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Something weird is happening in the woods outside my house and I don't know what to do.
I guess I should start at the beginning. This isn't really my house, it was my grandpa's, but I guess it's mine now. He died a couple months ago and because of some tricky paperwork I'm apparently responsible for it now.
He lived pretty far away, up in the mountains by the lake. There are a couple other houses down the road but they seem like they're empty for the season. I assume they're summer houses. I've been here for a few days and it's really pretty, but it's super quiet and chilly.
My mom never talked about my grandpa and I only met him once, when I was really young. I think they had a bad relationship but the few times I asked about it she got annoyed and changed the subject.
So basically I don't really know what I'm doing here. This guy from my grandpa's estate basically told me the house is mine now, so I came up here to sell it as fast as I can and go home. I guess it's not that easy to just sell a house, especially one in the middle of nowhere.
At any rate, I think I'm alone up here. Or at least I was. I figured I'd be up here for a couple weeks to get this all handled and then I'd go home and be done with it. I'm on a break from grad school so I don't have any other responsibilities at the moment.
But now weird things are starting to happen. It started on my third day here. There's a little town about 25 minutes away and I'd gone to get some food and supplies since I don't know how long I'm staying. When I got back that evening there was something strange on my door.
It was this....artifact? I don't know what to call it. It was obviously handmade. It was made of sticks and twine and had some small bones tied into the middle of it.
I didn't think too much of it at the time. I figured it was probably a kid from one of the other houses trying to mess with me, so I took it off the door and tossed it in the fireplace.
By the next morning I'd pretty much forgotten about it. And honestly I had too much on my plate at the moment to worry about some kid's prank. So I got up that morning, made some breakfast, and went out on the deck with some coffee.
I was sitting there drinking my coffee when I noticed something hanging in a tree just over the railing. It was another one of those artifacts.
It was just like the last one, but it had a rock tied to it instead of a bone.
And then almost immediately I saw ANOTHER one, in a tree farther down by the ground. I went down the deck steps to retrieve it, and then I started seeing even more of them. I found about 8 in total, hanging in trees all around the house.
They all had different objects tied to them. Bones, feathers, that sort of thing. It was definitely weird but I was more annoyed than anything, thinking that someone was in my yard decorating the trees with these ugly goth Christmas ornaments.
Also, if someone was trying to scare me, it was gonna take more than some bullshit arts and crafts project to do the trick. I gathered all the artifacts together and burned them like the first one.
After I disposed of all the stick things, I took a shower, got dressed, and went back outside to do some basic tidying and whatnot. The deck and the yard are sort of overgrown and leaves are starting to fall and cover everything. Being a new homeowner is a lot of work, turns out.
That was when I found something that actually DID make me nervous. I was raking a corner of the yard when I saw something dark on the ground, off in the trees. I couldn't tell what it was from afar so I went to investigate.
At first I thought it was a blanket but when I got closer it looked like a big sweatshirt or a hoodie or something. I didn't want to touch it but it was obviously clothing of some kind.
I looked around and realized it was a whole encampment. There were a couple old socks, a pair of what I think was underwear (gross), a few old napkins scattered around, a plastic spoon, and creepiest of all, a beat up notebook.
I flipped open the notebook, but nothing was written inside. A whole bunch of pages had been ripped out of it, so I know someone had been using it. Plus you could sort of see the shadow of pen marks on the most recent page. I couldn't make out what had been written though.
Anyway, that definitely freaked me out. It was clear someone was camping out on my property and possibly trying to scare me out of the house. I wasn't really sure what to do about it though. What could I do? I definitely didn't sleep well that night.
That was the day before yesterday. The next morning I sort of expected more weird artifacts to be outside, but I didn't see anything. And the encampment was gone, so I figured it was probably a homeless person passing through or something.
I thought that was the end if it and turned my attention back to the house. I realized the house had almost no cleaning products and I needed to pick up supplies again. I drove into town and picked up some Windex, some spare light bulbs, and some other stuff, then came home.
The driveway ends a ways up from the house, and then you have to trek down a path which bends around the side of the house to get in. I was walking around the house when I saw some movement across the yard, near a tree. I froze dead in my tracks.
Someone was standing under a tree staring at my house. They didn't see me though, since I was also partly behind some trees and a good distance away. Whoever it was, they were wearing the same dark hoodie I'd seen in the grass the day before.
As quietly as I could I set down my shopping bags next to me and slipped my phone out of my pocket. I managed to take a couple photos, but the person turned and disappeared into the woods.
I stood there for a couple minutes too nervous to move, in case the person came back. But they didn't, so I picked up my bags and hurried inside. I picked up the phone to call the cops, but put it back down because I didn't even know what I'd tell them.
"Someone was looking at my house?" Like any police offer would take me seriously. And like an idiot, I'd destroyed all the weird artifacts from before, so there wouldn't even be any evidence. I felt like there was nothing I could do right then.
I was mad at myself and feeling scared all alone in the house, so I locked all the doors and left out the back. I went down to the lake because I didn't know where else to go. I just knew I didn't want to be in the house at that moment.
I walked a ways down the lakeshore, then sat for a while looking out at the water. I thought about getting in my car and just going home, but I felt like that would get me in trouble. There's all sorts of property tax stuff I don't understand. I felt trapped.
Also, I couldn't decide if I was actually in any danger. When my grandpa died, it took me a couple months to actually get up to the house, so maybe someone was squatting in the empty house? And now that I'm here, they might just leave on their own accord?
It was starting to get dark so I reluctantly headed back to the house. I walked up the stairs leading to the back of the house, but right before going inside I got this weird chill. I made up my mind that I absolutely did not want to stay in the house overnight.
I decided to go get my car and drive into town to find a motel for the night. The house was all locked up and I already had my keys, so I went back around the house and toward the path that led to the driveway.
And that's when I saw her. The figure from before, standing right in the middle of my front lawn, staring straight at my house. I froze in place, completely in shock. I was practically right next to her, but it was almost as if she didn't see me.
Then it hit me. She COULDN'T see me. Because she had no eyes. SHE HAD NO FUCKING EYES. Just shiny skin over where her eyes should be. And she had almost no hair at all. I wanted to run but I felt like if I moved even a little, she'd hear me.
As quietly as I could, I went for my phone. I needed some sort of evidence to show the cops. It all felt like it was happening in slow motion. I feel sick to my stomach as I'm writing this. But I was able to get it on video.
My heart is racing just thinking about this. I haven't been able to watch it since I recorded it. But here it is:
I ran back around the house and got inside. I scrambled upstairs and looked out my bedroom window at the front yard, but she had vanished. Remembering it now, it feels like it didn't really happen. Like it was a nightmare or something.
I called the cops and explained what had happened. I'm sure I sounded crazy, but they said they'd send someone by in the morning and to keep my doors locked. So that's where I am now. Alone in the woods freaking out.
I know I won't be able to sleep tonight. I feel light headed and nauseous. I don't know what's going to happen. I'm scared shitless.
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