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Everyone else has given their take on #JamalKhashoggi and the claim it was a Saudi Arabia hit authored by none other than Mbs himself. I'm not going to tell you why it's complete idiocy to make those claims, I am going to tell you instead WHY it's being done. Wait for it..
It's about stopping Donald J Trump. Think I'm kidding? Let's examine what's happening. The US is about to head into the most important Midterm election in our nations history in 22 days.
What historically is a metaphorical bloodbath for the party in power in an off year election, the blue wave you have all heard so much about? Yeah, that's not happening. Internal poll numbers have told democrats & media types for months now they wouldn't regain power by ballot.
They have always used the courts to do what they could not accomplish at the ballot box. It was their fail safe plan. Cocaine Mitch and Donald J Trump have solved that. Think I'm just talking Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanuagh of the Supreme variety?
Yes, but it's so much bigger than those 2 glorious nominations. This is the largest makeover of the judiciary EVER, and democrats know it..

Another thing democrats have always used is the bureaucracy that is the "deep state". I could talk all day about power wielded by those who are permanently embedded in our federal union run institutions but guess what?
Trump & Co are changing that too..…
That alone is enough to send most leftist into full blown pounding on the court doors (yes, I'm going there) but WAIT! There's more..
Trump is in the process of reorganizing the FEDERAL government. Not done since FDR. Does this start giving you a clue to why they're DESPERATE to do anything they have to because what happens when you actually see you have 27 programs that do what one will do nicely? YOU cut 26!
Notice I haven't even gone to Saudi Arabia yet? There is a reason for that.
THIS isn't about Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦.
So to all my friends in KSA, I am sorry. You're collateral damage to a political hit job and the corruption run by the Clinton/Obama machine is willing to harm you.
Now to #JamalKhashoggi who just happens to be connected to Muslim Brotherhood and his old boss is tight and went to school with Bill Clinton. Nothing to see here, move along because you know WaPo doesn't have any ties to George "Resist" Soros and Tom "Impeach 45 Steyer"..
So guess what else Turkey Erdogan (also a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood) has dreams of? He wants resurrect the Ottoman Empire. No visions of grandeur there, right?…
Now Turkey is heavily involved with and wants to continue, well lookie here..Iran. Another of the Clinton/Obama projects that brought death and destruction of wealth and lives to the world.
The US is imposing additional sanctions in..NOVEMBER
Turkey is staying in the #IranDeal
"We will not support any sanctions. Yes, of course [we will continue trade] with Iran, with Russia, with others. Turkey is a sovereign independent country. But all this is just a coincidence don't you know..…
Just when you thought it couldn't get more convoluted? Wait.. There's more!…
Now China has it's own ideas of what kind of future they envision. The Chinese are long term strategy thinkers. Notice what China's interests might be in all this?…
China benefited by trade deals that were started by the Nixon *yes, that damned long ago* administration that were NEVER renegotiated. In fact, #NAFTA gave special carve outs to China and they used it to expand their Empire building efforts.
That expanded with the help of US Chamber of Commerce who ARE NOT representatives of the American people or government specialists but instead THE special interest group of the most select variety who have ONE agenda. Power and $$$. Income gap? No problem..
It may not make US news, but the world knows what's happening next month..
So let's recap, shall we?
The media has lost their collective mind, over 1 journalist who without ANY evidence or fact went missing. In Turkey.
Turkish officials change Al Jazeera's original report and within days the world is DEMANDING President Trump punish Saudi Arabia.
They again bring up 9/11. Which, if you know your history (the real one, not the hype) you know that while some of the hijackers were born in Saudi Arabia, they lived and trained in..Iran.
Wonder why they aren't mentioning that? Hmmm?…
This is the Trump doctrine.
Donald J Trump has a strategy so bold, so audacious, that none could conceive what he was about to do when he was elected.
Some thought he was surprised election night because his acceptance speech didn't sound like any other..
When he was inaugurated on January 20th, they still believed they'd control the destiny of the country they had undermined for the last 75 years. They were wrong. Donald J Trump is not a politician. They never expected or anticipated what Drumpf and his #Deplorables would do.
"We are going to win for our nation, our children, our families, our freedom. We will never give up, we will never give in, we will never back down and we will fight on to victory, we will only have victory, because we are Americans and our hearts bleed red white and blue"
So for all of you who don't know who you trust?
I trust each of you to stand back, look at the big picture and THINK for yourselves. I know where I stand ~
#IStandWithTrump 🇺🇸❤️🇸🇦 #IStandWithSaudiArabia
Addendum Three: Because this makes me look GOOD! Thanks Larry ❤️🇺🇸🌹
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