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32) Social media profile of Robert Bowers thank you @MontegnaJoe

33) Deleted a couple of Tweets. Let’s go down a different path.
34) Robert D. Bower social media post mentions “HIAS” a refugee aid society.
35) *Bowers
36) Honestly based on that post alone I would have brought him in for questioning.

“We appreciate the list of friends you have provided.”

That’s pretty ominous in connection with an event (“refugee Shabbat.”)
37) Why pick out HIAS?
38) Well maybe you hate refugees (a common accusation against President Trump by the open border, anti ICE communists).
39) HIAS is headquartered in Silver Spring MD.

Strong leftist progressive stronghold.

DC commuter town.
40) HIAS is all about progressive Jews supporting refugees.

Whoever attacked this synagogue knew that and also knew peak time for attendance at a synagogue.

Either Jewish or informed by Jewish people.…
41) Synagogue website
42) “all Jews must die” sounds like a cliche line but ok.

It was during a baby naming.…
43) Was the timing deliberate to the event and ceremony? How would Bowers know?
44) (break)
45) This week’s Jewish Week featured a story about KKK fliers in Baltimore. My guess: Alinskyite Jews are pulling a fear mongering hoax (like yes, I think Charlottesville was not organic).

W/ this event I hypothesize such commies picked Bowers as patsy.

46) They believe the end justifies the means and people are disposable.…
47) Alinsky, Rules for Radicals
48) Rules #8-9

"Keep the pressure on."

"The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself."…
49) A Gab user questions the flurry of recent antisemitic posts by Bowers.

Convenient, right?
50) We should also note that while lots of people hate Jews (I am Jewish), hoax antisemitic attacks are indeed a thing.…
51) Nick Monroe shares Gab statement against political violence.

52) Between the packages and the shooting they sure managed to undermine any attention to the #Walkaway rally in DC today.
53) The twist with this scenario is that Bowers supposedly HATES the President because he is “controlled by Jews.”
54) and right on cue, Newsweek attacks Gab. Free speech twitter alternative.…
55) more later.
57) link to George Soros?

“HIAS has allegedly received funding from Soros.” - the Jewish Voice 11/29/2017

Robert Bowers mentioned HIAS in his hate posts.
58) Wow.
59) The Jewish Voice:

“After Hurricane Harvey hit, Islamist activist Linda Sarsour put out a call for donations. But instead of the money going to hurricane victims, it was actually being directed to the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund.”
60) “TOP is a spinoff of ACORN, a disgraced organization shut down in the wake of scandals...

“was backed by Hungarian anti-Semitic billionaire George Soros who continues to invest his ill-gotten wealth into a war against the Jewish State.”
61) “Soros has blamed Jews for anti-Semitism” —

just like Bowers blames Jews for controlling @POTUS
62) Soros “claims to have grown up in a “Jewish, anti-Semitic home”

“called his mother a ‘typical Jewish anti-Semite’ who hated his first wife because she was ‘too Jewish’.”
63) Who was the first one to get the “#mailbomb” package?
64) Who was first with an op ed in a major newspaper when the #MailBombsCampaign story broke?
65) “The Hate That Is Consuming Us”
66) Who backs the market in migrants?
67) “Patrick Gaspard, president of the liberal billionaire George Soros-backed Open Society Foundations, denied on Thursday any connection between Soros and the migrant caravan that is heading to the United States from Central America.”…
68) “Why I’m Investing $500 Million In Migrants” - George Soros, Wall Street Journal 9/20/2016…
69) 2017: “As controversy mounts over Sarsour’s appearance on a panel denying the existence of leftist and Islamist anti-Semitism...

“...her defenders are recycling a letter by ‘Jewish leaders’ defending the anti-Semitic Islamist activist.”…
70) Soros is the master of using propaganda through funding so called progressive social groups.
71) The groups take the money and then do Soros’ bidding.
72) The money come through Soros’ “Open Society Foundations.”…
73) Example - Black Lives Matter…
74) Example - the anti-Kavanaugh campaign…
75) Soros breaks countries by trading on uncertainty.
76) He bet against the Thai baht and as a result the currency crashed.…
77) “Thai authorities left the peg on July 2, 1997, and by October 24 the free floating baht had depreciated by 60% against the dollar.”
79) You can’t blame someone for taking advantage of a weakness in the market.

Soros figured out that you can actually create that weakness.
80) Soros is trying to break America.

He has empathy for the migrants, sure — and he also stands to make an enormous profit.

We are dealing with the mind of a traumatized man.
81) Soros was broken by Hitler.
Hitler took his life away.
82) In his youth he was reduced to being Hitler’s lapdog.

Hitler who stole the money from the Jews.…
83) Millions were exterminated because Hitler was a nationalist.
84) Some may think it logical to conclude therefore that borders are “bad.”
85) These are the same people who think Israel’s “obstinacy”—ie insisting on Jewish nationalism—is an obstacle to peace.
86) You can see how someone as messed up yet brilliant as Soros might fund a false flag attack — that specifically calls attention to refugees.
87) It is hard to pull back and see the big picture, but the Soros mentality is how Arab terrorists and open border types intersect.
88) So this letter of support for Sarsour, who promotes Sharia, is linked to leftist extremists of the type Soros funds.
89) Sarsour - Sharia…
90) “Both of the New York City Council members who signed on to the Sarsour letter, Brad Lander and Stephen Levin, are WFP endorsed. Lander had formerly worked for the Pratt Center which was funded by Soros.“
91) “What makes any of the WFP types, “Jewish leaders”? Nothing. But their presence, like Shimunov’s, in the awkward ‘Jewashing’ reflex of the left”
92) “which in classic Stalinist style tries to cover up its anti-Semitic ideology and abuses by putting Judeophobic leftists of Jewish ancestry out front”
93) “shows the growing importance of Sarsour to the organizations bankrolled by the sugar daddy of the anti-Semitic left.”
94) “The WFP has been heavily backed by anti-Semitic billionaire George Soros”
95) “Soros. It also appears on the list of groups to whom ‘partners’ of Soros’ Democracy Alliance cartel must donate between $200K and $1 million if they want to retain their seat at the SPECTRE board table of leftist politics”
96) Ok. So that was a lot.
97) So if I am right, Soros is behind the following plots—



98) Soros may or may not be funding the migrant invasion, but it would make sense.
99) Soros to the New York Times, 7/17/18: I am losing.…
100) Soros to the LA Times. "I fancied myself as some kind of god.”

“If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.”…
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