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October 27, 2016: 1 day before the October Surprise Bloomberg DROPS maj story RE:Trump data ops. Team Trump invited in media to share their secret sauce & unveil "Project Alamo." Never made sense to me

So I set out to Debunk "Inside the Trump Bunker"

URL Project Pt 2 [THREAD]
Those of you who know me know I've been working on this for a while. By breaking down Trump/Pence tracking links, I reverse-engineered Trump's marketing prog in search of the truth. What was Project Alamo?

I believe the media has gotten the Trump data narrative wrong.

The Trump/Pence Facebook dark posts were not used for voter suppression. I've searched far & wide. Journos have asked me for examples of their 2016 FB suppression ads--they don't exist.

But today the media kinda got it right -- h/t @RighteousBabe4

This passage is talking about 2018 Trump ads. I'm here to tell you this holds true for Trump back to 2016.…
I'm going to break this down in a few parts & chugging Red Bull to keep up pace but there's lots to cover here

Starting w/reasons the 10/27/16 piece doesn't sit right w/me. I have a Top 10 list then going into the nitty-gritty & theory(s)

Time to debunk Trump bunker BS

The finding "Hidden Republicans" strategy is not a thing. GOP wins elections not by activating new voters but by SUPPRESSING Dem voter turnout. FACT.…
Cambridge Analytica whistleblower @chrisinsilico described Project RIPON in similar fashion. Again, this is not a typical GOP strategy. Voter suppression is their way, tried & true.

We heard the same "hidden Republican" nonsense from Matt Braynard, former RNC strategist who led Trump data ops during the 2016 primary.

He was dead wrong.

Thread on pre-CA Trump data ops:
Survey data showed Trump's primary win was thanks to "Republicans who typically vote in general elections."

"The forgotten man" is an alternative narrative to distract from the ugly, cynical suppression efforts that have become GOP norm

While Bloomberg piece did detail Trump campaign's planned suppression efforts, any talk of targeting "disenfranchised" Republicans is a major red flag 🚩.

"The forgotten man" is code.

The same may be true for "Project Alamo" (But more on that later 🙃)

Cambridge Analytica
Contractors?? Hmmm... can I get a headcount?…
Last year I called out the inconsistent statements out there about how Parscale built out his team.

Pulled out a few highlights from that thread. TL;DR: None of this makes sense.

And I checked out Giles-Parscale LinkedIn pg

Employee count was basically flat

Did those 100 new hires just leave G-P off their resumes? This was a presidential campaign. Huge opp. A calling card for the rest of your career. Who/where are these people?

With the exception of the infamous Theresa Hong, what do we know about these people? All these new people hired by Parscale and not a single whistleblower has come forward?

Damn NDAs.
And Theresa Hong was not new. She and Parscale go way back as @JamesFourM pointed out 👇

More hirings: Kushner told Forbes he was bringing in subcontractors to build out their Austin TX data hub

Austin? This city was never mentioned in the "bunker" piece

The San Antonio op Bloomberg saw was probably more like a staging area. A call center…
Sounds like there were lots of cooks in the kitchen (of that "bunker"). So I wonder who did what, etc..

Well, no need to wonder as Gerritt Lansing cleared that up for us in Jan 2017.

Gary Coby (RNC) "ran all DJT advertising"
Theresa Hong told BBC last year that Cambridge Analytica played a central role in Project Alamo down to the name.

I remember another time Cambridge Analytica named a project for GOP campaigns: RIPON, named for the city in WI where modern GOP was born.
Lansing & Coby (Revv/RNC) accounts differ. They refute Alexander Nix's claims re: CA's role in Facebook ads around the 3rd presidential debate.

Weird right?

Not weird, just flat out lies

"Cambridge Audiences" is hard-coded into several tracking links w/in 3rd debate Facebook ads

"RNC" is hard-coded into nearly every 2016-17 link

Trump marketing was an RNC operation---& still is to this day



If Project Alamo was so central to Trump marketing operations..

+ CA built Project Alamo
+ Gary Coby ran all DJT mktg
+ CA named in RNC-generated ad tracking links

Then why did Coby & Lansing deny CA's central role? 🤔

This one is a head scratcher 🧐

Did you see it? Do you know someone who saw it?

Lemme know! I'll be picking this back up in the AM
I believe the Trump campaign never ran the South Park style Facebook ads to suppress African-American votes---at least never as "dark posts"

I'll make my case here.

If you saw it on Facebook...if you can find me proof.. I'll take it all back

quote via…
Trump did run a Hillary video with South Park style animation but he didn't hide it in a dark post. He posted it organically on Twitter & Facebook in mid August 2016.

Organic post = not an ad / free

Video embedded from FB:…
1st off, it's likely Team Trump didn't have the rights (or didn't want to pay for them) or had other legal concerns about putting this animation in an ad ("commercial use").

The animation was derivative at best.

But this is not the video in question.
Here's the thing... when people see a political ad that is unique, eye-catching & especially negative, they SHARE it. Even if it is a "dark post" -- you are on Facebook, where you can share anything you see in just a few clicks.

My research relied a lot on Social Sharing.
When an ad packs shock value, we talk about it. Complaints about & in response to ads helped me ID many Promoted Tweets (~Twitter dark posts)

An example: Jill Stein wasn't getting much attn until she clearly changed up her ad targeting in early Aug '16

Without social sharing, I would have just a spreadsheet of tracking links & little to no idea what the ads actually looked like

And I'm adding more screenshots as I go along

500 Facebook ad links, no sign of African-American voter suppression ads…
There are tons of screenshots & much-deserved teasing on social platforms over the endless typos and sloppy errors in Trump ads.
Amp up the controversy beyond a bunch of typos and the sharing explodes.

It was through Twitter chatter that I learned about a Future45 PAC TV commercial that ran in the final 2-3 days of the 2016 election.

We don't see many political ads that are cartoons.
So of course there were people who hit rewind, filmed bootleg style on their phones & uploaded to YouTube.

Targeting..micro-targeting, you need to reach a lot of people to move the needle w/voting

If large African-American audience was exposed to CARTOON HILLARY saying super predators, there would be feedback

That infamous ad is 1 of many Trump/Pence suppression ads that never was

We know there were major suppression efforts in 2016, but this was not a focus of Trump/Pence digital ads. So who was doing this stuff?
In 2016, there was no shortage of digital ads aimed at suppressing assumed Democrat voters. But as far as I can see, none of it came from Trump & Pence Facebook accounts.
The Politico/NYU project found the same to be true for 2018 Trump Facebook ads. Team Trump's FB ads are & have always been focused on fundraising & further data collection.

So let's clear up misconception; Trump FB ads are not suppression ads.…
I've collected 500+ unique tracking links for Trump/Pence Facebook ads. Of those, 20-25 LIVE ad links. Also have screengrabs of many others to add more color.

No issues/ideologically-focused ads. Some attacks on Hillary. But everything is about $$$

There is nothing special about Trump's Facebook ads

Every ad is focused on soliciting donations. That is the call-to-action

If they are micro-targeting w/Cambridge Analytica's FB data, it is for the purpose of driving donations - ROI success metric…
Message/creative testing the Trump campaign did w/Facebook ads was about driving donations. Finding the right language, colors, images, & videos to maximize their cost efficiency (rake in more $ at lower ad spend)…
If the ad Parscale is describing actually ran, it did not come from the Donald Trump Facebook page

I had access to a platform that scraped dark posts (shut down last yr--FB cracked down on 3rd party analytics)

I saw thousands of dark posts and they were all same vanilla grift
Team Trump has told many lies about micro-targeting Facebook ads. Which makes me wonder what they were really doing behind-the-scenes.

Parscale has no idea what he's talking about... 15 people in a custom audience, really?!?
Parscale is a proven liar & a moron. Not a digital marketing genius.

You can't run a Facebook Custom Audience of 15 people.

Audiences must include at least 20 people to be used for ads.…
Due diligence: the 20 person minimum threshold for FB Custom Audiences was in-place in 2016.

This is from April 13, 2016

Parscale's purpose is not Trump campaign advertising. He is so far removed.…
That takes us to another reason why Bloomberg "Trump Bunker" irks me:


I have hundreds of Facebook dark posts, no suppression explicit (or implicit). I have another 400+ still live FB ads not yet in this doc--coming soon…
I've collected 100+ Trump marketing links targeting "Cambridge Audiences" -- ~68 of which are still live on FB.

Are we really supposed to believe that the Cambridge Analytica secret sauce was used for simple e-commerce donation driving??

Like this one:…
It is w/high confidence that I assert no Facebook dark posts sent from official Trump (& Pence) accounts were aimed at voter suppression.

I refuse to accept this dark post narrative we've heard many times.

If the ads ever existed, I would have found them (or URL receipts).
In 2016, Cambridge Analytica/"Project Alamo" data could've been used for other channels like TV, radio, mailers, robocalls, etc. I believe this is very likely.

Direct mail was at the center of Cambridge Analytica's 2014 efforts in Colorado.…
Robocalling was another Cambridge Analytica tactic 2014 across several states.

There are receipts.

I know digital is sexier but the darkest, dirtiest messaging is often reserved for snail mail & the telephone.…
While not w/dark posts, it is possible Trump delivered suppression messages via Facebook--privately, 1-to-1-- on Facebook Messenger. We know Trump used FB Messenger bots in 2016 though it seems to have run pretty under the radar.

Quick recap then gonna go deeper

Why I have a bone to pick w/Bloomberg "Trump Bunker" ⬆️


Bloomberg "Inside the Trump Bunker" mentions Project Alamo 5 times but never in direct quote.

They quote Bannon, Parscale, a "sr official" -- no one says Project Alamo 🤔

After the Bloomberg article, it appears Theresa Hong was the only member of Team Trump to mention PA by name.

There was plenty of bragging among more senior members, but did anyone else utter the phrase "Project Alamo"?

via San Antonio Current --> Brad Parscale said the San Antonio office where Theresa Hong worked was never called Project Alamo.…
Re: PA. There's been lots of talk. Lots of speculation. But why did Team Trump Project Alamo talk both start *AND END* w/ that article, dropped in final days of the 2016 election❓

Was "Project Alamo" a code word / signal to *others* outside the campaign?

Hidden in plain sight?
"Inside the Trump Bunker" never made sense--maybe because it was full of directives meant for a select few.

Was the Bloomberg article used as a means of transmitting signals to actors outside the campaign, with whom the campaign could not communicate directly?
FYI -- If I am warm; if this theory proves true even partially, this would not be the 1st time GOP forces broke election law w/communications in plain sight

From 2014:…
"TruthTrain14" was 1 acct used in the 2014 GOP collusion effort.

There were others but damn that name is so MAGA! (not saying anything more than coincidence in this name tho)
Law says outside grps (PACs, nonprofits) can spend freely on political causes as long as not coordinating plans w/campaigns

Putting strategy out in open to get around this is nothing new
(thx @MelissaRyan @karenkornbluh 4 insights)

But who were they talking to via Bloomberg?
There are no Trump/Pence Facebook dark posts that fit this description. They used "Cambridge Audiences" but their message was pure grifting. If the path to victory is convincing groups to stay home, is asking for donations a good strategy? NO.
"We have three major voter suppression operations under way...They’re aimed at 3 groups Clinton needs to win overwhelmingly: [1] idealistic white liberals, [2] young women, & [3] African Americans."

Trump digital ads didn't do this. But other groups ran ads.

"idealistic white liberals, young women, & African Americans"

I did a long winding thread earlier this yr covering outside group suppression ads for these 3 targets. At the time I didn't make the connection to "Bunker" quote

Maybe Parscale, Bannon & all were confused. Maybe they forgot which project they were talking about w/Bloomberg in Oct 2016.

Remember Trump campaign wasn't Cambridge Analytica's only big client in the 2016 general election.

Bannon was both backbone of CA & Trump campaign.
In Channel4 recordings, CA's Turnbull told undercover reporters that Cambridge Analytica created the “Defeat Crooked Hillary” ad campaign, via Robert Mercer's Make America #1 PAC.…
Make America #1 paid Bannon's Glittering Steel Productions right up to the final days of the election -- spanning months that he served as Trump campaign's CEO.

Note: Defeat Crooked Hillary campaign began running ads AFTER Bannon was placed on Team Trump…
Bannon was running suppression efforts, just not through official Trump campaign.

Defeat Crooked Hillary wasn't the only Mercer backed/linked voter suppression campaign of 2016, but it's a big one.…
Remember what the Trump campaign told Bloomberg about targeting voters in Miami's Little Haiti?
Trump (Cambridge Analytica Client A) says they're doing "...targeted messages about the Clinton Foundation’s controversial operations in Haiti"

Defeat Crooked Hillary (Cambridge Analytica Client B) on the same page
Defeat Crooked Hillary campaign featured Clinton Foundation controversy in videos (produced by Bannon's Glittering Steel) -- they ran these as Facebook Dark Posts.

i.e.: some ads still live on FB:………
Defeat Crooked Hillary campaign also ran this ad likely to discourage Puerto Rican vote in Florida in similar fashion.

Facebook Dark Post
1.2 Million Video Views

Watch for yourself.

Trump team wanted to young women to stay home on election day 2016.

Defeat Crooked Hillary campaign in lockstep.

1.7MM Video Views

Make America Number 1 PAC (Mercer/Bannon/CA) scooped up DefeatCrookedHillary[.]com May 26, 2016.

Cambridge Analytica's official engagement with the Trump campaign did not kick off until about a month later.
DefeatCrookedHillary[.]com bounced around IPs a bit (please dig in & let me know if anything interesting around this🧐), then Make America Number 1 PAC let the site go about a year later (May '17, under new ownership)
This was what DefeatCrookedHillary[.]com looked like during the 2016 campaign

Page archived in October 2016, at the height of the Defeat Crooked Hillary campaign when the PAC ran FB dark posts featuring the vile videos above. This was the ad destination.…
The Trump campaign started a similar project just a few days after the Mercer PAC picked up DefeatCrookedHillary[.]com

Here's LyingCrookedHillary[.]com, a domain owned by the official campaign.

Reminder: Trump campaign (LyingCrookedHillary[.]com) and Make America #1 PAC (DefeatCrookedHillary[.]com) were both Cambridge Analytica clients in 2016.

Parallel tracks.
6/3/16: LyingCrookedHillary[.]com was acquired within ~1 week of DefeatCrookedHillary[.]com.

Great minds think alike (and hire the same vendors) 😉
Sidenote: the amazing @ushadrons called my attention to the changes in domain hosts across the DefeatCrookedHillary[.]com IP addresses.

2 interesting observations:

(1) Last host change made while domain was owned by Make America #1 PAC was 9/24/16
...cont'd (1): Mercer's PAC changed DefeatCrookedHillary[.]com domain host for the last time for during an interesting week for the Trump campaign, at least *technically* speaking..

...cont'd (1): DefeatCrookedHillary[.]com domain host updated one last time during the election on 9/24/16.

Maybe a coincidence, maybe a precaution..maybe everyone was just wiping the slate clean.

DefeatCrookedHillary[.]com domain host change observation (2) -- big thx @ushadrons for insights here.

A quick stint on you guessed it.. Digital Ocean, Inc.
When you get into the nitty gritty of Trump/Russia digital tangled web, you will prob co-sign what @LouiseMensch said well over a year ago -- *Digital Ocean always always shows up*

You can find Digital Ocean in the Parscale Cloud where Cambridge Analytica spawn Data Propria has its own sub-domain 👇

Digital Ocean also linked to Oligarch (& big-time GOP donor) Len Blavatnik as @JamesFourM has pointed out:

Digital Ocean is on @VickerySec radar as having relevant data to investigations around Cambridge Analytica & its network.

cc @ushadrons
DefeatCrookedHillary[.]com was Cambridge Analytica-led project funded by Mercer's Make America #1 PAC

While the duration was quite brief, Digital Ocean was in the hosting mix

From Cambridge Analytica/AggregateIQ/SCL to latest spawn Data Propria, Digital Ocean keeps popping up🤔
OK back to Defeat Crooked Hillary campaign

This was the centerpiece of the 2016 voter suppression effort. Powered by Cambridge Analytica (as they admitted on tape) AND funded by Mercer

Know what else fits that description?

This guy ⬇️

[perfect image + chyron pairing, right?]
Illegal coordination between the Trump campaign and Make America #1 PAC is obvious. They shared a leader, a linchpin, a vision: Steve Bannon

Bannon knows this is a dicey legal situation. Proof is in the narrative he desperately wants you to believe

For this we turn to Woodward.
If you read Bob Woodward's FEAR, you know Steve Bannon was a source. A big one.

Chris Christie concurs, and then some.…
Bob Woodward's style provides a window into Steve Bannon's thinking. By letting Bannon drive the narrative with no judgement and leaving out some key context some may consider fact-checking.... Woodward gives Bannon plenty of rope to hang himself.…
This is not a criticism of Woodward or his fact checkers. I think Woodward’s style gives us a real gift in the form of - this is the story Bannon wants to share. Some personal propaganda

If you got a copy of FEAR, please turn to Chapter #2. If not I got janky kindle pics for ya
It's often the little lies that are the biggest tell. In Bannon's 1st-hand account, he starts w/lies about a morning spent reading papers in a park

First off, if the description of his outfit is accurate he was sweating buckets. It was like 90F that am, props to @ninaandtito
Weather & double polos aside, that NYT article he read in print about "the Failing Mission to Tame Donald Trump’s Tongue."

If it was the morning of August 13th, that article was not in the paper he was thumbing through.
Bannon got the date right, assuming he only checked the top of the page.

See for yourself:…

You have to scroll to the bottom of the page for the print note.

It was online 8/13 but not in print til the following day.

Strike 1?
Then enter Rebekah Mercer, Act 1, Scene 2

Bottom line: Bannon's account reads like he was a complete Trump campaign outsider in early August 2016


Missing context: Bannon run, Mercer-funded Cambridge Analytica was servicing the campaign since at least June. FACT
Campaign Legal Center filed evidence w/the FEC alleging that super-PAC Make America Number #1 made illegal contributions to Trump’s campaign. Facilitated by Cambridge Analytica.

At the heart of Cambridge Analytica was Steve Bannon

Was *Suite 1000* at 8383 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills 90211 large enough to house a fire wall between Campaign, PAC, and Breitbart business?

Anyone got a floor plan?

Took a while for Cambridge Analytica to sort out its address situation.

But of course Bannon shared an address with CA. CA was Bannon and Bannon was CA. True down to every last second of the 2016 election cycle & the years before it.

During 2015-16 cycle, $6.4mm of total $15.3mm Cambridge Analytica received from federal campaigns was paid out listing Beverly Hills address shared w/Steve Bannon's Glittering Steel Productions

Lots of Mercer $$ going in circles (kinda like a washing machine?!)
Chris Wylie provided insights on Bannon's central role Cambridge Analytica's earlier efforts. Soup to nuts, he ran the show & hard to imagine this role changed in 2016

Bannon is a puppet master. He's hands-on. Also seems authorized to spend Mercer $$…
So while not found in official Trump campaign ads, the digital suppression efforts outlined in the Bloomberg piece were reflected in the work of Defeat Crooked Hillary campaign ran by Cambridge Analytica/Mercer's PAC/Bannon.

But they were not alone.
The dark money behind the voter suppression efforts is all connected -- it is a vast network with Robert Mercer at the core.

Enter 45Committee, Inc. This dark group spent big in the final days of the 2016 election. "Heavily funded" by Sheldon Adelson.…
More 45Committee details in thread below but I want to revisit this group to look at the suppression efforts/ads all in 1 place -- time to connect more dots.

Now the ads. Note -- 45Committee has a sister PAC called Future45, which is who placed their ads in the 2016 election cycle.

These were the early Future45 ads of the 2015-16 cycle. Anti-Hillary but quite a contrast...

[ads below ran between 11/20 & 12/24/15] Future45 ads running Nov 4-9, 201.

"We have three major voter suppression operations under way,” says a senior official. They’re aimed at three groups Clinton needs to win overwhelmingly.."


Pay My Foundation by Notorious H.R.C. music video:

NOTE: Future45 removed this video from YouTube some time after I tweeted it out earlier this year:

So yeah-- Future45/45Committee nailed target #1 "idealistic white liberals" in the new batch of ads they launched in the days following the Bloomberg bunker piece 🎯
"We have three major voter suppression operations under way,” says a senior official. They’re aimed at three groups Clinton needs to win overwhelmingly.."

Suppression target (2) YOUNG WOMEN (cont'd):

Future45 TV Commercial 'Human Rights'…

" never mention [DJT] by name the website does have paragraphs supporting Trump calling him 'a successful businessman that can create prosperity in our nation again'
"We have three major voter suppression operations under way,” says a senior official. They’re aimed at three groups Clinton needs to win overwhelmingly.."


..ahem... 🤔
Suppression target #(3) AFRICAN AMERICANS (cont'd):

Again, I'll ask - remember that little blurb about driving down turnout in Little Haiti, Miami?

"with targeted messages about the Clinton Foundation’s controversial operations in Haiti"
Guess who ran the most Clinton Foundation ads at the end of the 2016 election.

A sampling here:…

45Committee has deleted a lot of content but I have meta data for other more specific examples.
When looking at the 2016 suppression roadmap the Trump campaign laid out in Bloomberg yet ran zero digital ads to support, both Make America #1 PAC + 45Committee/Future45 check all the boxes ✅✔️☑️

But when you look a little deeper into tax filings, it gets more interesting
1 grant worth mentioning: 45Committee gave to the NRA Institute for Legislative Action in 2016.…
NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) is the lobbying arm of the NRA, which manages their political action committee, "NRA Political Victory Fund"

In 2016, NRAPVF worked hard targeting Trump suppression target #2: YOUNG WOMEN.
In 2016, the NRA was pushing this ad -- a 30-second voter suppression horror show. Women beware!

Watch here:…
And as we learned recently, the NRA doesn't shy away from collusion with the Trump campaign.

Not in 2016...…
...And not in the 2017-18 as cycle, as revealed in amazing reporting by @annalecta last week.

It has been established the NRA illegally coordinates with the Trump campaign.…
That takes us to the 2nd 45Committtee grant of interest:

I believe Secure America Now was used to tackle just 1 of the 3 prongs of the Trump voter suppression plan that the campaign never ran ads against.

"SAN" was laser-focused on target #(1) IDEALISTIC WHITE LIBERALS.
And who do you turn to when you want to suppress millennial turnout? Of course Secure America Now enlists the GOP's favorite meme-maker-- not to mention love of far-right groups around the globe... Vincent Harris.…
In June 2016, Vincent Harris was working for the Trump campaign.

But according to reports, that didn't last long. Was Harris dispatched for other work--dirtier work--run outside the official Trump campaign?

Vincent Harris was doing work for the Trump campaign when he acquired the domain "hillarysinbox[.]com" - June 16, 2016.

Receipts here.

And note - this is just a week or so out from the infamous Trump Tower meeting with the Russians.
Secure America Now (via Harris Media LLC) targeted younger voters with a smorgasbord of campaigns to ramp up disgust w/ Clinton & Obama.

Hillarys Inbox
Obama's Cash Dash
Millennial's Guide to 2016
Footage of Hillary in Prison
Much deeper dive into the details of the 2016 projects and ads from Secure America Now/Harris can be found here:

Sidenote -- there are striking similarities between SAN/Harris "Obama's Cash Dash" and a Russian (Internet Research Agency) game "Hilltendo"

As far as collaboration with the Trump campaign and other key players, @JamesFourM has been asking questions for a while. He has connected many dots & the Bannon connection is key...

Look overseas at another Harris project..

Vincent Harris worked with right-wing populist party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) during the 2017 election in Germany.…
This Harris Media project ⬇️…
From Brittany Kaiser (CA) testimony, we learned Bannon wanted the AfD business for Cambridge Analytica, but couldn't take it on because of stricter data laws in Germany.

Bannon wanted to work on AfD but couldn't.

Was Harris his/CA's proxy? (curious..)

Secure America Now is an important piece in this puzzle, a pivotal one.

But before we smush this voter suppression operation into one dark Mercer cloud, there is another 45Committee grant in 2016 worth noting.

Just below SAN,

Judicial Crisis Network…
So that grant links up this whole 2016 suppression network to the deep dark underbelly of the GOP -- Leonard Leo, himself.

LL always shows up in the darkest of places.

Speaking of dark places, there's another tax form that ties this all up.

Make America #1 PAC
Secure America Now

The digital suppression ad factories of 2016 collide..
Make America #1 PAC
Secure America Now

They collide here:…
Make America #1 PAC
Secure America Now

SAN 2016 tax filings, turn to PAGE 15:…
You have Mercer (Make America #1/Cambridge Analytica) AND 45Committee, each giving 2 MILLION to Secure America Now in 2016.

So I give you the 2016 voter suppression trifecta.

Trump didn't do it, but they sure did.
Thanks for bearing with me. I wanted to lay out all the suppression efforts that tie back to the campaign. Seeing that ugly orange mug in Iraq today was motivation to close this loop.

I have some more ‘fringy’ theories about the Bloomberg article I will add soon.

But there is an important distinction I want to make crystal clear.

Make America #1 PAC
Secure America Now

👆These were the major digital marketing voter suppression efforts of 2016. They match the descriptions laid out by the Trump campaign in Bloomberg 10/27/16.
There were major voter suppression operations in 2016.

▪️Trump campaign described it
▪️Didn't do it
🔺But outside groups sure did

Using the words of former FEC chair (re:NRA): “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation where illegal coordination seems more obvious" 🤔
BUT when you hear "TRUMP FACEBOOK DARK POSTS" -- these are not the same thing. Trump's Facebook advertising program is very complex and is a major operation, but it doesn't touch upon the suppression strategy detailed in Bloomberg's bunker piece.…
It was an honor to have my researched published this month. And I'm grateful to the reporter @kpoulsen for helping me expand the URL Project and collect many more Trump/Pence Facebook dark posts--many that are still live & accessible to you on Facebook.…
And that brings me to the updated count 📈:

LIVE LINKS to their still live FB DARK POSTS: 2,474💥
CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA links: 869💥 (827 still live on FB‼️)

That's a lot of receipts 🧻

[URL Project Spreadsheet]:…
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