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Good evening folks!

It's now 7pm GMT and I'll be offering #tarot readings for the next 6hrs (2am GMT) check link below for details

But like last night while I'm not doing readings I'm going to be doing a Halloween/witchy/tarot thread here so enjoy!

I'd like to begin tonight's thread by showing something that means a great deal to me.

I am a celtic pagan and was raised loosely as such. For my 13th birthday I had a coming of age ritual and was given my first book of Shadows by my mom.

Here is the handwritten inscription image is a handwritten inscription in a book it reads.<br />
<br />
you are the new wave, my love.<br />
walk bravely, my child<br />
but, safely and for the benefit of mother earth.
image is a handwritten inscription in a book it reads.

"you are the new wave, my love.
walk bravely, my child
but, safely and for the benefit of mother earth."

These words fundamentally helped shape who I am and I hope they help someone else too.
On the theme of my book of Shadows that one is not my current one.

I'm of the opinion that just like science your magical knowledge should evolve and grow with you.

It would be weird for me personally if I was still using the book I used at 13 because I'm not the same person.
Because it's my beginners book I'm ok sharing some little tidbits of tradition and superstitions, small day to day magical that I do fairly regularly still.

Before I do I'd like to address this wonderful addition to yesterdays thread that was more specifically about tarot

Link to that thread below

Here is a thread by the ever wonderful @macdugong going in to a little more depth about Hungarian Tarot

Now that I've linked to that wonderful thread lets start off with some small ideas for small magicks you could do around this time of year.

- when carving or setting up your pumpkins or turnips say a few words of protection and strength over them to help strengthen boundaries & repel negativity before placing them about your home.

- While placing carved pumpkins or turnips consider strengthening any power you embue them with by placing them at the compass points

This is one of those times in the evening where I remind you that I'm offering #tarotreading for the next 6hrs

Details in Link below

And I'm back!

Okay some more samhain/Halloween tips and tricks
- if you've got some golden coins wether they be plastic or candy, place them inside a pumpkin again plastic or real is fine and say some words of prosperity over them leave for the evening saying thank you at the end of the evening to attract wealth and prosperity.
-This time of year is when the veil between the world's is at its thinnest and spirit/energies/ghosts can travel more freely

Why not set a place at the dinner table for a departed loved one to let them know their still welcome. If space is scarse pour them a drink.
- Samhain is a festival of fire that falls in Scorpio a mutable water sign

It signals personal closures and a time for balance please friends all of you take care of yourselves and do some self care tonight if you can.

-Halloween is the season for divinations like tarot(DM me for details)

Here are some magickal woods that can be used to help boost any divination rituals
Cherry, fig, mimosa, orange & willow.
Even just having them present can help although I place them at the compass points
Celtic druids where fairly animistic and would carry symbols of animals they wanted to emulate or channel or encourage in someway here are some of my favourites.

Badger: courage; bold self-expression
Bat: intuition; revealing secrets: transition
Earthworm: reworking old projects
Cricket: luck; faith intuition
Cat: Magick; mystery; independence; psychic warning; grace
Dog: guidance; loyalty; friendship; protection
Seal: dreaming, the collective consciousness, birth and imagination.
Fox: shapeshifting, transformation, cunning and diplomacy
It's that time again lovelies where I remind you that I do #tarotreading #readingsbyroo

I'm open for readings right now and it's a family tradition of mine passed down from my mother.

See link for details


I'm gonna share my favourite Samhain invocation

Forests misty, dark and deep
The door between the world release
Loved ones, family, favoured pets
To join me in this even's fest
The birth of new, the death of old
I will this cycle to unfold.
Each leaf that drifts upon the ground
Will bury all that is unsound
And in its place will rise anew
The gift of love the whole year through
With harvest gold and autumn sun
I reap the best that I have done
And as the days grow shorter still
With longer nights and winters chill
I'll work to build a better place
For every soul and human race.
Wild autumn winds and crone's dark voice
Speak to me of wisdoms choice
Let me hear your words of fate
So I know which path to take
Those of you who went before
Speak to me from crossroad door
Whisper words of love and care
Let me know you are there
Speak that last invocation before samhain divinations

But I think it's a sweet little poem as well as an invocation.
Now I'm going to cover some of the general deities associated with this time of year(mix of a few traditions not just Celtic)

Hecate/Hekate, Pan, the green Man, Persephone, Hades, the Morrigan, freyr
Related herbs spices plants etc for the season include

Apples, bay leaf, lavender, mugwort, nutmeg, sage, turnips mustard seeds, cinnamon, ginger

Speaking of apples the next tweet will be a simple divination using apples

Take an apple cut it across its horizontal midsection (so you can see all the seeds that my be in the entire apple)

Then using whatever numerology system you ascribe to count the seeds and find the meaning.

It's a system designed for fairly simple questions and problems.
Some related crystals and stones to the season include

Obsidian, black onyx, bloodstone, amythest and opal

It's that time of the evening to remind folks I offer a range of decks for #tarotreading

I'm live right now & will be around for the next 4 or 5 hrs

I'm having an opening seasonal sale £5 of all prices

#Halloween #HappyHalloween2018

Some more small magicks that can be done this time of year.

Because of its association with endings magics for breaking bad/unsavoury habits are common.
The next tweet will contain a small ritual.
Write on a piece of paper the habit/characteristic you want to stop/break

Light it on fire & drop into a fireproof dish or cauldron saying.

"I burn this trait now from my life
Upon this sacred Samhain night
It is gone from me at last
Just a memory from the past"

A fun thing I'll be doing this evening is leaving an offering to my household fae.

I personally am regularly visited by a large ass stray cat who honestly is just a Cait sidhe ( Irish cat fairy that is a blessing all black except for a white triangle on the neck/chest region)
We call him balerion the big head because he is so huge and head butts everything he's unneutered and its obvious hes been a stray all his life and he prefers that.

We feed him & have a hidey hole in our garden for him but tonight he's getting some dreamies & tiny amount of milk
I'm going to go on a break now to eat etc.

I will be back but feel free to message me if your interested in tarot

Hope your all having a wonderful time this evening
Okay I'm back!

Fed, watered & hocus pocus on in background

Next I want to tell yall about some deities associated with divination

Adrste, Ashtoreth, bannik, carmenta, Dione, Egeria, evander, filia vocis, Gaia gwendydd, inanna, Kwan yin, Mari, namagiri, Odin, shamash & thoth
Inanna especially is a goddess of this season, for her associations with the underworld death and rebirth.

A Sumerian goddess it's likely her myth is the basis for the later Persephone myth in Greek mythology.
Like persephone, Inanna descends into the underworld although its debated as to why

Where they differ is that Inanna underwent a transformation during her time in the underworld emerging more powerful than before.
While I'm diving into some of my favourite deities I think I need to talk about Morrigan ( or The Morrigan or Morrigu depending on who you ask)

Morrigan is a Celtic goddess that is a multi aspect goddess who both is and is not her minions, the ravens and crows.

She was a complicated lady, Morrigan.

She was a shapeshifting goddess of the battlefield who's minions would eat the body of the dead and she killed those left alive.

Her favourite shapes to take were ravens and crows so she could watch the battles from above influencing..cont
The battle the way only a dark moon goddess of war could.

Think of her as bloodstained strinding through the mist.

Hey folks

it's that time again where I remind you that I'm live right now for #tarotreading on a range of decks

I'm having a #HALLOWEEN #Sale £5 off everything.

Hmm so I think I'm.ginna go through some of my favourite deities for a little while mostly associated with night, the moon, descent and rebirth, death and protection.

I don't necessarily work personally with these deities I just enjoy them or their stories.

Let's start with Nyx, Greek goddess of the night.

She is old, older even than the Olympians. She was born of Chaos (the state of being not the domain of Eris, daughter of Nyx)

In the beginning there was night and it was her, literally she's the personification of night.
She is so old that solid information is hard to come by on her so depending on who you ask there's different answers.

I was taught that she was mother to many many deities and creatures including hypnos Erebus Eris and the furies.

Other versions have Erebus as Nyxs consort like I said depends on who you ask.

Next up we have Nanna a Sumerian god often called the lord of wisdom.

He was father to inanna and my favourite part of him is that he one of the rarer masculine lunar deities in the world.

He is often paired in worship with his wife Ningal the Sumerian goddess of the full moon, Together they watch over the night seeing all.

Now we have three Greek goddesses that form a trio.

Hecate goddess of magic& witchcraft is the crone aspect of this trio truly she is one of the oldest known to the greeks
Selene, Greek goddess/personification of the full moon she was born of the titans Hyperion & Theia.
She was sister to Helios, the personification of the sun & Eos, the personification of the dawn. She is the mother aspect of the trio
Artemis, goddess of the moon also the hunt, childbirth wild animals and Virginity.

Born of Zeus and the Titan Leto on the island of Delos she was born a day a head of her twin brother and then acted as midwife for her brothers birth.

Thanatos, Greek god of death.

Likely one of nyx's children he is Death himself with a capital D

Often spoken of he rarely appears in actual Greek myths.

I'm actually going to have to talk more about Morrigan again but this time it's her aspects of which there's most commonly 3.

Anu Ana or danu maiden fertility aspect heavily associated with nature and the harvest. A sacred symbol of hers is a pure white horned bull
She was also the mother of the tuatha de dananan a race of giants in Irish Celtic mythology.

She had 2 consorts belenus a sun god and beli a sea god.

Hey sweethearts it's that time again where I remind you that I'm open for tarot readings right now

Im gonna extend my opening time for an extra hour so instead of stopping at 2am GMT it's gonna be 3am GMT


Back to the aspects of the Celtic goddess Morrigan

Next up we have Badh, mother of the cauldron this is where morrigan gets her badass reputation on the battlefield and her association with crows.

Badh or badb which literally translates to crow she's also called badb catha (battle crow) she was know for causing fear and chaos on the battlefield turning the tide in the favour of her preferred side.
She would appear as a hooded crow foretelling carnage for the battle ahead
Badb would often appear screaming in human form to foretell the death of someone important in the coming battle which often gets her confused with bean-sídhe (banshee)

we also have Macha, the death crone a tuatha de dananan.

Several folk throughout irish mythology share the name Macha as a sort of name of honor.

She is the goddess who inspires bravery and quick thinking on the battlefield she is also the one who prepares the dead to move on to the afterlife.

Another aspect that is one of the big 3 of Morrigan is Neamhain the personification of battle fury she is the most animalistic of the aspects

She rarely favours one side over another in battle letting both sides fall in her wake.

She can kill 100 grown men with her battle cry
As it's Nov 1st here for me (just gone) I want to tell you about a fairy that if you should meet today has no choice but to help you.

Púcas are a shapeshifting fairy that can take the shape of animals and humans but while human will always retain some animal characteristics
Their tied heavily to the land and a successful harvest. Farmers will often leave a small offering of some of their crops for them to curry their favour.

They are truly chaotic neutral and you never know if they'll be good and bad except on Nov 1st when they have no choice but to help whoever they meet

Another scary ass celtic creature/fairy mostly common in Scotland

The kelpie, you harry potter fans out there may recognise this one from the book fantastic beasts & where to find them.

This horselike creature is so fucking creepy i love it they're found near water
at first they take the take the shape of a beautiful large friendly horse appearing to weary travellers.

Don't accept it's offer of a ride though lest you become it's next victim.

What happens next is so gross and awesome I'm gonna put a general TW out there
The Kelpie will allow you to climb them and will begin along your journey happily enough.

Things will begin to take a turn for the worse when you realise the horse isn't listening to directions anymore wether through words or touch
Then you notice it's picking up speed and you begin to panic you go to kick its side with your feet but they won't move.

It's veering towards water now and still picking up speed. You try to untangle your hands from its mane try to dive off the runaway equine
You look down because your hands won't move and as the horse makes the leap into the water your vision narrows to the fact that there isn't a mane anymore just a mass absorbing your arms and hands.

Then you're in the water never to break its surface again.

Sluagh are another creepy creature story I love.

Most often seen as large flocks of crows and associated with the Morrigan ( I keep bringing her up but she's so Excellent)

They are actually just large flocks of any bird coming from the west.
They're groups of spirits restless never able to reach the summerlands always looking for more souls to join their number

This one gives a lot of historical context to Ireland and the way hunger and famine has always been at the door.

Fear gorta (man of hunger)
He is famine personified walking around Ireland in his wake leaving hungry grass a grass that curses any who walk on it with unending hunger

He was said to have been seen a lot in 1800's in Ireland

It's that time where I remind folks that I am live for #Tarot right now and probably will be for at least another hour yet.

Last day of sale 7pm - 1 am GMT Nov 1


Bean - fionn, women dressed in white found along the edge of lakes, rivers and bogs

Trying to lure children into the murky shallows where their dragged into the depths and drowned.

Lots of drowning in Irish myths

I think I'm going to wrap this thread up I'm super tired and have been going for 8 hrs nearly.

If you have learnt anything from Me or have enjoyed this or yesterday marathon spooky threads consider donating 💜

I'm disable & this takes a lot of energy.

I'll be sticking around however for tarot readings for another 45mins

And will be back again tomorrow(Nov 1) from 8pm - 2am GMT with another spooky marathon thread and #tarotreadings sale

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