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Yoonmin AU

Jimin is a new intern and CEO Min Yoongi is too hard on him (inside of work and outside). Jimin tries to suck up to his boss by doing anything to get on his good side.
Jimins first day
Poor hyung
At least the stress will go away for tonight
The next day Jimin told himself he would do better. He wasn’t gonna look at Min Yoongi unless he had to.

Yeah that went so well. He started at him nonstop. “Jimin stop looking at him!” Kim Taehyung (jimins best friend) saw him staring.
“Huh? Damn it! Tae I can’t do this. He’s too hot.” Jimin was ready to quit already. It’s only the second day and I’m suffering. Oh no. “Mr. Park! My office now!” Min Yoongi was screaming for me. This cannot be good.
*knock, knock*
“Come in, Mr. Park!”
“You wanted to see me sir?” Jimins hands were shaking already. Why does this guy make him so nervous? He’s obviously has other bosses before. So why is Min Yoongi so different?
Jimin stared at the ground and bit his lip. He swears he heard Yoongi suck in air making a hiss noise. But it was quick so maybe he didn’t. “Please look at me when I speak to you.” Jimin looked at him with big brown doe eyes and it threw Yoongi off for a second.
“Ahem. Anyway, did you fax those files that I emailed to you?”
“Y- yes sir. They’re on my desk. I can run and go get them-“ Jimin was almost out of the room when Yoongi stopped him. “Mr. Park. Bring me a cup of coffee on your way back.”
“Yes Mr. Min sir.”
Lmaooo I meant print in the last tweet.
Jimin’s hands won’t stop shaking as he poured Mr. Mins coffee. “Shit how does he like his coffee? Did I seriously forget? What is happening?” Oh god.

Taehyung! Where is he? I need him.
“Black” coffee
*knock knock* “Come in.”

“I- I have those papers you needed sir.” And Jimin was nervous once again. What the hell Min Yoongi? How do you do this?

“Have a seat Mr. Park. I want to talk to you.” Oh no. What did Jimin do now? “So how are you enjoying your job so far?”
“O- oh! I thought I was in trouble for a minute there. I’m enjoying it so far sir. Despite the few slip ups I’ve made.” Jimin looks away from his boss and fumbles with his fingers. “I’m gonna try and do better.”

Yoongi didn’t seem sympathetic at all. He didn’t even look at him.
He kept typing away and filing out paperwork. Without even looking up, “You can leave now.” Rude but okay. “Yes sir.”

“Mr. Park? I want all of those files sent over by 1:30 and those papers faxed by 2:00. No later. No excuses.”

“Yes sir.”
The day was finally over and Jimin survived.

“Jiminie! Wanna go out for drinks with me and Jin Hyung? He wants us to mee his new boyfriend Namjoon.” Taehyung didn’t seemed phased by the work day at all unlike Jimin.
Although Jimin is only an intern, the errands and being so nervous around his boss was taking a toll on him. “No Tae I’m gonna go home and relax.”

“Oh ‘relax’ I get it.” Taehyung knew that Jimin was probably gonna do some stress relieving on twitter tonight.
Although Jimin was a really sweet boy around everyone else, when he was alone he was very, very dirty. Jimin ran an nsfw twitter account. He loved the fact that only a few people knew who he was. The other few thousand people had no idea.

To him it was really hot.
Stress relief
Things were going like usual.

People were watching Jimin pleasure himself, he was really enjoying it, and he was so close to an extremely needed climax when suddenly he moaned “Yes Yoongi.”

Jimin ended his session.
What was that?
I’m sure he didn’t see it.
I’m sure it’s not you
Monday rolls around and Jimin feels 100% better. No more stress. He’s ready to focus. He’s ready to take on whatever Min Yoongi throws at him.

Walking into work Jimin sees Seokjin talking to Min Yoongi. Fuck he looks so hot today. His blonde hair slicked back.
He’s wearing a fitted black suit with a red shirt underneath. He has an earring dangling from his ear. And his skin is practically glowing.

If he’s being honest with himself, it turned Jimin on to see him like this a little bit.
“Shit so much for focusing.” Jin and Yoongi turned to look at Jimin. Did he say that out loud?

“Good morning Mr. Park.” All Jimin can think of is moaning his name. Oh god.

“Good morning Mr. Min Yoongi sir. Seokjin.” Jimin bowed and walked to his desk.
There was a stack of papers waiting for Jimin with a post it on it that read “Done by 1:45. No exceptions.” Okay well this day was off to a good start.

It was about 11:10 when the phone rang. “Mr. Park I need another cup of coffee.” *click*
“Yes Mr. Min sir. Whatever you please Mr. Min sir. See if I ever moan your name ever again” Jimin muttered to himself all the way to get the coffee and back to Yoongi’s office. “Your coffee sir.” Jimin was about to leave the room when Yoongi spoke up.
“Mr. Park.” Jimin rolled his eyes before answering.

“Yes sir?” Jesus if this smile was any wider face would fall off.

“The next time you want to mock me, make sure you hang up the phone all the way. You can leave now.” Jimin could feel the blood rush to his face.
“Wh-What do you mean sir?” And the blood has not left his face. Yoongi stood up from his desk, buttoned up his jacket, and walked towards Jimin for what seems like a 30 minute slow walk.

“Yes sir. Whatever you say sir. Then proceeded to mumble other bullshit.”
Did he hear the moaning part? Fuck. Fuck. FUCK. “I’m so sorry sir. That was extremely wrong and unprofessional on my part. I’m so so-“

Yoongi was now staring Jimin in his face. “Stop talking.”

“Yes s-“

“What did I just say?” Jimin shuts up.
“Now, I don’t know what other bullshit you muttered but it’s, like I just said, bullshit. The next time you do that, I’ll throw your perky little ass out of my building so fast it’ll skip across the pavement. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir.”

“Now get out of my office.”
Jimin quickly made his way back to his desk and sat down. His heart was racing. It felt like it was gonna pound out of his chest. His mind was reeling. He looked at the phone. It was still connected to Yoongi. He quickly hung it up. Good for nothing ass phone.
After about 20 minutes of sheer embarrassment, it finally started to sink in what Yoongi said to him.

“I’ll throw your perky little ass out...”

‘Okay so does Min Yoongi look at my ass?’ Jimin kept thinking about that sentence over and over.
Jimin isn’t gonna focus
The next few weeks dragged on. Constant commands from Yoongi, Jimin running ridiculous errands for him, nonstop coffee runs. Who the fuck drinks this much coffee anyway? Jimin seriously hated this job. More so, he hated his asshole of a boss.
It’s Friday night and it’s about 9:30 PM. Jimin should have left 4 hours ago but Mr. Min Asshole wanted this work done by 10:30.

Everyone had gone home and it was just Jimin in the office. Or so he thought. Jimin was cleaning his desk up after he finished his work.
He had music playing from his phone and he was so distracted by cleaning and dancing around his desk that he didn’t even notice someone watching him.

“What are you doing?” The voice scared Jimin and he jumped so hard he almost fell. Yoongi was standing in his door watching him.
“Yoongi you scared me. I- I mean sir.” Shit. “I’m sorry. Did the music distract your work? I-I’m about to head out. I was just finishing up the work you gave me and I didn’t know that anyone else was hear. I thought everyone had already gone home. I mean I thought I was alone.”
Jimin didn’t realize he was nervous rambling.

“Do you always talk this much? Or is it just when you’ve been caught shamelessly dancing in your work area like an unprofessional?”

“I’m sorry sir.” Jimin couldn’t even look at him. He’s been staring at the ground the whole time.
“Go home Mr. Park. It’s late.” Why is he always such an asshole?

“Do you have a problem with me?” Yoongi frowns at him. “S-sir?”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m sorry and I know this can probably cost me my job but what did I do to you? I mean you just constantly nail into me.
What did I do that was so wrong? I’ve been working hard. I may not be the worlds best intern but I’m trying. I’m busting my ass to prove to you that you should hire me permanently but it seems like it’s for nothing. I mean what more? What else can I do sir?”
Yoongi walks up to Jimin. “You can start by shutting the fuck up.” Yoongi kept walking closer to Jimin so he started to back up as far as he could until he backed up into his desk. “The next thing you can do is get your shit together, and go home.”
“You can’t talk-“ Yoongi covers Jimins mouth.

“Did I say you could talk?” Jimin shakes his head no. “Remember what I said about you disrespecting me? About throwing that perky little ass of yours out on the street without a job?” Jimin nods. “One more time, and you’re out.”
He lets go of Jimins mouth and walks back into his office and closes his door. Jimin was breathless. That was the most arousing thing that has ever happened to him and he’s now hard as a rock. All he did was cover Jimins mouth and he feels like he’s gonna explode.
Yoongi’s POV:

Yoongi’s doing some work when suddenly he hears music. He opens his door to find his employee dancing around. Yoongi can’t help but look at his ass. Why did he have to be so attracted to his employee? Jimin frustrates him. Mentally and sexually.
Jimin bends over to pick something up. Is he wearing a thong? Yoongi feels his cock twitch at the sight. How can this ridiculous dance that this idiot is doing seem attractive? Yoongi can’t take much of watching him anymore so he goes back into his office.
20 minutes later and Yoongi can’t stop thinking about Jimin. He has to get out of the office. But he can’t go home yet. Send Jimin home. He’s still dancing. God it’s so sexy. “What are you doing?” Yoongi’s voice cracked a little bit but he caught it before Jimin noticed.
Minutes later he’s standing in front of Jimin angry because he’s so aroused. How dare he raise his voice at him? How dare he make Yoongi feel like this? Yoongi feels nothing but anger with himself for getting so sexually worked up like this at work.
It’s taking everything in his power to not grab him right here and now. He’s standing there biting his pouty lips and his beautiful red hair is covering his face. God I wanna just make him feel what he’s doing to me. No Yoongi that’s wrong. That’s your employee.
He won’t stop yelling at me. Who the hell does he think he is? He covers Jimin’s mouth. His lips are so soft. Yoongi can feel that he’s pouting. He wants to kiss him so badly. “Go home.” When Yoongi way Coke’s back into his office he was practically breathless.
He’s rock hard. Jimin hasn’t touched him or anything. Just the dancing and seeing him get angry and forceful with him drove Yoongi’s cock insane. How the hell is he gonna focus on his work now?
Explaining everything to Tae.
Someone’s worked up
I meant walks. Idk why it said “way Coke’s”
Lol this is kind of a little smuttier. 🔞 warning (even though it’s a little smut but STILL)
It happened again. Jimin was teaching his high and put of nowhere he moaned “Yes fuck me Yoongi.” However instead of stopping or getting embarrassed, it drove him closer to his sweet climax. All he could think about in that moment was Min Yoongi pounding into him.
Jimin was grasping at his release. He was so close to coming. He heard Yoongi’s voice in his head saying he had a perky ass and his hand on his mouth. If only he moved that hang around his throat and he kissed him as he did it.
That thought alone was enough to push him over the edge. Not only did he moan out his boss’s name, he practically screamed it. “Min Yoongi fuck me. Yes Yoongi harder.” The things he can do to Jimin and he hasn’t even touched him sexually.

Not yet anyway.
Feeling special
More regret
The next week drug on endlessly. Jimin did all he could to avoid his boss. Which was actually very easy since it seemed as if his boss was also avoiding him? Is he? No that’s ridiculous. Jimin hasn’t had real work to do in days. Is he going to be fired?
Jimin was so lost in thought because he didn’t notice that he even knocked papers over on the floor until his coworker Jinyoung said something to him. “Wow I love how you’ve decorated your work space. The papers all over the floor add a nice touch as well.”
“Huh?” Jimin Snapple’s back to reality.

“You knocked papers over on the floor while you were daydreaming.” Jinyoung walked away laughing at him.

“You could have at least offered to help pick them up! Jerk.” Jimin got up to go pick up the mess.
Yoongi’s POV:

“I need to pee. But I don’t want to see Jimin either.” Yoongi stands and looks out his window to see if Jimin was at his desk. He didn’t see him. “Thank god!”

Yoongi was quickly making his way out of his office door when he saw Jimin on all fours on the floor.
Jimin has his ass arched in the air because he was getting some papers from under his desk. As he was bent over his shirt rose a little just high enough for you to see the red thong straps peeking above his jeans. Yoongi almost came then and there. This job was gonna kill him.
Yoongi closed his door and went back into his office. He took one look at Park Jimin and he’s practically sweating through his shirt.

He completely forgot that he had to pee.
Unacceptable working conditions
Will he take his advice?
Staff meeting
What staff meeting?
Sneaky plan
Wonder who daddy is
No one knows
Idiots 🙄
Jimin was in the process of getting ready for a staff meeting where apparently no staff was going to because NO ONE ANSWERED HIM. Did he need to wear work clothes or can he go casually? He texted Yoongi to ask.

Casual works.
Jimin was wearing something normal. Distressed black skinny jeans, a black hoodie, and a black cap.

He wanted this meeting to be over as quickly as it starts.
Photo for outfit reference lmao JUST IMAGINE HE HAS RED HAIR 👀
Jimin showed up to the office already annoyed. To make matters worse, no one was there. What the hell is going on?

“Jimin.” He jumped from the voice behind him. “Where is everyone?”

He doesn’t know either? What the hell was going on?
“My potential business partner was supposed to meet us here. I wanted us to work with Hope World Productions.” This peaked Jimins interest. Suddenly he was less annoyed.

“T- the one run by dance choreographer Jung Hoseok?” No way!
“You heard of him?”

“Heard of him? I love him! He’s one of the best choreographers ever in my opinion! I’ve been trying to get a spot in his classes for about 6 months now. It’s so hard to since he’s so popular.” Jimin was gushing at this point.

Yoongi thought it was so cute.
“You dance?” This question caught off guard. Although it shouldn’t have since since Jimin just said he wanted to dance with Hoseok. He just didn’t expect Yoongi to ask him that question.

His face started to turn red. “Yeah. But I’m not any good.”
“Show me.”


“Dance for me.” Jimins mind went to a dirty place for a quick second.

“No I can’t. You saw me dancing before already. Don’t you remember?” He started staring at the ground and nervously messing with the sleeves on his hoodie.
“No I saw you being an idiot when you thought no one was around.” Touché.

“Still. I can’t dance. At least not in front of y-. I- in front of other people.” They had forgotten the whole reason they were there until Yoongi’s phone rang. It was Hoseok.
“Ya asshole where are you?


You better not screw me over you jerk.

Yeah Friday works.

Bye dick.” Yoongi frowned.

“Everything okay? With Hoseok?”

“The meeting is canceled. One of his instructors got injured and can’t cover their class tonight so Hoseok has to.”
“Oh. Well that was a wonderful waste of 30 minutes. I guess we can head home now. Night sir.” Before Jimin could walk away Yoongi stopped him.

“Uh... I haven’t had dinner and it’s pretty late. Do you wanna... I don’t know... Grab a bite to eat or...?”
Did he just ask Jimin out? Don’t get excited Jimin calm down. It’s a work thing. Nothing else. “Oh. Y-yeah sure. You’re buying though” Jimin smiled at his spark of boldness.

Yoongi liked it. “That’s fair. You’re driving though.”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “Fine. Let’s go.”
Bothering his hyung
Nosy friends
It took them nearly 30 minutes to find a restaurant. Yoongi wanted somewhere fancy. Jimin did not although Yoongi was paying. They finally settled on a fancy restaurant anyway.

“I’m so under dressed for this place. Why are we here? We seriously could have just gotten pizza.”
“The food here is good. Plus I’m paying so stop complaining.” Jimin rolled his eyes. “Hey just because we aren’t at work doesn’t mean you can roll your eyes at me Mr. Park.” Jimin rolled them again.

It made Yoongis heart skip a beat.

Even if Jimin didn’t know.
They made light conversation while they waited on their meals.

Yoongi apologizing for being so hard on Jimin. He had taken into what Jimin said- actually yelled- at him. About Yoongis hobbies outside of music production. Which is playing the piano.

Jimin melted.
The conversation died out a little while they were eating. Well until Yoongi. “So Mr. Park when are you going to dance for me?” Jimin choked on his bite of food. It make Yoongi laugh a little bit. “Are you okay?” Asshole was still laughing.
“No! You almost killed me. Warn me next time before you ask questions like that.” Jimin was gasping for air at this point.

“Mr. Park I only meant show me your dancing style. What were you thinking?” He had a smug smile on his face.

Jimin avoided eye contact and drank his wine.
Jimins face started to turn red. He knows what kind of dance he would LIKE to show Yoongi but we won’t talk about that. “That’s what I was thinking! The question just caught me off guard is all. Jeez don’t flatter yourself SIR.”

Yoongi pretended to be wounded.

Cute dork.
Jimins gonna kill them
Jimin and Yoongi were enjoying their night despite the messages from Jimins friends. They talked about what seemed like everything. It was actually really nice to see this side of Yoongi.

It was about 12:30 when they left the restaurant.
Jimin has almost forgotten that he needed to take Yoongi back to his car.

They arrived 10 minutes later and Jimin walked Yoongi back to his car. “Mr. Park, are you trying to protect me by walking me to my car?” Jimin rolled his eyes again.
“NO! I just wanted to stretch my legs.” Yoongi bursted out laughing. “What?!”

“Your legs are so little. They aren’t gonna stretch any further.” Jimin kicked Yoongi on the butt. “HEY!”

“Say sorry! They aren’t that short!” Yoongi started laughing again. “I’m leaving.”
Jimin got back into his car and sneered at Yoongi. Yoongi was standing at his car still laughing at Jimin.

“Asshole.” Jimin grumbled as he drove away.

He hates to admit it, but that was actually one of the best nights that Jimin had had in a very long time.
Yoongis POV:

Yoongi got into his car after watching Jimin drive away. He couldn’t stop smiling. Ugh why did Jimin have to be so fucking cute? Yoongi didn’t expect for this night to go this way. He expected to spend at least an hour with Jimin. They spent three. He loved it.
Are they flirting?
Back to the usual
His friends are terrible
This night just keeps going
No ones THAT nice
5 minutes later.
*ding dong*
Fuck he’s here. “Come in!” Yoongi poked his head in.

“Do you want me to just sit it here or...?” Jimin rolled his eyes.

“No Yoongi come in. Have a seat. Do you want something to drink? Anything to eat?” Yoongi came in and took a look around.
“You have a nice place. Who’s your designer?” Was this guy serious?

“Uh... ikea?” Jimin started to laugh. “Not everyone has a fancy mansion and can hire interior designers, Mr. CEO.” Oh yeah.

“It’s still great. I should hire you to decorate my house. I’m impressed.”
“Oh ha ha very funny SIR.” The little brat was teasing him. “You want something to drink? He asks for the second time.....”

“Huh? Oh! Yeah sure. Sorry. Do you live alone or do you have roommates?”

Jimin was about to answer when his phone went off.
Usual customer
He had completely forgotten that he had even made the post. With losing his wallet and his friends and now Yoongi being in his apartment, it had slipped his mind.

He cant make him wait too long. He’s usually quick with these things.
Wang 🍆👅
Uh oh
“Um Jimin?” Why was he calling him now?

“Yeah I’ll be out in just a second!” Jimin was scrambling to put his clothes back on. When he went back out into the living room Yoongi was pacing back and forward.

“Why are you pacing like a worried parent who’s child missed curfew?
Yoongi looked at Jimin and then quickly looked away. He started pacing again. “Check your messages.”

“Huh? Did you text me while I was in my room? I didn’t mean to take so lo-“ He messaged the wrong person. Oh my god. What did he just do?
All of his blood rushed to his face. He knew he was blushing furiously because he felt how hot his face was getting. He can’t even look at Yoongi.


“Stop.” He was practically talking to the floor at this point. “Please just delete that message Mr. Min.”
“Yeah I’ll delete it but Jimin we should talk-“ Jimin cut him off again. His voice was barely loud enough to be heard. It was clear that he was fighting back tears of embarrassment.

“I think that maybe you should go, sir.” He still hasn’t looked up at Yoongi.
He was nervously picking at the bottom of his shirt.

“Jimin talk to me. Don’t send me away.” It honestly hurt Yoongi to see him this way. They had only spent all of 5 hours together and somehow Yoongi feels like Jimins a close friend.
“Please just leave... I’ll see you at work on Monday.” No matter how hard he tried not to sound like it, Yoongi knew he was crying. He wanted to reach out and what? Hug him? Comfort him? It’s not in his place. They weren’t friends. They only had dinner.

Yoongi was powerless.
Best friend to the rescue
Yoongi’s POV:

Jimin closed the door softly behind him. He wanted so badly to go back into the apartment and tell Jimin he shouldn’t be embarrassed. We’ve all sent a dirty picture to the wrong person at least once in our life.

He just wanted to make him feel better.
He sat on the steps of Jimins apartment for about 5 minutes. He could hear Jimin soft crying. Was he talking to someone? “Tae I really fucked up.” He was.

He didn’t wanna eavesdrop so he went back to his car. Everything in his body was telling him to go back to Jimin.
Jimin didn’t get any sleep. Tae and Jungkook came over over after Jimin called tae. Seokjin came over first thing that morning.

“So let me get this straight. You sell nudes and do stuff live on camera for extra money? And when you were making a transaction last night...”
“You accidentally sent the picture to Yoongi. Our boss. Who you have a crush on. And Taehyung knew about it the whole time? BUT YOU DIDNT TELL ME??” Seokjin was a little disappointed that Jimin didn’t trust him enough to tell him about it but he also didn’t wanna make Jimin feel-
Worse about it. So he tried to make light of the situation.

“HEY DONT YELL AT HIM I’M HIS BEST FRIEND OF COURSE I KNEW!” Taehyung joked along as well.

Out of nowhere Jungkook runs into the living room and flips over the back of the couch. “BUT WHY DIDNT I KNOW JIMIN?!”
Jimin rolled his eyes and laughed. “Because you act this was you dumb rabbit.”

Kook gasped dramatically. “WELL I NEVER!” He put his hands up on his head like bunny ears and hopped into the kitchen. “You got any carrots SINCE IM A RABBIT?!”

Jimin was greatful for his friends.
He’s better now
It’s Monday and Jimin has to go back to work. He managed to avoid Yoongi all weekend but that’ll be so much harder to do at work.

When Jimin arrived, Yoongi was in his office. Thank god. Jimin quickly made his way to his desk. There was a pile of papers and sitting there.
There was a not on the papers notifying him of what needed to be done today. It also read: Done by 2:00. Late and you’re fired.

What the fuck? There was no way Jimin was gonna get all of this done by 2. He tried anyway.

1:55 came and Jimin was done. By some miracle he did it.
He knocked on the door to Yoongis office. “It’s Jimin sir.”

There was a long pause. But finally he spoke up. “Come in Mr. Park.” Jimin stepped into his office and started to walked towards his desk. “That’s close enough. What do you need? I’m very busy.” He said that coldly.
“Oh um everything you needed is right here. Do you want me to sit it on your desk?” Jimin started to walk towards Yoongis desk when he stopped him again. “Just put it over there.” Without looking up he waved his hand at the table across the room. Furthest away from him.
“O-oh. Okay.” Jimin sat the papers down. He wanted to say something to Yoongi but he stopped himself.

“Is there anything more that you need Mr. Park?” Finally Yoongi looked up at him. But it felt like he was looking through him.

“No I guess not.”

“Okay you can leave now.”
What the hell was that all about?

Jimin sat around all day waiting until Yoongi needed him to run an errand or anything but he didn’t. He stayed in his office all day. Except for when he came out to get coffee. Which is what Jimin should have been doing.
4:00 came and Jimin was off of work.

Seokjin came over to Jimin as he was getting ready to leave. “Hey me and tae are gonna go pick up Joon and Kook for dinner. You wanna come along?”

“Uh yeah sure but I’ll meet you guys later. I there’s something I need to handle first.”
Seokjin and Taehyung left after telling Jimin where to meet them tonight.

Jimin walked over to Yoongis office door and pressed his ear against it. Silence. Good he’s not on the phone. Jimin walked in.
Yoongis POV:

This was seemingly the longest day of his life. What the hell was he doing? Keeping himself in his office all day just to avoid one employee who clearly wanted to stay away from him. So why stay in his office all day. He checked the time. After 5. Good he’s gone.
He was about to get up when suddenly Jimin barged into his office and shut the door.

“Jimin what the hell are you doing?” He stood up.

Jimin scoffed. “Me? What the hell are YOU doing. I get that we are in our work area fine. But you can’t just go back to being this asshole to-
me again. Not after the way you acted towards me last week.” He had some nerve.

“Who are you to walk into MY office and dare speak to me like you’re some child throwing a fucking tantrum? Last I remember YOU ignored ME remember? I tried to talk to you like a fucking adult-
but you didn’t want to so you made me leave. And even after I left I still stayed longer just sitting on the steps like an idiot because I actually felt bad and for WHAT?? For you to ignore my calls and texts like some dumb kid? And now you have the AUDACITY to walk into my-
office and try to talk to me like this? What gives you the right Jimin?!” Yoongi didn’t realize that he was yelling. He didn’t realize he was a lot more upset that he gave on and Jimin being like this make him lose it. He walked over to his door and opened it. “Get the fuck out.”
Jimin closed the door again. “No. Not until you let me explain at least.”

Yoongi laughed. “NOW you want to explain? Seriously? Get out of my office. And don’t make me say it again.” He opened the door again.

Jimin slammed it shut. “NO. LISTEN TO ME!”
Yoongi pushed Jimin against the door. “You fucking brat. I should fire you right now.”

Jimin stopped breathing for a second. Yoongi was so close to him. “Fire me. Fuck this job!”

Yoongi grabbed Jimin and kissed him.
He backed away from Jimin staring into his eyes breathlessly. “Fuck. I shouldn’t have done that jimin I’m so-“

Jimin pulled Yoongi close and kissed him again. “Stop talking. Just. Kiss. Me.” Jimin spoke between kissing Yoongi.

That was all Yoongi needed.
Yoongi pushed Jimin against the door again being careful not to break the kiss. Yoongis hands went to jimins waist. Jimin moved Yoongis hands lower so they’re cupping his ass. Jimin lifted himself up and wrapped his legs around Yoongis waist. His hands running through...
Yoongis hair. Jimin started to bite at Yoongis bottom lip. Yoongi sucked in air making a hiss noise. Yoongi kissed down Jimins neck biting at the skin making sure he left a mark.

With that Jimin let out a moan “Yes Yoongi”.

Why did that sound so familiar to Yoongi?
Yoongis POV:

Fuck jimins skin is so soft. His smell is intoxicating. God I’ve never wanted him so badly.

“Yes Yoongi.” Jimin moaned out.

Why did that sound so familiar to me? Where have I heard that before? All of his thoughts went out the door when Jimin started
to grind against him. Jimin was leaving little soft moans in Yoongis ear. That’s it. I need to fuck him NOW.

He carried Jimin to the couch in his office and sat down so Jimin was on top of his lap. Jimin was unbuttoning Yoongis shirt still kissing him.
Tae is worried
Yoongi was shirtless and Jimin was practically riding Yoongis thighs. Yoongi was squeezing jimins ass pulling him closer (if possible) when jimins phone started to vibrate like crazy. Someone kept calling him. “We should stop.” Jimin sat up panting.
“We shouldn’t do this here.”

Yoongi threw his head back against the sofa. FUCK. “Five more minutes?”

Jimin laughed and kissed Yoongi again. “Five more minutes and we’ll be destroying your office. I should go anyway.”

Yoongi was gonna kill whoever that was that called Jimin.
Jimin got home to find his friends still in his apartment. Jin and namjoon were asleep on the couch cuddling each other. Tae and Kookie were on the other waiting up for Jimin to get home. As soon and they saw Jimin they smiled. Knowing good and well what Jimin was just doing.
Jimin put his finger over his mouth so they didn’t say anything to wake a sleeping NamJin and waved them to the back where his bedroom was.

“Chimberly you slut.” Tae joked as he climbed into jimins bed.

Kook walked in a circle around Jimin.
“Half buttoned up shirt, red swollen lips, ‘I just got fucked’ hair. You dirty boy Chimchim.”

“Okay well we didn’t fuck. We were extremely close to fucking but SOMEBODY kept calling and texting me.” Jimin and Jungkook looked accusingly at Tae.
He smiled and hid under the blankets. “I SAID I WAS SORRY!”

“It’s okay I GUESS. I’m glad you stopped us. I don’t know if I would’ve been okay with finally fucking Yoongi in his office. Well... at least not while people are still there.” Jimin could feel himself blushing.
“So you definitely want to fuck him in his office?” Tae pretended to be shocked and looked at Kook who pretended to be just as shocked. “My best friend is a little slut!”

They teased Jimin for the next hour until Tae and kook fell sleep.
Jimin was half asleep still thinking about everything that took place tonight when his phone vibrated.
Secret’s out
The next day at work was overwhelming. But in a good way. Yoongi found any little reason to call Jimin into his office. And as soon as he entered it, their hands were all over each other.

It’s like they were two horny high schoolers who kept sneaking away to meet each other.
The day finally ended and Jimin was about to walk out of the building when Yoongi stopped him, shoved him against the wall, and kissed him. Hard.

It was one hell of a fucking kiss too. It left Jimin breathless, aroused, and he honestly wanted to mount him right then and there.
“Yoongi. I gotta.” *kiss* “Go.” *kiss* “Home.”

Yoongi groaned into Jimins neck and kissed him again. “Not yet baby.”

Baby? This time jimin groaned and jumped into Yoongis arms and kissed him deeply. He knew he needed to go otherwise they would be back where they were.
“Okay okay I have to go Yoongi.” Jimin climbed off of Yoongi and backed away.

Yoongi sat on Jimins desk. “Fine.”

“Make sure you check Twitter tonight MinMin.”

Yoongi perked up. “What do you mean?”

Jimin smiles and ran out without a word.

“JIMIN!” What a fucking brat.
He’s gonna die
Yoongi is gonna lose his mind
This is gonna be interesting
Within 20 minutes, Yoongi made it to Jimins. Jimin heard him quickly knocking on the door. He took his time walking to the door just to make Yoongi suffer. He finally opened the door. “Hel-“ Yoongi cit him off by kissing him. He lifted Jimin up and kicked the door shut.
Jimin giggled and tried to get out of Yoongis arms but in response Yoongi just smacked Jimin on his ass. Okay that was really hot. Jimin tried again and came another smack. Yoongi threw Jimin onto his bed. “Yoongi wait!”

“No no no. Not more waiting Jimin ugh.”
“I kinda already have something planned for Twitter tonight though...”

“You can’t be serious Jiminnnn.” Yoongi whining is the cutest.

“Well... We can always do stuff. While they watched.” Jimin bit his lip. Just the thought of that excited Jimin. “ I won’t show your face.”
“Wait seriously? You really want to?” Was he considering it?

“We obviously don’t have to if you don’t want to. We can put sex off for an hour and you can just watch me.”

“Do you seriously think I’m gonna be able to sit here and watch you pleasure yourself and not fuck you?”
It’s finally happening
“You sure you’re up for this?” Jimin turned and looked at Yoongi as he set up the camera.

“I’ll admit. It’s not how I thought I would end up spending my night but since it’s you I guess I’ll make an exception. What do I need to do exactly?”

“Just lie near the top of the bed.”
Jimin points at the area. “That way your face won’t be shown. And unbutton your shirt all of the way. Easier access. Do you want to use props?” Jimin walked over to his closet.


“Don’t look so worried. I only meant handcuffs.”

“You expect me not to touch you? Really?”
Jimin blushed slightly and bit his lip. “I didn’t mean for you.”

Yoongi let out a slight whimper. “Fuck Jimin what am I gonna do with you?”

“Well in about 2 minutes you can do whatever you want. So again, cuffs or no cuffs?”

“Bring them just in case.”
Look this is a worming because it’s gonna get sexual after this point so if you’re like 13 man DONT READ IT lmfao.

Jimin climbed on top of Yoongi and whispered to him “You sure you’re ready for this?”

In response Yoongi flipped Jimin over so he was on top of him and kissed Jimin running his hands up his thigh. He spoke in a low voice. “The real question here MinMin is are YOU ready?”
He leaned in to kiss Jimin but instead of kissing him he just pulled away only to hover above Jimins lips to make him crave his lips. Jimin tried to kiss him but he pulled away making Jimin whine. Jimin reached up to grab him buy Yoongi pinned his hands down.
“No touching MinMin.” He leaned down and roughly kissed Jimins neck sucking at the precious marks he’s already created causing Jimin to let out a soft moan. He continued to kiss down his chest stopping to tease Jimins nipple with his tongue.
He continued down his stomach and worked his way to his thighs. Yoongi left slow agonizing kisses on the inside of jimins thighs while he slowly massaged Jimins ass.

“T-too slow. Please t-touch me.” Jimin was already panting.

“Shhh be patient baby.”
Yoongi knew exactly what he was doing. He knew that the slow pace was driving Jimin crazy. Good. Yoongi slid off Jimins underwear leaving him completely exposed. “Fuck MinMin I haven’t even touched you hardly any you’re already this hard? How are you gonna handle me fucking you?”
“Shut up and just touch me. Please. I need to feel you.” Jimin reached out to touch Yoongi again but Yoongi pinned his hands back down.

“No touching baby. One more warning and I will use the handcuffs.” He kissed Jimin finally spreading his legs with his knees and positioning-
himself between jimins legs. Yoongi put his finger in jimins mouth. “Wet it.” Jimin quickly sucked on Yoongis finger while Yoongi used his other hand to take his own pants off. He removed his finger out of jimins mouth and kissed him again exploring Jimins mouth with his tongue.
Yoongi slowly slid his finger inside of Jimin making him whine into the kiss. “Fuuuck Yoongi.” Yoongi slowly fingered Jimin pushing his finger deeper with each movement. Finally he hit jimins sweet spot. “Fuck. Yes faster.”

“As you wish baby.” Yoongi sat up and-
spread Jimins legs wider. He inserted another finger inside of Jimin and fingered faster. “Touch yourself for me baby.”

“Y-Yes Yoongi.” The pleasure was Euphoric to Jimin. It was worth the wait. “Please. Faster.” Yoongi sped up his pace and it drove Jimin over the edge.
He was close. He was chasing his sweet release. “Fuck Yoongi I’m gonna come.”

But before he could, Yoongi stopped. “No no no keep going. I was so close.”

Yoongi pecked his lips. “I can’t let you come yet baby.”
Alright fine. We’ll play it that way Min Yoongi. Jimin pushes Yoongi off of him and flipped him over so Jimin was now straddling Yoongi. Yoongi tried to grab Jimins ass. “Ah ah honey. No touching remember?” Jimin smiled evilly at Yoongi and started grinding against his dick.
“MinMin.. ah.. ah. Don’t stop.” Jimin continued grinding against him giving them both pleasure even though he intended to tease Yoongi. “Keep going baby.” Jimin stopped and smiled down at Yoongi. “You fucking brat.”
Jimin got between Yoongis legs and started to tease him with his tongue causing Yoongi to moan again. “Just suck it already baby... ahh...”

“Patience is key honey.” Jimin runs his tongue along Yoongis dick making home squirm beneath him.
After a few minutes of Jimin teasing Yoongi and making him squirm with his mouth he had enough of the torture. Yoongi got up and grabbed a condom and lube off of Jimins side table that he sat out before. “Knees. And bend over. Now.”

Jimin excitedly did as he was told to do.
Yoongi grabbed the cuffs and put them on Jimin. He arched Jimins ass in the air and smacked his ass. “That’s for 5 minutes of torture.” He heard Jimin slightly giggle. That caused him to smack his ass again. “Still funny MinMin?”

“No sir.” Yes it was.
“Deep breath baby.”

Jimin took a deep breath and felt Yoongi entering him slowly but deeply.

“A-ahh Yoongi.” Jimin pulled at the cuffs. He wanted to touch Yoongi so badly. He could feel Yoongi starting to pick up the pace.

Yoongi whimpered “Fuuuck MinMin.”
An hour and a half later
It’s been an hour and Jimin was still reeling. That was the best sex ever. He looked over at Yoongi who was sound asleep. He’s so cute when he’s asleep. It’s just when he’s awake when he turns into a huge pain in the ass.

Jimin leaned over and softly kissed Yoongis lips and whispered to him “You’re kinda cute.”

Yoongi wrapped his arms around Jimin and pulled him close. “You’re kind of cute too. Now shut up and sleep brat.”
The next morning
While they were out at breakfast Yoongi kept acting strange.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Hm? Nothing. Nothing. Eat.” He looked towards the door and his face lit up. Jimins gaze followed his and HOLY SHIT.
“Yoongi please tell me I’m dreaming. That is not Jung Hoseok over there.”

“Hey Hobi over here! Jimin. Hoseok. Hoseok. Jimin.”

“Hi! It’s finally nice to meet you after all of the amazing things I’ve heard about you.”

Jimin was star struck and dazed. He couldn’t believe it.
Does seem real
They’re kind of cute
*6 months later*

“Bye everyone! You all did wonderfully!”

“You’re really getting the hang of teaching everyone Jiminie. I’m so proud of you.” Hoseok patted Jimin on the back. “Not many people can say that after two months of being a student they’ve become the teacher.”
“What can I say? I had a good teacher.” Jimin smiled at Hoseok as he got his things together. “See you on Thursday!”
Happily ever after
Whelp. That’s the end! It was really fun making this. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed it lol. I’m sorry for all of the typos and also for getting sloppy with the time stamps and dates lol I got lazy.

But I can’t wait to do another one! 💚
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