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I've been kind of quiet on Twitter because I've been texting and talking to people I grew up with in the hood. I'm finding the most amazing thing. They have some type of amnesia.
Multiple of my acquaintances haven't heard any news since 2016, and stream music 24/7 to escape it. They were not aware of any domestic or international developments, even N. & S. Korea. Most have high school or less.
They get their "news" from FB memes, focused on Pro-Black themes. They openly expressed hatred towards all other races, insensitive to my interracial marriage. They ask me what happened to me. I ask them the same.
The neighborhood I grew up in had once been all White. As Blacks, including my family became upwardly mobile, we moved there. There were 2 White families that did not move. Their daughters were very popular.
In reminding a friend that we had a harmonious relationship with them, he said they had "gentrified" the neighborhood! Now this blows my mind that the memory of how our parents worked their way out of the Project and into single family homes WAS GONE!
We were so thrilled that our parents moved to the same neighborhood and we were still going to go to the same school. Bussing meant maybe one side of the street went to a different school. So we have this amazing continuous journey that is undeniable. And it goes on like this...
It's Reagan's first term, so much is going on. We could afford movies, HBO is starting to bleed through Basic cable.😏 Sylvester Stallone, these type movies are dominating, anything with Action/Hero/Patriot themes. Our older siblings are going into the military. Do you remember?
There was an explosion of imported knockoffs, fake Nikes, Tommy Hilfiger, perfume, pleather, everything could be bought on the corner for cheap and you could dress like the rich & famous. And that's kind of when the party started to go south in our neighborhood.
The bussing had meant we didn't know the kids across the street. Outside school, people formed into cliques. We never, never let girls walk alone. Boys walking alone were being attacked for their clothing, including for fake gold chains!
I was mid teens when a sad reality crashed in. There was serial Crime going on. While people were working theives stole color TV's, clock radios, bikes, VCRs. Our stuff was being stolen. Wow! Who? The way some of us reacted was interesting.
Some of the boys decided to stay home and wait for the theives. It was that rampant. And soon some arrests were made, because we knew them! I couldn't believe they would be able to take stolen goods of this value home and their parents say nothing. Shocking.
A further great awakening happened when we started a lawn maintenance thing. We planted, cut grass, picked up leaves, but got stiffed 50% of the time! Not only did the neighborhood grass disappear, but our experience in business in this new Black suburb was crushing.
Crushing because we knew stealing and lying was wrong, and we called the Police. What happened next at the time seemed benevolent; the officers came and the majority of the time, they mediated a "solution" out on the sidewalk between the Criminal and the Victims!
If you're a Crime victim and the Police insist in front of the "village" that you are being unreasonable because you just want the Laws enforced, and you don't care if it's a teen Criminal, this sets the tone in front of everyone that the Victim is the trouble maker.
And this leads me back to the topic of touching base with Democrats from my old neighborhood. Did they remember that? Crimes ranged from theft to serious assault. Police pushed people into apologizing to Criminals and even working out verbal repayment agreements?
What was the outcome of this kind of misguided policing? Serious assaults and Crime got worse. People that had done sidewalk mediation were called "money hungry" when they tried to collect on the verbal agreements. They and their kids were taunted as fools, bullied more!
So getting back to the current time, as I'm taking the pulse of my old associates, I found that they could be brought around to remember the past through a series of specific events, if I named names, including theirs. Being unable to escape the truth their reaction is hideous.
I named them and myriads of individuals who don't have a certain criminal record because the crime wasn't Prosecuted. One was particularly shocked at being confronted about their "youthful" sex crime. In the context of Christine Ford situation, I said what if she came forward?
I don't think I'm unique. I know of domestic crimes, of some sex type things that went on when in my teens. We were lectured that because we're Black, we'd be ending his/her life. It was on us to "understand" crime, absorb it, in the frame that he/she has bad parents. What?
Not everyone is satisfied with this; that your car was vandalized or stolen - bc you should've put it in storage across town- according to the Police. It's sad. The sense of injustice that's felt when you're told constantly you're at fault for a crime committed against you.
So I asked, "what about that assault?" It's a True event, she went to the ER, I still have pictures of the girl the day of, we all still know one another. I said what if she came forward now, 35 yrs later, he answer was cold as ice. He said, "somebody stole from me, I let it go."
For people thinking about changing the minds of leftists, you really have to understand that it's not circumstances, surroundings or stuff. There is a point where we identify what is threatening in our environs, then decide what to do. Some go with the crowd, the Community.
In that Community, you have to continually partake in something criminal, be it facilitating, hiding, lying, whatever, but earn the Peace to survive in that community. Turns out, talking to them about #DrainingTheSwamp doesn't interest them. They have partaken and they know it.
When Hillary Clinton says Deplorables are Irredeemable, who does she really mean, considering Projection is their thing? I think the hold Democrats have on Blacks is letting them off for obvious crime in their own neighborhoods. Their perception of what a Crime is being warped.
TBH, I was coldly attacked in the end. You see, along with the White Privilege and "New Jim Crow" memes is the murmur that successful Blacks should be shamed and driven back to neighborhoods they left! We have taken something from them they theorize. Unbelievable.
Can you imagine hearing all of their problems are because you didn't move back with your "kind"? OMG, wow, and at one point I heard that people like me still owe the Community something even if we have been victimized by it. It's all they could rise to speak about. In summary...
The Black Community is of many Peoples who look the same to outsiders and apparent insiders. Inside, there is a lot going on. Black Americans, Blacks from actual Africa and Blacks who have become radicalized. Take Tony Allen, Head of Corporate Reputation at Bank of America. WTH?
This 👆 is the opposite of the Freedom & Meritocracy they claimed to be fighting for. Google this guy, Tony Allen. Would kidnapping be OK? I joked. I heard stuff like conservatives aren't capable of understanding anything but physical pain. Are these Democrats crazy?
I had a sense of Right and Wrong from as long as I can remember, and even as a child I couldn't go but so far to get along. I saw everyone with rules taking a beating, even the bus drivers. I see a caravan of chaos, why don't libs? Because they can blend in with the disorder.
So, I say, don't waste time w avowed Dems! Instead, make sure like minded #MAGA you know get to the polls! Don't we all know ppl who say they will, but something came up? Get them, we got this! Dems REALLY don't give a damn about Modernity or the Sanctity of Life. THE END 👊🇺🇸
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