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1) President Trump does politics.
I have to get to the truth.

Orange juice evening thread, #JamalKhashoggi
October 23, 2018.
2) This Khashoggi thing has become important for another reason.

I am here to get to the truth - I don't want a Deep State secretly running our lives.

That means: Not here to defend Trump - defend the government - defend the Jewish people or Israel - sell books.

3) I am also not here to explain Trump - explain the government - explain the Jewish people or Israel - explain my motives.

If you don't want to read my stuff, that's fine.
4) This post sums up my opinion about why the Deep State ginned up the Khashoggi hoax.

5) This man is a bad man. His words sum up the bad people we are dealing with.
6) A bad man who associates with bad people.
7) @LizCrokin and @sibeledmonds and @FionaBa47662575 and @RealCathyOBrien and @atensnut and @Marianne_M_B and @FridaHalliday and everyone who puts the focus directly on pedogate is telling you the truth as I also see it.

The deep state will do anything to take your eyes away.
8) If you weren't aware let's please be aware that Saudi Arabia is a notorious sex trafficking nation and President Trump turned there first for reform in 2017. Understand that when you try to exorcise a demon he screams like hell.
9) Tony Podesta John Podesta Saudi Arabia scum.…
10) We know very well that every nation is comprised of good people and bad. We have no problem with the good and noble people of Saudi Arabia nor the good and noble people of Iran etc. and so on. We are going to eliminate the evil, corrupt dictators who ruin it for everybody.
11) So if this thread helps the good people of Saudi Arabia out I am glad.

Let's get to @sibeledmonds posts. She is in Turkey following this and needs help.
12) If you don't know who Sibel is read this - good intro.
13) "the same weapons, tools and tactics used by the system against criminals are also utilized to counter those perceived as threats to and enemies of the state’s power."…
14) Guess what Sibel is Turkish-American Iranian-American.

So she knows what she's talking about.…
15) For the next few tweets I am just reposting her posts from Turkey.
You may want to archive this offline.
17) Sibel: Why did they care about killing Khashoggi anyway to do something so obvious foolish and stupid?

She needs info on the fiance; pls add to her thread

She will keep some stuff to herself for intel reasons
18) He didn't write his own stuff; was working on a "special project" - maybe that is linked to his disappearance/death
19) Sibel also excoriates the pathetic media coverage & waits for the copycats

Blasts c i a running the media essentially

21) (Her news site is; no she isn't $ me; she doesn't even know me)
22) OK. Have to go now. More later.

There is more stuff in addition to Sibel's updates, but I do want to cover as much as possible of what she is saying.

It's important not just for this case, but as a critique of others.
23) I will be back online in a couple of minutes.
24) OK let's go.
25) We will get back to @sibeledmonds reporting, but first some basic common-sense questions.

It is a fact that marketers (like marketers of misinformation) try to provoke an emotional response and bypass your brain.

Questions slow down your brain so that you can be logical.
26) I saw this headline and just immediately burst out laughing.…
27) "Murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi's son glares at Saudi Prince accused of his death in face-to-face meeting;

"Salah Jamal Khashoggi shook hands with the Saudi leaders hours after his father's remains were reportedly discovered in Instanbul."
28) First of all.

a PHOTO OP between a young man and the MURDERER of his father?
29) Second of all.

This expression, to me, says "irritation."

It says, "I hate this spy shit."
30) This expression, to me, says "end this charade, willya?"
31) All together now.

This is grief.
32) This is anger.
33) This is dislike. Fury. Hatred.
34) I have to drag this out, because it shows you how this story is concocted by complete fools. In even the most basic ways.

There is nothing natural about it.
35) Look at this very relaxed handshake. Khashoggi's son's fingers are spread out. They aren't balled up. He isn't physically aggressing in any way, shape or form.

This isn't obeisance. It's familiarity.
36) Another common sense thing.

What does a news reporter do when there is a storm?

The reporter GOES TO THE STORM.

Why aren't there any reporters, except @sibeledmonds, talking to locals in Turkey?
37) Correction- @vicenews went to Turkey and talked to people at Sabah, the news outlet there. But didn't ask how independent Sabah could be. Didn't talk to anyone who questioned the basic logic of this whole story. And didn't talk to any intel sources on camera.
38) The U.S. media basically parrots the same words and lines over and over and over and over.

Erdogan today: "Ferocious death"


They do this with every story.
39) Here's an obvious angle: Adnan Khashoggi - uncle.

Search "Adnan Khashoggi Jamal Khashoggi"

You get news from India, the UK and Australia -- not here.

Why does American news suddenly suck?
40) "It’s now been revealed Princess Diana’s lover, Dodi Fayed is first cousin to the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi."

You get that angle out of England.

Loved Diana.…
41) If 9/11 is the worst terror attack we ever experienced, why doesn't the media talk about the connection between Khashoggi and 9/11? Explore it? Why are QUESTIONS suddenly DANGEROUS?

42) "The Looming Tower: Jamal Khashoggi’s little-known past comes to light
Tell-all book describes Khashoggi's lesser-known past affiliation with Bin Laden as active members of the Muslim Brotherhood"…
43) "From left, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Prince Turki al-Faisal and Prince al-Waleed bin Talal were all said to be on a list of donors to Al Qaeda."…
44) Turkey seems to love the "leak it and they will believe" strategy. But people aren't endlessly stupid.

Like the "body" that is supposedly roaming around social media.…."
45) It is suspicious that the US media and influencer elite is working so hard to portray Khashoggi, a known terrorist sympathizer and intelligence operative, as a good guy.

"a journalist, not a jihadist"

46) Pressed, the media will admit that they can't figure out how he was killed, whether there's a tape, whether there's a body or where it is, who is responsible for it, or whether Erdogan is blaming SA.

I'll add a couple more.…
47) If the director of the CIA is headed over there to ask questions (which itself is astounding), why is the Secretary of State already saying that Saudi Arabia is going to be punished?…
48) Why is the Saudi Foreign Minister saying the killing was "a tremendous mistake," as if SA is taking responsibility, when THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF A KILLING???????????????????…
49) Body language analysis: He was rushing to spit out the story.

Me: Because it's not true and he had to remember his lines.

50) @POTUS @realDonaldTrump calls this dumb story "the worst cover up ever" and he's right.

It's so stupid.…
51) If this is a plot by Erdogan, and it's sure looking like it is -- with Jamal Khashoggi playing along to undermine the Crown Prince of SA and his reforms against terror -- I don't think anyone is buying it.…
52) Obama's Goebbels, Cass Sunstein, told us the plan for messing with our heads and not coincidentally the one issue that really bothers them is...we don't believe the official story about a certain event.…
53) Selective condemnation is another technique.

Al Arabiya: "if any party deserves facing justice it is the Iranian regime for its 4 decades long history of assassinations and terror attacks."…
54) "This undeniable fact is especially worth reminding to the slate of Iranian regime apologists/lobbyists going the distance regarding the Jamal Khashoggi case."
55) Let's go back to Sibel. Just to highlight major stuff - she has A LOT to read on her page. @sibeledmonds
56) Just one other thing...if the Turks are wily e. coyote...

is it not possible that they PLANNED a BOTCHED operation, to make the Saudis look like fools?
57) I think Americans are very arrogant and condescending toward Middle Eastern cultures
58) It seems to me entirely possible that a bunch of really smart people got together and planned a really cunning plot that ALMOST would have worked.

Except they underestimated, yet again, how obsessed we are with getting the truth and how sick we are of their bullshit.
59) I mean there really is no other way to explain this whole "bone cutter' someone has a really WILD imagination!

60) Well well well well well well well well well well well well…
61) You see, when they REALLY want to torture people, it isn't done for the cameras.
62) Hamid Firoozi is wanted by the FBI.…
63) Take a good look at his mouth and his eyebrows.
Then, compare that to the mannish looking "fiancee."

65) Just one of her excellent questions: "Why come to #Turkey for the Embassy process that could have been easily done in #Saudi Embassy in D.C.?"

He lived in DC/Virginia, right?

Why go from Turkey to the UK and back?…
66) Well, you could say that Khashoggi specifically went back from the UK to Turkey to participate in a mock kidnapping. And this guy from Iran was posing as his fiancee.

Remember the Tawana Brawley hoax?

"Would have been monstrous if true"…
67) When exactly did JK start following "Hatice" on Twitter?

Or was it the Iranian cyberhacker who did the following?
68) "An important observation is that we found that Khashoggi is following 650 765 Twitter accounts. Hatice was number 742 in his Twitter following order. He had followed Hatice and followed another 23 Twitter accounts after that."…
69) "If further analysis on his Twitter account (we are currently working on) finds that Khashoggi added Hatice on or after the day of going missing, that would further support our belief that she is a primary suspect."

She, or HE?
70) "The reason I am emphasizing this emphasize the importance of “Factual” analyses and needed expertise. Being “just” a journalist or researcher NOT enough to thoroughly analyze cases like this."
71) "If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit."

72) Dear World:
Americans aren't really this stupid.

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