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You can literally smell how desperate the Left is getting to save the idea that @carterwpage & @GeorgePapa19 are going to be slapped into handcuffs by Mueller & shipped off to prison.
As I discussed in the linked column below, they don't have anything on Carter Page and they never did. All that supposedly 'verified' evidence the FBI claimed to have that proved he was a foreign agent?

Steele Dossier + media clippings.…
As the evidence is rolled out that political partisans inside the DOJ/FBI targeted the Trump campaign with a counterintel op to entrap it by sending confidential intel assets posing as Russian agents, the desperation is getting palpable.
Alexander Downer, Stefan Halper and Joseph Mifsud are all tied to the *Western* intel community. Did I say tied? I meant they work inside it, have deep roots there.

All 3 live/work inside the UK/US/Austraila intel community.
Yet the narrative of the Trump/Russia Election Collusion story demands at least ONE of these three men just HAS to be a real, live Russian spy.

So they've picked Mifsud. Too much is publicly known about Downer - who give interviews - and Halper to pretend they are Putin spies.
.@LeeSmithDC already wrote extensively about how exceedingly curious it is that for a guy who was supposedly outed more than a year ago as a Russian spy trying to infiltrate the Trump campaign, nobody in the US/UKAustrailan intel communities discusses/treats Mifsud that way.
When you dig into Mifsud's background, what you learn is not only did he work extensively inside the US/UK/Aussie intel axis, he actually TRAINED INTELLIGENCE AGENTS for these countries.…
So here's the problem with the idea a guy with these kind of extensive connections inside the US/UK/Aussie intel communities is really a Russian spy:

Nobody has presented any EVIDENCE of this.
Initially fans of the whole "The Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative Is TRUE!" story thought they had something in Alexander Downer.

Until he started talking. The interviews he gave quickly contradicted the narrative, his saying Papadopoulos never mentioned Hillary emails, etc.
The Trump/Russia Election Collusion fans also quickly realized they weren't getting anywhere trying to 'out' Stefan Halper as a real live Russian spy due to his, well, being extensively involved in US intel, but also on the payroll of the Pentagon.
Google "Adam Lovinger" & "Stefan Halper" together to quickly learn why Trump/Russia Collusion fans realized they weren't getting anywhere claiming Halper is a foreign agent of Russia.

No, they *have* to pin all their hopes on Mifsud.
It's an article of faith for Trump/Russia collusion fans that Mueller has evidence against both Page & Papadopoulos *proving* the alleged collusion between Trump's campaign & Putin.

It hasn't leaked & this evidence is more tightly guarded than Fort Knox.
Whenever Page/Papadopoulos give an interview, make a Tweet here, or whatever, journalists & others push back telling them 'Mueller is coming!' when they're not scratching their heads over why Carter & George aren't hiding in a bunker somewhere waiting to be hauled off to jail.
True believers in the Trump/Russia Collusion Conspiracy fantasy simply can't accept Mueller took his best shot at Papadopoulos already. It resulted in:

A perjury charge that resulted in a 14 day sentence.
These people simply talk themselves into believing a Mueller SC team that LEAKS LIKE A MOTHERF**KER somehow is holding back all the big evidence against GP & CP while they are now furiously digging through Fred Trump's estate taxes looking for something they can use.
It's all over but the cryin', but the True Believers can't admit it. The Crossfire Hurricane plot was exposed. We know who Mifsud's, Halper & Downer's handlers were. We know all about the OCONUS LURES that were employed to entrap Trump campaign personnel.
So here's where we're at: The True Believer's are now fighting to keep the Carter Page FISA warrant unredacted & hidden from public scrutiny because it's supposeldy vital to Mueller's case against Page. You know, all that 'solid evidence' supposedly in it.
Typo: fighting to keep it *redacted*. :P

There is no solid evidence against Carter Page. The guy supposedly at the center of the beating heart of all that Trump/Russia collusion, the best they had was 2nd/3rd hand stories told by anonymous sources to Steele.
None of it was verified, it's not even known at THIS point if the FBI ever managed to learn who Steele's Russian [supposedly!] sources were and interviewed them to check their stories out.

I have my suspicions though about who ONE of the sources was.…
The actual story of what happened during the 2016 election is becoming clear:

The Hillary Clinton campaign decided to play a political dirty trick on the Trump campaign by hiring political operatives to invent a 'Trump/Russia collusion' narrative that would be sold to the media
To hide the fact they'd hired political operatives at a firm called 'Fusion GPS' to create fake info tying Trump & his campaign personnel to Russia, Hillary Clinton & the DNC used the law firm of Perkins Coie as a middle man to launder the money & wash their fingerprints off.
With Hillary & DNC's $, Fusion hires Christopher Steele, who begins compiling a dossier of Trump campaign/Russia allegations based on stories supposedly told to him by shadowy, anonymous, still unknown Russians inside Russia [or so the story goes], some in the Russian gov't.
Fusion GPS head Glenn Simpson & Steele then begin going around to the US news media outlets & shopping the dossier allegations. Several of these outlets, such as Mother Jones & Yahoo News, print stories including some of the allegations.
Now, if this had all stayed at this level, if all that had been done was paying political operatives to invent a smear that was then planted in DNC Media to create a narrative to try to damage the Trump campaign, that'd be bad enough, but all it'd be is dirty politics/Fake News.
But here's where the streams crossed. Political partisans inside the DOJ/FBI were 'read in' to the Steele dossier - on which Nellie Ohr was working - through her husband Bruce Ohr. Bruce Ohr met extensively with Simpson/Steele & took copioius notes.
These political partisans inside a weaponized DOJ/FBI were already looking for an 'insurance policy' to ensure Trump didn't win the 2016 election, and if that failed, to ensure he could quickly be removed from office or at least sabotaged into being ineffective.
Somebody had a 'eureka' moment: send confidential intel assets to the Trump campaign pretending to be Russian agents offering illegal help to win the election.

Then use these contacts to BOLSTER the Steele dossier & get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump.
This is what the redacted portions of the Carter Page FISA warrant are going to show, IMHO: Halper, Mifsud & Downer were working with the CIA/FBI as intel assets sent to entrap the Trump campaign by *pretending* to offer Russian info to low level Trump campaign staff like Page.
When that happens, the fake narrative that any of these men were real Russian foreign agents working for Putin's gov't reaching out to collude with the Trump campaign to steal the 2016 election is going to let out a loud shriek and give up the ghost at last.
So let's all enjoy watching the last few days that the True Believers have left as they watch their Trump/Russia Election Collusion narrative take it's last struggling breaths.

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