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The @FBI just hung up on me while trying to make another report, after I spent 40 minutes on hold. They would not confirm that any of my prior reports had been received/registered, they did not put me in touch with a victim assistance agent as requested. W.T.A.F? @POTUS #QAnon
I am currently being targeted by this criminal organization who are actively working to harm me financially & physically by forcing me into a dangerous situation in public that presents an immediate, credible threat to my life, health & safety @DHSgov @DHSBlueCampaign @FBI @POTUS
I made multiple reports to the @FBI, @DHSgov & @WhiteHouse as well as police. It has been 18 months since my first report. I have not received ANY confirmation or other indication from ANY law enforcement group that my reports have been taken seriously or are being investigated.
I've moved states twice to get away from this crime group who continue to gang stalk, harass, and attempt to access my mind control programming in public spaces here in my new location. Their current criminal targeting of me has immediate negative consequences for my health. @FBI
I am appalled that @FBI HUNG UP ON ME instead of connecting me with an agent who by all logic should already be investigating the crimes I've reported multiple times. @POTUS what more is a citizen required to do to get these things investigated? @TheUSADOJ @CivilRights @DHSgov
What legal recourse do I have to prevent this gang of criminals from continuing to abuse me? How do I go about protecting myself from ABUSE? They continue to engage in illegal activity w/out consequence while I alone am forced to bear the burden of their crimes? Is this JUSTICE?
What's the point of a Victim's Assistance Program if you don't connect victims to the assistance? @FBI @USAttyHuber @TheUSADOJ @DHSgov @DHSBlueCampaign @SecNielsen @jeffsessions @POTUS What more do I need to do to get some PROTECTION FROM THESE CRIMINALS & THEIR ONGOING ATTACKS?
Is there anything that anyone in this gov't can do to intervene on my behalf w/ @FBI or @TheUSADOJ to get me connected w/ a Victims Assistance Program or otherwise aid me in making these criminals STOP abusing me? @DevinNunes @RepMattGaetz @ChuckGrassley @LindseyGrahamSC @POTUS
They won't stop. They will never stop targeting & attacking me. They will make it so difficult for me in any & every way possible to try & break my spirit & destroy my will to fight. They will do whatever they can to harm me whenever possible. Will I ever be free of their abuse?
They want to make it so difficult for me that it ends up forcing me into a situation where they can gain access to me & ultimately kill me. They are provoking me to get me to make a fatal mistake that will allow them to control me again (at best) or murder me (at worst). F* THIS.
Is it really too much to ask to be an autonomous adult human being deserving of safety from assault & protection under the law & by law enforcement? Do we actually live in Hell or are we still in America? I can't really tell anymore.
It seems, according to this official DOJ document, that I meet the definition of "Victim" in several ways and SHOULD have immediately enforceable rights. Too bad this document was signed by Eric Holder. @jeffsessions @USAttyHuber A little help here?…
I'm particularly curious about Article IV sections A and B on page 25. The @FBI is under the umbrella of @TheUSADOJ is it not? Why are my rights as a vulnerable (disabled) victim of multiple crimes not enforced? @jeffsessions @realDonaldTrump @USAttyHuber…
"Department responsibilities to crime victims begin as soon as possible after the detection of a crime at which they may be undertaken w/out interfering in the investigation (42 U.S.C.§10607(b)) Generally, this point in time is defined by the opening of a criminal investigation"
Would providing me with assistance according to my rights as a vulnerable victim of federal crimes somehow interfere with the investigation? If so, my apologies for being such a nuisance. But otherwise, I see no legitimate reason why NO ONE will connect me with a Victim Advocate.
BTW these crimes were "detected" more than 18 months ago... Sooooo......
I guess this will be my next stop. Hopefully I don't have to make too much noise to get access to the protections and rights I'm entitled to as a U.S. Citizen and victim of violent federal crimes.…
I guess everything we've done already just isn't enough. These are not normal times or normal crimes. I get that this situation is literally biblical in scale & you can't evaporate a 6000yr old death cult with a phone call. But WHEN will WE get the LEGAL protections we DESERVE?!
Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and words of support. Being witnesses to what is happening to us in real time is the best support you can give us right now. We appreciate you sending us positive vibes & words of encouragement. #WWG1WGA We will make it through this moment.
"If you see something, say something" @realDonaldTrump @DHSBlueCampaign

Well, we're saying something! Who's listening? @CivilRights @DHSgov @ICEgov @jeffsessions @USAttyHuber @NSAGov @FLOTUS

@IvankaTrump #HumanTrafficking victims over here, looking for ANY federal assistance.
Granted, when I first reported, Comey & McCabe were still head of FBI. I understand a lot has changed, & if we want these cases to go forward the RIGHT way, we have to be patient & #TrustThePlan. But how much DAMAGE are we expected to withstand in that process? #QAnon @POTUS
Then there's the nagging little voice in the back of my head:

"This is WAR, Sarah, not business as usual, run of the mill machinations of a functioning government that actually works for #WeThePeople. This is the 2nd American Revolution & you're on the front lines"
Empathy & situational awareness is a curse sometimes. To simultaneously KNOW something is 100% wrong but still be 100% unable to address any of it because, oh, ya know, EVIL CANNIBAL PSYCHOPATHS. All while CRIMINALS get $1M GoFundMe accounts & book deals & interviews on MSM. 😡🖕
I hope other victims of trafficking will have a better experience than we did with your hotline @DHSBlueCampaign. Is there simply no way for victims like @Cronsell and I to get connected with the DOJ's Office for Victims of Crime?

Honestly, at this point I'm thinking that no one at these agencies are equipped to handle the kinds of things @cronsell & I are reporting. I don't think they know what to do with us, so they just read from a script & then hang up. Looks like we're still on our own. #SelfReliance
Time to make other arrangements & just wait until #ThePlan works itself out. There is no protection or aid or agency available for victims like us. I guess our rights & the gov'ts responsibilities just don't exist in this situation. Self reliance is the only insurance policy.
Mar 3 2018 23:42:23 (EST)
Reality is labeled as conspiracy.
You are made to feel crazy.
You are told to obey.
You are SHEEP to them.
Pawns to be sacrificed.

The only person or entity in the entire world that has ever given me any meaningful, genuine help is the man sitting next to me right now. There is nothing & no one else to trust. We're on our own, @cronsell. The Cannibal Cult still gets more protections than we do, apparently.
There is NO EXCUSE for the gov't continuing to keep this a secret. There is NO JUSTICE in this country until the TRUTH is acknowledged. There is NO LEGITIMATE REASON to continue to DECEIVE the public. NONE. What justification is there not disclosing everything at this point? NONE
Thanks for the concern y'all. Yes @cronsell & I are physically safe inside our house that we have legal authority to forcibly remove any foolish cannibals from with our #2A rights. We're just facing MORE abuse from these cannibals & we're BEYOND FED UP.

It's not enough they enslaved me for 35yrs & then terrorized me as I tried to get away. The cannibal cult wants to make damn sure I believe there's NO WAY OUT; that they'll ALWAYS have a way to get at me somehow. That I'll NEVER be Free of cult control. So far, they're right.
I don't think y'all grasp the gravity of our immediate, physical situation. We're literally surrounded, no matter where we go, the cult is there WAITING for us. They KNOW who we are before we even show up. It's like THAT y'all.

The cannibal realtor that sold me my house is married to the cannibal sheriff in town. They tricked us into buying a house smack dab in the middle of a Hive. ALL of our neighbors are CANNIBALS. We've even told them explicitly that we know they are cannibals. This is our reality.
I don't often gripe about my personal situation. I don't like to let it show when I'm upset because it gives the cannibals more info than I care for them to have. But at some point, enough is enough. I'm tired. I'm 100% wronged yet I'm the only one suffering the consequences.
My entire life has been psychological warfare.
I was raised by terrorists.
The worst thing they do is deny reality. Coordinated gas-lighting is one of the most cruel things to do to a psyche. Every time they deny the truth it adds insult to injury because they continue to tell us we're incorrect about our own experiences NO ONE GETS TO DENY THIS ANYMORE
I'm sure the timing of their most recent attack has nothing to do w/ Michaelmas or 10/13-30 Prep for Samhain (Halloween - Satanic high holy day w/ abduction, ceremonial preparation/holding of victim for human sacrifice) #HivitesGetLit #CannibalsAreAnimals
The attack began 9/27 just before traditional Michaelmas 9/29. Then it escalated after 10/10 Old Michaelmas (celebrated by "Old School" as they call themselves). They always work their victims over time "Priming" them for harvest/sacrifice, making them manufacture terror hormones
They abused me as "The Goddess" particularly Astarte, a prior instantiation of Isis. Guess what follows immediately after Halloween?

11/1-11/6 The Isia: six day ritual drama search for pieces of Osiris/feast of the Netherworld, parting of the astral veil/resurrection of Osiris.
Basically, the cult is making a big play at a critical ritual preparation time in order to elevate my neurochemical & hormonal responses & throw me off balance so I make a mistake that gets me captured & ideally taken to ANY ritual, doesn't matter where, to be sacrificed & eaten.
It's sh*tty enough to have to deal w/ all the OTHER abuse @cronsell & I both ALREADY endured this time of yr our entire lives. Now, because they're starving & because #CannibalsAreAnimals they're doing whatever they can to prime ME (&/or @cronsell, ideally both) to be their FOOD.
This 👆means it's also an EXTREMELY dangerous time for us. The cult is 100% ACTIVE & out in public. They are HUNTING. It's an important ritual date for them, a big gathering usually. Often "family" parties or "BBQs" or "Roasts."

The most recent attack is 100% deliberately timed.
It's a test. It's constantly a test. They never relent. We cannot jump off the board. It's "game" on. We must defeat them every time or we die. They will never stop trying. They will never stop "testing" us. It's their system. It's what they do. WE cannot escape this reality.
Fascinating. The @DHSBlueCampaign twitter page encourages victims to call the CLINTON FOUNDATION to seek help for crimes committed by criminals connected to the CLINTON FOUNDATION. That explains the experience. Glad we recorded it. #QAnon @POTUS @NSAGov @jeffsessions @FBI @DHSgov
Seriously tho, WTAF?! @DHSgov @POTUS
Like @cronsell said, the WHOLE SYSTEM is built by/for cannibals, not us. These things exist to CATCH us, not protect or help us. The cult has positioned operatives at every place a victim would turn, like a bridge troll, waiting to exact a fee. THIS is how the world works. #QAnon
There are MANY other victims out there. Almost ALL of them are still physically in the grips of their abusers.

If any of you out there are struggling in the lion's den, remember, you're doing the best you can & that is miraculous given the circumstances.

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