If Jesus Is God, Why Did He Pray To God?.
(Understanding THE TRINITY)

Have you ever heard or sang the popular song "Jesus is a mighty God, he is a mighty God. All powers bow before Him, he's a mighty God"

"Really? Is Jesus God? If he is, why did he say ,my God,my God why has thou forsaken me?. Who did he pray to?" Some have asked
The concept of Trinity is one of the most difficulty topic to Explain. And the first reason is because the term "Trinity" is not in the Bible.

How do you teach a term that is not in the Bible?
Well, just because a word isn't in the Bible doesn't mean the concept isn't.
The word "Bible" is not even in the Bible 😁😁😁.
Like wise; Rapture, omnipresence, omnipotent, omniscient are not found in the Bible either.
So in this thread I will do my best to answer almost every question there is about "trinity".

This is a going to be a a very long thread.

Brace yourself

This is where the confusion begins for many but it shouldn't be,especially when you realize that the Bible wasnt written with a western mindset.

"Son of God" doesnt mean God had a child in heaven whose name was Jesus and
was later sent to die for men in the earth.


The Bible says "No man has seen God at any time".

When God later decide for men to see him, he came in a flesh. That is Jesus.
That is what son of God means.

Let's backtrack a bit
John 1:1 says " in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God".

So in the beginning, there was "the word", this word was with God, and this word was (is) God.

This make sense because the Greek word for " word" in this verse is logos which
Simply means "expressions, thoughts, reasoning, sayings, speech".

You can't separate a man from his words,thoughts and expressions,can you?
So the scripture says , in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God".

So what happened to this "word" that was in the beginning, that was with God and was God?
Verse " and the word BECAME FLESH and dwells among us".

Put both verses together, it will read ," in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God... and the word became flesh"


Jesus is God in Flesh.
God in Flesh is the meaning of Son of God
This was why the Jews were furious each time Jesus said "I am the son of God".
They knew what it meant. In john 10:33" they said to him, you being a man maketh thyself God"
Just in case you dont believe John, let's read what others authors of the Bible described Jesus.
Prophet Isaiah speaking by the spirit concerning Jesus said "for unto us a child is born..."
And his name shall be called ;

"Wonderful counsellor".

Do you believe Jesus is wonderful counselor?

He then went on to say, "his name shall be called the prince of peace"
Do you believe Jesus is the prince of peace ? I guess you do.

Now he says "His name shall be called "the mighty God". And suddenly you dont believe? That's not being sincere.

Just incase you had any doubt, he added another attribute to this soon coming saviour (Jesus)
His name shall be called "the everlasting father".

This Son is called the mighty God and the everlasting father !
David said "The Lord said unto My Lord"
God said to God.
Let's read again from this same John whose text we started this discussion with.

1 john 5:20

" and we are in him even his son Jesus Christ, THIS IS THE TRUE GOD".

No assumptions .

This son is the true God.
Maybe you don't believe John also, let's read from Apostle Paul.

He puts it even better...

1 tim 3:16

"God was manifested in the flesh...".

God came in flesh. That flesh is called Jesus,who is the son of God.

" and without controversy". No controversy.
But let's suppose you dont believe this men, after all they mere men.

Let's read what God himself has to say about Jesus
Hebrews 1:1 "
God who at sundry times and in divers manners spoke in time past".

So we know that God the father is the one talking.
In verse 8, he describes Jesus.
Read it!

"But unto the son he said, thy throne O God is forever more".

God called Jesus God 😊😊😊😊
Since Jesus Is God, The Holy Spirit Is God, And God The Father Is Also God...

Does that mean there are three Gods?
The short answer is No.

And this is where it gets interesting.
Jesus is Called LORD,
The Holy Spirit is called LORD
God the father is also called LORD
Does that mean there are three LORDS?

The Bible says, there is "One Lord"
Another example, The holy spirit is called God.
Jesus is God
So are there three God's? NO.

The Bible clearly says, "there is ONLY ONE GOD"
So what then is The Trinity?
Deuteronomy 6:4 says, The Lord our God is One".

The Hebrew word for ONE in this verse is "echad" which means unity not singularity.

(E.g - The Husband and wife are ONE flesh)
The Hebrew word which means singularity is Yachid,but guess what? It was never used in the scriptures in reference to God.
That's why God could say " I am God and there is none besides me",
And also say "I made the earth alone "
Yet the Bible says " in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God, all things were made by him (the word)

It also says, "by his spirit he beautified the heavens"

Remember, " the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters"
So was God lying when he said "I ALONE made the heavens"? No.

The Lord thy God is ONE (Unity, not singularity).

Jesus said " I and my father are one"

"He who has seen me as seen the father "
The trinity is ONE God expressed in three separate persons that are divine in nature.
Let me give you one of such examples of the unity (not singularity) in the God head.

Apostle Peter said to the leaders of the church, "take care of the flocks of the holy spirit, which God purchased with his own blood"

God purchased with his own blood?
I thought it was Jesus' blood?

"The LORD thy God is one"- Deut 6:4
Once again, the Trinity is not tritheism, there are no three God's.
There is only one.

One being (God) in three persons, each person has full possession of the Divine nature.

The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit. Each of them is God

Don't get confused now. Just stay with me.

Jesus said "As the father has sent me..." (John 20:21)

So Jesus is subordinate to the Father, while the Holy spirit is subordinate to Jesus
This is where the finite begins to grapple: How can they be equal / one if there is subordination?.

Well, there is subordination in The Trinity but it doesn't remove their "equalness".

By subordination I mean " one submits to the role of the other ".
That's why Jesus could say "I and my father are one".

And also say "not my will but your will, O God "
The most difficult thing about the trinity is that there is no way to perfectly and completely understand it.

The concept of trinity is just to show that God is greater than we are and we should not fully expect to understand him.


In heaven you will not see Jesus, holy spirit and God the father as three separate beings!
Jesus said "No one has seen God".

No one means " No one".

I suggest you read this thread of mine

Didn't Adam see God?
No he didn't.

The Bible says "the voice of God came walking in the garden".

Not " God came walking ".

God doesn't have a body.
What about the Angels?

They have not seen God either.

All they see are forms, expressions, voices and his Glory.
The Bible says "God dwells in an unapproachable light whom NO ONE HAS SEEN OR CAN SEE"
See how John describes the throne of God...

"Out of the throne proceeds lightning, thunderings and voices"
No one has seen God,you won't be the first.

Not even the Angels.

There are 5 classes of Angels, the highest of them are called "Seraphims", they have six wings and surrounds Gods throne.

Each time they come to the throne, they use two of their wings to cover their faces
"When Stephen was stoned and he looked up to heaven, Didn't he see Jesus and God?"

This was a question a dear sister asked me some days ago.

My answer : No he didn't. The Bible never contradicts itself.
Stephen said "I saw the GLORY of God and Jesus" , Not God and Jesus
Something else you should understand is this:

"Jesus is seated at the right hand of God ", not the right hand SIDE of God.

There is no right hand side of God
Right hand side is a geographical location, Right hand is the seat of Power.

E:G - that is my right hand man. It doesn't mean he is always at my right hand side.
What about the holy spirit ? Well,he takes different forms. He has no innate form, after all he is spirit.
So who are we going to see when we get to heaven ? JESUS.

What about God? He will be In Jesus and the holy spirit too in all totality.
The Bible says "it pleased the Father that in Jesus should ALL fullness dwell"
It also says "the FULLNESS of the GODHEAD dwells in Jesus BODILY"
Jesus is called the IMAGE of the INVISIBLE GOD.

God the father himself is invisible, forever he has been, Forever he will be.

When you look at his throne, the image you will see is Jesus
That's why the writer of Hebrews calls Jesus, "the EXPRESS IMAGE of God ".

Jesus is the God that you will see.
Finally, Since Jesus is God, why did he Pray To God?
Two reasons

(1) We have already established the truth that Jesus is God, and in the Trinity (God head), there is communication.

E:g, In Genesis 11:7, God said "Come, Let US go down".


Genesis 1:26 ," Let US make man ".
Who is the US? God the father,the spirit, the Word
The Trinity speaks of the unity in the God head,not singularity.

And in this Godhead, because they are three different DIVINE persons, there is communication
(2) Jesus even though he was God,lived on earth as a man.

As God,he knew all things
Yet the Bible says ," he grew in wisdom "

How can someone who knows all things,grow in wisdom ?

Because Jesus was 100% Divine and 100% human
100% Divine, "God does not sleep nor slumber".
Yet,when he was tired, he slept.

As God, he gave eternal life.
As man, he died.
As God, he was worshipped
Look at 1 Timothy chapter 2.

In verse 3, he is called GOD our Saviour, in verse 5, he is called THE MAN Christ Jesus.
No Contradiction. He was God and also man.

As God, he was worshipped
Moreover he said, " I have given you an example that you should do as I have do"
Peter said ,"he left us an example THAT we should follow his steps"
Not only did he pray to the father as a means of communication with another member of the Godhead,
It was also an example that we should rely on God through prayer.
I hope this thread has been a great blessing to you.
If yes,let me know.

I also invite you to join my online Bible study group where we (2,500 saints) teach and fellowship with the word everyday for 2hrs.

Send a DM to @NTGDaily for more info.

God bless you
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