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Hidden Reason democrats did not want Justice @BrettKavanaugh Nominated to Supreme Court of the United States of America is they fear "Roe V. Wade" would be Lawfully abolished for these FACTS that "Jane Doe" Norma Mccorvey was Paid to Lie under Oath

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(1) Norma McCorvey, also known as “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade, was the plaintiff that attorneys, Sarah Weddington & Linda Coffee, used in the Texas court case that struck down all laws against abortion throughout the United States. Today, McCorvey is pro-life
(2)“Entire basis for Roe v. Wade was built upon false assumptions”
affidavit McCorvey submitted to District Court of New Jersey in 2000, says: Virtually entire basis for Roe v. Wade was built upon false assumptions. No meaningful trial to determine facts was ever held
(3)“I didn’t know during Roe v. Wade case that life of human being was terminated” McCorvey became pregnant during low point in her life, homeless & living in park & her 2 children were being raised by others. lawyer she talk to about adoption referred her to Weddington & Coffee
(4)The lawyers allegedly fawned over Norma McCorvey, taking her out to eat & giving her lots of attention. They complained about being unable to find the perfect plaintiff for their case to make abortion legal. They told McCorvey that she was the ideal case
(5)They said “You’re white. You’re young, pregnant & you want an abortion” At that time I didn’t know their full intent. Only that they wanted to make abortion legal & they thought I’d be good plaintiff. I came for food & they led me believe that they could help me get abortion
(6)During our meeting, they questioned me, “Norma don’t you think that abortion should be legal?” Unsure, I responded that I did not know. In fact, I did not know what term “abortion” really meant. in 1970, no 1 discussed abortion. It was taboo & so too was subject of abortion
(7)Only thing I knew about word was in context of war movies. I had heard “abort” when John Wayne was flying his plane & ordered others to “Abort the mission” I knew “abort” meant that they were “going back” “Abortion” to me meant “going back” to condition of not being pregnant
(8)I never looked word up in dictionary until after I already signed affidavit. I was naive. My lawyers lied to me about nature of abortion. Weddington “It’s just piece of tissue. You just missed your period” I didn’t know during Roe v. Wade case life of human being was terminate
(9)“The Courts used me to justify legalization of terminating of over 35 million babies” McCorvey trusted her lawyers & signed affidavit of #RoeVWade without reading it. Knowing little about abortion procedures, McCorvey believed Weddington "Lied” & why she later felt exploited
(10)"At that time, I was a street person. I lived, worked, and panhandled out on the streets. My totally powerless circumstance made it easy for them to use me. My presence was a necessary evil. My real interests were not their concern" Norma Mccorvey #RoeVWade
(11) Weddington and Coffee did nothing to improve Norma McCorvey’s situation. They knew she was on the street addicted to drugs, but never helped her or directed her to help. They merely used her, and then decided that her story was not compelling enough. #RoeVWade
(12)The story that McCorvey was gang raped is a lie, but passed on to court & media as it were true. McCorvey: "I was an emotionally abused & sexually abused teenager, I believe worst abuse was inflicted judicial system. I was exploited by 2 self-interested attorneys
(13) "courts without looking into my true circumstances & taking time to decide real impact abortion would have upon women, I feel used me to justify legalization of terminating of 35 million babies. I know it was exploited, responsibility I feel for this tragedy is overwhelming"
(14) “There were dead babies & baby parts stacked like cord wood” After #RoeVWade decision, McCovery became pro-choice icon. But at pro-choice marches, McCorvey had an encounter that left her confused & troubled.
(15)woman said: “I think it’s, cool – what you’ve done; how you’ve made it possible for me to get my abortionS”
“AbortionS?” How many have you had?”
“I don’t know” “5 or 6”
Might understand 1 mistake, But half-dozen times? I had to get away from her, couldn’t talk to her anymore”
(16)Despite this uncomfortable experience, McCorvey went to work in abortion industry. "I worked in several abortion facilities over years. I even worked at 2 clinics at same time & they were all the same with respect to condition of facilities & that “counseling” women receive
(17) "1 clinic where I worked in 1995 was typical: light fixtures and plaster falling from the ceiling; rat droppings over the sinks; backed up sinks; and blood splattered on the walls. But the most distressing room in the facility was the “parts room.” Norma Mccorvey #RoeVWade
(18)"At Abortion center were dead babies & baby parts stacked like wood. Some of babies made it into buckets & others did not. Stench was horrible. Plastic bags full of baby parts, little tiny hands & feet visible through jars. Personnel referred to this as “tissue”
(19)“No one even explained to mother that child already existed & life of human was being terminated” "The manners of abortionists & uncleanliness of facilities greatly shocked me, lack of counseling provided women was perhaps greatest tragedy." Norma Mccorvey #RoeVWade
(20)"It became evident that “counselors” & abortionists were there for only 1 reason – to Sell abortions. There was never an explanation of the killing of the babies procedure" Norma Mccorvey #RoeVWade
(21)"No 1 explained to mother that child life of human was being Killed. No 1 ever explained that there were other options, that financial help was available, or that child was unique & irreplaceable. No 1 explained there were psychological & physical risks of harm to the mother"
(22) "Was never time for mother to reflect or to consult with anyone who could offer her help or an alternative. There was no informed consent. The only thing abortion clinics cared about was making money. No abortion clinic cared about women. Every woman had name of Jane Roe"
(23) “workers suffer, women suffer, & babies die”
McCorvey recalls incident that troubled her. Woman getting 2nd trimester abortion & saw hand of her preborn child. After discussing prices she decided to save $250 a charge for anesthesia, so she was awake at start of abortion"
(24) "Unfortunately, she looked down during Abortion & saw baby’s hand as doctor took it out. I heard her gasp, saw what she saw & quickly covered her eyes, but it was too late. She had already passed out. When she came to, Abortion was finished" Norma Mccorvey #RoeVWade
(25)"young woman looked up at me with horror in her eyes & asked me about what she had seen. “I don’t know what you are talking about,” I lied. “But I saw a part of my baby! I know I did!” “Honey, I was there whole time & I didn’t see a thing. You must have imagined it” #RoeVWade
(26) "If you think it was hard maintaining my composure in such Abortion situations, you’re right. Believe me, it takes a lot of beers to make yourself forget what you’re doing" Norma Mccorvey #RoeVWade
(27)Norma McCorvey says deception at abortion facility was bent on dehumanizing preborn child: "After I saw all deception going on in abortion facilities & after all things that supervisors told me to tell women. I saw women being lied to, openly & I was part of it" #RoeVWade
(28)"There’s no telling how many children I helped kill while their mothers dug their nails into me & listened to my warning, “Whatever you do, don’t move!” I can assure the court that the interest of these mothers is not a concern of abortion providers" Norma Mccorvey #RoeVWade
(29) "I was drunk or stoned much of time, I was able to continue this work for a long time. It is high turnover job, because of true nature of business. Abortion business is inherently dehumanizing one. Person has to let her heart & soul die or go numb to Abort Babies" #RoeVWade
(30)Norma Mccorvey #RoeVWade Now firmly in pro-life, she wants to undo harm her case caused:
"I long for day my burden from all of these deaths will be removed from my shoulders. I want to do everything in my power to help women & their children"
Video: vimeo.com/49600976
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The Fact that the Only reason over 666 Million Babies to date have been killed is #RoeVWade was another Democrats Lies & illegal Bribes by @PPact to full fill Satanic Agendas

Video: player.vimeo.com/video/49600976
Source: liveaction.org/news/7-powerfu…
#Retweet You Agree New York’s “Reproductive Health Act” now provides illegal justification to Murder a 9 month old fully viable, fully formed human babies

According to most recent report by the CDC, NYC performed 544 abortions for every 1,000 live births

WHY does $600 Million of U.S. Taxpayers money per Year go to 'Planned Parenthood' to Kill Babies?

This is what 650,000 people looks like
Yet this is only 1% of the number of Babies murdered in womb since #RoevWade passed 46 yrs ago

Over 666 Million Abortions by @PPact to date
#RETWEET to Let your State & ALL U.S. States Know it is not ok to kill Any Babies & those that do is committing MURDER

Murder for Sale of Babies Parts Needs to Stop NOW #EndAbortion
Facts on @PPact:

652,639 abortions last yr (800 Black babies killed per day)

Sells organs & baby body parts (caught on camera)

Refused to Report sex traffickers to FBI & DOJ

Doesn’t perform mammograms

Receives $666 million of 🇺🇸taxpayer funding every year
Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam just said that babies can be “terminated” after birth.

@GovernorVA, Stopping heart of Another Human is "Murder"

Call 804-786-2211 & let Governor Ralph Northam This is UNACCEPTABLE

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