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This will be my thread based on a infograph created by someone at @EpochTimes. Im going to add a little to the top and the middle. To date this map is 100% accurate.

Who funds the top?
Who funds the one funding the top?

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What happens when your boss is disappointed in you?

#SpyGate #Obama #Treason #Soros @POTUS…
Painting Barry as a puppet for Soros is quite easy. HRC just as well. At the top of the infograph see first tweet in thread. BHO, HRC, Clapper and Brennan sit on top.

Lets see if we cant tie them all to Soros.

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Even with all of Soros money the failed socialist who hide behind words like liberal and democrat. Still lost and will LOSE it all. Panic is in full mode.

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Still the puppet master is high on power Soros says @realDonaldTrump will disapper by 2020 or earlier. Sounds like a threat to @POTUS. Psychopaths like Soros dont see their end thill its over.

#Soros #Treason #Spygate
George Soros is a Atheist. He has stated extremely narcissistic statements about himself.

“I fancied myself as some kind of god …”

#SpyGate #Treason #Soros…
25 million on paper Soros gave to Hillary & the DNC in 2016.


#Treason #Soros #SpyGate #JobsNotMobs
Clapper was an executive on the board of Booz Allen Hamilton. Same firm that Snowden worked for when he leaked NSA secrets.

#SpyGate #Treason #Soros…
At the time 2013 - Booz Allen was in turn majority owned by the Carlyle Group, a giant US-based investment fund with $176bn in assets.

#SpyGate #Soros #Treason
In 2011 with Clapper as DNI. The group Anonymous hacked Booze Allen. Same Company Clapper was executive on the board of (Booze Allen).

#Clapper #Soros #Treason #SpyGate…
In 2012 a senior associate at Booze Allen allegedly shared protected, non-public information regarding information technology support services contract. Air Force fine of 65,000$. Again with Clapper in as DNI under BHO.

#Treason #Soros #Clapper #BHO…
In 2013 Snowden a contractor for Booze Allen leaked classified information. Clapper was once executive on Booze Allen board. Clapper in 2013 on BHO admin as DNI.

#Clapper #Treason #Soros #BHO
Despite the Snowden leaks in 2013. With Clapper as DNI on BHO Admin. Same company Snowden and Clapper had worked for Booze Allen & others R awarded the biggest contract yet.


#Clapper #Soros #BHO #Treason…
When Booze Allen asked how they can still get contracts ‘when they are a corrupt classified leaking treasonous company’
OK quotes are my words. But when asked this was their response.

‘To big to suspend or debar’

Clapper previously on Booze Board. In 2013 he is DNI

Of course @CNN will tell a story but never clearly. Title should of read.

‘Yet another one of Clappers pals at Booze Allen Leaked classified information.’ -

Clapper at the time was on BHO team as DNI.

#Clapper #Soros #BhO #Treason…
There is alot of dirt to uncover with Clapper as DNI and conection to Booze Allen spy leaking firm. How is Soros tied to this?

#Treason #Soros #BHO #CLAPPER
In 1993 soros pledges 100$ million to Carlyle Group.

In 2013-2016 Clapper as DNI under Obama. And same time all the leaks accord. Carlyle owned a MAJORITY of Booze Allen. Same Snowden and Clapper once worked for.

#Treason #Soros…
Carlyle Group that Soros funded. In 2016 for some reason sold off lots of its stake in Booze Allen a company Snowden and Ex DNI Clapper once worked for.

#Treason #Soros #Clapper #BHO…
So Obama, Hillary, Clapper and DNC for that matter have links to Soros. Lets see what we can find on good old Commie Brennan.

Who funds the top?

#Treason #LockThemAllUp
Brennan was director of Clowns In America 2013-2017. Same time leaks and illegal spying occurred. Trump has since revoked Brennan top secret clearance level.

C_A is a mocking birds paradise.

#Treason #SpyGate #Brennan…
Fast Forward. Allegedly one of the first thing Trump does quietly is orders C_A in or around Jan 27, 2017 (Brennan was acting C_A director) To cut all ties with Soros.

#Treason #SpyGate #Soros…
Brennan is known for lying he worked for the clowns. Same agency a “no body” 41 once directed.

“Skull & Bones Forever”

#Treason #LockThemUp…
“CIA director John Brennan lied to you and to the Senate. Fire him” 2014 The Guardian.

#Treason #Brennan #Soros #Spygate…
My question at the beginning of this thread was who funds the top?

There is so much to uncover.

When Brennan was C_A director Soros funded parts of CIA OPs Clapper as DNI let Booze Allen contractors leak. BHO & HRC sold us out with Uranium 1 etc.

#Treason #Soros
I will wrap this thread up with one last tweet.

IMO just like JFK once said the CIA should be split into a million pieces.

#Treason #Soros #SpyGate…

Remember when Trump tweeted about Soros for the first time ever in is Twitter career (if you call it that 🤷🏻‍♂️)

“Screamers paid for by Soros”

#Treason #Soros #SpyGate
How did the 4am MSM respond to @realDonaldTrump tweet about Soros?

#Treason #Soros #Spygate…
I wonder who had the last laugh Trumps claim that Soros funds the mob of protesters.

Or the media saying that claim is a right wing conspiracy?


#Soros #Traitor #LockThemUp
Soros should be tried in Gitmo and banned from America.

The end.

#Treason #Soros #Sick
Hope this was informative, accurate and not to many typos.


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