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Andrew W.K. is a Libertarian "Classical Liberal" who believes in American Exceptionalism & a "big fan of Breitbart". He was a regular on Fox News show 'Red Eye' for years w/ his friend Gavin McInnes (Proud Boys) & even had his own radio show on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze radio network
Andrew W.K. has a close personal relationship with Gavin McInnes (founder of Proud Boys/co-founder of VICE magazine). Suggestions by some that McInnes is responsible for “inventing” Andrew WK doesn't seem far-fetched given the amount of online trails they've left behind together
In his article for "paleoconservative" Takimag (white nationalist Richard Spencer used to serve as Executive Editor) that helped give rise to the alt-right, Gavin McInnes mentions going to see Andrew W.K. in 2001:…
Gavin McInnes' 2002 VICE article profiling Billy Corgan's post-Smashing Pumpkins band Zwan, references Andrew WK and features Matt Sweeney, Zwan band member & close friend of McInnes, appearing in a photo with Andrew WK:…
Andrew W.K.'s own website mentions a 2008 article on McInnes' Street Carnage website in which Andrew gives "a step-by-step photographic explanation" of the "Fight Face", "while Gavin McInnes provides color commentary":…
Andrew W.K. and Gavin McInnes just happened to both make an appearance on an episode of Pitchfork’s tv show ‘Beardo’ in 2008:
A 2008 blog post claims Gavin McInnes “invented making fun of peoples clothes from afar. He is also kind of responsible for inventing hipsters, Engrish, and Andrew WK”:…
Andrew W.K. is known for self-mythologizing hoaxes claiming that he's a hired actor, that he was hacked/blackmailed by someone using his pseudonym. VICE magazine heavily promoting these publicity stunts has led some to suggest that Gavin McInnes was involved in perpetuating them.
In a 2009 interview, Andrew WK says he's seen Gavin McInnes' 'Destruction Creates' tattoo "in different stages"…
Gavin McInnes' 2012 book 'How to Piss in Public' contains praise from Andrew W.K.: "Wonderfully powerful, funny, and full of life, this book is amazing and a pleasure to explore. I cried while reading the 9/11 chapter."
Gavin McInnes and Andrew W.K. also happen to appear next to one another in praising the Village Voice's book 'New York City's Best Dive Bars' by Ben Westhoff:…
Ben Westhoff also happened to write a book review of Gavin McInnes' 'Street Boners' which mentions that it "also features guest commentary" from Andrew W.K.:…
Gavin McInnes praised Andrew WK on Twitter as a role model for men, citing WK's 2014 Village Voice column urging readers to stop using divisive labels & to respect views "we most disagree with"…
In his 2014 interview about the film 'How To Be A Man' that he appears in, Gavin McInnes brings up Andrew WK and his "party hard" schtick.…
A 2014 Salon article on Andrew WK mentions him making the rounds at Fox News, Glenn Beck being a huge fan of his & being on Fox News show 'Red Eye' 34 times…
In 'Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You', author Greg Gutfeld (host of the Fox New show Red Eye) thanks his "loyal pals at Breitbart" and mentions both Andrew W.K and Gavin McInnes, along with Ann Coulter, as having served as inspiration for the book.
"I’m actually a big fan of Breitbart. I got to be on an episode [of Red Eye] with the late Andrew [Breitbart]. It was a memorable experience. What Breitbart brings to the table is very important. It is unhinged, much like Mr. Breitbart himself was. We could use more of that" - WK
An article on Proud Boys & McInnes mentions Andrew WK's nightclub Santos Party House closing from backlash after hosting neo-Nazi NYC Oi! Fest that the original venue cancelled…
Both Andrew WK and Gavin McInnes' longtime friend Matt Sweeney (who appears to have since disowned McInnes) have appeared in the lineup of the occult band Current 93. '93 Current' refers to Aleister Crowley's esoteric philosophy Thelema and represents the current of Thelema/Agape
Current 93 was mentioned by their Satanic Nazi neofolk musician friend Boyd Rice as moving towards a 'racialist' agenda along w/ Death In June as part of building an 'Aryan youth movement' on White Aryan Resistance founder Tom Metzger's cable TV show 'Race and Reason' in the 80s.
Current 93 has an album called 'Swastikas For Noddy' which features songs like 'Panzer Rune' whose title appears to reference Nazi SS runes which are commonly used by neo-nazis.
Other guests on the Fox News show Red Eye where Andrew WK was a regular include "the late GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus, Melvins mastermind King Buzzo and Torche"…
And here's a lil' taste for those of you just joining us who are not familiar with what this Gavin McAnus guy is about:
@AndrewWK appeared in a 2015 episode of right-wing TV show Louder with Crowder (Gavin McInnes is a regular guest) on Conservative Review's online outlet CRTV (which hosts McInnes' own shows) that focuses on "social justice warriors", "debunking" white privilege/toxic masculinity.
Steven Crowder, the host of the Louder with Crowder show, is known for his "Change My Mind" campus sign claiming male privilege is a myth. Crowder's official reddit account makes "politically incorrect" posts including one that refers to a black person as a "little colored fella"
In 2016, Andrew W.K. featured in the Libertarian mag Reason (published by Koch brothers' Reason Foundation) along with Breitbart. WK's long-time friend Gavin McInnes of the Proud Boys identifies as a Libertarian. Info on Libertarian to alt-right pipeline:…
In February of 2018, Gavin McInnes promoted Andrew W.K.'s upcoming album on his TV show 'Get Off My Lawn', a month before it was released. McInnes is known to constantly use the n-word and other racial slurs on his show:
None of this necessarily means Andrew WK is a Proud Boy/crypto-Nazi but his "Inclusive Party" message of "Let's love our enemies, adopt centrism & hear all sides because even bad people need hugs" helps explain why he associates so closely w/ McInnes/Glenn Beck/Fox News/Breitbart
“Nazism succeeds, insofar as it succeeds, by exploiting the fatal flaw in liberal democracies: namely, the idea that opposing viewpoints have a right to be heard.”…
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