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Thread: Italian UFO Conference with Luis Elizondo and Tom DeLonge. Lue: The topic of UAPs is an emotional topic for many. And Tom, I and our colleagues are not here to change your mind or position. Just here to provide facts and data and let you decide.
He will split it into two parts. Technical problems so no slides right now. Ten minutes about TTSA and how we got here today. Lue throws it over to Tom for his story and how TTSA came together.
Tom: I started this company about two years ago when I painstakingly met a group of very high ranking US officials. And they kindly listened to an idea that I had to create a vehicle for disclosure. I then met another group of high ranking gov't officials, like Lue, and we
and we decided to expand it. We realized it needed to be attacked from three different angles. We needed to investigate, innovate and educate. To the world, we call this: Science, Engineering and Entertainment. There was no mechanism at the time for the US gov't to do such a
a thing. Need to be private. What you c with Elon Musk or Robert Bigelow: These are fast moving and private efforts to create perpetual funding. We also need to be responsible. We do need to do this with the governments of the world. It is far too transformative, world effecting
and it can sometimes be scary to some people. TTSA works with government partners to achieve the revolutionary change in mankind's destiny. We will study the subject we will tel the stories to the world and we will build the technology. At this moment TTSA has the first set
of motion pictures and tv programs in place. Launch satellites into place. Database and...(I can't keep up right now.) Most people would call that anti-gravity. Through these efforts, we hope to unify the. nations of the world and understand who we really are and we are going
as a civilization. Big step for us to come to Europe. Lue will speak now. Hopefully it will you as much joy as the first time I met him. This is what we've all been waiting for. To have a gov't official from the US. FORMER. Who ran the UFO program. And now, Lue...
I'm only going to tweet new info. that we haven't heard from Lue before.
Lue: Facts matter and he has tried to keep his opinions out of the facts and data. #Elizondo.
Elizondo going to the slide show. Many in this group have far more knowledge about UAPS so I won't insult your intelligence. The US gov't does have a long history both directly and indirectly with UFOs.
#Elizondo talking about Foo Fighters and not the Dave Grohl type. Lue showing a pic of an Italian pilot with maybe a UFO in pic? Can't see the slide well. Just pointing out early implementation of radar, where identifying these objects along with the eyewitnesses. And later,
in 1940s, we had Roswell and I will not speculate about what crashed. But...Military response is symmetrical to the incident. A crashed weather balloon does not need the rssponse of a colonel, several flat bed trucks and an armed force.
1950s. Elizondo speaking about UFOs over DC. First time he's publicly spoken about this. Beginning of Project Blue Book and beginnings of our nuclear program. From a nuclear perspective (power, weapons or propulsion) these are very sensitive technologies. In 50s, beginning of
noticing an interest of UAPs in & around our nuclear facilities. Keeping in mind, this was during the cold war and the US had an interest in identifying whether or not this was an adversarial technology. Early 1960s, Project BB continues and some individuals in US gov't thought
they might be advanced, Soviet capabilities...#UAPs that we were seeing. Late 1960s, many advancements in our nuclear technologies provided us with a significant advantage. And coincidentally, there was an uptick in UAP sightings around these facilities. #Elizondo. #UFO
In fact, several of our nuclear silos along the northern tier, were temporarily brought down! These UAPs displayed characteristics far beyond anything we had ever seen. And for the 1st time, demonstrated an ability to interfere with our nuclear strike capability. Project BB ends.
Early 1970s. Not necessarily a golden age for the US gov't. And the US gov't begins 2 pivot from a conventional style war posture 2 a more asymmetric threat. As such, the CIA and other organizations addressed these threats with unconventional intelligence collection capabilities.
CIA establishes "The Weird Desk." Developing & researching technologies such as psychotronic weaponry & using psychics (remote viewers ~Joe) 2 collect military intelligence. Late 1970s, SETI begins. I think that what's most important in this particular bullet, is that the title
of an entire organization, has the word extraterrestrial in it. The organization, SETI, was a multi-million dollar effort, using radio telescopes for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Early 1980s: US service members assigned in England, over a period of three days,
encounter cannot be described as anything else than extraordinary. The events that occurred those 3 days make the movie Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, look amateur. Several of those individuals who were involved in that incident, I had the privilege of debriefing myself.
Furthermore, information involving this incident, within the next four months, will be forthcoming. (!!!) Further giving the world a better appreciation of what occurred those three nights. (THIS IS NEWS!!!)
The capabilities that were stored @ that facility, were highly sophisticate dand may have even lead to UAP interest. In the late 1980s, we continued to have a steady stream of Soviet defectors. And on rare occasion, they would share with us, insight into the Russian, UAP program.
Furthermore, on this side of the ocean, you have the now famous, Belgium wave incident. Again, with particular military interest. B4 next slide, I want to preface that I'm a military man. So my interest in UAPs, is not mere curiosity. It is indeed national security. As such, you
will notice that the theme of much of this is of a military nature. But also, please keep in mind, that the US military was a global presence. So it allowed us to collect info. on a 24 hour basis around the world. #Elizondo #DeLonge #UAP #UFO
In the 1990s, the US space shuttle program is well into the execution of its mission. In addition, our countries' reconnaisance capabilities continued to improve. And, so does the frequency and the fidelity of info. involving UAP sightings.
Not only are we seeing these in our atmosphere, but now it appears we may be even seeing these in low-earth orbit. And then, late 1990s, once again, space shuttle missions continue to report interest sightings. Furthermore, the US gains further access to former Soviet files.
And what was made very clear to us, was what we were seeing on our side of the ocean, so was Russia. 2000s: Last slide of history. Partly bc I'm not here to provide you a history lesson but also bc I know you're interested in what we know now. But it would be unfair for me NOT to
discuss some of the bullets on this slide. In order 2 give you a better understanding of how we are here today. In 2007, my gov't found it necessary to establish a formal, UAP program. This does not mean we did not. have a program before! But bc I was not a part of those programs
, if they existed, it would not be fair for me to have that conversation. Remember what I said...I'm here to only provide you facts. In 2007, AATIP established and in 2008 in falls within our intelligence apparatus to run it. Keeping in mind, an intelligence organization is used
is used to protecting very sensitive information. In 2010 the program, former director, departs and I am assigned as the new director. But in all fairness, I was just a name. There were many, many other people, far smarter than me, that were actually responsible for the successes
of this (#AATIP) organization. It was also decided that this program would flourish much better directly under the office of the Secretary of Defense. Last year around this time, its program director (Lue) decided to leave the gov't in frustration, based on the bureaucracy.
at no time, was my office discredited. But having a convo with senior leadership, proved 2 be near impossible. The stigma was just too much. Next natural question is, does the program still exist. I'm here 2 tell you right now, the effort is ongoing. #UAP #UFO #Elizondo #Delonge
This slide is verbatim what the focus of AATIP was and what the $22 million purchased. For those who can't read, I'll read it for you: Lift, Propulsion, Control, Power Generation, Spatial and temporal translation, Signature Reduction or Footprint and Technology Integration.
Also, very Advanced Materials, Configuration and Structure, Human Interface, Human Effects and Armament. Now, if you read between the lines, you will notice that human effects is something that may or may not be typically associated with conventional technology. And if u look at
what the emphasis on what the contract was, it says specifically NOT exploitation of current technology. This is not inventing a better screw driver. This is a paradigm change in the way we interact with our environment.
This is verbatim from the US gov't contract. You, yourself can look this up today on Google. The line I want to read to you is very special: Investigate, legitimacy of currently observed phenomena. These are not the words of Luis Elizondo. These are the words of the US government
Last two: Are they achievable by current understanding of physics and engineering? And if not, what research is required to achieve it? And the picture you see behind you is an actually a picture of the original solicitation contract from the Defense Intelligence Agency. #UFO
Next slide demonstrate why phenomena has a military importance.But fiest understand the five observables. Forgive me. I'm about to provide a very short physics lesson. First observable is sudden or instantaneous acceleration. For our Air Force friends in the room, they will have
a particular appreciation for this. Let's say fro just a moment that this pen is an airplane. If an airplane is to change directions or points in the sky, there are inertial forces that are experienced inside and outside the aircraft. To put this into perspective. The human being
can withstand approximately 9 Gs for a short period of time while we're in a G suit. From a materials science perspective, some of our most highly maneuverable aircraft can experience Gs up to 20 before wings begin to fail. The objects we're witnessing, are expressing G forces
well in excess of 200 (Gs). So as one can imagine, instantaneous acceleration would be very important for any country who wants to increase their maneuverability. #UFO
The next observable is hyper-sonic velocity. Not to be confused with supersonic. Once again, let's imagine this pen as an aircraft. The faster an aircraft flies in the atmosphere, the more changes in its environment. Friction on the nose; friction on the leading surfaces; heat
coming from the engines and even acoustic signatures, are all detectable and the result of hyper velocity travel. And as one can imagine, rapid deployment, enemy evasion and first strike capability would be enhanced. In some cases, these objects have been observed flying 8000 mph
and faster. There r few but very few things that mankind has developed that can fly that fast in the atmosphere & we know what those look like. The 3rd observable is a bit of an irony. And that is low observability. Both with a naked eye & electro-optically. As one can imagine,
this type of technology, would enhance our ability for stealth. The 4th observable is multi-medium travel. Once again, let's pretend our pen is an aircraft. An aircraft looks like it's an aircraft bc it's a product of its environment. We as mankind, design things to function in
specific environments. As an example, an airplane you can expect to have a nose, a tail, wings, control surfaces, etc... While a rocket, that's designed for a vacuum, doesn't need wings. And doesn't have a jet engine. In fact it has thrusters and uses a chemical explosion to
get into orbit. And lastly, let's pretend this pen is submarine. A sub does not look like a plane or a rocket In fact it has a propeller and uses a combo of water and air to create buoyancy. And that is why a plane does not look like rocket and a rocket does not look like a sub.
And they all perform quite differently. Yet, what we are seeing are things that can operate as freely in the atmosphere, as they can in a vacuum as they can under water without changing their physical properties. And from a military perspective, one can imagine how advantageous
this would be. And the final observable which we'll discuss today, is positive lift. Once again, here's our plane, our aircraft. And in order 2 fly, it requires an understanding of physics. And the forces that r applied to this aircraft: Thrust, lift, drag, weight. And in order
And in order to achieve lift, one would normally require some means of propulsion, And there's only a few choices: Propeller, jet, rocket, lighter than air & a few others that I won't waste ur time w/right now. But the point is, u need sustained movement forward to maintain lift.
And yet, what we r witnessing, r vehicles that can perform like an airplane, like a helicopter & frankly, like vehicles we just don't understand. So, one can see from a military perspective again, if we had this technology, this capability, it would provide a strategic advantage.
Now, if any nation had just one of these capabilities, it would be an absolute, game changer in the way we do national security and defense. And yet here we have objects that can do all five. And the fact that they don't have a flag on the tail or an identifiable tail number or
in this particular case not even a tail at all, nobody in my country wanted 2 have a conversation. So, what does this mean? In the US, we have put people in jail & have actually indeed sentenced them 2, in a court of law, based upon two eyewitnesses. #UFO #Elizondo #Delonge
In this case, we have highly trained individuals, who have top secret security clearances, who are trained observers, who are trusted to fly multi-million dollar weapons systems, while armed and nobody wants to listen. Furthermore, their observations are backed up and validated
by FLIR, radar, & other electro-optical data. In my country, if this was a court of law, we r well beyond reasonable doubt. Furthermore, I'd like 2 discuss some of the recent observations in the field of science, that absolutely validate some of the existing mathematical
formulas and scientific modeling. Achieving much of what we are seeing with the observables, we believe may be a result of warping space time. And not necessarily by a lot. In fact, the equation E = MC2, gives us some insight on hw to achieve this. And that is, with a lot of mass
or a lot of energy. So, the question is, do we have the ability now, to warp space time? And my response 2 you: You already it 3 years ago. At the CERN large hadron collider, a major leap forward was announced three years ago. that we are achieving the energy levels necessary
to create micro black holes. All that simply means, you are warping space time. So whether or not we can warp space time is no longer really a question. Now the question remains, what is the technology required to scale it in a usable manner. #UFO #UAP #Elizondo #Delonge #Italy
Where r we now? My gov't has acknowledged that the program was real. The conversation is no longer relegated 2 fringe. In essence, science fiction is now science fact. The videos released so far despite living in today's global IT community, were not only acknowledged by the US
government, have yet to proven to be anything else than what was released. If u understand what you're looking at in these videos, it's very evident this is not our technology. Finally, US media is reporting on this significant matter. #UFo #UAP #Elizondo #Delonge #TTSA #Italy
FYI, I'm behind 45 minutes but that's bc I'm trying to make this as close as possible to a transcript. My hands are stressed!
And our US government is engaged at a level that I've never seen before. Please keep in mind, this is not an easy feat. These are individuals who have constituents and have a responsibility to represent the American people and spent their money wisely. So, in order for them to
take this seriously, they're interested in the facts, just like you are. And of course the technology that we're now seeing, still has application and relevancy to our national security military. But, for the first time ever, has the opportunity to be commercialized as well.
And our company, #TTSA @TTSAcademy, is working very, hard with many, many partners. B4 I go to the next slide, I wanna make one quick announcement. What you are about to see has never been seen publicly. Our philosophy early on, was to cast a wide net. Like any wise fisherman,
cast a wide net and catch as many fish as possible. And then throw back those fish you don't need. What you're about 2 see is that net & what is caught. Some of the fish in the net have very likely explanations but some of the fish defy any logical explanation. (NEW INFORMATION)
(LE puts up slides of various materials.) - These r actual photographs of materials in our possession. Through various sources, we've obtained this & some of this material we have the provenance & we have the analysis from very reputable organizations, including gov't facilities.
Now some of this may turn out to be rather terrestrial and boring. But some of it, remains exceedingly bizarre, unusual and may not be from here. So how do we know that? Forgive me but let me give you a small lesson in material science. Let's start from big to small. When you
come across strange material, at the macro-level, u want to identify physical properties: size, weight, shape, texture...then u want to look at its electro-conductivity. Any type of material vitrification or heat ablation. Or anything else I can tell u, the physical environment
in which it was (farmed?). And if you find something interesting, you begin to look at the molecular level. Looking at the chemical bonds that unite or bind the material together. Are there materials that are not usually found together. Are there any unusual properties associated
with those chemical bonds? For example, how the molecules are arranged. And if you find something interesting, you then go down to the nano level or in this case, the atomic level. And we begin looking at things such as isotopic ratios. Everything on this planet has a footprint,
it has a thumbprint, it has a fingerprint. And when you come across a material that has a unusual isotopic ratio, you have to pay attention on what created those conditions for that isotopic ratio. So the material that you are analyzing happens to have high levels of iridium
or isotopic ratios that are not naturally present on this planet. One has to scratch their head and wonder why. In some cases, these materials are multi-layered materials that should not be together and are engineered precisely from an isotopic perspective. Furthermore, some of
this material, we r still unable to recreate technologically. (Last slide shows what #TTSA is working on) But please allow me 2 one point. An international partnership is VITAL. This is not an Italian phenomenon. This is not a US phenomenon. Not is it a Russian phenomenon.
It is in fact a global phenomenon. And as such, the decision on what we decide to do or not do, is up to you. Questions from the audience. End main part of lecture. #UFO #UAP #Elizondo #Delonge #Italy
Q: "Are u working on neural interfaces? And if u think these kind of studies are pushing us on the road to hybridization of electronics & biology." Elizondo: I think that's a very thoughtful question. I think human beings are alredsy integrated with technology and are continuing
to integrate. In fact, we've been integrated for the past 30 years. In fact, anybody in this room who has a pace maker is living proof. Technology is something that is as human as biology. For example, I wear glasses to see, I wear a watch to tell time. So the question as to
whether technology will continue to enhance the human experience, I think it's evident. Now whether the question you're asking involves this technology, I think it's too early to tell. But I think we would be foolish to to presume that there would be no benefit.
Need to get ready for work. Please retweet and share. I came as close as possible to a literal transcript for the Elizondo portion of the presentation. Not transcribing the Q/A unless something important comes up. #UFO #UAP #TTSA #Elizondo #Delonge
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