
Seokjin is calm, kinda numb after three glasses of wine and a good dinner with his friends comforting him. They are all cuddling on the couch, watching a film Hoseok choose.
He is glad to be with his friends, even if there is a weight in his chest after fighting with Yoongi, he is happy at the moment. Jeongguk did the right thing.
28. Good friends are irreplaceable.
29. They are ready 🍺
30. yoongi is gone 😴😴😴
31. taehyung and namjoon is also gone.
32. He is back but aint for good stuff.
33. Jeongguk tries to reach Yoongi and stop him before he does something he regrets— and fails.
34. thats not his dog y’all
35. thats seokjin :(
36. Jimin is in a big trouble..
37. Jeongguk is hurt and his heart is broken.. He is now walking, on his way to Yoongi. He left the house the second he saw the tweet about Namjoon.
38. Yoongi needs to be stopped before he says stuff he will regret.
Should Jeongguk..
39. Jimin is sorry.. partly..
40. But Jeongguk won’t forgive him for this.
41. Jeongguk finally finds his hyungs and steps in, deletes the tweets and takes them to their home.
42. Next morning; they all apologise when they wake up.
43. (-2) Maybe you should have given Jeongguk some time.. He is now gone.
44. (you current point is -1)
Seokjin and his friends also are worried. How can they reach Jeongguk..
45. Jimin takes the control.
46. Taehyung knows something..
47. The tree house 🌳
48. They talk like the old times..
49. Jimin opens another group.
50. We learn more about what happened between seokjin and yoongi.
51. Seokjin hesitates.
52. This wig didn’t deserve it.
Seokjin panics. He brushes his teeth, fixes his hair. Yoongi, his ex, his ex FIANCE, is coming to get him. He knows he should focus on Jeongguk but the butterflies in his stomach dont allow him to.
What should Seokjin wear? Should he dress regularly, or try to impress Yoongi?
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