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Trump rally at 9:30PM Eastern! 10 minute warning!
Are they in someones backyard or something? lol
Yeah it is!!!
I hope the music is at an acceptable volume for the garbage can man.
The Trump rally I went to had the best music playing super loud before the rally and everyone was fired up. For hours. It was great. They played "Rocketman" by Elton John and I was laughing

They are getting super close now!

The crowd is bewildered! They all have their phones out!
I'd hate to be an alien trying to mess with our President with 10,000 fans and the secret service and his own brute strength.

If these are aliens they are in for a beating.
Best T-shirt Ever
The military helicopters have shown up to counter the alien threat.
😂 this is the most badass enterence of all time
lol that helicopter got super close
Freaking Trump is in it!!!
President Trump just flew Marine One right up to the stage and got out waving what an American hero!
The gigantic crowd chanting USA USA now!
"Early voting is underway right now, so if anyone would like to leave and go out and vote right now, I wouldn't mind at all" 😂
In another 12 months or sooner he will start going with Keep America Great!
"More Americans are working today than at any point in the history than our country"

"Today, right now, nice. Nice."
Justice Brett Kavanaugh gets a huge reaction from this crowd, like every crowd he has spoken to.

"What the radical Democrats did to Justice Kavanaugh and his wonderful family is a national disgrace, and don't forget it on November 6th, don't forget it"
"Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs" and the crowd goes NUTS!
"Vote for the jobs, not for the mobs, just do it"
"We could pick more" judges for the Supreme court "even before the first term. We'll have 8 years"
"Elizabeth Warren, a very boring name, we're going to have to come up with another name! I can't use the word Pocahontas anymore. There's no indian blood. I always said "I have more Indian blood than she has, and I have none. I have none. But it's more than she has" 😂😂😂
BUILD THE WALL chants break out.

"We are. The wall is under construction"
"Right now Mexico is on their southern border. Their southern border. And they're fighting some bad people"

"You listen to the fake news back there and you think they're all wonderful people"
"You got some bad people in those groups, you've got some tough people in those groups, and I'll tell you what. This country doesn't want em. We don't want em"
"I love you too. Thank you. I love you too."

LOL I love him too! I'm not his type but that's ok.
"Don't get complacent"

"They get complacent. Not here right? So here's the difference we have. We probably have the greatest economy in the history of our country. So why would we lose? Just don't be complacent, ok" lol I already voted yesterday! ALL RED! VOTE RED!
President Trump is listing all the Republicans there with him tonight, and none of the candidates body slammed any reporters so I think he should be safe lol.
"She's tough and she's smart and she's brave and she can fly a plane better than anybody" best endorsement ever for Martha McSally
lol Trump is loving her praise of him. He is clapping up a storm.
"I was shooting at the Taliban and Sinema said it's ok for an American to join the Taliban. What the hell!"

Martha McSally freaking rules! She has a great way of talking.
"That's fantastic. Martha's a veteran, a great veteran, a great fighter, a warrior"

What an amazing American!
"Martha's opponent is a far left extremist named Kyrsten Sinema, and you know she is. She's being protected by the fake news back there. "
"When they think I'm ready to say something bad, all those red lights go off" 😂😂😂
This crowd is FREAKING HUGE
Martha McSally on her far left wing opponent lol. What a badass.
"Vote for Martha McSally"

"It'll be the second greatest vote you ever cast. The first greatest vote was for ME! ME!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Our President is a modest man!

"No, when you cast a vote for me, you cast a vote for you too. It's us"
"Republicans will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions. They're trying to put a false narrative out there. And if there is a Republican out there that doesn't, let me know, him or her, we'll talk her into it"

YEP I see these fake news ads from the left about that
"It is amazing how you can delete 33,000 emails after getting a subpoena from the United States Congress and our Justice Department doesn't' do anything about it. Our Justice Department"

"Can't win em all, but it'll all work out folks. It'll all work out"
"Are they going to put their finest in there?" the VISA lottery lol. They aren't sending their best.
"Catch and release. How bout that. That's my favorite. Catch. You catch a damned killer. You catch a bad hombre. You catch a bad one. You take their name, and we're supposed to bring them to court"
"We're only going to let people come in based on merrit. We need people. Based on merrit"

He is fired up tonight. This isn't the feel good rally of last night. He is mad.
"They're only sticking together because they want to make sure that I and we don't get, what they know, our country needs."

"Anyone that votes for a Democrat right now is crazy. When you look what's coming up. You gotta be crazy"

"All the Democrats want is power"
"That's why Democrats want to give illegal immigrants the right to vote"

"The town council is run by illegal immigrants" "It is sick" some town in California lol.
"We cherish ICE and we cherish our border patrol and we cherish our law enforcement"

This is a very targeted speech and different than his usual rally one, being in Arizona. I bet his Texas rally will be a lot like this.
"I don't think you have a choice" lol between Republicans and Democrats. He's right. Only insane people would vote for the crazy violent left.
"Hispanic American household income is at an all time high. Who is a hispanic American in this room. 10 percent. All right. Do you like Trump?"

*Crowd goes wild*

"It's always dangerous, always dangerous" 😂😂😂 what
"My grandfather spent a lot of time in Alaska. He was looking for gold. But it wasn't so easy to find" lol Trump family history!
"Hopefully it will be so strong and so powerful we won't have to use it, ok?" President Trump talking about our military. This is the man the left pegged as unhinged and wanting to get us into war. All this man talks about is peace!
"We've recognized the capital of Israel and opened the US Embassy in Jerusalem"

crowd goes WILD

Everyone calling Trump and his supporters Nazi's is a freaking idiot.
"If you vote to elect a Republican House and a Republican Senate, we will continue to cut your taxes, cut your regulations, and raise your incomes. We will protect Medicare and Social Security, and Democrats will destroy them both"

The @GOP finally has their leader.
"Remember the bowing, all the bowing, people forget about the bowing! I remember. I didn't like it. All the bowing! Now you have a President who is standing up for America" 😂😂😂

Obama bowing to everyone. That was so weak.
"Thank you. She said I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you too" 😂

@k_ovfefe all these people are getting him to talk to them instead of you! You gotta step it up!
"They're going to say tomorrow "He called women beautiful isn't that terrible. It'll be "Trump calls women beautiful." You're beautiful. You are beautiful. Beautiful. You always were and you always will be." 😂😂😂
"It is funny, I'm thinking, I'm just watching this" he motions to the fake news

"I think we got him. I think we got him. I think we got him. You're beautiful!"

I can't spell the word beautiful properly so the rally is already over but I have a minute or so left.
"We are going to work, we are going to fight, and we are going to win win win"
"We are one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God."

"And together with the proud people of Arizona, we will make America wealthy again, we will make America strong again, we will make America safe again, and we will make America great again! Thank you Arizona!"
*Can't always get what you want* plays as always, to destroy the entire left and the fake news especially

This was a FIRED UP rally. He was mad tonight. He got his point across great and Martha McSally is freaking awesome. Great rally! /end
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