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Namjin AU 'Script Revisions' - Rising writer/director Namjoon finally gets the chance to make the film he's always wanted to. The catch - his least favorite (but highly popular) actor, Seokjin, has been cast in the lead.
#NamjinWeek18 #NJDay5
- Fluff & humor mostly
- Text with bonus social media updates
- May be interactive at a point if there's interest
- 💜 to all who volunteered to feature in twitter posts!
- Please quote RT! I love reading reactions!!
- Featuring minor Vmin
it begins.
Namjoon can't believe this is happening. He should've known. Of course he should've known it was too much to hope he would be able to make this film - the film he's been working on for years, pouring his soul into - without some sort of a caveat.
It'd been such a struggle to even get here. Talking to an endless list of production companies, studios. Crowdfunding. This story needed to be told. Beyond Namjoon's own personal aspirations, there was a ready audience waiting for it.
Only now, that audience was going to undoubtedly be joined by another who may not be prepared for what they're given. Kim Seokjin. Actor. Singer. Beloved by the masses. Best known for well, his face.
And that was just it. The way Namjoon saw it, he'd yet to hear anything about the man's acting that didn't involve his swoon worthy looks or supposed charms. How was an actor who built his career on flirtatious winks and one liners--
supposed to carry his thoughtful film about self discovery and reflection?

No, this had to be a mistake. He'd talk with the producers, look over the other casting options. They don't need a star, they need someone who can give this story the subtlety it calls for.
Just because he'd managed to pull off his audition decently didn't mean that would translate to the actual film...
So they had a star, it seemed. The bosses wouldn't budge, and after long conversations with Yoongi- trusted assistant director, the conclusion seemed to be that he should give this Seokjin a chance.
Alright. A chance, he supposed he could give. This was just the biggest moment of his film career, no big deal if it got ruined by some actor who suddenly got bored of making moms swoon.
"So you're the man behind all of this. Namjoon, yes?" It sounded somehow artificial to Namjoon, like the actor was already working from a script. Still, when Seokjin offered his hand Namjoon took it and tentatively shook. They exchanged bows.
"That's me. So you're Kim Seokjin. I've seen- some of your work." What he could sit through, at least. Soulless comedies and cliche (not to mention heteronormative) romances. He still failed to see what interest the man had in his very not hetero or mainstream film.
Probably thirsty for awards.

"Oh? Do you have a favorite?" The amused expression on the other's face made it clear he had some idea that Namjoon was in fact within not his typical audience. Annoying.
"Hard to say." He paused, insides turning because he didn't intend to be cruel to the guy's face at their first meeting but also, he'd never been able to get through any of his stuff to the end. "Well, now it's this one, right?"
They both laughed that forced sort of laughter you let out during the worst part of small talk. Namjoon winced a bit on the inside.

The first meeting over with, Namjoon could only hope things would get better from here. Sure, he may have been frustrated but this was still--
his life's work. If he was gonna have to make this film with Kim Seokjin he was gonna try and get the best out of the actor. Or maybe he'd be so bad they'd be forced to recast. Cite something like scheduling conflicts. He honestly wasn't sure which direction he hoped for.
Reservations over the lead aside, Namjoon had a pretty damn good team put together for the film. Seokjin being the one major request of the higher ups, they more of less left him to his devices otherwise.
He had Yoongi of course - they did film school together and almost always called on the other to assistant direct their projects. He honestly was nervous for the day that one of them became to busy to play right hand for the other, though he'd welcome the success for them both.
Jungkook, a gifted cinematographer he'd picked up off the set of his second gig, a fairly unpopular and short lived drama. The kid was earnest and reliable, if a bit shy sometimes.
Then there was the two-in-one package of actor Taehyung and set designer Jimin. The couple somehow managed to work together on almost every production they were a part of, and who was Namjoon to stop that?
He'd worked with them before in different circumstances and frankly they were sweet, the romantic in Namjoon weak for it. Taehyung was perfect for the supporting role of the film. Though romance wasn't the film's primary focus, he would be the more prominently featured interest.
Finally, there was Hoseok. Script supervisor that Namjoon was fairly certain he'd be a mess without. He'd been a find of Yoongi's, and for that Namjoon was thankful. He planned to keep the man employed as long as he was making movies.
[ bonus profiles ]
With everyone gathered on their first day of real work - a schedule of read throughs and set building, Namjoon was starting to let some hope break through the wall of disappointment he'd made thanks to their lead.
Things were going smoothly enough, despite Namjoon's persistent skepticism. There was of course an undercurrent of tension, though he couldn't be sure if Seokjin was aware of it or if it was all in his head.
Truth be told, the actor was so professional Namjoon couldn't rightfully find anything to complain about. No haughty attitude or demands one might expect from a star of his status on such a small production. A seeming real interest in bringing his best to the set.
Hell, he even arrived early every day. It was...frustrating, how perfect he seemed, but he couldn't actually hold it against him. He wasn't that petty. He was an open-minded professional. So there was peace for a time, a growing level of comfort infiltrating his apprehension.
That is, until a particularly long and stressful day on the set. Tensions and passions were high as they filmed a particularly emotional scene. It didn't help that they'd been rained on half the day, a major part of why the day had gone so long.
Still, Namjoon /knew/ he was being difficult, but he couldn't help it. This was a crucial moment to the plot, it needed to be done right. He found himself startled to finally see cracks in the perfect veneer Jin wore, his frustration evident.
"Namjoon, we've done at least 15 takes now. I need you to tell me specifically what you want - direct me damn--" He cut off, apparently realizing now what he'd said with a sigh. Now that took him aback. Direct him? What has he been doing all this time?
Did he really think so poorly of him as a director? Brow furrowed, he didn't want to say anything rash, so he simply mumbled that everyone should take a break and walked away.
Once he'd managed to escape the set he found a dark, quiet corner to sit himself in for a while and calm down. It wasn't as though they'd actually fought, there'd been no shouting or dramatics, just two tired individuals frustrated with one another.
He sighed, slumping in his seat and pulled out his phone to open his emails. Damn. He had to admit he'd been hoping to find a certain reply in there.
When trying to make this film happen, it was an uphill journey. He could only put so much of his own money into it, and though his friends were always willing to help, he didn't want to rely on them either.
He finally managed to convince a producer to take a chance on the project, but he would only cover about half the costs and put forth the idea to cro.wdfund the rest.
This was a success, and Namjoon found he really enjoyed that so many individuals were now a part of this film that's been in his heart so long. Unfortunately nothing was easy in this world, and a mere month before preparations were set to begin the producer dropped out.
Namjoon had been frantic at first, then just deeply saddened he would have to tell all those kind souls who donated that the project was on hold. He poured his heart out in the message, and expected reactions, but what he didn't expect--
was a message from one of the donors asking where they can send the needed funds. It was no small sum, and Namjoon was so taken aback by the generosity - anonymous, too - that he promised to keep the mystery producer updated on everything from the set.
They've been exchanging messages since, not only about the film but also some incredibly personal thoughts and experiences. He had admittedly grown fond of the anonymous individual.
On a day like today, he was really hoping to find an encouraging message from the other waiting in his inbox. Instead he took a look at twitter for a while, though it wasn't particularly helpful.
[ please pretend these are in the right reply format / ignore timestamps ]
He was for some reason hate browsing through Jin's every selfie for the last few months when he heard others returning to set. With a sigh, he was ready to pocket his phone but then he saw it - the email notification he'd been waiting for.
He was actually smiling when he finally returned to his director's chair. Perhaps Jin was right. He'd let himself get so wrapped up in his own vision that he'd forgotten to share it - and what was the point of any vision if others can't share in it?
Upon the actor's return to set Namjoon was prepared to apologize if necessary, but Jin did so first with a rueful smile. "Listen, I'm sorry about earlier. You've been a brilliant director and if I implied otherwise please know I didn't mean it.
I think we're probably both just tired, yeah?"

Namjoon only let himself be hung up on the compliment Jin slid into his apology for a few seconds before responding with a light grin. He clapped a hand onto Jin's shoulder (Huh. Strong.) as he spoke.
"Definitely, definitely. Thank you, and it's- nothing, really. Let's try one more take, okay?" Then he added in a louder voice for the general crew. "One more and we can all get home."
This time he took several moments to lay bare his intentions for the scene and all the little hangups he'd had prior. They finished within the hour.

Things...grew relatively calm, after that. For the most part, over the next several weeks they didn't have many disagreements.
Not to mention, he was fairly impressed with the other man's acting. He still wouldn't have cast him in the role. But. Maybe he didn't want to punch him so much anymore. Maybe he actually kind of deep down was starting to enjoy his presence. Maybe.
A couple more weeks went by without incident, unless you count the day a reporter came to set and Jin spent the entire time in full charm mode. It was a bit much, but hey, he'd take the press.
Just as he was starting to really feel comfortable, something of course happened to knock him back off kilter - though not for the worse this time. He was scrolling through his email again. Simple. Just like every morning.
When he first read the email, it didn't register immediately. He'd gotten used to Jin's replies to the daily callsheet sendout, typically encouraging words to the cast and crew that Namjoon had to admit he appreciated.
It'd become so routine that he almost - almost - didn't notice at all, the email today's message was sent from. Namjoon nearly dropped his phone. He couldn't believe it. He could /not/ believe it. Kim Seokjin, that trickster.
His legs carried him as quickly as possible to Jin's trailer, hoping he was there and alone.

"It was you." His words are quiet but weighted as he steps forward towards the actor. He looks almost awe-struck, the revelation having an evident impact on him.
When he spoke again, it was slightly louder.

"It was you who donated- you're the anonymous donor who paid for half of the production costs and made- made this happen- who sent all those messages I- I needed to hear."
"Wait- how-"

"The callsheet email this morning. You replied from the wrong account. I don't think anyone else would have noticed but I've been looking forward to those messages..."
"O-oh, oh my god." Eyes wide, he picks up his phone and scrolls through. "Well shit, I did. Guess the double life really isn't for me."

"Why didn't you say something? Why keep it secret?"
Jin sighed, then appeared thoughtful for a few moments. "Look, I know it may be hard to believe, or I guess it was before now, but I really care about this story a lot.
I read an early version of the script when it was going around before, and I saw when you had that producer drop out..." He trails off, gaze uncertain, as though he's not sure how Namjoon feels about the truth.
"But I also- really wanted to play this role. Didn't wanna get it just because I paid the bills, or the typical ins. So I stayed anonymous, and I auditioned. Been waiting for a project like this my whole career. Kind of didn't think it through any further than that, really."
Namjoon plopped down on the couch next to him, stunned. Then he turned towards Jin, eyes wide and face softer than it's ever been in the actor's presence. He's thinking of all the words exchanged in those emails, thoughtful discussion and vulnerable sharing.
It's a bit of a struggle in his head to reconcile his faceless confidant with the very present Seokjin. Then he has another thought.

"Wait so, that means you--"
"Are gay? Yeah. /Yeah./" He lets out a huff of air.

"Actually I was gonna say, you've actually watched my other work, but wow- yeah, that too."
Jin laughs with a light shrug. "Not often I get to just casually say that out loud. It's nice. But why is it so surprising that I'm a fan of your work?"
"I don't know, I just- got hung up on these idiotic preconceptions- it's no excuse, honestly, I want my work to reach everyone, anyone, so thank you. For sharing that. And for- god, I don't know what to say. Thank you again, for allowing me to make my dream film.
For...everything you said. For trusting me enough to share your truth with me. And frankly, for being brave enough to be a part of this with all that's at risk for your image. I know I haven't been...the most amicable. I was so wrong. I apologize."
It was Jin's turn to be a bit stunned, then he smiled. "It's okay. I know I wasn't what you had in mind, for the role. And I probably didn't help things by being so stubborn, but it really is because I'm passionate about this too. I hope I've won you over, then?"
Namjoon nods. "Absolutely. Even before I found out about who you are, you've impressed me so much. You're a remarkable actor, I hope you'll continue to take on work that allows you to fully demonstrate it." Then he groaned. "Oh god, that's so much free fuel for your ego-
- I'm never gonna hear the end of it, am I?" It's clear he's joking as he grins.

"Joon-ah, you figured out my secret but you still haven't figured out all that overconfidence is a front too? I'll take the compliments though. Please remember them when we go on the press tour."
The director is shaking his head as he laughs, feeling better than he's felt about well, everything, in quite a while. They talk for a time longer, the hour's break flying by as they talk more about the scenes filmed that day, and bond over being bisexual and gay in the industry.
Jin expresses admiration for Namjoon's openness and hopes he can be the same some day. Namjoon is grateful but also makes it clear he understands how different the pressure is for someone in front of the screen rather than behind it.
He's honestly kind of dumb-founded by how deeply he and Jin seem to understand one another as they talk. Especially with his new knowledge, he was feeling a lot of things. It's a connection he hasn't often found, definitely didn't expect to find on a set.
The two gravitate closer to each other throughout the conversation.

At some point, Namjoon realizes he's definitely looking at Jin differently than he had before. Is it because he knows he's his angel donor, because he's dropped his guard enough to realize
how attractive the other is or just because right now Jin's giving him the most butterfly inducing smile he's ever seen? Shit.

He finds himself leaning forward ever so slightly, Jin's face so incredibly close to his now. When did that happen?
And god, how has he been so thick as to not notice - really notice - this face? Warm eyes, luscious ears? Cute, his mind supplies so readily that he's taken aback by it.
When he sees Jin's tongue dart out to run over those same soft lips - do they feel as soft as they look? - his breath hitches and he has the immediate sinking sensation that he's a goner. Jin hasn't backed up, he notes somewhere in his currently fuzzy mind as his arm moves
of its own accord to rest behind Jin's seat on the couch.

It seems that mind, body, hell both of them seemed to be going rogue at this point, takes this as a signal because next thing he knows he's closed the gap
and dear god, they ARE as soft as they look. If not even more. Jin seems momentarily surprised but then he reciprocates, hand reaching up and into Namjoon's hair.
It's been several long seconds already of slow, heated kissing but Namjoon has no desire to break apart and instead finds himself angling to deepen, pulling Jin closer so their legs collide. Jin lets out a small noise as he does,
but a moment later his lips are parting, allowing his tongue to slip inside.

Thoughts of anything but the feel of Jin against him, the taste of him, vanish. Still without separating, he's surprised when Jin moves and then like in some sort of dream-
the other man is straddled over his leg, pressing him down into the couch. Jin finally pulls back only to nip at Namjoon's bottom lip, then graze his lips along his jaw.
Namjoon doesn't know how this has gotten so heated so quickly but he really, really doesn't mind because now Jin has moved attentions to his neck, pressing open mouthed kisses.
He resists the urge to let out an embarrassing noise, wraps his arms around the actor's slim waist to pull him close and-- knock, knock.
His head is still so fuzzy that he doesn't know what to do, the urge to ignore the sound overwhelming. But the knocking happens again and this time they both halt their actions.
There's a rustling at the door, as though someone is ready to open it and before he can comprehend anything Jin has flown off of him completely and to the other side of the trailer.
Yoongi's voice carries into the space, the final step to bring reality crashing down as Jin now faces away from him. "Namjoon-ah! Hey Joon, you in here? We need you, the PA said you're here?"
He lets out a shaky breath, adjusts his glasses that went slightly askew during these last few minutes and stands. "M'here, we were just-- going over some things. I'm coming out." He hears Jin snort at that last part.
He tries to send another glance his way, but the actor is still concentrating on the wall opposite him. He shrugs, hopes his lips aren't too obviously kiss swollen or his neck is marked up and heads for the door.
The rest of the day goes pretty smoothly, apart from how his every attempt to get Jin one on one so they could talk about what the hell happened earlier being rudely interrupted or a total nonstarter.
He finally managed to corner the actor at the end of the long day as he was ready to leave, immediately met with a deer in headlight expression that slowly softened into something a little less likely to bolt but still nervous.
"Hey, uh, I just thought maybe we should tal--"
"Yeah, yeah, that was- weird right? Guess we got carried away, sorry, um. Do you think we could just...pretend it didn't happen?"
"Oh. Oh, I- yeah, sure. Definitely...that's probably smart. Yes, y-yeah, never happened. Though I hope we're- still good?"
Jin hesitates only a second. "All good, Namjoon. See you tomorrow right?"

"Yep. Bright and early. Well, if you can call 4:30 bright I suppose. Have a good night, yeah?"

"You too, Namjoon-ah."
Great. So they're good. Fantastic. He just has to act like the best kiss he's had in god knows how long with the guy he was just starting to realize he might be really into never happened. Easy.
Before he leaves, he goes over the callsheet for tomorrow and notes from Hoseok. As he reads, he has to take a moment to sit down. Okay. So no big deal, they're just filming oh, the biggest love scene of the film tomorrow.
How could he have forgotten? A full day of watching Jin kiss another actor and definitely not thinking about how those lips felt against his hours ago. Amazing. Fucking brilliant.
Yeah, he didn't get much sleep that night. He really had to go and kiss the other man like that? What a mess. Clearly Jin wasn't interested in a repeat, if he was ready to forget it so quickly. Then it hit him.
God, what must Jin think of him? A director making a move on one of his cast members? How unprofessional. He really hoped the other didn't feel uncomfortable with him now, just as they were starting to get along. He should really apologize.
Though he'd really felt certain Jin reciprocated the kiss - and he's the one who, fuck, climbed onto his lap. He'd almost managed to block out that part. Almost.
Call time came, and he was forced to face Jin no matter how he felt about it. He managed to reach the actor's trailer as everyone was setting up, fighting the urge to swear under his breath as the setting brought back vivid memories from the day prior.
"Hey, you uh...ready for today?" He asked, figuring Jin could gather everything implied in the question. If Jin was at all bothered like him, he didn't show it, instead giving him a wide smile and shrug.
"I certainly plan to give it my best. It's a really beautiful scene, you know. Hope to do it justice."

Namjoon was taken aback by the sudden compliment, forgetting for a moment his purpose as he returned a grin.
"Wow, thank you. I - I'm certain you will." He paused, then swallowed before lowering his tone. "Listen, I know we're saying it never happened, but I just want to be sure that I didn't freak you out or anything yesterday. I crossed a line as your director and I just--"
"Namjoon-ah, I told you, we're good. Don't worry about it. Pretty sure I crossed that line with you anyway." Jin's eyebrows went up the slightest as though he hadn't really intended to say that last part, so Namjoon decided not to press the issue.
"Okay. Okay good. I'll...leave you to it then. See you on set." He started to walk away, before suddenly remembering something with a laugh. "Oh, and Taehyung requested I maybe give you these."
He handed him a box of mints, and saw another glimpse of those cute ears growing red as he finally left.

Only a few hours later and he was in his director's chair, seated before an intimate set built to look like a fairly typical bedroom.
He was about to watch Jin kiss another man. No, strike that, he was about to observe his two lead actors film a moving kiss. Better. Maybe. Uh.

They're standing just next to the bed, knees almost touching as the clapperboard closes and cameras roll.
They deliver their lines, but Namjoon doesn't have much time to analyse before it's happening. Taehyung crushes his lips to Jin's, taking two steps forward until they're falling onto the bed. He's chasing the kiss, moving in over the other man until lips connect to skin and--
"Cut!" Namjoon knows he's probably sweating, and his throat feels dry, but he works hard to keep his expression blank as he forms words. "That was- good, but I think we should try it again, this time, a bit..."
He pauses, already inwardly hating himself a little for what the director in him is about to say, despite the crush-haver in him's pleading. "A bit slower. You're eager, but you want to take your time with him- with it. I mean, you know, the scene."
If either notice his nerves, they don't show any sign. Not that he's been able to look properly at Jin since he yelled cut. Not after how hard it'd been to watch that without letting his mind fixate on what the view--
of Jin lying back onto a bed must look like up close. Wait, they're filming that later. Fuck.

Just as he's tempted to sink down into his chair and never get up again, he's startled by the abrupt sound of the clapperboard once again as cameras roll again.
The actors took his feedback well - so well. God, too well. Namjoon had to remind himself that he's a professional, and he's been working towards this particular film for half his life now.
Things were just starting to go really well, he doesn't need to ruin it because he might be feeling jealous of one actor's lips for being on the other's neck right now. Might be. Doesn't mean he definitely is. Give him a break, okay.
He called cut again, and was grateful when the two actors broke apart immediately. "That was better, I think we can go with that take, anyone disagree?"
When he heard no dissent, they moved on to the next sequence. It went on like this, filming various stages of the scene that would be put together into the romantic climax of the film.
Thankfully he did /not/ right any actual climaxing into the script. All of the sensual scenes of the film were more artistic and the intimacy was implied rather than explicit. If it were otherwise he doubted Seokjin would have wanted to sign on for the role anyway.
He didn't know how he felt about that thought anymore.

Finally Yoongi seemed to sense his stress, and suggested they take a breather. Namjoon took a step in Jin's direction before the actor announced he was going to stuff his face at catering. Taehyung said he would tag along.
Namjoon checked in with Hoseok to see how far off track they were with the call sheet schedule - then he saw Jimin walking the set out of the corner of his eye and made a beeline.
"Jimin-ah, I gotta talk to you-"
"Did you break someth-"
"No! I didn't break anything, oh my god. I just...I have a question."

Jimin seemed confused but curious, head tilted. "Okay, ask away."
"How do you- how are so relaxed when your boyfriend's been filming such intimate scenes all day?"

Jimin's face scrunches up as though it's one of the more ridiculous questions he's ever heard. "It's acting. It's what he does, it's never bothered me really."
He pauses, and looks over towards the set where it's all happened today before leaning towards Namjoon.

"Honestly? Watching it today, it's kind of hot. Seokjin is really attractive, isn't he? Why are you- oh my god. Your face. Wait. You- you're into Jin aren't you? I knew it!"
He let out a small noise of excitement and Namjoon immediately regretted the decision to talk to him, maybe even the decision to be a director at all.

"What do you mean you knew it? I mean- it's not- that's not at all-"
"Oh look! He's coming back right now." A devilish grin, and Namjoon began to wrack his brain for ways to fire an entirely competent set designer without throwing an entire film off track. Damn.
He's lost in this thought when he realizes Jimin is moving away from him, and towards Jin. Before he can get his legs to move, he hears Jimin speaking.

"Seokjin-hyung! We were just talking about you. Namjoon says he's impressed with your kissing."
As he gaped, he could see Jin turning pink. "Wh-"

"Yes, ah, I mean, no! That's not what I said at all - it was your acting today-" He gave up and covered his face with his palms, until he heard quiet distinct laughter coming from the actor.
When he uncovered his eyes Jin was looking at him with that same smile he'd had in the trailer that day and shit, he was weak all over again. Jimin was already walking away, not knowing just how closely he'd hit with his joke, that traitor.
"You know, I think as my director you can tell me to my face if you approve of my- acting." Just as Namjoon opened his mouth to insist Jimin was messing with them and he's very sorry about it, Jin shot him a /wink/ and his mind blanked.
Okay, uncalled for. First he tells him to forget the feel of those lips on his skin as if that was some kind of a feat any man can pull off, now he's tossing winks around?
He didn't have much time to consider it, because Jin was moving back towards the bedroom set. He began to follow, only for his legs to slow again when he saw someone from wardrobe come running over to help Jin unbutton his shirt for the next scene.
Namjoon wasn't particularly religious, but he felt an absurd urge to pray.

The possibility of time travel sounded like salvation right now. He could go back, to when he was first writing this scene, and he could tell himself to
1) maybe not be such a dick when it comes to Kim Seokjin and 2) cut all mentions of clothing removal in his script.

In fact, the main character definitely wears only the thickest of sweaters to bed. (Seokjin looks really good in sweaters, though. Damn. Damn.)
He's pulled from his thoughts when he hears Jungkook asking him a question about which camera angle he prefers for this shot. Kook is clearly a bit flustered by the sight too, pink twinging his cheeks as he directs the camera until it's centered, facing Jin on the bed.
Jin, with shirt fallen dramatically open as he leans back on his elbows. It's a hell of a sight, even for anyone who hasn't spent the last 24 hours thinking about such soft skin. Not that Namjoon was one of those people. Definitely not.
He remembers Jungkook is expecting an answer and tells him he trusts his judgement. It's true, but it also gets him off the hook for a bit as he wills himself to chill the fuck out. Then he makes the mistake of catching eye contact with Jin,
and in response as if the situation wasn't enough, the actor's ears go red.

God, he wants to kiss them. Or bite them. He's not picky. No, no. Put that thought away. Kiss never happened. Lips on his neck never happened. It's time to be a /professional/.
He takes one last glance over silky skin, gently ripling abs and sloping shoulders as Shamefully Smitten Joon before the forceful switch to Determined Director Namjoon making the film of his dreams happen. He's not about to fuck this up because he couldn't control his drooling.
Filming goes by relatively quickly after this. He knows despite his struggle and pardon the cliche, that they've made some movie magic on this day. If nothing else he would probably win some awards in audience's hearts for providing ample breathtaking footage of the actor.
Not that his breath was taken, or anything. And not that he spent the next evening scrolling through Jin's every photoshoot from the last few years for any reason other than you know, important...director research.
[ some "director research" for us all ]
Okay, so maybe this was getting bad. They still had three weeks left on the shoot, and these feelings he had weren't going away. One could even argue they were getting worse, with each late night spent on set exchanging conversation between takes, each smile Jin sent his way.
No matter how he tried to spin it, Namjoon was doing a pretty terrible job of pretending those few minutes with Jin never happened. Maybe he should fess up. Or maybe he should get through the rest of filming and then
hope he's never left alone with Jin's glittering eyes and this shameful crush every again.

He opts for the latter, keeping his head down and doing his best to remain professional but cordial. He almost manages without any hitches until the second to last day on set.
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