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1. Fake news folks! Look how confident the #DeepState media is that this is over! "The arrest brought to an end...
2. a four-day nationwide manhunt for the alleged mailer of over a dozen suspected pipe bombs to prominent critics of President Donald Trump."…

"THE ARREST BROUGHT TO AN END..." Seriously? The "suspicious packages" were delivered to a former...
3. ...president and former vice president, former sec of state, former attorney general, and members of congress; most of whom are protected by secret service, FBI, and the Marshall's office. You mean to tell me the whole thing is over because 1 lunatic in a pro-Trump van was...
4. ...arrested? The only way you stop this investigation at this point is if you KNEW he was supposed to take the fall before it all started! Packages delivered from Coast to Coast, furthest point South to furthest point North, and in at least 6 different states. One guy? Ha!
5. This probably took half the democrat party to organize, lay out, plan, and execute.

I'm still working on this, but I believe there is a VERY strong connection with all this to Senator Bob Menendez. You know, the Senator who helped a doctor defraud medicare of $105 MILLION!!!
6. Dr. Melgen got 17 years. Menendez got away scott free with a paid...err...hung jury. He's also been accused of illegally fast tracking visas for "favors" to get beautiful Dominican women into the U.S.

Sayoc looks Dominican to me! Is this all related? They're all Dominican!
7. Pelosi, Dr Melgen, Menendez, undersec of commerce Sanchez, and Voxxi CEO Sanchez. You can tell a lot about a person by who they associate with! Who's behind Pelosi, half shadowed?


Same hair line, same ears, same eyes, same mouth, same skin.…
8. So, the next deal is to realize Sayoc has been labeled by the media and democrats as Seminole Indian. But, the Seminoles say they have no idea who this guy is and vehemently deny any tribal affiliation with him whatsoever. In fact, pretty much everything the dems have said...
9. ...about Sayoc appears to be false.

This author of the following article really digs into this. And, as we ALL expected, Sayoc has been a life long democrat, and only "appeared" to switch sides in 2016 when he changed his party affiliation from democrat to GOP and started...
10. ...thrashing on democrats. Truth is, he probably just copied and pasted from actual patriots in order to appear legit. He also had extreme rhetoric against Bush and Cheney, typical radical leftist "war criminal" accusations against them both.
11. But, there's a lot more going on here folks. A LOT MORE. If Sayoc was TRULY going to be going after the people he hated, why didn't Bush and Cheney receive fake bombs too? Sayoc had far more rhetoric about their war crimes on his social media than anything else. There's a...
12. ...reason why Cheney and Bush weren't "targeted". Attacks on them wouldn't have garnered support for the democrats in the November elections! Because many people are not yet #Woke, they don't know the Luciferian connections of the Bush family. And that's exactly my point!
13. There's more hate on his social media towards Bush and Cheney than just about anybody. If Sayoc's views were real, he wouldn't have just sent fake bombs to democrats! The way Bush cozies up to obama and is so anti-Trump, Sayoc would no doubt have sent Bush a package too!
14. So, someone built this persona, trying to appear as far right as possible BUT they just could not include Bush in their pre-Christmas gift giving! Otherwise, the sheeple would've immediately thought this was just some lunatic and the whole lovely anti-democrat" agenda...
15. ...would've been lost! I told you a couple days ago, this is ALL about gaining sympathy for the democrat party for these midterm elections. They failed with Kavanaugh, they failed with Khashoggi, and now they've failed with "bombs". Did Menendez make a deal to recruit Sayoc?
16. Was Menendez promised a victory in his highly contested senate seat if he organized this deal with Sayoc? So many Domnican ties and it's all based out of Florida...which has a large Dominican population. And, Menendez was helping Dominican women...…
17. So, I have here the "official complaint" against Sayoc that reads like it's straight off of the writer's desk at CNN. I mean come on people, this "special agent" has a job waiting for him as soon as he retires from the FBI! Just look at it! Count 3, the first time a victim...
18. named. If you were trying to impress a court with the charges, would you really pass over naming an actual former president as your "star victim" and skip to a former first lady? I mean come on people! Section 3 states "former president" without even naming obama!
19.… Instead, the FIRST VICTIM'S NAME IN THESE CHARGES IS HILLARY CLINTON! I'll tell you this right now, for a selfish, narcissist like obama, this is torture! I bet he's absolutely furious over NOT being named first in the line of victims in these charges.
20. To be honest, this time, I don't blame him! The FBI is showing SERIOUS favor to #HRC by listing her first and foremost. Hell, they even list Bill Clinton before listing #Hussein! In the overview, section 7(a), the list reads properly in order of importance and position.
21. But, what's with the "2016 Presidential Candidate" listing for HRC? What disposition does this create? They should have put "Democrat" candidate. This would've enhanced their narrative! Or even better, "...the one who lost horribly to @realDonaldTrump". That would be great!
22. We come back to the biggest problem. CNN explicitly stated the hunt was over! Yet, section 8 states the only evidence they have in connection to Sayoc is a latent fingerprint, which usually means partial and hidden (planted?)...and a "POSSIBLE" DNA "ASSOCIATION", NOT MATCH!
23. That's it folks! The entire case is CLOSED because of a single latent fingerprint and POSSIBLE association of DNA.

No legit investigator would consider this, by any means, closed or wrapped up UNLESS they knew it was horse shit.

But, there is one other thing here folks...
24. We know a #TRUEPATRIOT who goes to Trump rallies and drives a special white van covered in Pro Trump stickers, don't we? We know his name is #VincentFusca and may actually be #Q. What happened to JRK Jr? His plane was blown out of the sky by a bomb, during his race for the...
25. ...New York senate seat in 1999, against Hillary Rodham Clinton. Fusca's presence is helping to encourage #TheGreatAwakening. Is the left mocking Fusca, his white van and JFKJr's connection? Is it coincidence this arrest was made exactly 17 days since Q's last drop?

- End
26. P.S.

Apparently Twitter didn't like what I had to say in a couple of these posts and they stopped my posting half way through which interrupted the overall presentation. They blocked it twice... Hopefully it all came through properly now!
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