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Lot of these liberals complain that the word terrorist should be used more with these mass shooters and bombers. But I think the word that really gets played down is white supremacist. If you dig that’s always a main commonality even when most of the victims are white
For example do most people know the Columbine shooters were virulent racists even though they mostly killed white people? Or that Timothy McVeigh has a copy of the racist novel Turner Diaries on him when he bombed the federal building and was inspired by it?
I’m being serious when I ask if most people know about that. I honestly don’t know if the racism of almost all major mass killers is common knowledge. Eliot Rodger, etc. if you dig on all of them white supremacy (or anti blackness if they’re nonwhite) was major motivator
This is even for the ones who mainly killed white people or women. I think people really underestimate the degree to which white supremacy and anti blackness motivates even most mass murder of white people. It really is everyone’s problem
Whether it’s Trump people, Patriots, incels, MRAs, etc, the one commonality they will always have is hating black people. Even the incels with their Chads, Stacys, and Virgins, have a fourth figure, Tyrone, the Black Chad, they hate even more…
For some reason they only really focus on the racism of the mass shooter when most of the targets are black, like Dylann Roof. Otherwise it’s like you describe, just generally misanthropic or misogynistic
Don’t just take my word on this. Going forward at future occurrences or looking back at past ones, any of these American mass murder terrorists, regardless of who their victims are, check their views on race, especially antiblackness. It’s shockingly consistent
I think we too often sell antiracism to whites as something they do for nonwhites as a benevolence or for themselves as a soothing of their conscience and way to virtue signal but I wonder what would happen if we pointed out how it’s literally self-preservation for them as well
No because these killers are killing “British Anglicans” too. They’re killing white people by any definition. They aren’t picking apart swarthy or spicy whites or people who wouldn’t have been white 150 years ago.
I think the real reason they can’t or won’t make the white supremacist or antiblack connection is because they’re so trained for generations to downplay racism because it makes them feel guilty, they won’t even do it as a way to preserve their own lives.
First I think it’s stereotypical to reduce black contributions to sports and music but also what do contributions have to do with anything? The idea one has to “contribute” (what does that even mean? Contribute to what?) to deserve decent treatment?
I would be wary of whole “contribution” narrative to begin with. It assumes whites have proven their “contributions” and the only open question is for blacks to prove theirs. Then when they do only then will they be shown to not deserve bad treatment. But what is “contribution”?
I think instead of trying to quantify black contribution under the assumption that (1) contribution matters for decent treastment and (2) whites have already proven they’ve met that metric and by implication have earned preferential status, we should question all of that
Why would anyone rush to take credit for modern society? Modern society everyone pretty much agree sucks. Everyone is alienated from each other and their work and spends all day anesthetizing themselves with screens in their pockets or on their walls to not think about misery
Contributions to what? Say someone points to science and living longer. So we add decades to our lifespans but now 80% of the lifespan is spent sitting at a desk, a cubicle, or an office for 10 hours a day and we only get to “enjoy” free time when we’re too old to enjoy much
Would you rather live to 50 and have a life, a real sense of community, a sense of purpose, a family, and a sense of enjoying much of your leisure or life to 90 but years 1-65 was being ground by the boot of capitalism and inequality and spending no time with family
I think if “contributions” are going to become metric for whether people deserve to be treated well, I think we should base good treatment on proving that one *hasnt* contributed to what modern society has become. Why should black ppl want credit for this shitty state of affairs?
I’ve never seen a group of people so admit that the modern capitalist society they created is stressful and sucks yet still brag about “contributing” to it. I’m still waiting for proof we weren’t better off in a nice hunter gatherer society, shorter lifespan and all
Someone might then say “but you’re tweeting this from an iPhone.” Which is like telling a heroin addict the fact he finds it hard to quit heroin is proof the heroin is good for him.
Anyway I could go into all the “contributions” black people have made besides sports and entertainment but I don’t think it’s relevant to deserving good treatment and I don’t even think what the West considers contributions are anything to be proud of, but rather to answer for
You’re never going to see Cubicle: The Game Lol
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