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Getting a lot of questions regarding Rosenstein. I'm just going to lay it all out here. Using Q, I'm not sure how folks can continue to consider him a black hat. He's not even a flipped black hat, and neither is Mueller.
In post 151, Q asks how you capture very dangerous animals? Why you confront them head on of course. Start by giving them someone they THINK is one of them and let him loose.
in 342, 461, and 477 we learn Rosenstein has some concerned. The questions related to exactly what and who were being investigated & never answered. [P_Pers], Matlock? How about U1 & the Russia connection? POTUS has all "papers" ? RR, Matlock & Cambell know EXACTLY what happened.
542, 552 & 560 Why would RR plead w/Ryan not to release info? Well, this is back in Jan, wouldn't have anything to do with an ongoing investigation, would it? Both Rob/Bob have inside Obama admin info. How can Rogers can be lauded & these two shamed for the exact same background?
644, 903, & 995. The plot thickens. The left is attempting to force POTUS to fire RR. They're finally figuring out Mueller is NOT one of them and in fact taking each and every one of them down. So much for "secret societies."
998, 1110, 1142, & 1169. Why would the IG report pose a problem for RR? What if it's release identified exactly WHO has been investigated, including WHO presented testimony to Horowitz? DS can't ignore any longer, their gig is up and their "friend" was fair weather.
1286 & 1287... Not sure how many times folks need to hear this but here goes...POTUS IS/WAS NOT BEING INVESTIGATED! What's that mean? As it relates to U1, think, just think. The gig's up, Both Bob & Rod have a bone to pick with the Obama Admin & his U1 clan of treasonous thugs.
1318, what a great post. USE LOGIC! Why would DOJ/FBI slow walk unredacted data? To protect themselves of course. One problem, there's case precedence holding current rules around classification as sound. It's illegal to hide behind classification. Many are being indicted now.
1433, 1439 & 1143 We know many were indicted for illegal behavior under the code for classification... By May those cases are being heard before the GJ. What's next & who do you trust? BTW: RR didn't need to attend that mtg, & Ed former USA & supporter of No Name, gave testimony?
1496, 1498, & 1521/ Of RR signed the FISA to EXTEND surveillance, what would that mean for an "ongoing investigation." Think
Think about 1573 for a second... R's calling for an impeachment against RR... It's a show folks, a show. They are NOT serious here! They know exactly what's going on. They NOT Rod MODIFIED 302s folks, that's huge and needs investigating. How if the FISA is ended?
1666, 1711, & 1703. Let's talk FVEY, Why would RR have a deadline here? How about the other 4 members not taking necessary action to deal with a very real act of war? We have it all, they need to act. RR in the middle to balance the outcome with the timing of the release.
Sticking with 1711 for a bit. Why would House Rs file for impeachment on RR? By now, the Ds are catching on, and support for RR needs to be beefed up a bit. By 1717 impeachment was reduced to contempt charges against RR. Point. RR was NEVER at risk here.
1774, 1812, & 1826. Ok, think here. Manafort was exonerated 8 yrs ago for the same charges he's being convicted of now. Why? Think U1 here. The Obama Admin FORCED the U1 investigation be shut down... doesn't it prove WH obstruction in other investigations as well? THINK about it.
1927/1928. When did RR learn of both BO and NO's involvement? Wouldn't be from his authorization to extend the FISA back in Jan would it? At what point does truth surface? This is August and the anti-RR crowd is still not getting it.
2107-2019 & 2117. Fly [RR] Fly... how many missed his speech at the G20 and his subsequent flight to the UK? Reminder, if RR is dirty so too is Mueller. The last men standing are not typically bad, in fact, they're typically called the victor in a battle.
2153, 2154, & 2195. The left tried to entrap Trump...didn't work & the meeting they so wanted between he and RR failed. Huge mistake here by those in the cross hairs. Looks like investigations were quite successful and now it's time for both Rosenstein and Mueller to retire.
2207, 2209, 2222, & 2235. Schiff is pushing the Fire RR screams, not only didn't it work, but it seems it even caused a few more to show their treasonous colors. The Kavanaugh confirmation will seal the deal, tribunals for all involved here! Thank goodness!
2251-2252, 2251 & 2256. Rosenstein is done with all the investigations, indictments, and testimony... what's next? A hit piece against him in an attempt to tarnish the findings and force his firing. "The more you know."
2257-2259 and 2263. The big question, why would LL call Rosenstein? Would it be to provide recorded testimony throwing everyone else under the bus? Of course it was, saving one's own skin seems to be the order of the day now. Media reported threats are also evidence you know.
2264, 2272, 2274. VERY Old playbook, Comey memos leaked, worked then, why not try now? So McCabe leaks Rosenstein hit pieces. Remember the PDBs were leaked too to form background evidence in support of those FISAs. RR will get his day in court to explain his part. Got popcorn?
Interesting link here to [speed] as in (Ttribunal) AG Speed? In 2285 shows us that RR will leave with the DECLAS. Note the POTUS tweets... "other things which he is looking at"... We're going to get it all, when and under what timing is a mystery to me.…
Nevertheless, the media had a hay day last week positing RR was MIA... we think we know where he is. That smile says it all! Still, here's a BOLO, we're interested in seeing more of that Cheshire smile of his. Happy hunting! 😎
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