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Today's terrorist attack in Pittsburgh is truly horrifying. My thoughts go out to the families of the victims. It's not enough to just send condolences, we have to look at the larger trend and acknowledge the biggest terror threat in America:

Hate groups and the extreme right
Experts disagree on the exact % of terror attacks that are motivated by far-right ideology, the differences explained by different methods of measuring or different time-frames, but they're unanimous in that it's over 2/3 in recent decades.
This analysis by Defense One (itself fairly far right) puts it on the low side at 71%.…
And before anybody starts with the whatabout-ism, there's absolutely no comparison between the 71% of terrorism that comes from the extreme right and the 3% that comes from any part of the left. It's almost 25x as likely to come from the right.

So here's a "brief" timeline of right-wing terror from the extreme right since the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. H/T to SPLC for compiling this information - I'm merely transcribing it for twitter:
7/28/95 - Charles Ray Polk arrested for attempting to blow up an IRS building in Austin, TX
10/9/95 - "Sons of Gestapo" derail an Amtrak train in Arizona, killing one and injuring 70. This one is still unsolved
11/9/95 - Three arrested for conspiring to blow up gay bars and abortion clinics
12/18/95 - Joseph Bailie attempted to blow up an IRS building in Nevada. The ANFO device failed to explode
1/18/96 - A group of neo-Nazis calling themselves "Aryan Republican Army" are arrested after 22 bank robberies and a shootout with the FBI
4/11/96 - Ray Hamblin arrested for illegal possession of over half a ton of Tovex & ANFO in Oregon
4/12/96 - Neo-Nazi Larry Shoemake kills one and injures 7 other in a shooting spree in Jackson, MS before committing suicide by self immolation
4/26/96 - Multiple members of far right group "Militia-at-Large of the Republic of Georgia" convicted of manufacturing pipe bombs
7/1/96 - 12 members of a group called "Viper Team" convicted on weapons & explosives charges after plotting to blow up multiple government buildings
7/27/96 - Eric Rudolph sets off pipe bombs at the Atlanta Olympics. He went on to bomb a number of abortion clinics and gay bars in 1997 & 1998 before being caught.
7/29/96 - Members of the far-right "Washington State Militia" are convicted on weapons & explosives charges after being caught building pipe bombs
10/8/96 - Four members of antisemitic group "Phineas Priests" convicted of two bank robberies, and the bombing of two banks, a newspaper, and a Planned Parenthood office in Washington State
10/11/96 - Seven members of "Mountaineer Militia" arrested after plotting to blow up the FBI's fingerprint records center
1/22/97 - KKK member Ricky Salyers arrested after throwing a grenade at Illinois State Police
3/26/97 - Brendon Blasz, a member of "Michigan Militia Corps Wolverines," arrested after making pipe bombs and planning to blow up a federal building, an IRS building, a TV station, and several National Guard armories
4/1/97 - "Sovereign citizen" James Bell arrested after manufacturing chemical weapons including cyanide gas & sarin gas, and plotting to murder IRS employees. He is released from prison after 11 months and almost immediately arrested again for doing the same exact thing.
4/22/97 - Four KKK members arrested for plotting to blow up a natural gas refinery in Forth Worth, TX. Experts say this attack could have killed upwards of 30,000 people.
4/26/97 - Todd Vanbiber, a member of neo-Nazi groups "National Alliance" and "League of the Silent Soldier" arrested after a pipebomb he was building detonated prematurely. He planned to blow up Disney World as a diversion while he robbed banks
4/27/97 - Several neo-Nazis led by William Goehler are arrested on weapons & explosives charges after one of their explosives caches blew up in Yuba City, CA. Goehler had previous convictions for rape, burglary, and assault. He went on to stab his own lawyer with a shank
5/3/97 - Five members of "Sons of Liberty" arrested for setting an IRS office in Colorado on fire
7/4/97 - Seven members of far-right group "Third Continental Congress" arrested for plotting to attack Fort Hood in Texas
8/19/97 - "Sovereign citizen" Carl Drega kills 4 and injures 3 in an hours-long shooting spree in New Hampshire
12/12/97 - Three men charged with plotting to overthrow the US government to create a polygamist, whites-only, "Aryan People's Republic." They are later convicted for a series of murders that were previously thought to not be connected
2/23/98 - Three Illinois KKK members form a new group, "The New Order" and are arrested for plotting to assassinate the founder of the SPLC, and for plotting to blow up the SPLC building, poison water supplies, and rob banks
3/18/98 - Neo-Nazis from the group "North American Militia of SW Michigan" arrested after plotting to blow up federal buildings, a TV station, and an interstate highway interchange. Also planned to assassinate politicians and destroy National Guard aircraft
7/1/98 - Two members of far-right group "Republic of Texas" convicted of conspiracy to use WMDs after threatening to assassinate Bill Clinton with anthrax
7/30/98 - SC militia member Paul Chastain arrested after threatening to kill Attorney General Janet Reno & FBI director Louis Freeh and attempting to acquire machine guns and explosives to carry out those threats
10/23/98 - One anti-abortion extremist convicted of murder and three more convicted of harboring a fugitive after the assassination of Dr. Barnett Slepian in New York
1/29/99 - White supremacist Paul Powell arrested for rape, attempted murder, and murder in Virginia after killing one teenage girl and attempting to kill her sister because she was dating an African American boy
4/3/99 - Neo-Nazi Jessy Roten fires into the home of an interracial family, killing a six year old and wounding two other children
6/10/99 - Chris Gilliam of neo-Nazi group "National Alliance" convicted of attempting to buy hand grenades so he could mail-bomb targets in DC from his home in Alabama
7/1/99 - A gay couple is murdered in Redding, CA by neo-Nazi brothers Benjamin and James Williams. It's learned later that they'd previously set 3 synagogues and an abortion clinic on fire
7/2/99 - Illinois neo-Nazi Benjamin Smith goes on a shooting spree across IL and IN, killing two and wounding nine before committing suicide
8/10/99 - Aryan Nations member Buford Furrow shoots up a Jewish community center in California, injuring four children and one adult, then kills a letter carrier before turning himself in to the authorities, confessing he wanted to send "a wake-up call to America to kill Jews"
9/1/99 - Anti-abortion extremist Clayton Wagner steals a Winnebago, gets caught, tells police that he was going to Seattle to murder abortion providers, escapes prison, and sends 550+ hoax anthrax letters to abortion clinics. He is convicted on 51 counts of terrorism
11/5/99 - Florida man James Gluck arrested for sending a letter to a judge threatening to "wage biological warfare" against the county courts. He is later found in possession of materials needed to manufacture ricin.
12/5/99 - Two California men from the group "San Joaquin Militia" arrested for plotting to blow up a commercial propane storage facility, a TV tower, and an electrical substation in hopes that the chaos would start an insurrection against the government
12/8/99 - The leader of militia group "Southeastern States Alliance" is charged with conspiracy and providing materials for a terrorist act after plotting to bomb electric distribution facilities in Florida and Georgia.
3/9/00 - Mark McCool of "Texas Militia and Combined Action Program" arrested after buying C4 in a plot to blow up a federal building in Houston
4/28/00 - Richard Baumhammers of the "Free Market Party" goes on a shooting spree in Pittsburgh, killing 5 and wounding 1.
3/1/01 - Fritz Springmeier from the antisemitic group "Christian Patriots Association" convicted of bombing a porn shop in Oregon as a diversion while an accomplice robbed a bank. He was found in possession of bomb making materials and a list of targets he intended to bomb
4/19/01 - Neo-Nazis Leo Felton and Erica Chase arrested for counterfeiting currency in Boston. It's later learned that they're part of the group "Aryan Unit One" and were planning to assassinate Black & Jewish leaders in a targeted bombing campaign
8/22/01 - Anti-government extremist Larry Peck gets in a shootout with Nevada police after fleeing a traffic stop, killing one.
9/15/01 - Aryan Brotherhood member Mark Stroman embarks on a multi-day shooting spree, killing 2 and injuring 1. States his motivation as 9/11 revenge
10/14/01 - Steve Anderson of the "Kentucky Militia" gets into a shootout with police in NC before fleeing into the woods. Officials find 6 pipe bombs in his truck and 27 more in his home in KY. He's caught in late 2002.
1/4/02 - "National Alliance" member Michael Smith arrested after pointing a rifle at a Jewish preschool. Officials find hand grenades, pipe bombs, and a variety of firearms in his home, along with letters stating that he thought Jews should be "stuffed head first into an oven"
2/8/02 - Eight members of militia group "Project 7" arrested for plotting to assasinate judges in an attempt to start a revolution. They're found in possession of pipe bombs and a variety of firearms
7/19/02 - KKK leader Charles Barefoot arrested for plotting to blow up a local sheriff's office in NC. His son is later arrested for arson of a school bus. Between the two, they are found to be in possession of dozens of firearms and several pipe bombs.
8/9/02 - "Sovereign citizen" Donald Matthews flees a traffic stop before firing wildly into a construction site and murdering an Ohio state trooper
8/22/02 - Four arrested for plotting to bomb over 50 Islamic centers in Florida after one conspirator calls police on another for domestic violence. Their written plan specifically cited their intent to "kill all 'rags'." Found in possession of C4, hand grenades, and land mines
10/3/02 - Anti-government extremist Larry Raugust arrested in Idaho after making pipe bombs and booby-trapping land that had recently been seized by the government for unpaid property taxes
1/8/03 - Neo-Nazi leader Matt Hale arrested for soliciting the assassination of a judge after an unfavorable ruling in a copyright case over the name of his group, "World Church of the Creator." IMPORTANT NOTE: other party in lawsuit has the same name, but is not affiliated
1/18/03 - James Brailey arrested after plotting to assassinate the Governor of Washington state
2/13/03 - David Hull of "White Knights of the KKK" arrested for buying hand grenades in an attempt to blow up abortion clinics
4/3/03 - Anti-tax extremist David Hinkson arrested for attempting to hire assassins to kill a judge, a prosecutor, and an IRS agent who all took part in a tax evasion case against him
4/10/03 - Anti-government extremist William Krar arrested after he's found in possession of half a million rounds of ammunition, 65 pipe bombs, several briefcase bombs, and several pounds of chemical weapons. He later pled guilty to chemical weapons charges
10/10/03 - Anti-government extremist Norman Somerville arrested after plotting to stage a car crash and ambush first responders. He's found in possession of 6 machine guns and an anti-aircraft gun
12/8/03 - Anti-government extremist Steven Bixby murders two police officers in SC after the local government seizes several INCHES of his front yard for a road widening project
4/1/04 - "Aryan Nations" member Sean Gillespie records himself firebombing a synagogue in Oklahoma City. He states that he intends to carry out at least 13 other attacks
5/24/04 - Father and son anti-government extremists Wade and Christopher Lay murder a security guard in a botched bank robbery. It's later discovered that they intended to use the stolen money to buy weapons to kill Texas officials who they blamed for the 1993 Waco standoff
10/13/04 - Neo-Nazi Ivan Braden arrested after plotting to bomb a National Guard armory and suicide-bomb a synagogue in Tennessee
10/25/04 - Neo-Nazi Demetrius Crocker arrested in Tennessee after attempting to buy C4 and sarin gas in a plot to destroy Washington DC
6/10/05 - KKK member Daniel Schertz arrested for selling pipe bombs in a plot to murder immigrant workers from Mexico and Haiti
7/13/05 - Anti-government extremist Denys Hughes arrested after he's found in possession of ricin manufacturing equipment and several pipe bombs
3/19/06 - Anti-tax extremist David D'Addabbo arrested after threatening to assassinate IRS employees
4/26/07 - Five members of the "Alabama Free Militia" arrested after they're found in possession of 130 hand grenades, an improvised grenade launcher, and a British surplus SMG
6/8/08 - Six members of "Pennsylvania Citizens Militia" arrested on weapons & explosives charges after they're found in possession of 16 IEDs, a cannon, and a homemade flamethrower. Authorities later learn they intended to go on a spree killing if Obama was elected
7/27/08 - Jim Adkisson opens fire in a Unitarian Universalist congregation during a children's musical performance, killing two and wounding seven. He stated that liberals should be killed because they are ruining the county, and Democrats and the media were responsible
8/24/08 - Three neo-Nazis are arrested in Denver in a meth-fueled plot to assassinate Barack Obama during the Democratic National Convention
10/24/08 - Two members of neo-Nazi group "Supreme White Alliance" arrested after plotting to behead 14 randomly-selected African Americans, and shoot 88 more. The numbers 14 and 88 are significant in neo-Nazi ideology.
12/9/08 - Maine authorities responding to a domestic violence incident find neo-Nazi "NSM" member James Cummings dead. A search of his home turns up radioactive materials, along with a plan to construct a dirty bomb in retaliation for the election of Barack Obama
12/16/08 - Neo-Nazi (and active duty Marine) Kody Brittingham arrested on robbery charges in NC. A search of his barracks room finds a journal containing a plan to assassinate Barack Obama
1/21/09 - Neo-Nazi Keith Luke goes on a shooting spree in Mass. killing two immigrants, injuring a third. He tells authorities that he planned to shoot up a synagogue later that night to "kill as many Jews as possible." He carved a swastika into his forehead for his trial
4/4/09 - Neo-Nazi Richard Poplawski kills three police officers and wounds a fourth in Pittsburgh after a domestic violence call. Poplawski had told his friends that he believed that US was "controlled by a cabal of Jews"
4/25/09 - Florida National Guardsman Joshua Cartwright tells his wife that Barack Obama is leading a government conspiracy against him, before murdering two sheriff's deputies at a gun range
5/31/09 - Anti-abortion extremist Scott Roeder assassinates Dr. George Tiller in a Kansas church. He's later found in possession of several pounds of bomb-making material
6/10/09 - Neo-Nazi James Von Brunn murders a security guard at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. A search of his car turns up a list of other targets, including the White House, the US Capitol, & Washington Post. A note in his car states "the Holocaust is a lie"
6/12/09 - Three members of anti-immigrant vigilante group "Minutement American Defense (MAD)" arrested and convicted of murdering a Latino man and his 9 year old daughter during a home invasion
6/25/09 - Three members of neo-Nazi group "White Aryan Resistance (WAR)" arrested in connection to a mail bomb sent to an Arizona equal opportunity employment office that injured three people
8/4/09 - "Anti-feminist" George Sodini shoots up a women's dance class in a Pennsylvania LA Fitness - killing three and wounding nine others
2/18/10 - Anti-tax extremist Joseph Stack flies a plane into a Texas IRS building, killing himself and one IRS employee, injuring 13 others
3/25/10 - "Sovereign Citizen" Brody Whitaker murders two Florida state troopers during a routine traffic stop
3/27/10 - Nine members of anti-government group "Hutaree Militia" arrested in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. They planned to murder a police officer, then launch missiles at the resulting funeral in an attempt to set off a civil war
4/15/10 - "Oath Keepers" member Matthew Fairfield indicted on 28 explosives charges. A search of his home discovers a cache of child pornography, explosives, and a homemade napalm bomb
4/30/10 - "Oath Keepers" member Darren Huff arrested for plotting an armed takeover of a Tennessee courthouse
5/10/10 - Neo-Nazi Sandlin Smith detonates a pipebomb outside of a Florida mosque
5/20/10 - "Sovereign citizen" Jerry Kane and his son murder two Arkansas police officers and badly wound two others during a routine traffic stop
7/18/10 - Byron Williams shoots and wounds two California Highway Patrolmen on his way to attack an ACLU office
7/21/10 - Two Pennsylvania prison guards arrested after murdering an attorney at a gun range and stealing his AR-15 in an attempt to arm militants to overthrow the US government
8/30/10 - Neo-Nazi Wayde Kurt arrested after plotting to assassinate Barack Obama
9/2/10 - Neo-Nazi Donny Mower throws a pipe bomb through the window of a Planned Parenthood clinic in California. Nobody is injured
9/7/10 - Self-described "Christian counterpart to Osama bin Laden" Justin Moose arrested for plotting to blow up an abortion clinic in North Carolina
9/19/10 - Anti-government extremist Victor White ambushes a petroleum worker and two sheriff's deputies, wounding all three
11/17/10 - "Sovereign citizen" Curtis Scrivner killed in a shootout with police after sending a threatening letter to the local court
1/14/11 - Neo-Nazi "NSM" member arrested after building pipe bombs and homemade grenades with the intent of providing them to border vigilantes
ALSO 1/14/11 - Neo-Nazi "Blood & Honour" member Jason Barnwell throws a molotov cocktail through the window of an interracial couple's home
1/17/11 - Neo-Nazi "National Alliance" member Kevin Harpham attempts to bomb an MLK day parade in Spokane, Washington. Bomb defused by EOD
3/10/11 - Six members of anti-government group "Alaska Peacemakers Militia" arrested for plotting to kill a judge and several state troopers. They are found in possession of an M2 .50cal machine gun and several grenades
5/14/11 - Three masked men attempt to burn down an Islamic center in Houston, TX. This remains unsolved
5/25/11 - Anti-abortion extremist Ralph Lang arrested after accidentally discharging a pistol in a Wisconsin motel room. He later tells police he intended to kill employees of a nearby Planned Parenthood clinic
7/21/11 - "Sovereign citizen" Joseph Tesi opens fire on a police officer in Texas after sending threatening letters to a local court regarding unpaid traffic tickets
8/24/11 - Cody Crawfod arrested for burning down an Islamic center in Corvallis, Oregon
10/5/11 - Two white supremacists arrested after a multi-day shooting spree across Washington, Oregon, and California. Four people killed. When questioned, one stated they were "on their way to Sacramento to kill more Jews"
11/1/11 - Four members of a militia group in Georgia arrested for plotting to bomb federal buildings and release ricin in the streets of Atlanta
12/10/11 - Four active duty soliders and members of terrorist group "Forever Enduring, Always Ready (FEAR)" arrested for murder of two other FEAR members. Investigators later learned the group intended to take over an army base, blow up a dam, and overthrow the government
12/18/11 - "Sovereign citizen" Eli Myers III murders a Pennsylvania state trooper and wounds another during a routine traffic stop
4/17/12 - Two members of neo-Nazi "Aryan Liberation Movement" arrested for plotting to murder minorities, government officials, and socialists, as well as plotting to bomb the Mexican consulate in St Paul, Minnesota with a truck carrying barrels of gasoline
6/17/12 - Anti-tax extremist Anson Chi injures himself in an attempt to destroy a natural gas pipeline in Texas, and is arrested
8/5/12 - Neo-Nazi Wade Page shoots up a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. He kills six and wounds three others before committing suicide
8/16/12 - Seven "sovereign citizens" ambush and murder two sheriff's deputies in Louisiana and are found to be in possession of a large cache of weapons
9/4/12 - "Sovereign citizen" Christopher Lacy murders a California Highway Patrolman during a routine traffic stop
12/21/12 - Neo-Nazi Richard Schmidt arrested on counterfeiting and weapons charges. Previously convicted in 1989 for murdering a Latino man and wounding two others, Schmidt was found to have been tracking Detroit-area Jewish and African American leaders, planning assassinations
6/18/13 - Two KKK members arrested on WMD charges for building a truck-borne radiological weapon with the intent to kill Muslims
7/18/13 - Two "sovereign citizens" arrested for plotting to kidnap and execute a Las Vegas police officer, to be selected at random
10/4/13 - Anti-abortion extremist Jedediah Stout arrested for attempted arson of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Missouri. When questioned, he confesses to the successful arson of a local mosque the previous year
11/1/13 - Militia movement member Paul Ciancia murders a TSA agent and injures six others at Los Angeles International Airport. When arrested, he's found to be in possession of a manifesto describing himself as "a pissed off patriot trying to water the tree of liberty"
3/27/14 - Anti-government extremist Robert Talbot Jr. is arrested in Texas for plotting to rob an armored car. Investigators found that he administered an extremist facebook page titled "American Insurgent Movement" and had plotted to rob banks and armored cars & blow up mosques
4/13/14 - KKK member Frazier Miller opens fire on a Jewish community center, killing three
5/23/14 - "Anti-feminist" extremist Elliot Rodger goes on a killing spree in California, killing 7 and injuring 14
6/8/14 - Two anti-government extremists (who had previously taken part in Cliven Bundy's armed standoff with Bureau of Land Management officials) kill three in a Las Vegas shooting spree, leaving a Nazi flag on one victim's body and a Gadsden flag on another
6/15/14 - "Sovereign citizen" Brent Cole ambushes two police officers in California. None are injured
7/10/14 - Neo-Nazi John Huggins arrested in Utah after building homemade grenades and plotting to kill random police officers
8/11/14 - "Sovereign citizen" Douglas Leguin reports a dumpster fire in Dallas and ambushes responding firefighters after telling 911 operators he was "seceding from the nation". None are injured
11/28/14 - Christian extremist Larry McQuilliams opens fire on a police station, a Mexican consulate, a federal courthouse, and a bank in Texas. He is shot by police while trying to burn down the Mexican consulate. A search finds propane bombs, and a map with 34 targets marked
4/10/15 - Former congressional candidate Robert Doggart is arrested in Tennessee after plotting to destroy a mosque and school in Hancock, NY and kill members of the local Muslim community
6/17/15 - Neo-Confederate Dylann Roof attends a bible study at an African American church in Charleston, SC. He then opens fire, killing 9 and injuring 1, and telling the survivors "I have to do it. You rape our women and you're taking over our country, and you have to go"
6/25/15 - Right-wing extremist Tyrone Ponthieux is arrested while trying to purchase large quantities of ANFO explosive, after calling for "out of control congressmen and senators and Obama" to be murdered on Facebook
7/23/15 - Neo-Nazi John Houser opens fire in a Louisiana movie theater, killing 2 and wounding 9 before committing suicide
10/1/15 - White supremacist Christopher Harper-Mercer enters Umpqua Community College in Oregon and opens fire, killing 9 and injuring 8 before committing suicide. He requested that one survivor deliver a message to police that included racist ramblings
11/8/15 - Five white supremacists are arrested on weapons charges in Virginia after plotting a spree of robberies and random murders of racial and ethnic minorities
11/24/15 - Four white supremacists arrested after shooting into a Black Lives Matter protest in Minnesota, wounds 5
11/27/15 - Anti-abortion extremist Robert Dear Jr. opens fire on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, killing three and injuring nine. He makes statements to investigators referencing a video from far-right propaganda group "Project Veritas" as his motivation
1/2/16 - Anti-government group "Citizens for Constitutional Freedom" led by sons of Cliven Bundy, who had previously engaged in a standoff with Bureau of Land Management officials, stage an armed occupation of a federal wildlife preserve. 25 arrested
6/22/16 - Another Cliven Bundy alumnus, William Keebler, is arrested for attempting to blow up a Bureau of Land Management building in Arizona
7/17/16 - "Sovereign Citizen" Gavin Long ambushes and murders three police officers in Louisiana before being killed by return fire
8/27/16 - White supremacist Joseph Garguilo arrested after threatening to assassinate Barack Obama and burn down a mosque. Authorities find supplies for building incendiary devices in his home
10/14/16 - Three members of militia group "Three Percent Security Force" arrested for plotting to murder Somali immigrants in Kansas, whom they described as "cockroaches"
1/28/17 - White supremacist Marq Perez burns down a mosque in Texas. Stolen items from the mosque were found in his home along with homemade explosives
2/1/17 - White supremacist Benjamin McDowell attempts to purchase firearms in a plot to murder Muslims and Jews. He cites neo-Confederate killer Dylann Roof as a source of inspiration
2/2/17 - White supremacist William Gibbs is arrested at a hospital in Georgia after poisoning himself while manufacturing ricin
2/22/17 - White supremacist Adam Purinton kills one Indian-American man in a bar and injures two others after screaming "get out of my country"
3/22/17 - White supremacist James Jackson stabs a black man to death with a Roman-style short sword in an attempt to "deter white women from race-mixing" and prevent "white genocide"
5/16/17 - Neo-Nazi father-and-son Lloyd and Marshall Barrus murder a sheriff's deputy in Montana and lead police on a high speed chase across three counties after a routine traffic stop. Barrus had previously been incarcerated for shooting down a police helicopter in Nevada
5/20/17 - Neo-Nazi Sean Urbanski stabs and murders a black student at the University of Maryland, unprovoked. Urbanski was known to frequent neo-Nazi facebook pages including one titled "Alt-Reich: Nation"
5/26/17 - Neo-Nazi Jeremy Christian harasses two Muslim women on a train in Oregon. When bystanders intervene, he stabs three of them, killing two. His facebook page included pictures of him rendering Nazi salutes, and expressing admiration for Timothy McVeigh
7/14/17 - Online alt-right personality Lane Davis, previously an intern for Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, stabs his father to death after accusing him of being part of a pedophilic conspiracy
8/11/17 - Neo-Nazis descend on the city of Charlottesville, VA, engaging in large scale mob violence including the assault of several dozen counterprotestors on the UVA campus
8/12/17 - Neo-Nazis attacks in Charlottesville continue. Neo-Nazi James Fields drives his car into a crowd of socialists, killing one and injuring 19 others. Several neo-Nazis attempt to lynch a man in a parking garage. Arrests only made after journalists publish their names
ALSO 8/12/17 - "Three Percent" militia member Jerry Varnell arrested after attempting to blow up a bank building in Oklahoma
10/22/17 - Neo-Nazi and Charlottesville attendee Taylor Wilson pulls the emergency brake on an Amtrak train and attempts to shoot Amtrak staff
12/4/17 - Anti-Muslim extremist Bernandino Bolatete arrested in Florida after plotting to shoot up an Islamic center
12/17/17 - Neo-Nazi William Atchison enters a high school in New Mexico and opens fire, killing two students before committing suicide. An autopsy reveals that he had carved a swastika into his body along with the phrase "BUILD WALL"
12/27/17 - Neo-Nazi Nicholas Giampa shoots his ex-girlfriend and her parents in Reston, VA before attempting suicide. Giampa operated a twitter account that regularly posted neo-Nazi propaganda and had previously been caught mowing a swastika into the grass in a nearby field
12/31/17 - Alt-righter Matthew Riehl ambushes sheriff's deputies at his home in Colorado, killing one and injuring several others
1/2/18 - Neo-Nazi "AtomWaffen" member Samuel Woodward stabs a former classmate, who was gay and Jewish, to death. AtomWaffen members would later refer to Woodward as a "one man gay Jew wrecking crew"
2/14/18 - Neo-Nazi Nikolas Cruz enters a high school in Florida, from which he'd been previously expelled, and opens fire, killing 17 and injuring 17 others. Cruz was known to be an admirer of Adolf Hitler, and had etched swastikas and racial epithets into his equipment
3/5/18 - White supremacist Benjamin Morrow is killed while building bombs in his Wisconsin apartment. Investigators find white supremacist propaganda among his personal effects
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