And so, Sunday Thread Day. Yep, it’s officially STD day 🤣🤣🤣

I was planning to do a thread based just on the third point, but when I was drafting it just now I realised I wasn’t saying I haven’t already pointed out in what I was working off of.. So, a little background;

I actually wrote this as a response to a related question, but it works quite well to examine the underlying reasons to the question; Why do TE*Fs te*f?

This is an answer that can be roughly divided into three areas.

So the first area is that a lot of people who push the idea that allowing a marginalised group rights that they didn't have before infringes on them in some way is because these are people who are...

prejudiced, have grown up in a fairly normal upbringing that has taught them that prejudice is wrong, and have never been in a position where they've had to consciously confront and admit the fact that they are prejudiced. So when something happens that sets off their...

prejudice, unless it's something that they can't ignore and have to accept that it's prejudice on their part, then they'll start making excuses, and then more excuses, to try and explain their behaviour as not being prejudiced. After all, they know that being prejudiced...

is wrong, they know they've never consciously discriminated against somebody before (or at least they believe that), so the reason they're discriminating against a group of people now can't be because of prejudice, because that would make them bad people. So one of the...

ways that bigots like to use to justify their behaviour is the line of argument that essentially begins, "They are trying to take our. . ."

and this arises as a result of the second reason, which is that when you have a look at the social circles of these people...

they all tend to have a certain . . . pattern to them. Take any individual transphobe's immediate social circle and, because these are people who have never consciously confronted their prejudices, the people in their immediate social circles all tend to be very...

similar to the individual transphobe. They all tend to have the same skin colour, they all tend to be of the same nationality, they all tend to be of the same social bracket, they all roughly tend to fit into the same income bracket, they all tend to hold about the...

same political beliefs, so on and so on. And so, when faced with the possibility that, theoretically, somebody they're prejudiced against might become a member of their social circle one day, rather than face their prejudice, they either swallow their discomfort...

around the thought where the social stigma of being seen to be prejudiced is too strong to be unconsciously overcome, but they never truly make the effort to make the outsider part of their group, or, where the social stigma over being seen to be prejudiced isn't as...

strong embedded in their psyche (as with transphobia) their immediate, and indeed, only reaction is too actively fight to keep even the theoretical possibility of that outsider from joining their social circle. And that arises from the third reason . . .

the basics of the which is that: a) No matter how you dress it up, humans are a species of ape and, b) we're a product of our evolution, which means c) ultimately we are designed to live in troupes, or tribes, but d) we don't, the nature of those who seek power means...

that we are forced to live in societies much, much, larger than we are biologically evolved to cope with. Thankfully e) It's not so much of a hurdle that imposed social restrictions, such legal systems, etc, that this conflict can't be overcome, and f) most humans get...

around it by having immediate social circles that are very rarely larger than a couple of hundred people. or in other words, people form tribes within society, and the nature of society is that people belong to multiple tribes all at the same time (people who support...

a particular sports team, people who like a particular fashion brand, people who are fans of a particular musician, so on and so on). But the thing about tribes is that they have a "them-and-us" mentality. "Us" have a particular set of rituals, and taboos, and things...

that are considered acceptable, etc, that bind us; "They" are different to "Us", their rituals, taboos, customs, etc are different. "Us" and "Them" can get along if those differences aren't too great, but when the differences are too large, that's where conflict...

arises, it's why mainstream culture has such a problem with every sub-culture that's ever existed. In the T*RFs case, they have a tribal structure that states that "woman" means "this" but they are faced with multiple other tribes that state no, "woman" means "this + this".

This is so different to what T*RFs have as a principle tribal structure that they can't accept it and use the language of conflict and war to describe what they see as the imposition of another tribe's structure over their own (because what happens historically when real...

neighbouring tribes hate each other? They go to war, and over time one tribe wipes out the other, either through direct conflict, or the overwriting of the principle tribal structures of the now extinct tribe). And so T*RFs describe this as colonisation, and invasion,

and erasure because this is quite literally how they see it. This also explains just why T*RFs have some rather nasty travelling companions. To go back to point 1, they don't see themselves as prejudiced, because they refuse to face that possibility, and if they aren't...

prejudiced then "Them"—all the tribes that fundamentally disagree with them—must be wrong, so all the tribes that have the same principle tribal structure, that "woman" only means "this", and that definition cannot be changed or broadened must be their natural allies.

Which of course are the tribes of Nazism, the alt-Reich, fundamentalist religious organisations, and so on.

And it’s also why TE*Fs almost never abandon TE*Fism, regardless of the evidence in front of them. Humans are tribalist by nature. The idea of being without a...

tribe, or deliberately leaving a tribe, is a very difficult one to face, and it takes quite a lot by a tribe to behave in such a way as to be contrary to the views of an individual member for that member to want to leave. Instead most members will instead come up with...

more and more elaborate reasons to justify their membership of the tribe. TE*Fs spend a lot of time actively denying the science around transgender identities because they have to. Accepting the science would destroy their founding principles, and so can’t be accepted.

But how do you deny reality? TE*Fs do it by painting modern science as being inherently untrustworthy, that because scientific models for anything are models created by consensus, and are, in general, made more accurate as time goes by as more and more evidence is...

applied to the model, that this is dangerous post-modern nonsense, and that science can only be what they view pre-Einstein science to be—that a fact in science is a Golden Truth, Shining On a Hill, and therefore right, and if it isn’t right, it must therefore be wrong.

The idea that any scientific fact can be right, but not necessarily as accurate as it’s known that it could be, is anathema to TE*Fism, because the fundamental structure of the ideology is exclusionary, a philosophy that demands black-and-white...

answers—right or wrong, with us or against us, fellow travellers or enemies.


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