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Thread: Getting to the Bottom of One of Hillary’s “Original Sins”

1. As a 40+ year national security professional, Hillary Clinton’s cavalier attitude in dealing with military personnel, classified info, & even her own security details over the yrs is particularly galling to me.
2. I – like many other uniformed services personnel – swore an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign & domestic.” I am here to tell you that Hillary Clinton – despite her lofty station – is one of those “domestic enemies”!
3. I make this claim purely from the point of view of her known (and purposeful) mishandling of highly classified information – the kind of information that, in the hands of potential adversaries would do extremely grave damage to the country, ….
3A. …as well as potentially lead to the deaths of my comrades and others serving in the military and IC.
4. I will let others detail her other past crimes for which she and her husband have not been held accountable (and indeed have been enabled throughout their political careers!).
5. For example, Charles Ortel has been doing yeoman’s work on the Clinton Foundation for years. I highly recommend spending some time browsing on his website; it will make your blood boil at the lack of accountability for these crooks!
6. And another excellent resource to explore the Clinton’s perfidy is this one:
7. The Clintons have long been a direct threat to US national security. I did a lengthy thread about their Chinese connections and the damage done to US national security some weeks ago.
8. The Chinese have obtained near-parity with the US in space & missile technology within a single generation thanks to Bill Clinton’s changing of Commerce Dept export rules in the ‘90s & essentially selling US tech to China (& allowing them to steal it) for pennies on the dollar
9. Books have been written about the Clintons’ various scandals and their propensity to act on both sides of the law. Here’s one by Peter Schweizer detailing their grifting actions with foreign governments:…
10. Here’s another from Ed Klein that makes an early examination of the corrupt FBI investigation of Hillary’s email server (I’d like to see it updated based on what we now know!):…
11. And here’s an article from 2016 summarizing their scandals from Whitewater to the Clinton Foundation:…
12. I have always wondered how the Clintons were seemingly always able to escape the hoosegow when the evidence of their corruption in the public record alone would have been more than enough to convict “regular people.”
13. Given the corruption uncovered in DoJ and the FBI since @POTUS was inaugurated, we know exactly how they have avoided the hangman over the years: they bought and paid for DoJ/FBI insiders to hijack and falsify investigations.
14. They also bought and paid for a virtual army of media sycophants to spin things favorably to the Clintons and undermine investigations. True, some of these people, as sympathetic ideological allies to the Clintons, worked for “free.”
15. Or rather for future consideration for jobs in a Hillary White House or elsewhere in a new Clinton administration). Until Hillary’s email server was uncovered by Judicial Watch and others, Loretta Lynch was on the path to becoming a USSC judge.
16. Sally Yates was likely to become Hillary’s Attorney General for “services rendered,” and “Andy” McCabe would have probably relieved Comey as the FBI director. Just imagine the damage these corrupt-ocrats would have done in a Hillary administration!
17. Out of all the scandals and potential felonies committed by this pair (and also their personal staffers) over the years, there is one that clearly puts Hillary into the category of a “domestic enemy.” And that is her illegal email server that contained highly classified info.
18. I leave to others to determine exactly what crimes of which the Clintons are guilty for their other nefarious activities, e.g., US uranium brokering, acceptance of illegal foreign cash for political campaigns, or fleecing Haiti after an earthquake.…
19. As a NatSec professional who has held security clearances for decades, her email server transgressions are something about which I know a great deal. There is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that she and her staff are guilty of MULTIPLE felonies!
19A. Remember this: ANYONE claiming that she is innocent of these felonies is either purposely lying to cover for her crimes or doesn't know his arse from a hole in the ground on this topic!
20. Her lack of accountability for mishandling Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) and Special Access Program (SAP) program information is what fired me up to start writing Tw@tter threads in the first place; I’ve hammered this topic several times before.
21. The subject is opaque and somewhat convoluted, as most Americans have never held security clearances or are aware of classified material handling requirements and the obligations of those granted access to classified material.
22. And there has been virtually ZERO honest investigative reporting on this subject by the legacy media since that server was first discovered despite the abundance of current and former military and IC personnel available to explain the topic to the American people.
22A. Thus, a little tutorial on classified info is in order to level-set those who have never held a security clearance.
23. Information is classified based on level of damage to national security if disclosed (Top Secret – exceptionally grave damage; Secret – serious damage; Confidential – damage).
24. Higher levels of TS classification exist: Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) and Special Access Program (SAP). SCI is derived from intel sources & methods and must be handled very carefully with higher security protection requirements and very limited personnel access.
25. SAP requires even stronger and more extraordinary protection measures (physical, information, personnel). The bottom line is that TS/SCI and TS/SAP information is the most carefully guarded national security and intelligence information produced and maintained in the US.
26. To gain access to any classified info, three things must happen:
a. Favorable determination of eligibility (a comprehensive background investigation completed)
b. Need-to-know (a valid requirement for access to the info)
c. A signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
27. The NDA is a lifetime contract between a person and the government to protect classified info. It clearly delineates that violation of the Espionage Act of 1917 can result in fine, incarceration or even death. This includes: giving classified info to unauthorized individuals,
27A. … causing classified info to be lost or stolen, or failing to report to security when you know or suspect that classified info has been provided to someone who is not authorized (PARTICULARLY NOTE this last part!).
28. Here are the penalties for violation of Title 18 USC – Espionage: $10K fine for EACH offense, up to life imprisonment without parole, death penalty in certain circumstances (PARTICULARLY NOTE the “each offense” part!)
29. The NDA also specifically identifies the regulations which govern classified information, including unauthorized disclosure: Section 793, 794, 790, and 952 of Title 18 USC, Section 783(b) of Title 60 USC, and EO 12356.
30. Now we KNOW that Hillary signed an NDA, which means she KNEW the rules and understood her culpability should she compromise or mishandle classified information. Her past claims that she didn’t know what “c” meant were ludicrous!
31. Here are some other miscellaneous tidbits to better understand classified information handling requirements. First of all, all classified information must be properly marked at the level at which it is classified. This is done down to the paragraph level in documents.
32. Classification markings also apply to the electronic environment, too (e.g., web pages, Wiki’s, blogs, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and emails). In short, EVERYTHING classified must be properly marked.
33. There are two main systems for sending classified information electronically: Joint World-wide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) for TS and above information, and Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET) for SECRET and CONFIDENTIAL information.
34. These are basically secure private networks that enable people to use Microsoft Office and customized apps to exchange classified information.
35. Email senders are responsible for maintaining the highest level of classification contained through a classified email chain, including attachments (and cannot arbitrarily downgrade or declassify something). Classification of a doc’t is permanent until properly declassified.
36. SCI and SAP info are maintained and stored in special classified facilities: SCI Facilities (SCIF) and SAP Facilities (SAPF). Authorized access requirements to these facilities are extremely stringent and special handling rules apply to the info created/stored/maintained.
37. SCI/SAP material cannot be removed from a SCIF/SAPF without prior approval of security personnel.
38. Removable media (CDs, DVDs, removable hard disks, external hard drives, USB drives, etc.) are carefully controlled. All SCIFs/SAPFs have a designated media custodian responsible for control and accountability of all media (everything must be under direct control).
39. Two-person integrity is required for all removable media once it enters a SCIF/SPF. This means that one person is not authorized to download and remove classified files on, for example, a thumb drive.
40. SCI/SAP file transfers are only allowed to be conducted by a designated “transfer agent” (with a courier card or letter of designation). In short, not just any random person with a clearance is authorized to transfer files.
41. All IT systems have the ability to write to removable media function disabled as a default setting; a privileged person (like a sysadmin) has to manually enable the function. These manual actions are automatically audited (meaning, any attempt to use removable media is KNOWN)
42. The authorized transfer agents cannot have admin privileges on the systems which they will be writing to removable media. It takes a sysadmin/security person to enable the file transfer function & the authorized transfer agent to download a classified file to removable media.
43. An Original Classification Authority is a government person who has authorization to classify newly developed information up to Top Secret level. There are very few of these in the federal government. Hillary Clinton was an OCA in the State Department. Think about that!
44. Everyone who accesses TS/SCI, TS/SAP, and other classified info receives training in all of the above BEFORE personally signing the NDA acknowledging the penalties for violation of the laws governing classified info. And an OCA receives specialized trng in how to classify.
45. To summarize: there are strict rules for handling classified info, in particular for copying & transferring files. Two people must be involved in copying/transferring TS/SCI and/or SAP info. Everyone receives training and must sign an NDA.
46. This would include Hillary Clinton and her immediate staff who accessed TS/SCI and/or SAP info. The rules & penalties are clear to all!…
47. There is no question whatsoever that Hillary’s email server contained unauthorized highly classified information. Indeed, the IC’s Inspector General himself stated that there were 7 email chains found in 22 documents that contained TOP SECRET information.
48. Remember that these were culled from the 30K emails she turned over after aides spent days scrubbing them beforehand. In short, these 22 documents slipped through their cover-up attempts.
49. And there were many more emails and documents at lower levels of classification in the 30K emails released. Read about the cut-and-paste process used by staff aides to send Hillary classified info here:…
50. What is the likelihood that many more classified emails were in those 33K emails that were withheld from independent inspection? EXTREMELY HIGH!
51. Let’s cut to the chase: the serial felonies associated with that email server together comprise one of Hillary’s “original sins.” It is undeniable that there is plenty of evidence already on the record to convict her if prosecuted according to the law (and not protected!).
52. She clearly violated Title 18 USC – Espionage, the penalty for which includes a $10K fine for EACH offense and up to life imprisonment without parole (PARTICULARLY NOTE the “for each offense” part!). In my estimation, this clearly qualified her as a “domestic enemy”!
53. And she and her staffers who were involved with that email server violated Sections 793, 794, 790, and 952 of Title 18 USC, Section 783(b) of Title 60 USC, and EO 12356. That she and they remain free and have not been indicted yet is a travesty of justice.
54. It is also undeniable based on what has been discovered over the past year in the texts and testimonies of Strzok, Page, Ohr, Baker and others that the FBI (Comey) let her off the hook by conducting a fake investigation of her email server.
55. Here’s the thing: there is no statute of limitations associated with these felonies; she and they can be indicted and prosecuted at any time. The fact that NONE of them have been held accountable is highly disturbing to my colleagues and me.
56. We know what would have happened had we compromised a SINGLE email containing classified information: loss of clearances, loss of jobs, and incarceration after immediate prosecution and conviction. When will justice be served, we ask???
57. Not prosecuting her and the others is also a threat to @POTUS ‘s presidency because it reflects the continuing influence of the Deep State in DoJ and the FBI. It also emboldens other embeds (holdovers from the Obama regime) to continue to undermine the #MAGA agenda.
58. I simply won’t believe that DoJ and the FBI have been cleansed and restored to some semblance of impartiality and re-purposed to restore the rule of law in America until Hillary Clinton is indicted and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!
59. I am extremely thankful that Judicial Watch isn’t going to let these crimes “fade into black.” They are “back in court asking a judge to take the unusual step of ordering depositions in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit."
60. “[They want] to put Clinton under oath and ask about …. the identification of individuals with whom Clinton may have communicated by email, including State Department officials, other government officials or third-parties, such as Sidney Blumenthal.”
61. If DoJ and FBI won’t act, maybe Judicial Watch can prod them into actually doing something. Works for me!

Read more at…
62. These crimes CANNOT and WILL NOT be forgotten. It is long past time that this domestic enemy saw the inside of a jail cell! May this “original sin” lead to her final downfall.
63. For me, what happens to Hillary is my “canary in the coal mine” regarding draining The Swamp. Her fate will determine whether it’s just a cliché or a real ongoing operation. If/when she’s prosecuted for her email server, we’ll know it’s real.
64. If she isn’t held accountable, we’ll know it’s business as usual in The Swamp, and @POTUS remains in mortal political – and even personal – danger. ///The end.
Addendum A: You don’t believe she is a “domestic enemy”? Who else essentially advocates for a civil war by claiming that “civility won’t be restored until Democrats are back in control of Congress”?…
Addendum B: Here’s some good news (cracks in the Clinton façade?). Looks like @rising_serpent believes the “wheels are coming off the Clinton clown car”:
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