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i see Fair Play for Women have deleted all of their tweets prior to 2018.

So lets take a look at what they deleted, as well as evidence the person responsible for the tweets is still involved with the organisation.

Please RT.
here's what started the controversy. we'll be starting with this because 1) it's blatant as hell and 2) Fair Play for Women and specifically Dr Nicola Williams lied to Pink News about their involvement with the group and the person who tweeted it.

FPFW spokeswoman & director Nicola Williams told Pink News it "predated her time and that of anyone currently involved"

@AskNic lied

It did NOT predate her time. She joined in October before the tweet was posted. archive.is/cBgFf
That's Cherry Austin by the way, the person responsible for the tweet as well as a host of others we'll get to

She's also the founder of Fair Play for Women, ran the website up until this weekend and the person who brought Dr Nic and her £40k newspaper ad producing team on board
Here's a quick fire round of receipts to get everyone who wasnt following me yesterday fully up to speed

Founder of FPFW archive.fo/N7YW0
Admitting to making the tweet archive.is/7N56n
Recruiting Nic and being involved up to this weekend archive.is/0d9Sp
And what's this?

Why it's Dr Nic, who may I point out was now representing FPFW on National TV, promoting Cherry's writing for FPFW. archive.is/dsAh0
"You should have a website 😲😲" jokes Posie Parker to the person in charge of fairplayforwomen.com

They thought they'd get away with this and they almost did. They're meant to be hosted in parliament but surely not any more. archive.is/PT1vr
another receipt that's not exactly huge on it's own but is absolutely worth pointing out: here is Cherry looking for help with the website in January of this year. Again, after Dr Nic came on board. wordpress.org/support/topic/… archive.li/K4onL
So at this point I think we've established quite well the fact that the person who built the FPFW brand by being being an abusive bigot online was and is still involved with the group.
Dr Nic's claims of distance from Cherry Austin, the abusive bigot who founded Fair Play For Women simply do not hold water. Cherry was involved with FPFW before, during and after Dr Nic took the reigns. They worked together to ensure the success of FPFW.
i've since been passed -even more- evidence of Cherry's involvement with FPFW.

will keep a hold of it but i think it's been well established that she was involved throughout so im going to move on to discuss Dr Nic and how she came to take over the group.
Seemingly, Dr Nic took over in October of last year (before the "1000 cancers/evil grin" tweet) after Cherry called for help. Cherry then worked directly with Dr Nic to ensure the continued success of the platform Cherry had built.

now i may have my differences with Dr Nic but one thing i think we can all recognise is what fantastic (and totally not suspicious at all) work she did in her first month

from being an amateur 10-a-penny transphobic blog to Nic representing FPFW on national TV

all in one month
definitely nothing suspicious about the one month metamorphosis of a group rumoured to be funded by evangelicals going from zero profile, zero funding, zero representation to a slick, professional outfit that appears on TV and can spend nearly £100k on newspaper adverts.
definitely nothing suspicious about this group of concerned feminists using the same imagery as christian anti-abortion efforts. definitely nothing suspicious about the Christian Institute taking an interest in them around the same time Dr Nic took over.
oh and I didn't mention it but that tweet, the 1000 cancers/evil grin one, that was sent to Kaely Triller founder of Hands Across the Aisle, an anti-Trans, anti-LGBT group. she's involved in

i don't know why i would mention it though cause it's not suspicious. at all.
getting a little off topic, if you'd like to know more about why there are questions surrounding Triller/Hands Across the Aisle's involvement with groups like FPFW, read this. splcenter.org/hatewatch/2017…

@caseyexplosion also has a number of threads.
So, it's taken a while but let's take a look at the tweets the @Fairplaywomen account was posting around the time @AskNic took over.

As you read through, I'd like you to remember this is the public face of a group Dr Nic looked at and thought "yeah, i wanna work with these guys"
ok, so this how it started. a trans woman found a tweet of there's where they were positively giddy at the thought of trans women dying.

why @asknic would be attracted to a group like this is a serious question that requires a serious answer. archive.is/9DyDI
why did @asknic want to work with a group and an individual who mocked trans rape victims? this was posted on her watch and she continued working with the person responsible. archive.is/v3UlT
this doesnt sound like opposition to self-id, this sounds like a group who hate trans people and have found socially acceptable language to spread their hatred. what's going on @asknic? archive.is/Lc5H7
it's not like it was a one of either. here they are again calling trans women fetishists. this was actually on the day @AskNic's dodgy prison study was released. archive.is/hxA3C
here's @AskNic's colleague calling all, yes *ALL*, trans women "criminal predators" who have made a "calculated, rational" decision to be trans. they're being hosted in parliament tomorrow.
it's not just trans women they hate, here they are showing contempt for and belittling the #MeToo movement.

i know i can't believe it either that a group the UK press unwaveringly characterises as feminist are anything but. archive.is/CAP1j
we don't need to "Ask Nic" what attracted her to these tweets where FPFW were accusing trans supportive parents of "transing" their kids as a form of gay conversion therapy

archive.is/urc7J archive.is/uJWb5
and the reason we don't have to ask her is because she was posting very much the same on her own account at the time archive.is/b7ccX
oh, did i not mention that i'd also archived a ton of Dr Nic's tweets too? must have slipped my mind given how i busy was. busy archiving her tweets.
we'll come back to the many, many questionable tweets @AskNic put out on her own account but for now let's stick exclusively to tweets from the official FPFW account.
here's FPFW getting very angry in George Takei's mentions and accusing trans women using the toilet of being like white people blacking up in order to use the "coloreds toilet" archive.is/m290j
here they are lying about trans murder rates.

beyond ridiculous that we're expected to have a calm and rational debate with people who so clearly hate us existing. again, this was posted while Dr Nic was in charge.
apparently when trans people ask others not to reject us for being trans, what most of us really mean is "you will fuck my penis, bitch"

again, this was posted under Dr Nics watch. archive.is/toTET
remember the good old days where being transgender didn't really exist and it was just an aspect of someone's personality?

Fair Play for Women remember. And so does Dr Nic. archive.is/SA1cg archive.is/UjB1Y
i think you've probably gotten the point by now that is an obvious anti-trans hate group with dodgy funding masquerading as a group of concerned feminists

but you know, here's them calling for trans women to being "transformed into domestic dogsbodies" archive.is/52jSk
oh and here's something we can all get behind. they want to leave behind sanitary products for people who need them. what a fantasti-.....

oh wait no they want to leave used tampons as a dirty protest in order to own the "dirty" transes archive.is/x2v2K
lets just reflect on that last post before we go on

they wanted to leave used tampons/pads in womens toilets - they knew this would make women uncomfortable but it was worth it to get at the "dirty" transes

all of this while Director and Spokeswoman Nicola Williams was involved
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