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UK Rants: #StandUp4Brexit @uk_rants
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The #Brexit rant 👇
1) In 2015 Cameron went to EU for reform.
I said, if he returns with something tangible, I'd support his choice on EURef (Remain, turns out).
EU sent him home with his tail between his legs & made me a hardened #Brexit supporter, when I saw them humiliate him.
2) Cameron was a giant amongst mere clowns, but they still disrespected him.
He stands above every one of them, as the leader who steered his nation best through the choppy waters of the 2008 economic crash.
They had no RIGHT to humiliate the man.
3) Ever since then, EU has been arrogant & constantly felt entitled to humliliate our PM.
I've gone from being willing to listen & possibly Remain, to wanting out on whatever terms necessary.
WTO is my benchmark, I'll accept a reasonable deal, but no half-way measures at all.
4) They lie, use our money to campaign against us, threaten us, humiliate our PM, etc etc.
They show scant regard for Northern Ireland, using us as a pawn to punish the UK. They set us back here, we recoil into ourselves everytime we're threatened, mental barriers go back up.
5) There is absolutely no issue with us leaving the EU on WTO terms.
Most big business who are affected already have their contingency plans in place, or they are weak.
UK Services leaders, when interviewed at EU Committee in July, said that contingencies were well in hand.
6) The only issue will be checks on borders & the EU are being sticky about this simply because they want the UK to become 'tax collectors' for the EU - their 'whipping boys'.
They STILL see us as inferior, yet ignore how important the UK market is to their own EU27 members.
7) I'm at the "screw the EU" stage. I'll never roll back on that now.
I almost want them to feel a little economic pain when we #Brexit, simply to wipe the smirk off the face of the muppets in Brussels as they explain that pain to the EU27 & their own failings that led to it.
8) We HAVE a #Brexit plan.
ERG & co have a Canada+ FTA which meets most of what we'd expect from a sensible withdrawal deal.
EU have even said at times this would be acceptable (barring their NI con, they've felt it an ace card since May mistakenly agreed to the backstop idea).
9) How have we got to the stage we are at now?
Where we are left looking at WTO #Brexit, or a deal that wouldn't be acceptable to a blind goat?
We have got to this stage because so many in the UK are working AGAINST our own nation. Our main enemy is within.
10) The constant negotiating behind the PM's back by Clegg, Adonis, etc has been undermining our negotiations.
The 'alternative Brexit' plans discussed by Starmer & the @UKLabour contingent, who are merely seeking power, has undermined the PM in her negotiations.
They harm the UK
11) The PM herself has lost sight of the prize, let that clown Olly Robbins lead us to this half-assed attempt at a deal, Chequers.
It's no deal at all, it's the worst of all worlds & it won't fly with anyone.
It leaves us paying those EU suckers, whilst being simple rule-takers.
12) Should she not change course, Tories will probably replace her.
Her deal won't fly in HoC & if she doesn't change it, we'll leave on WTO.
It's set in stone & there's no MP majority to block #Brexit, they'd never dare.
They're gutless, we've already seen that.
13) The noisy Remoaners, enabled by an anti-UK media, need to be rounded upon.
They no longer deserve to be heard, they've nothing new to say & all their efforts are now acting against the interests of our nation, HARMING us.
#Brexit supporters step up, your voices need heard.
14) Should UK media continue to push these Remoaners onto us, we reject them too & stop funding them.
Everyone needs *us*, the voters, the public, the monthly subscription-payers, no matter how little regard they hold for us. 😏
15) As it stands, we leave in March 2019.
When TM comes back with her poor deal, it will be rejected.
I don't totally blame TM, she has been on her own a long time, as everyone works their own agenda around her. But she has failed.
16) No matter how much Remoaner MPs stamp their feet, they don't get to STOP #Brexit.
When they reject the deal on offer, we default to WTO.
Say what they like, but without something going through HoC, or an impossible intervention from Downing St, nothing changes that.
17) So, keep the faith, we WILL have our #Brexit.
We merely chew over the details now.
We're 157 days from #Brexit, there's no time to stop it.
Where the UK heads politically in the aftermath, is anyones guess.
UK politics may well be temporarily broken.
18) WE didn't break UK politics, Westminster did.
Our MPs have shown themselves to be unworthy of their voters.
They are so institutionalised in the EU overseeing them, we've allowed a low quality, low performance, breed of MP to sneak their lazy arses into the House of Commons.
19) Once we #Brexit, WM will need to become more accountable, will need to step up to the task we set them better.
This current crop are incapable, they've proven that (bar a few who have excelled, unfortunately a minority).
Perhaps UK politics being broken is a good thing?
20) Perhaps we need a reboot after #Brexit?
Maybe we wake up on March 30th to another chaotic political mess, as the electorate turns on those who were too weak to see us through the past 2 years?
Perhaps those who didn't bat for the UK shouldn't BE in the seat of power?
21) Should political armageddon be upon us, WE didn't cause it, we merely react to it.
Bring it, the UK *needs* this reboot, #Brexit has proven that.
#KeepTheFaith, she's choppy ahead.
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