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While I'm waiting for someone I'm going to entertain y'all with some #tarot facts and fun oracle/fortune tidbits I've learned over the years

This thread will have pick up and die down as needed but hope you enjoy (DM for card reading info)

Okay first things first the origins of #tarot are widely disputed.

Some claim ancient Egypt others Asia while others still claim europe.

With all these different claims to it then it's no surprise that there are multiple kinds of decks.
Here's some of the most common #tarot types that I'm aware of although I'd love to know more.

- italo-portuguese or Tarocco Siciliano it's a 64 card deck and none of the cards have reversed meanings.
- French, which weirdly enough, despite having been first reported in Germany is different from German #tarot the modern french decks tend to have different sized decks for different themes. I've personally only ever seen tarot Nouveau (78 cards)
- German #tarot has a few different types, I'm personally familiar with Bavarian which has 36 cards and can also be used to play a card game called Schafkopf
A lot of tarot cards have nicknames that I'm fond of too

For example there the Joan of arc card (king of swords as it's often depicted as a woman/feminine person in knights/masculine armour)
-The 3 of cups is sometimes known as the sisterhood card or the coven card

-The 9 of swords is sometimes know as the sword of Damocles card
Other card based divinations include

oracle cards (deck size varies)
Daily divinations (deck size varies)
Playing cards (52 cards)
Lenormand cards (36 cards)
OH cards (88 cards)
But outside of cards there are so many systems for divination.

From China there's the I Ching or book of changes a hexanumeric system ( 6 number system)

Theres multiple types of runic systems i use the elder futhark (Norse) and I'm attempting to learn the ogham runes(Irish)
Both runic systems i use where once used as writing systems in their respective parts of the world
Ogham runic particularly can be found on hundreds of small obelisk type stones throughout Ireland.

It's is unbelievably simple and uses the natural corners and ridges of the stones as part of the language.

It's truly a language designed to be easy to carve into stone I love it
Here's another type of tarot we're learning about together that a friend just popped in to tell me about.

Hungarian tarot

Such a beautiful deck thank you for sharing such cool information with us all

Some of my favourite form of divinations are some of the simplest things like libromancy.

Libromancy is divination using passages from books it's so simple I'm going to tell you how to do it in 1 tweet
Pick up a book think of your question open at any random page how you pick is upto you (my method is pick a page and start 4 pages ahead of where you picked) let your eyes fall on a word and start reading stop when you feel ready Meditate on the words and themes find meaning done
Wow I did that dead on... I'm genuinely a little impressed
I'm gonna take a quick break but I will be back my dm's are open.
So I'm back!

And I bring with me tales of other tarots some I've seen personally others I've only read about.

A lot of these are also games played in their respective areas of origin.
Okay so I have played the game of brisca once

it's originally I believe from a game called briscola and is Italian in origin but brisca is a Catalan/Spanish card game played by teams

I was terrible and I'm sorry to my fellow team mates that night Isabella and Catrina 💜💜
My point is however I was informed about it being a fortune telling deck too.

someone decided to read my cards for me and it was a joy. A deck that looks super nice to use.
Another kind of tarot/fortune telling card system is astrology cards

There are 3 decks in this system that are designed to be used together.

The zodiac signs, the houses and the planets.
This is not so much a different tarot as it is making #Tarot accessible to more folks.

This company will take any of your tarot decks and add braille coding to them for you which I think is super fucking cool.…
It's that time again where I remind you that right now(11.36pm 30th Oct) I am offering tarot readings untill 1am GMT
And again tomorrow (31st)8pm - 1am GMT
And again Thursday (1st) 8pm-1am GMT

Okay so I think I'm gonna talk about some #Tarot decks that I think deserve some love I hope this is been half as entertaining as it has been writing it.

Some of the following decks I own and offer readings on others I want or desperately appreciate.
The wild unknown tarot - Kim krans

The art in this deck for me is beautiful, black and white sketchy gothic style with pops of colour/rainbow on each card

I deeply want this deck at some point.…
The black power tarot - king khan & Micheal Eaton

This deck is inspired by the rider waite ( circa early 1900's) and the tarot de Marseille and I genuinely love it so much it features prominent black folks from musicians to activists…
The #CriticalRole tarot.

gonna be real this is the reason I started being interested in CR at all then #Cteam friends kept saying it's awesome

Anyway they were right & I still want this deck.

22 cards of pure epic art(who is responsible?)…
Just over half an hour left for tonight's sale!

Will be on tomorrow and Thursday too!

DM for details 💜

The Shakespeare oracle- a.bronwyn Llewellyn and Cynthia Vincent buhler

This deck is something the literary nerd in me lusts after…
Elemental hexagons tarot- calyxa omphalos

This deck is hexagons and so pretty! It's based on some of the elements of periodic table.…
Infinity #Tarot - severino baraldi & pierluca Zizzi

This deck is shaped like an infinity symbol(an 8 on its side) and painted in an 18th Italian style. And I love it so much!…
Okay so it might be apparent I love Shakespeare but honestly these cards are just so stunning

The Shakespeare tarot

A landscape orientation deck that is inspired by classical Italian frescos etc.

Absolutely gorgeous…
Okay folks that me calling it for the night.

I'm knackered and kind of sad I didn't have any visitors tonight but I'm happy to have been able to talk about one of my favourite subjects.

I'll be back tomorrow same time 8pm - 1am GMT(DM me for more info)
If you just want another way to support me and the education i provide or enjoyed my love of tarot then please consider at least RTing

Me and the family are sick of being so desperate all the time.

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