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1. Here goes, AGAIN. This is my 2nd attempt to post this. Twitter has interrupted or completely blocked several of my posts lately.

I watched the video by @prayingmedic that he did on @Q_ANONBaby and the experience he had meeting @realDonaldTrump.
2. @Q_ANONBaby was not only fortunate enough to attend a Trump rally, but also got a chance to meet @POTUS and have a brief discussion. In that discussion, he asked Trump id Q ia real? You'll find a more detailed answer in the video above, but suffice it to say, POTUS answer...
3. ...was confirmation enough to solidify and legitimize belief in the existence of #Q. That being said, this is no longer a conspiracy theory folks.

@Q_ANONBaby was told he would receive a photo of this MOMENT when he met the president and speak with him.
4. BEFORE @Q_ANONBaby received his photo:


05-Oct-2018 10:53:48 PDT
8ch/patriotsfight 342

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Important moment in time.
The picture will be the signifier.
The signifier will 'force' the Q.
The Q will be answered (((WWG1WGA))).
5. @Q_ANONBaby says he received the photo a couple weeks later. When he turned it over, he saw something incredible. On the lower right, notice the signature. This #QPatriot says this was written on the back of the photo of he and @POTUS when he opened the envelope.

6. Stay with me here, you'll love the ending! Just remember this: @Q_ANONBaby met @POTUS Oct. 4th. Then #Q releases drop about the "moment" and the coming photo on the 5th, and @Q_ANONBaby posted about receiving it the 28th. Just so happens to be 1 yr anniversary/birthday of #Q.
7. In 2016, white supremacist nazi assholes started targeting Jewish people in our communities on social media. As a signal to other white supremacist assholes, they would encapsulate the names of these Jewish people with (((NAME))). This was their way of singling out people...
8. ...they wanted their followers to target, whether by means of physical assault, social media smears, cyber attacks and hacking, etc. However, in a brave response, many non-targeted Jews began putting the 3 parentheses markers on their names as well!
9. They did it in solidarity with their brothers and sisters who were being targeted by the neo-nazi cults. According to several articles, this not only proved to bolster courage among the Jewish community, it also interrupted specifically designed software that was designed...
10. locate these particular symbols on the internet. The attackers got inundated with names surrounded by 3 parentheses, and their targeted missions failed. Soon after, there were other groups who picked up the practice as well. Sometimes it was in solidarity with the...
11. ...Jews, sometimes it was to state they too, as a religion or race or culture had also been targeted by attacks from haters. Soon, it became a practice that flooded the internet. Because of this discovery, I too have added it to my profile as a #QPatriot. Any and all in...
12. ...the #QArmy and #TheGreatAwakening have already become targets of liberal media outlets, democrat leaders, and Trump haters. They call us extremists, alt-right-wingers and blind followers. Their main insult is saying we're all part of a grand conspiracy theory. Truth is...
13. ...this is NOT a conspiracy theory. This is a patriotic movement of #Researchers, #Investigators, #YouTubers and other various #Anons who are being assisted by #Q. We are uncovering truths, crimes, hidden secrets, and we're making the world aware. In fact, the movement has...
14. ...spread beyond the millions of followers in America to several other countries where citizens there are also seeing the crimes of their dark masters. And make no mistake about it, this is a very real battle. We are given clues and are discovering information about very...
15. ...real evil, wickedness, and about the those people who have long followed demonic powers in this #DeepStateCabal. There's a reason the following has been harassed and lied about. It is accomplishing A LOT. By #PEACEFUL actions, informing the world, we're exposing those...
16. ...who desire nothing more than to control us, turn us against each other, and distract us so they can go about their philanthropy of exploiting the human race. We're learning to ignore distractions, but we have a long way to go. I'll say more about that later. So, what...
17. ...about this triple parentheses message with "+" in the middle? Do you remember writing someone before #Emoji's and how you would show them signs of affection? X's and O's meant hugs and kisses. But, what did (((NAME))) mean? It meant big hugs, support, sympathy, etc.
18. While the X's and O's were of a romantic sort, the parentheses were a more solemn, often encouraging symbol of endearment. Leave it to the hatemongers to misuse something good for their own purpose. Leave it to main stream media to lie to the world and tell them it ALWAYS...
19. ...stood for something terrible! Trump has said many TRUE statements that contained a phrase or word that the media has latched onto in an attempt to try and show he's aligned with one hateful group or another. But we're smarter than that and we won't let these liars fool...
20. with their misleading and false statements. If you do an internet search for QAnon you will find dozens of hate filled mainstream media articles popping up calling us all idiots, dumb, easily misled, violent, etc.

But alas, onto the good stuff! What does the "+" mean?
21. We know there's two "signatures" from legit Q drops. Either "Q" or "Q+". There are only a few "Q+" signed drops. But there's something specific you need to see. Most Q drops are all business, sometimes plural. But Q+ drops are often personal, and in singular form. See photos:
22. Back to @Q_ANONBaby's photo. Remember when we used to give each other pictures in grade school? What'd we write on the back? Our name!
"Important moment in time.
The picture will be the signifier.
The signifier will 'force' the Q.
The Q will be answered (((WWG1WGA)))."
23. The moment was important because the question was asked, is Q real? Q tells us the PHOTO will be the signifier and will force the question: "Is Q real"? The photo is always signed by the sender, The "+" gives the answer and verifies, Trump IS Q+.

I have to say a couple...
24. ...more things here. This movement was started to inform, to empower, and to execute LEGAL justice. We don't have time to get into internal battles with each other. Every time fellow #QPatriots fight over stupid shit, we lose! #TheGreatAwakening is NOT a conspiracy theory...
25. ...but conspiracy theories have become rampant inside the movement. Q NEVER suggests ANYTHING that cannot be proven! If we follow "loose ends" or "distractions" that may very well have been purposely introduced to us by those against us, we become less credible and scattered.
26. I have literally seen one Q follower BAN another Q follower because one didn't believe that #VincentFusca was actually #JFKJr. Are you serious? That's your brother or sister who you NEED to stand beside you to bring evil people to justice! If John Jr is alive, he'll find...
27. ...his own way to present himself to the world. We are now seeing a HUGE group swinging in John Jr theories and I believe Q's silence on the matter is palpable. Someone said since Q hasn't commented, it MUST be true. Others have said, out of respect for JFKJr, the subject...
28. ...hasn't been addressed. Others have sworn and argued that Vincent Fusca is Q! I believe with this thread and the evidence contained in it from @Q_ANONBaby and @prayingmedic, there is no doubt now who Q+ really is. I only use the John Jr issue because it has become so...
29. ...prevalent and is a perfect example of a distraction. There are CRIMINALS walking our streets, still effecting our government, still getting away with crimes that shock the very nature of humanity...we need to stay focused! We have been united by Q, let's not break apart...
30. ...again over senseless things and opinions or fantasies. Exploring different "possibilities" is great fun and can lead to amazing rewards. But, division of good people has been the goal of the left for decades and they're very good at it. Let's divide ourselves out of...
31. ...pure habit! This is bigger than all of us and it'll take all of us. Thank you to y'all who encourage, share, research and support. We're all in this together. Thank you to @Q_ANONBaby for sharing your experience, to @prayingmedic for your analysis and thank #Q! God Bless.
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