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I'm going to watch it. If anyone else wants to as well, here it is:

This dummy, I'll just call him glasses, completely ignores the Press Secretary condemning everything and asks the first question.

"Does he have any concern at all that his words could inspire, provoke troubled people to do awful things"

It's already unwatchable.
"He has also harshly attacked the very people that received those pipe bombs and this morning, suggesting that the news media is responsible for the anger in this country. How does he do that when, in the case of the pipe bomber, went to Trump rallies" glasses is a freaking idiot
Like I really don't know if there is any value at all in watching this or tweeting it so I may stop at any time. This is all just the same insane things they have been saying for a week straight and the answer is the same as it's always been. They are partisan ghouls
Glasses just said that Trump talking about the caravan is responsible for the synagogue shooting. Maniac. Maybe I can just fast forward through the media and listen to the Press Secretary destroy them. I'll already be able to tell what the dumb question was by her answer.
"The very first thing the President did was condemn the attacks, both in Pittsburgh and in the pipe bombs. The very first thing the media did was blame the President and make him responsible for these ridiculous acts. That is outrageous that that would be the very first reaction"
Sarah Sanders destroys the entire narrative by pointing out that President Trump is no more responsible for his insane supporters than Senator Bernie Sanders is for his insane supporter trying to kill a bunch of GOP Congressmen.

Surely this reasonable answer will be good enough
John Roberts (who has me blocked on twitter) then proves that @FoxNews has plenty of #FakeNews as well.

He says that "11 Jewish leaders" have said that Trump isn't welcome in Pittsburgh until he denounces "white nationalism". Trump has always denounced white nationalism. Dummy.
"Does the White House believe this President has done enough to denounce White Nationalism" should not be a question that someone considering themselves to be a serious reporter should be asking. What an absolute joke. Our media is a joke.
"The President has denounced racism, hatred, bigotry in all forms on a number of occasions, will continue to do that, I'm doing it here today" and every single person in that room knows this including the idiot that asked the stupid question.

Wow this is awful. Unwatchable
This guy asked a real question! He said that the President has called the caravan an invasion and mentioned that the constitution gives specific power to the President when it comes to invasions. He wants to know if that's part of the consideration.
She doesn't answer, refers to the Department of Defense press conference later and when they are ready to make any announcement they will let them know.

And this dummy asks about Khashoggi. No one cares about Khashoggi. That's basically his question though. "Why has there been no action?"

The administration is weighing different options, Sanders responds. I really don't care though, the guy loved Bin Laden and hated America
Somehow Marie Harf is there. It's not her but she looks exactly like her and sounds exactly like her and says the same stupid stuff about Trump so I actually can't watch this part and I'm fast forwarding lol.
"Did the President call Bolsonaro" says a guy that clearly has been asleep since yesterday and just woke up to ask this question 😂

The answer is yes. Just use your phone to google man
She can't believe that this bozo got called on to ask a question he could have just googled instead 😂
The garbage can man has arrived
"Shouldn't you reserve the term enemy for people who are actually the enemy of the United States, rather than journalists"

lol these aren't journalists, but they are the enemy of the people. They are nothing but propaganda and hate machines. Lying and spinning constantly.
"He's not referencing all media, he's talking about the growing amount of fake news" exactly. Actual, real news isn't the enemy of the people but @acosta wouldn't know what real news was if it slapped him in the face
"Can you state for the record which outlets that you and the President regard as the enemy of the people"

"I'm not going to walk through a list but I think those individuals probably know who they are" 😂😂😂

That list is way too long to read, they only have 30 minutes.
"Would that include my network" 😂😂😂

You know the answer to that question Jim. Narcissist maniac.
"If the President is going to say the fake news media are the enemy of the people and if you're going to stand there and continue to say that there are some journalists and some news outlets in the country that meet that characterization..." 1/2
"...shouldn't you have the guts, Sarah, to state which outlets, which journalists, are the enemy of the people"

He really doesn't get it at all. Not at all. Unbelievable. Him pretending not to get it is part of the problem. He knows he is fake news he is trying to provoke her
She calls people out for blaming the pipe bombs on the President and people in his administration, he tries to ask another question but she says "Jim I've given you three questions" and moves on. Garbage can man didn't get the reaction he wanted. Well done @PressSec lol
April Ryan (can't see her, just know it's her, because she is yelling a crazy question out of order after Acosta got shut down and didn't get the response he needed) about Andrew Gillum and being a thief. Sanders says she will come back to her. Dang. I hope she forgets.
"April, go ahead"

dang it.
"He called Andrew Gillum, the Democrat nominee for Governor in Florida, a thief. What is his definition of that statement?"

Insane question. Just google "what is the definition of the word thief"
"That individual is under FBI investigation, I'd refer you to that." 😂 wrecked
Her second question is just an excuse by the DNC for why they are about to lose the election, saying there is voter suppression Georgia.

Sarah Sanders says they don't support voter suppression they support voter integrity. She will leave it to the President to be more specific.


This is almost over folks.
"You have repeatedly defended the Presidents attacks on his political opponents as valid because the midterms are coming up"
"No, not because of the midterms. I've defended the President fighting back when he's regularly attacked, there's a difference. Doesn't matter if there's a midterm or not the President's going to defend himself and he's going to fight back" heck yeah he is! Counter puncher!
"At what point does a national tragedy take precedence over the President needing to punch back?" hollars the fake news media croney, ignoring the fact that that they have exploited a terrible tragedy to blame the President for political and personal reasons. Enemy of the people.
"Once again I'll remind you that the very first thing the President did was condemn the attack and the very first thing the media did was blame the President" Press Secretary Sanders answers over the maniac reporter screaming at her.
"You guys have a huge responsibility to play in the divisive nature of this country, when 90% of the coverage of everything this President does is negative, despite the fact that the country is doing extremely well" GET EM!
"If anything, I think it's sad and divisive the way that every single thing that comes out of the media, 90% of what comes out of the media's mouth is negative about this President"

"He said he would defeat ISIS, and he has"

"The President has been delivering day in, day out"
"and I think it would be nice if every once in awhile we could focus on a few of the positive things the President has done instead of just attacking him. Thanks so much guys, have a great day"

Awesome. Worth watching. @PressSec crushed it. /end
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