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And this is how the war on Americans has been run: name everyone terrorists, stick 'em on lists, target them, tell everyone they are "under surveillance," run CMO on them (civilian-mil ops) use stealth radiation weapons on them, traffic them into black DOD/CIA/NIH/NSF/DOE tests.
"Under Surveillance" today means "Under Attack" with Anti-Personnel EMF Radar, microwave, milliwave, and sonic weapons via illegal & inhumane contracts Fusion Centers make with security, Intel, Defense contractors seeking human bodies to RFID-implant, hit with DEWs, EEG-clone..
"Under Investigation"--phrase used to LIE to neighbors, communities about stand-out citizens of integrity the local ZioNazi crims in Fusion Centers wish to destroy as they Character-Assassinate people in order to Attack and Victimize them w.RF/sonic weapons. #SurveillanceAbuse 3/
"Suspected Terrorist Detainee"-phrase used by #ZioNazi Criminals in #FBI #DOD to label outstanding citizens for the paper record so they can lie abt these people being "under investigation" to neighbors, businesses, while Attacking, Victimizing, Trafficking with RF Neuro/DEWs.
Oversight of fusion centers, overhaul of all Lists, interrogation of all employees of all Intel agencies is desperately needed to weed out the Trojan ZioNazi criminals who are today attacking people of integrity all over the USA . #SurveillanceAbuse 5/ #DismantletheDHS
Interestingly, after these tweets this afternoon, as I drove out of my street onto Beale, a Quincy Police car was suggestively parked across Beale at the intersection at a diagonal. No doubt he had a good Plausible reason to be there. Halloween after all. :) Noting #ForTheRecord.
Also noting, #ForTheRecord, that last night at past 1 am, which means it was Nov 1, 2018, right after I switched off my light to shut down for night, a helicopter rolled by directly overhead. Am I in Guantanamo Bay or Quincy, Massachusetts--or are they one and the same now? 2/
And #ForTheRecord, over the past five years, helicopters have at various times and for long periods engaged in this 1) marking-of-lights-out EVERY NIGHT, with a flyover directly overhead my room, as well as 2) escorts on walks in neighborhood. Your tax$$ at work! #MAGA 3/
Further #ForTheRecord, current (& loud) pulse shots with remote microwave weapons are being recorded on shields at my heart 24/7. Letting you all know that yes, the crims in power do not wish their #Gulag operations made widely public--since they're suppressing people w. LIES. 4/
Welcome to the #Gulag Created by Crooked Intelligence Agencies, Crooked US Military, and Crooked Fusion Centers everydayconcerned.net/ti-station/wel… 5/
Making these events public #ForTheRecord because I work as an investigative journalist exposing the crimes of Illegal & Barbarically Inhumane Targeting, Terrorism, and Torture run by US Fusion Centers, US Military, & US Intel agencies via Security, Defense, Intel contractors. 6/
#ForTheRecord Complete failing, 11/7/18 of visible/invisible #RuleofLaw in Quincy, Mass. as COINTELPRO hordes of cars, SUVs, trucks, vans w. DAZZLING Brights, WINKING Brights, TURNING Brights and UBER-WHITE DAZZLE LIGHTS swarm Hancock, 3A, Coddington & hit w. RF Weapons 7/
#ForTheRecord And right after that, same exact BRIGHTING LUNACY on Pine, Beale, Hancock, 3A, Old Colony, Coddington 11/8 6-6:15 & shortly after on return trip as I drive to South Shore Y & back. 7Hz ELFs heart-pressure at lights, from covert emitters. Loony license plates.777. 8/
#ForTheRecord Earlier today, a white SUV w. plates F33 drove up Pine past me. Masons of Quincy, Boston apparently want desperately to display their fixation on 33 to me. #PureCoincidence no doubt that a friend sends link to the 11, 33, 13 Masonic fixation. bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/…
#ForTheRecord Perhaps they mean 33rd Degree Freemasons are after me now...other 33s in my path recently. Lots of red & yellow & fire imagery w. Joan of Arc mentioned in daughter's conversations--Covert Comms? I'm no Joan of Arc & burning people up w. nano/neuro RF is Not sane 10/
And, just #ForTheRecord, while tweeting now on this thread abt EMF DEWs: threadreaderapp.com/thread/1060950… I was fending off nonstop heart-hits at my desk -- triangulated or pulsed from small plane/drones (could hear them/it), parked cars, and zooming cars which parked to GPS track/hit.11/
#ForTheRecord A black helicopter flies across my backyard, fairly low, couple minutes ago.Why this backyard? Why this route? Still fending off heart-hits-audible on shielding. #MAGA Working on posting new video on Primary Water, fresh source of H2O which cd help all humanity. 12/
Further #ForTheRecord, on Sat 11/10/18 around 10:40 am on walk in Blue Hills, off Wampatuck Rd, lone Predator drone effects a knee-hit, twice, poss below 1000 ft above--grey skies bring out the drones, and the slicing knife of Precision hits is unmistakeable. @usairforce or @cia?
I shd add #ForTheRecord: a walk in abs. solitude on a cold day light w. rain, no other hikers in sight among rocks pines sweet birch. Out of the silence, slow whine of a drone, steadily approaching, then precision knee hits. Blocked imm. with shielding which averted next hits.14/
#ForTheRecord Things are very quiet on Pine Street this week but I am still being hit intensely. Cars & SUVs parked in drives, in clogging, deliberate spots on street. Heart hits on couch, pulsed shots to head from above--increased hits as I worked on article on Omni/Phillip. 15/
Noting #ForTheRecord I was hit on plane from and to Chicago over New Year's. Noted cell phones, possibly modified, used to point n shoot: directly at chest, at implant sites on spine, on top of shoulder in pulse strike. Indian couple in 16C took turns; Israeli woman in 18C. 16/
That was Jet Blue, Boston to Chicago, 12/28. #ForTheRecord Chicago to Boston, Jet Blue, 1/3/19: heart-hit by young guy in 18A, heat-hit from Intel-looking sort behind at 18B; leg-hit from 15C; triangulated from 18D; brainwave-harvesting going on possibly at 17D w. odd device. 17/
#ForTheRecord Conclusion: Cell phones with apps or modified cells are being used to direct pulses from celltowers or satellites onto CIA/Rothschild targets on planes. Portable radar/heatpulse devices carried in purses, briefcases, backpacks, carry-ons are also being used. 18/
#ForTheRecord Reading Syn. of Satan by Carrington Hitchcock which pts to Rothschilds being behind all Control Ops & Carnage does point to people being targeted by CIA (w. FBI) which answers to no-one (just the Rothschilds?) Brennan & Clapper involved: soundcloud.com/theamericanrep… 19/
#ForTheRecord Always hit extremely with pulse shots to head and heart just before and after I publish an article or podcast of import--and they're all of import these days, have been for 4 years. Journalist reporting AI-run microwave pulse assault for journalism. @CPJAmericas 20/
Each publication lately prompts new response. Lead-up to new Omni article (now in hold) led to massive head-shots-pulsed RF Vircator satellite/celltower hits for last 3 days/ongoing-and loud heart shots/blocked by orgonite.-from dir of neighbor's shed/drive. #ForTheRecord 21/
Current Publication of Report #106 same: migraine via head-hits & face-hits, electro-vibration of spine/feet, electro-shocks (SCALAR WEAPONS in use), drone/plane radar-hits, audible heart-hits (sounded on shielding). #ForTheRecord 22/
#ForTheRecord Publishing the Suzie Dawson #Unity4J Perfidy article naming the #Rothschilds led to pointed satellite/drone/truck hits on my writing hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder (nonstop pulse hits on shoulder nerves & poss implant site). Think I hit a nerve w. my writing...?
#ForTheRecord Publishing the Suzie Dawson #Unity4J article also led to increased heart hits and a lot of pressed-lips from passing strangers at mall, airport-- a ZioNaziBlackMagick sign for Crossing-Out-Yr-Influence --and loony driving around me, plus usual Uber-Brighting. 24/
#ForTheRecord Publishing SwissCheese&Bayonets led to several Khazarian Jews -red-bearded Russian types-plunging into me on quiet Milton streets w. apparent intent to run over-large pickups, SUVs as befits Small Minds with No Spines. Heart/face-hits. everydayconcerned.net/2018/12/19/ram… 25/
#ForTheRecord #SwissCheeseandBayonets also brought out long lines of what I can only assume are Hidden Hand ZioNazi thugs forced to "show themselves" in traffic, often w. windows half-down, looking frantic & cornered. Happened to mass extent with this: everydayconcerned.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/letter… 26/
#ForTheRecord Since that exchange w. Suzie Dawson #Unity4J who won't acknowledge I am like @JulianAssange a Politically Persecuted Writer & Journalist exposing #SurveillanceCrime, #MIC Crime, EMF/NeuroDEW Targeting, I see I need to say more abt myself. everydayconcerned.net/2018/12/27/suz… 27/
#ForTheRecord It appears the podcast made Sat with @GeralSosbee, FBI Whistleblower and Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower, both unparalleled in their clear speaking of truth, excited much attention in spy/Rothschild circles. I'll tell you how I know. 28/
#ForTheRecord Head-hits w. pulse microwaves from satellites/celltowers & neighboring houses continued. Audible heart-hits and intensive stalking radar (buzzing and flicking in cloudburst on facial nerves, chest)& CCTL lock-ons on muscles and skin. Scalar weapons, m/w, bio. 29/
#ForTheRecord CCTL is Continuous Clandestine Tracking & Locating. Above top secret tech no doubt being used on US journalist on CONUS. This attack after Report #106 was undoubtedly major. ALL-NIGHT scalar weapon and radar assault, even under shielding. Plus, head/face hits. 30/
#ForTheRecord Further, Marc Delantre contacted me in high urgency to report an extreme double spike in his server's Gladio code, which he analyzed to conclude an extreme attack aimed directly at me, post pub. of Report #106 at Youtube & Vimeo. He asked for details on podcast. 31/
#ForTheRecord Report #106 discussed #MonicaMcLean's lying in an affidavit in 2000 in @GeralSosbee's case agnst #FBI, as covered by Barbara Hartwell barbarahartwellvscia.blogspot.com/2018/10/fbi-wh…, as well as the "Quasi Crim Justice Sys" run by CIA/FBI/DHS. 32/
#ForTheRecord This quasi CJ system may be likened to a Mafia or Goon Squad Operation. It is secretive, covert, Stasi & Cheka & SS & Gestapo-like. It is the truth abt Surveillance today in US, UK, EU, OZ, NZ, CAN, S. Am, As, everywhere. My report: everydayconcerned.net/2019/01/06/ram… 33/
#ForTheRecord Perhaps what was so incendiary abt this podcast to CIA/FBI/DHS was the singular truthtelling in it. Unflinching, fearless, candid, revelatory. After all, NO-ONE is telling the truth abt #SurveillanceAbuse today as #TargetedIndividuals are, & Geral & Barbara are. 34/
#ForTheRecord Weapons which penetrate layered metallic shielding to assault the heart, & sound & feel like closeby woodpecker knocks on orgonite at heart are not microwave pulse weapons, but seem, to me, scalar. I am hit by both, and have been attacked extremely since Sat. 35/
#ForTheRecord Marc D on why I wd be so attacked: "You challenged them saying that they cannot stop the truth. Yes, they can. 70 years that they do it!! They are the soldiers between the two worlds, our world and the one they defend and there were many dead." #Gladio or #CIA. 36/
#ForTheRecord. Overheard at Lake Champlain beach in Vermont last summer, while subjected to intense congestive heart pressure (poss. celltowers) (stopped by orgonite):Man:How is she still alive? Woman: She wears shielding.

These attacks continue. But my work will not stop. 37/
And, just #ForTheRecord, that partial Govt shutdown in DC has not affected the Illegal assaults on Americans in Mass. Helicopters over my couch haven't quit, nor have USPS vans parked strategically to hit (w. through-wall radar tech), nor have the COINTELPRO uber-brighters. 38/
#ForTheRecord Remote radiation heart-hits exacerbated -- assassins come park on street and hit, or use House Nos. 142, 141, 222, many others on Pine St to hit from, as well as direct hits from drones -- since publication of Omni's article: everydayconcerned.net/2019/01/14/abo… 39/
#ForTheRecord Currently, since 9 am while at my desk working, lunatic caravan of vehicles zooming & hurtling into this residential neighborhood down Pine from Granger to Elmwood. Typical lack of law and order in Quincy, MA with speeding encouraged by #NoRealLawsinMA. 40/
#ForTheRecord On 1/14, noticed Uber-Brighting w. LEDs from @MBTA bus in middle of Quincy on Hancock St. Route: 211, Squantum. MBTA buses spew black smoke still, despite 2 letters of complaint to MBTA and reassuring response from them earlier. More evidence of #NoRealLawsinMA. 41/
#ForTheRecord On 1/10, at Central Middle School, Quincy, MA, wom. w. massive minivan who near-reversed into my car said, when I pulled out after honking twice, to say she'd almost hit me "I was sev. feet away. Do not ever speak to me.This is harassment.I will call the police."42/
#ForTheRecord What gives a Quincy middle-school mom the right to harass another mom with her monster minivan then say she is being "harassed" when spoken to-in completely polite fashion-and actually say she is going to "call the police"? For what? #MayhemPermittedByTargeting 43/
#ForTheRecord While engaging in interview w. Ahmad Enani, reporting criminal Neuro Hacking, Bio Hacking, Self/Inner Voice Hacking, MK ULTRA Trauma-Based Mind Control and discussed world deceptions, agendas by Zionist/Illuminati crims, remote heart-hits/seat-hits escalated. 44/
#ForTheRecord Later, on conference call at Eric Jones Freedom Screamer Call to Free Michael Large, wrongfully arrested on 302 Hold, seat-hits: ELFs/pulse hits sent to private parts from zooming/parking cars, next-door crims, drones INTENSIFIED. Bio-Sabotage of #Journalism. 45/
#ForTheRecord @CourtObservers' conference call was recorded & will be posted soon. When Predator/MQ-9 Reaper drones, scalar weapons, and 8Hz remote RF heart-hit & private-parts hit DEWeapons are used on journalists engaged in journalism, that is STATE-RUN TERRORISM & CRIME. 46/
#ForTheRecord MQ-9 Reaper drones carry "precision weapons" have "significant loiter time" are used in "irregular warfare" on "high-value targets" & can be heard loitering over my room & issuing heart/seat-hits while I work: DOMESTIC CRIME. af.mil/About-Us/Fact-… @usairforce 47/
#ForTheRecord The purpose of this thread is to expose how Domestic State Terrorism is run on a working journalist. Yest. eve, a FEDEX truck left Pine St after remote electro-shock on ankle was experienced, observed. FEDEX and USPS trucks/drivers-perhaps not all-are involved. 48/
@threadreaderapp Pl. unroll this thread--thx!
#ForTheRecord Pulsed microwave shots from AI-run Satellite and car-zoomer house-hangout system, along w. extreme-heat PEPs--pulsed energy projectiles from parked cars in Norton's driveway for days now, during & after publication of thread exposing @stop007org & covering #5G. 50/
#ForTheRecord While on street, all looks circumspect: cars silently parked, the ZioNaziJesuit minions using covert antenna systems & portable RF pulse-shooters from houses, cars shoot audible hits onto heart, seat, couch, bed, shielding. All this, intensified while tweeting! 51/
#ForTheRecord Drones directing heart-hits from above again, while zoomers zoom up & down Pine St tonight, foiled by shielding but unable to give up: mark of UnIntelligence. Imagine the trillions wasted this way. Utter loons, w. incred. remote-sensing weapons, used on humans. 52/
#ForTheRecord Despite snow on ground, neighbors recruited to snow-scrape/GPS triangulate on st this morn while drone whines incessantly above & car-hitter maneuvers up & down street to hit chest from both sides. Drone/satellite hits on side of house. Killer Drones NOT a myth. 53/
#ForTheRecord Satellite/Street Data Interception just ate a tweet--sharp crack on side of house and eating of tweet!-as also eating of data on occasion, cyber-hacking & freezing of videos, breaking up A/V while podcasting. Let me redo that imp tweet. Pathetic CyberAsses. 54/
#FortheRecord Drones/street hitters past few days-& indeed always-focused insanely on seat/pvt parts hit while tweeting/writing last couple days--pl. see my imp threads on #FBILies et al. The @usairforce ISR intent on literally getting in my pants while I work. ISR in CONUS. 55/
#ForTheRecord Reminder to @ACLU @DevinNunes @realDonaldTrump @RandPaul: Am keeping you informed on WHAT they're doing to stop, freeze my journalism & whistleblowing. It is OUTRAGEOUS that Predator drones, multiple satellites, car-hitters, Fusion Ctrs shd be employed this way. 56/
#ForTheRecord Second Tweet eaten this morning by #FBI #USAirforce #CIA ScaredyCats afraid the TRUE HORRORS of their "Stationary Surveillance" with Drones will be revealed to one and all. Sorry boys, you shouldn't have targeted me with your terrors. Reveal-All Time Is Here. 57/
#ForTheRecord While @Snowden @suzi3d are safe in Russia, @wikileaks @JulianAssange_ run cover, @SharylAttkisson @JamesOKeefeIII etc IGNORE my journalism, REAL WHISTLEBLOWERS ie #TargetedIndividuals revealing INCRED HORRORS of #SurveillanceAbuses are hammered w. ISR, RF DEWs. 58/
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