Let me explain to you why all y'all shld be very alarmed by the discussion around threats to the #14thAmendment even as it's framed as a threat solely to "non-citizens" having so called "anchor babies".
*A thread #BirthrightCitizenship
**Not a lawyer
Let me first just leave this here. #BirthrightCitizenship is already precedent but let's move on #14thAmendment…
First a brief history for those who don't know
the #14thAmendment was enacted by the reconstruction era GOP (oh yeah good ole party of Lincoln GOP) to ensure newly formerly enslaved blacks would now be citizens and granted equal protection under the law.
Many landmark SCOTUS cases reference the #14thAmendment including Plessy v Ferguson (18 May 1896)
Which is the case that enshrined separate but equal into law… #BirthrightCitizenship
Smith v. Allwright (3 April 1943) overturned the TX law that allowed the Dem Party to set all wht primaries. Ruling it unconstitutional for TX to delegate its authority for elections in order to allow discrimination. The ruling affected all states using the white primary rule.
Many cases that impact us everyday rest on the 14th Amend.
like Shelley v. Kraemer (3 May 1948)
case holding that the Equal Protection Clause prohibits racially restrictive housing covenants, and that such covenants are unenforceable in court.
Brown vs Board (17May1954)
Unlike Plessey, public school segregation based on race was found in violation of the #14thAmendment’s Equal Protection Clause.… #BirthrightCitizenship
Mapp v Ohio (19Jun1961)
SCOTUS held evidence from an unlawful search shld be excluded from Mapp's trial. Justice Clark’s maj opinion inc the 4th Amend’s protection of privacy using the Due Process Clause of the #14thAmendment #BirthrightCitizenship
Gideon v Wainwright (18Mar1963)
A unanimous SCOTUS ruled state courts are required under #14thAmendment to provide counsel in criminal cases for defendants who can't pay for attorneys, ensuring 6th amend's similar guarantee. #BirthrightCitizenship
Hernandez v. Texas 3May1954
court held that Mexican Americans & all other nationality groups in the US have equal protection under the #14thAmendment of the Constitution. This was the first case in which Mexican-American lawyers had appeared before SCOTUS.
Loving v. Virginia (12 June 1967)
struck down laws banning interracial marriage. SCOTUS ruled VA's anti-miscegenation statute violated the Due Process & Equal Protection Clause in the #14thAmendment. It is the precedent Obergefell v. Hodges rests upon
Griswold v. Connecticut (07 Jun 1965)
The Griswold decision ruled married ppl had a right to contraception counseling it rests on the court's interpretation that the #14thAmendment's right to due process inherently contains a right to privacy.
Griswold v. Connecticut which rests on the #14thAmendment is the precedent on which decisions such as Eisenstadt v. Baird (right to contraception for single ppl) and Roe v Wade (right to abortion).
Don't be fooled conversations around changing/repealing the #14thAmendment are not a singular attack. It's part of a large strategy to roll back progress. To "take the country back". Y'all better pay attention.
Immigrants are not from a singular place. While the face of white nationalist fear mongering are South American and Middle Eastern the current administration has shown they are out to remove POC from this country wholesale. #14thAmendment #BirthrightCitizenship
I'm just ever mindful of the way they craft incremental change arguments like they have around abortion.
They knew leading with fetal personhood wouldn't work so they started with a fear campaign around "women's health".
Now we're seeing personhood pop up all over.
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Bonus info!
ICYMI the GOP has been pounding on this talking point since way back when ppl rocked high top fades and carried pagers.
This shit isn't new.
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