Did you know that cutting sleep is the absolute worst thing that you can do for you overall health?

Ironically, it's almost always the 1st thing that people do when they want more time.

Put bluntly, you're killing yourself. Here are 25 fast reasons why low sleep is no bueno.
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25) Increased risk of cancer:

Specific kinds include breast and prostate cancer.

Fact: Metastic prostate cancer in men has risen by more than 70% since 2004. Is it a coincidence that this also comes with a rise in sleep related disorders?
24) Increased weight gain:

A sleepy brain tends to make worse food related decisions and you end up overeating as a result.

I can definitely attest to this from grad school. If you're trying to lose weight, get more sleep.

Learn more: bit.ly/SleepIsLife
23) Inflammation

Inflammation is at the root of disease. Meaning that a lack of sleep will make all inflammatory conditions worse such as:

💀 Arthritis
💀 Lupus
💀 Gout
💀 IBS Disorders
💀 Celiac Disease
💀 Asthma and much more

For sleep tips go here: bit.ly/SleepIsLife
22) Depression

Sleep deprivation is an indirect cause of depression because it has biological risk factors, but also because it affects appearance, which also influences negative feedback.

Ironically, most people just want to sleep when they're depressed.
21) Inability to control emotions

Sleep deprivation increases activity in the area of your brain that controls rapid emotional responses known as the amygdala (/əˈmiɡdələ/).

All emotions become heightened and difficult to control, which makes you a lightning rod for conflict.
20) Difficulty relating to others

Obviously if you can't control your emotions while being sleep deprived, you will not be able to relate to others well.

This puts stress on all of your worthwhile relationships unncessarily.

Fix that here: bit.ly/SleepIsLife
19) Weakened Immune System

Protective parts of your body like cytokines (/ˈsīdəˌkīns/) & antibodies are decreased when your body is sleep deprived.

This means that your body cannot fight off infections & inflammation & germs are free to milly rock all throughout your body
18) Diabetes & Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is a marker of T2 diabetes & it increases with sleep deprivation.

Combine this with the fact that you tend to eat more when you're sleep deprived & you're at increased risk.

Decrease that risk here: bit.ly/SleepIsLife
17) Bad Skin

Lack of sleep increases cortisol levels, which breaks the protein responsible for keeping your skin looking young.

🐼Permanent panda eyes await anyone wanting to skimp on sleep and your favorite MUA can't help🐼

Help yourself here: bit.ly/SleepIsLife
Other side effects of increased cortisol include:

😷Severe fatigue
😷Muscle weakness
😷Cognitive difficulties
😷High blood pressure
😷Bone loss
😷Erectile Dysfunction
😷Decreased Libido

All of this comes from lack of sleep
16) Dirty Brain

Your brain has its own extension of the lymphatic system called the glymphatic system.

This is how your brain clears out waste. Lack of sleep backs this system up with things like amyloid proteins that cause neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.
15) You Gon Die Early

People that go through prolonged sleep deprivation are 4 times more likely to die of *anything* over the next decade than people that take their asses to bed on time.

That black mirror is killing you in all ways.

Get the fix here: bit.ly/SleepIsLife
14) Reduced Vaccine Strength

Truth be told, this might be a good thing.

However, for those that believe in the power of vaccines, sleeping less than 7 hours a night will essentially make your vaccine useless.

Prolly shoulda told the people that took gardasil that.
13) Increased Risk of Heart Disease

The US leads the league in heart related deaths clocking in a 1 in every 4 bodies that meet a morgue slab.

Moar sleep isn't the only remedy, but it is definitely one of them.

Keep your heart pumping gud here: bit.ly/gimmeschleepnow
12) Detachment From Reality

Sleep drunkness is a real thing.

You know that person at the bar that's real drunk, but swears to drunk that they are not God?

Yeah, that's sleep drunk you. You thought you were only driving 55 MPH in a 40, but you were really driving 15 MPH. SMH.
11) High Blood Pressure

We been knew lack of sleep was bad for your heart earlier.

So of course it causes HBP. Likely due to many of the liquid systems in your body backing up because you filter most when you sleep.

Get some S in your D here: bit.ly/gimmeschleepnow
We've reached the top 10 reasons why you staying up late to argue with strangers on the innanets is gon kill your ass early.

Fine time to point out that my webinar on getting sleep is 44% off today.

Get in to avoid these problems before it's too late!
10 and 9) Irregular Heartbeats and Increased Risk of Stroke

More heart problems shouldn't be a surprise. Neither should brain problems.

Lack of sleep directly causes 2 of the most debilitating conditions that you can have.

Ignore this and you'll be taking the eternal dirt nap.
8) Soy Boy Status

Not seeing them gainz you wanna see even though you've defeated all of @AJA_Cortes best workout regimens?

It's probably because you need to go your ass to bed.

Slow wave sleep is where your growth hormones are released and body tissue repair begins.
7) Weak Bones

Who knew that osteoporosis and insomnia were best buds?

Bone brothers if you will.

Apparently people that have obstructive sleep apnea are at a 2.7x increased risk of osteoporosis.

More research needs to be done to confirm, but why wait on it?
6) Chronic Pain

Due to sleep deprivation also increasing inflammation, it's no shock that incidences of chronic pain increase as well since most chronic pain comes from chronic inflammation.

Remember that scar tissue from surgery a few years ago?

Yeah that's about to suck.
5) Inkreased Skressssss

You already stressed out.

Now you wanna add lack of sleep on to it because that's clearly a good idea right?
If you can't think right while being sleep deprived and you're increasing cortisol levels, stress is about to kick you in the nap.
Fore) Blow Your Cool

Lack of sleep causes you to lose it under pressure.

Ever heard the phrase "pressure bursts pipes, but it can make diamonds"?

If you're sleep deprived, don't expect to bring any bling to the table.

Get shiny here: bit.ly/gimmeschleepnow
3 and 2) Kills Your Creativity and Increase Car Accident Risk

Both of these are effects of dirty brain.

Lack of concentration
Detachment from reality

All of your worst work comes when you're sleep deprived.
Fewer than 7 hours of sleep per night raises car crash risk bigly.
The Numba Wun reason why you need to go your ass to sleep is)

Memory Loss

Decreased sleep increases oxidative stress in the brain (dirty brain).

Studies in mouse models show lower levels of postsynaptic density protein 95 and increased glial fibrillary acidic protein levels.
What's the solution?
Go to phucking sleep.

Need help with that?
Go here: bit.ly/gimmeschleepnow

44% off today and packed with tons of info on how to get a good night's rest.
Hurry before the link starts count sheep: bit.ly/gimmeschleepnow
Segment on how blue light is causing all of the sleep problems listed above.

Blue light is probably one of the worst offenders of insomnia due to stopping melatonin.

Get right here: bit.ly/gimmeschleepnow
EMF frequencies are 1 of the biggest offenders of bad sleep.

They also cause bee colony collapse. If these waves can destroy a whole bee colony, imagine what they're doing to you.

You don't really have to because it's all above.

Start counting sleep: bit.ly/gimmeschleepnow
Light cues drive our sleep cycles.

The downside is that we are constantly around artificial light that delays our sleep.

How can you solve this?

Go here to get a solution even Stevie Wonder can see: bit.ly/gimmeschleepnow

Get 44% off if you act now! bit.ly/gimmeschleepnow
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