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OK what just happened to me at the local Whataburger...perfect example of why I don't discuss wild hairy assed conspiracy theories. Let's go into it.

The human condition is not Machiavellian cleverness. It's obtuse incompetence.
People who live rich fantasy lives sit on social media and spin intricate conspiracy theories to each other about global Jewish conspiracies, the Illuminati, the CIA, the Men In Black, etc. etc.

Each posits a group run by super ultra-competent plotters they are 'exposing'.
There are very few people that are able to plan out a complicated intelligence operation & pull it off with multiple moving parts and dozens of people participating in it. MOST of these kind of ops fail. For various reasons. Very few are successful.
If you've studied the history of most of the SUCCESSFUL intelligence/military deception operations - and I've looked at more than a few - you know how rare they are.
And these kind of operations are being run by professionals in the field. People elevated because of their smarts.
The biggest problem with conspiracy theories is they posit massive amounts of competence where there isn't any.

Inside the federal government. They think there are supra-competent people amassed inside our CIA, FBI, DIA, etc.

Don't make me laugh.

It's rare. Getting rarer.
Trump is changing that, but under previous Presidents, competence was actually PUNISHED.

General Flynn was head of the DIA. Remind me, why did Obama fire him?
What about the FBI? @vabelle2010 can tell you horror stories about how Comey & McCabe spent a decade literally driving many of the good top agents out of the agency so they could install people who'd go along with their new agenda for a politicized FBI.
People like Obama, Holder, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, etc. actually see honest, competent people as a THREAT.

So they drive what few good, competent people there are out of the top positions.

Does that make gov't MORE competent or less competent?
These goofballs ended up not having any COMPETENT people involved in their Crossfire Hurricane plot.

How'd that end up for them all? They got totally exposed and tossed out of the gov't.
Vincent Bugliosi devoted an entire book to debunking the Kennedy assassination myths. The most fascinating part of the book, entitled "Reclaiming History" is where he discusses WHY people *want* to believe these intricate conspiracy theories.
Some people have a compelling need to 'expalin' everything. It's actually alarming to them to think something 'just happened' or 'some psycho did this on his own'.

It simply cannot MUST not be...that some commie loser with a rifle changed history like that. There MUST be some vast military/industrial complex conspiracy behind Oswald...or what are we left with?

A loser with a grudge against the world.
Well guess what, people? Life is chaotic. Some people are just crazy. When you end up trying to FORCE 'order' and 'design' where it doesn't exist so you can 'explain' how/why this senseless event just happened, you are trying to assert SOMEBODY is in control.
Even if that 'somebody' is a nefarious group of:

pick one:

1) Jews
2) Illuminatti
3) CIA
4) DIA
5) XYZ

pulling strings behind the scenes to make stuff happen.
It's actually MORE COMFORTING and REASSURING to 9/11 truthers to believe George W. Bush carried out the 9/11 attacks than that OBL and AQ carried out a successful mass terrorist attack inside the US.
I don't believe in conspiracy theories for the same reason Bugliosi doesn't: the human condition.

There isn't enough COMPETENCE in the world to go around to make these kind of wild theories possible.

Now, back to Whataburger....
The normal, natural human condition is incompetence. People fail at even simple tasks.

I discovered Whataburger has a new awesome 'on-line ordering' app

I ordered 2 double meat Whataburgers with bacon/cheese, 2 large onion rings and 2 large choc malts for Brent & me.
The guys working at Whataburger today have my order both on the screen in front of them and on a receipt printout they are looking at.

First, the order wasn't ready when I got there 20 minutes after I made the order.

But hey, it's Saturday, peak hour time. No matter!
What unfolded over the next 20 minutes was astounding. With my order right in front of them so they were looking at it, what happened?

First they tried to give me 1 hamburger.

"No guys...look at the order, it's 2 of everything."

Then they tried to give me small fries.
"No guys...look at the order. It's 2 large onion rings.

Then they tried to give me 2 small malts.

"No guys...look at the order. It's two LARGE malts..."

Literally EVERY STEP OF THE WAY with the order in front of them I had to correct them.

3 people worked on this order.
The guy handling the HAMBURGERS got it wrong.

The guy handling the DRINKS got it wrong

The guy handling the ONION RINGS got it wrong.

And when I got home, what did I discover?
Even having it on the screen in front of them and on the printed receipt they looked, even with me TELLING them my order was 2 double meat whataburgers?

Both hamburgers have only 1 single hamburger patty.

I paid $8 extra bucks for nothing.
This kind of stuff goes on all around us. Companies spend MILLIONS of dollars every year just trying to get their own employees to do simple jobs right the first time.

You know why that is?

Because it's HARD.
The more you experience real life and pull yourself away from internet/social media fantasy hysteria, the more you'll REMEMBER your own experiences with the human condition.

Look at the Crossfire Hurrican 'deep state' plotters again.

You think they were competent? HA HA HA.
I've been laughing at the 'all powerful all knowing all mighty Deep State' ever since that narrative was first broached to me.

Assume it exists. That's it's real.

Are they tired of #LOSING yet? Because since they FAILED TO KEEP TRUMP FROM BEING ELECTED that's all they've done
Trump's about to wipe his ass with these Deep State losers yet again in these midterm elections.

But they're all powerful!

Yeah I know, amazing contradiction, isn't it?
So keep this in mind every time some mass casualty event happens, and some social media 'hero' immediately begins trying to sell it to you as the work of some dark secret nefarious Jewish/CIA/Illuminatti group so he/she can 'explain' the 'pattern' and the 'order' behind it.
People need to quit trying to force ORDER and PATTERNS on the actions of lunatics like the Las Vegas shooter, the Sandy Hook shooter or this latest nut in Pittsburgh.

The brutal truth?

There is no pattern. There is no order. You only TELL yourself you need that.

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