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And now: @lauralifts on A Taxonomy of Black Swans. #LISA18
@lauralifts What I should have called this talk is "15 postmortems in 30 minutes". #LISA18
@lauralifts What is a "black swan"?
- Outlier event.
- Hard to predict.
- Severe in impact.
@lauralifts Example from the financial world: 2008 financial crash.

You can predict when they'll strike, or what they're going to be, but looking back you can see predictive indicators.
@lauralifts Most alerts when you're oncall are white swans (or geese), where you understand the cause and the response. #LISA18
@lauralifts Black swans can become routine non-incidents. Example: class of incidents caused by changes which can be detected and prevented by canarying. #LISA18
@lauralifts On sharing postmortems: I'm going to be talking about a lot of public postmortems. Not trying to throw shade here. People who share postmortems are doing us a great service. #LISA18
@lauralifts Six different subspecies: 1) Hitting limits.

Instapaper, Feb 2017
- MySQL RDS, backed by ext3 with a 2TiB file limit.
- Hit that limit, had to dump data and repopulate on ext4.
- Down for days. #LISA18
@lauralifts Sentry, July 2015
- Maxed out Postgres transaction IDs, vacuum process didn't work.

SparkPost, May 2017
- Unable to send mail for hours.
- High DNS workload.
- Hit undocumented per-cluster connection limit.
@lauralifts Foursquare, October 2010
- MongoDB outgrew RAM
- Hit performance cliff
- Backlog of queries
- Resharding at full capacity is hard.
@lauralifts - October 2016
- EU region down for 4 hours
- Orchestration wouldn't start
- Zookeeper database bigger than 64KiB, which was the size of the pipe used by a library.
@lauralifts Defence?
- Load and capacity testing
- Including cloud services (warn provider first)
- Include write loads
- Use a replica of prod (staging is like prod!)
- Grow past current size.
- Test startup and other operations.
@lauralifts Defence: monitoring
- The best documentation of known limits is a monitoring alert.
- Include a link that includes the nature of limit.
@lauralifts 2) Spreading slowness

Hosted Graphite, March 2018
- AWS problems
- HostedGraphite not on AWS?!
- Their LB were being saturated due to slow connections coming from customers inside AWS.

(Looked like Slowloris attack). #LISA18
@lauralifts Spotify, June 2013
- (Fairly complicated)
- Playlist service overloaded due to another service calling them.
- Rolled back.
- But huge ongoing request queues and verbose logging broke stuff.
- Firewall rules and restarts.
@lauralifts Stripe, March 2017
- Auth systems slowed to a crawl.
- Redis overloaded
- Tight 500x retry loop.
@lauralifts Defence: fail fast
- Enforce deadlines for all requests, in and out.
- Limit retries, have exponential backoff and jitter.
- Consider circuit breaker pattern
- Limit retries from a client, [limit?] sharing state across multiple requests.
@lauralifts Defence: USE dashboards
- Utilisation, saturation, errors
- Quick way to identify bottlenecks.
- Look at physical and virtual resources.

@lauralifts 3) Thundering herds

Where does coordinated demand come from?
- From users (e.g. flash sales)
- But also systems
- Cron jobs
- Mobile clients updating a t the same time.
- Large batch jobs starting.

Slack, October 2014
- Two separate incidents caused significant number of user disconnections (13%)
- Web sockets based API
- Simultaneous reconnect caused database saturation.
CircleCI, July 2015
- Github down for a while
- Github came back, bunch of pending build requests.
- Requests queued into DB
- Complex scheduling
- DB contention/saturation.
Defence: plan and test
- ~Every internet facing service can face a thundering herd.
- Plan for this
- Degraded mode.
- What can you drop?
- Queue input cheaply to process asynchronously.
- Test your degraded operation plan.
4) Automation interactions

Google erases its CDN [Whee, I remember this. See the Site Reliability Workbook for more information on it].

There was a talk about this at SRECon. #LISA18
Reddit, August 2016
- Zookeeper migration
- Turned off autoscaler, because Zookeeper not visible.
- Automation turned autoscaler on.
- Autoscaler turned down rest of reddit. Oops. #LISA18
Complex systems are inherently hazardous systems. --Richard Cook, MD.
Defence: control
- Constraints service which limits automation operations
- e.g. Limit concurrent requests per unit time
- Log to central place
- Provide simple way to turn stuff of. #LISA18
5) Cyber attacks

Maersk, June 2017. Infected by malware. Turned off all office machines for 3 weeks. Really bad. Cost billions across industry.

- Separate prod from non-prod as much as possible. (See Google's beyond corp)
- Break production into zones
- Validate and control what runs in production
- Minimise worst possible blast radius for incidents.
6) Dependency loops
- Shout out to @whereistanya keynote from last year "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
Github, Jan 2018
- 2 hour outage.
- Redis soft dependency turned out to be a hard dependency.

Trello, March 2017
- S3 outage took down web frontend.
- Backends healthchecked frontends, wouldn't come up. Total outage for mobile/other clients.
Defence: layer your infrastructure. Enumerate your dependencies.
General defences
- Disaster testing
- Fuzz testing
- Chaos engineering (talk tomorrow)
- Incident management process.
- Practice using it.
Defence: comms
- Don't rely on your infrastructure or its dependencies.
- Phone bridge, IRC
- Make sure people know where it is.
- Wallet cards.
- Practice using it.
[Note, for people using AWS: slack runs on AWS]
Psychology: help people who have been dealing with an incident like this. #LISA18
Slides will be published and will be very linkified. Fin. #LISA18
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