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Thread: On Politicizing the Federal Bureaucracy

1. Despite Democrat and legacy media obfuscation, we have all seen the DoJ/FBI/CIA/State Dept cabal exposed for their seditious acts against Candidate and later President Trump over the past 22 months.
2. We have examined their reasons for committing these crimes, too: careerism, personal gain, ideological alignment, committed activism in advancing socialism, and most of all financial reward (usually under the table). They all thought that they’d get away with it.
3. But what about the other agencies, and how was that corruption green-lighted and managed during the Obama Administration? A recent World Net Daily article explains (and shocks); read on:
4. <quote>
Former Attorney General under Barack Obama, Eric Holder, identified and placed sympathetic ideologues in key departments of the DOJ and FBI.
5. They were also placed in the IRS, the FEC and the IRS. This all combined to form a “Red Team” that would target, isolate and destroy opponents of Obama or his legacy. Reportedly, both Democrats and Republicans were on the list, but the majority was conservative leaders.
6. They mapped out weak targets, then the IRS, SEC or FEC would research them deeply, looking for any mistakes or missteps.
7. Once information was gathered that would spark interest, it was leaked to friendlies in the press, politicians or sympathetic nonprofits, such as the Sunlight Foundation. By doing, so they covered their tracks to avoid the charge of targeting.
8. Multiple sources in Congress have [reported that] the DOJ would then hijack these administrative agencies’ actions, bringing these investigations “in house” and handling them as felony investigations.
9. The targeted list (enemies list) was developed and fleshed out by the Red Team (or “hit squad”). Once the DOJ took a case, it moved without interference, using broad powers to issue subpoenas and charges in federal criminal indictments.
10. Republicans are treated differently than Democrats.

Read the rest here:…
11. The weaponizing of federal agencies didn’t just happen, folks; it was a deliberate Obama strategy to use the federal regulatory agencies to attack Obama’s political enemies, i.e., conservative groups, business and individuals, as well as nominal Republicans who were “thorns.”
12. Who could forget the IRS’s Lois Lerner? She got off the hook because the DoJ/FBI were corrupted and were never going to indict her and the others at IRS for their crimes:…
13. How about the two DoJ prosecutors who went after Alaska senator Ted Stevens for supposedly making false statements in 2008 and were found guilty by a federal judge of hiding exculpatory evidence? Loss of that Stevens seat gave us Obamacare, by the way!…
14. How about the EPA, which many would argue is possibly the most corrupt federal agency there is:…
15. Or the selective enforcement of campaign finance laws by the FEC. Dinesh D’Souza was JAILED for a $20,000 donation:…
16. And yet Obama’s campaign was fined $375,000 for shenanigans associated with 1,300 contributions totaling $1.8M – and NO ONE went to jail!…
17. Or how about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Fauxcahontas’s favorite regulatory agency, that has been involved in widespread corruption, falsifying documents to avoid investigations, and discrimination against its own employees:…
18. Then there’s the corruption at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for years leading up to the 2008 crash. All in service of the Deep State, especially the Democrat Party:…
19. Obama likes to nervously claim these days that nobody in his administration was ever indicted (yet). But there were resignations for corruption, such as his assistant secretary at the DoL for improperly steering federal contracts to his pals in 2011:…
20. Who could forget the political corruption associated with the Dept of Energy in the early Obama years? Did anyone ever face legal jeopardy for the Solyndra or any of the other fake projects handed out to Obama’s political allies?…
21. And this article gives us a window in to how corrupt senior officials in the Obama Administration were paid off for their “service” (political corruption), in this case someone in the Dept of Ed. This guy is certainly not the only one by any means!…
22. Did we cover enough of Obama Administration political corruption across the agencies to determine that perhaps it all was POLICY-DRIVEN and not just “accidental”? There is of course much, much more, but I think you get the idea of how corrupt Obama’s crowd was.
23. I’m going to cap this thread off with a reminder of the COMPLETE political corruption of the DoJ’s Civil Rights Division where all 106 of the supposedly apolitical hires were in fact card-carrying leftist activists.…
24. And this was years before we learned about the political corruption of Comey McCabe, Strzok, and the rest. Imagine how totally corrupted DoJ and the FBI HQ became over Obama’s 8 years, and why it is taking so long to get rid of the leftists in those agencies?
25. In this thread we have learned that Obama implemented a systematic process to place controllable political appointees throughout the federal government. We have also seen reminders of agencies being weaponized against Obama’s political enemies, ….
25A. …as well as examples of corruption in a number of federal agencies.
26. What to do?
a. Strictly enforce the Hatch Act (prohibits use of federal resources including people for political purposes)
b. Beef up whistle-blower laws to catch political actors embedded in the bureaucracy (both financial rewards and protections)
26. (cont’d)
c. Change federal civil service rules to prohibit the transition of political appointees into the federal bureaucracy
d. Use polygraphs and strict and frequent personnel review processes to keep the DoJ and FBI in particular clear of political corruption.
26. (cont’d)
e. Keep the pressure on your congress-critters to accomplish these and other measures over time
f. Vote for constitutional conservatives who will vote to return functions to the states.
27. No better time than the present to start the process. The only hope is to VOTE RED on 6 November! ///The end.
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