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Before we forget, keep reminding oneself of #1RupeeKannikka
Govt of Kerala rakes in, annually, INR 200 crores from #Sabarimala
INR 400 crores from #Guruvayur
Much of this money is being used to cover Govt fiscal deficit
#IRupeeKanikka Annually temple collection in all over Kerala is INR 800 Crores. Why we should offer not more than 1Rupee as Kanikka
Adding insult to injury. The Devosom board will employ non-Hindus to manage the loot. Why should Hindus pay for expense of non-Hindus?
#1RupeeKanikka when a devotee drops money or offers other things of value, it is a celebration of relationship between the devotee and the Bhagwan.
Q1: Why should Govt steal this money?
These offerings are traditionally ploughed back into the Hindu society
#1RupeeKanikka Q2: Why should a single rupee be paid to Non-Hindus as salary or in any form?
The collection from Churches and Mosques are never touched by the Govt.
Q3: Why should Govt loot from only Hindus?
#1RupeeKanikka Though by law, Govt can take over any place of worship, as a rule, only Hindu temples are taken over.
Q4. Why does the atheist govt take over only Hindu temples?
#1RupeeKanikka Hindus should realize that they have been taken for a ride by the Communist govt of Kerala, Dravidian govt of TN and various other govt by INC and other parties. The politicians have had a loot of Hindu money.
#1RupeeKanikka The current Govts including BJP govts are benefiting by the tradition of loot.
Stop paying Kanikka to temples run by Govt till they find it unprofitable and return to Hindus to manage.
#1RupeeKanikka This is TN HRCE website. Not a single page listing out how much is collected from each temple in its custody. (Custody only, like a criminal in Police custody)
#Sabarimala rakes in INR 200 Crores p.a. Much of it goes to fund atheist Communist or Cong run government. They spend it on secular purpose.
Q: Did you, as a devotee, drop money in Hundi to subsidize secular policies, including running Madarassa and Haj subsidy?
#1RupeeKanikka #Guruvayur rakes in INR 400 crores. Much of it goes to subsidize secular projects of the Commie or Congi govt. Including subsidizing their schools and hospitals. On top of it, they punish Hindus for running a school.
Stop funding Commie terror #1RupeeKanikka only
#1RupeeKanikka Tamil Nadu temples owned 5.25 lakh acres of land. Now it has 4.75 lakh acres. Who looted them? The Atheist Dravidian parties looted them. Why do we pay money to these criminals so that they can use that money to harm Hindu interest?
#1RupeeKanikka Does anyone know how much does Madurai Meenakshi temple earns and how it is spent?
Answer is resounding 'NO'
Does anyone know how many properities does Madurai Meenakshi temple own and what is their market rental and actual rental value?
Best kept secrets
#1RupeeKanikka by centralizing the loot of all temples, the connect between the temple and local community is broken forever. See how temple funds should be deployed and now how it is being deployed here
Hindus are orphans of own creation
#1RupeeKanikka I have seen boards in Kumbakonam temples, listing out defaulters of rent. Many of them from other religions. Who have taken land in auction for a price and have reneged. Why not to a Hindu? This is double whammy. Secular govt allows another religionist to steal
#1RupeeKanikka at the same time denies a genuine Hindu from earning a livelihood. When you dropped money into Hindu temples, did you drop to deny a Hindu his livelihood?
By paying money to #HRCE Hindus are perpetuating this injustice
#1RupeeKanikka I have seen ancient temples in dilapidated conditions under Karnataka Govt control.… The archaka has spent from his pocket but what is carried out is not enough to hold the roof up for long.
#1RupeeKanikka I request each and every Ayyappa going to #Sabarimala to offer not more than 1 Rupee as Kanikka
I request every Ayyappa to limit taking Kanikkas for friends and relatives to ONLY 1 Rupee.
Bleed the Atheists communists.
#1RupeeKanikka I request Ayyappas going to #Sabarimala to speak to their respective Guru swamis to spread this awareness. Let us not feed the snake that kills our own people.
@brakoo @SirJambavan @Kaalateetham Kindly support movement to spread the awareness for #1RupeeKanikka
@Kuvalayamala @mvmeet Support #1RupeeKanikka movement. Spread awareness amongst Hindus not to offer more than #1RupeeKanikka
@niku1630 @KarikadaiBoy @cosmicblinker Pl spread the awareness among Hindus not to offer more than #1RupeeKanikka
@surnell @RamyaPj @sankrant Kindly support the movement asking Hindus not to offer more than #1RupeeKanikka to Govt run temples
#1RupeeKanikka @rvaidya2000 Kindly support the movement to limit the offering to #1RupeeKanikka
#1RupeeKanikka @ReclaimTemples @ajaatashatru @GabbarSanghi @Swami_843 Kindly support the movement to limit the offering to Hundi to #1RupeeKanikka
@Ananth_Krishna_ @AgentSaffron @amitsurg Kindly support and spread the message to all Hindus to stop offering more than #1RupeeKanikka
@Si_lv_er @zeneraalstuff @kesavaessar @yaajushi Kindly support #1RupeeKanikka asking Hindus to offer not more than #1RupeeKanikka in all Govt controlled temples
#1RupeeKanikka Why should we feed the snake that steals murtis from our temples in the name of Administering our temples? Stop that loot #1RupeeKanikka @anuraag_saxena @poetryinstone
#1RupeeKanikka Now the matter of Devaswoms in Kerala
Devaswom boards are not for Sanatana Dharma.
#1RupeeKanikka Devaswom boards fund can be used for
1. Keeping state of good repair of temples, building and other appurtenances.
Means fund can be used for temple related civil work.
2. To meet expenditure of rituals
So board decides how many agarbathi, how much flower etc
#1RupeeKanikka3. And MAY, provide for
a. educational upliftment
b. Social and cultural development
c. economic betterment

'of the Hindu community' towards the end of the sentence may cover 1 to 3c.
#1RupeeKanikka Let us see what is in the act;
Is education the responsibility of the secular govt or Temple fund?
Is Social and cultural development not the responsibility of the Govt?
Is economic betterment not the responsibility of the Govt?
Why should a Hindu pay for it?
#1RupeeKanikka I know people will hit me saying this is for 'Hindu community'. In reality, is it in practice?
How many schools are run for educating poor Hindus given preference, next not so poor and then the rest? NONE Admission is secular
#1RupeeKanikka How many properties are rented out to people from outside Hindu community? How is it economic betterment of Hindu community? Govt may rent out its property to people without discriminating. Why apply to Hindu temple? Secular spend is Govt spend
#1RupeeKanikka Let us compare the nature of spend of money from a Church or Mosque. It is never spent on 'secular' end. Only Hindu temple fund is. That is why it is correct to aver that Govt is looting Hindu temple funds
#1RupeeKanikka Now to spend that is not covered.
Why is the money not spent on spreading 'Sanatana dharma' ?
Why is the money not spent on the inclusiveness of 'sanatana' as against the other?
Money will not be spent to further Sanatana interest.
#1RupeeKanikka Money will not be spent to defend the practices, agama rituals of the temple from being encroached. In that also, the Devaswom, by omission a Govt agency and not for Sanatana dharma.
I have only restricted to the purpose for which fund can be spent.
#1RupeeKanikka I will pause to hear views and counterviews. Next is the way system is designed to be anti-Hindu. The fraud that is imposed on Hindus in the name of Devaswom board.
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