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@RepMarkMeadows We will discuss the following article, knowing what we know now.…
@RepMarkMeadows It sure sounds like this is referring to George, and it is highly likely there are recordings. We should hear those recordings.

George wasn’t meeting with Russians, he was meeting with Western Intel assets.
@RepMarkMeadows This entire passage is incorrect.

Trump associates were intentionally targeted and there was no five eyes Intel.
@RepMarkMeadows The Observer article is also full of early Collusion propaganda, but they get the part about targeting Trump Associates right.…
@RepMarkMeadows Video of Nunes, no Five Eyes.

@RepMarkMeadows Well if there was no Five Eyes where did all this Intel come from and how did we end up with a FBI Investigation?

I give you John Brennan.
@RepMarkMeadows Brennan will now explain in more detail.
@RepMarkMeadows But hold on here, all this spying on George took place prior to July 22, 2016.

There was no Russian Collusion Narrative or FBI Investigation into Trump before July 2016, what’s going on.

Oww, there was was an FBI Investigation going on prior to July 2016, into Hillary Clinton!
@RepMarkMeadows I know, I know lots of stuff happened to George after July 2016. I’m not up to that yet.

In fact for the upcoming thread parts we are going back to 2014 & 15.
@RepMarkMeadows What happened in 2014 you ask?

Well the Worst Ever Hack Again a Fed Agency happened sometime in Oct 2014. (NYT reports Oct 14)…
@RepMarkMeadows Well, what else happened in 2014?

The White House was also hacked in Oct 14, right after the State Department and the hack came from the State Department. WOW!…
@RepMarkMeadows Here is the CNN article on the hack.…
@RepMarkMeadows Interesting video from CNBC that mentions Shaw and CrowdStrike.…
@RepMarkMeadows Another video from CNN on the hacking of the White House.…
@RepMarkMeadows Here is the NYT article about the White House being hacked. This article establishes the White House hack was DISCOVERED in October 2014.…
@RepMarkMeadows The State Dept. wouldn’t say how long it may have been hacked.…
@RepMarkMeadows You don’t have to read this entire article, I basically included this post for the one paragraph below because the next article is so crazy you need this to preference it.…
@RepMarkMeadows I will post the alternet article next but this one loads up a lot faster and doesn’t suspiciously bog down your whole computer.

The Dutch where all over this Russian hacking read this article closely.…
@RepMarkMeadows Here is the alternet article, but I’m warning you this site does suspiciously bog down your whole computer.…
@RepMarkMeadows There was lots more Russian hacking in 2015.

The Pentagon was hacked.…
@RepMarkMeadows Here is a Huge list of Hacking in 2015 from Heritage.

Most of it was Russian or Chinese.

What I’m getting at here is the Russians where running rings around the Obama Admin. hacking them all over the place.…
@RepMarkMeadows Now something else was going on in 2015.

The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal was going on.…
@RepMarkMeadows On 7/24/15 there was a dust up over what kind of referral Hillary got.

There was a joint statement made clarifying that it was not a criminal referral, it was a counter Intel referral.

“Clean up Operation”…
@RepMarkMeadows 8/4/15

The Hillary email investigation was never about a criminal process for anyone, it was a coverup operation designed to recover the classified info not contained.

This has been known from the beginning just read this article.…
@RepMarkMeadows There never was a Hillary Clinton email investigation.
Hillary was never under investigation.

This was a counter Intel probe to reign in loose Intel, that’s all it ever was.…
@RepMarkMeadows Explaining to you what is happening here is a red pill thing, I can’t just tell you. I have to show you.

The best way to “show” you why Hillary was never under investigation is to go back to the very beginning where this all started in 2013 with Guccifer, and Sidney Blumenthal
@RepMarkMeadows If you’ve ever wondered what kind of things where on Hillary’s private server, believe it or not back in 2013 we actually got a peek inside when the Romanian hacker Guccifer hacked Sidney Blumenthal’s AOL account.

What was in his emails will blow your mind.

Keep reading.
@RepMarkMeadows Sidney was “compiling scurrilous opposition research dossiers about Barack Obama”.

Yes you read that right, this article is from 2013.

Oww, keep reading it just gets better and better.…
@RepMarkMeadows A former Intel officer, sending Sidney a series of private Intel memos and Cody Shearer is in the mix.

Where have I seen this movie before?

Like I said “blow your mind”!
@RepMarkMeadows “He’s not the author of a single one of those memos. He was passing on information authored by someone else and he has no idea about the credibility or reliability of any of the sources,” Gowdy said.

Wow! Sound familiar?…
@RepMarkMeadows Here is a more complete Gawker article with lots of detail.

“Indeed, though they were sent under Blumenthal's name, the reports appear to have been gathered and prepared by Tyler Drumheller, a former chief of the CIA's clandestine service in Europe.”…
@RepMarkMeadows This is from Wikipedia, but the last paragraph does appear to be accurate

Sidney Blumenthal, Cody Shearer where have I seen this movie more recently?…
@RepMarkMeadows Blumenthal was employed by the Clinton Foundation and left wing groups while this was happening.

Hillary’s private spy network was attempting to get contracts for business’s in Libya.

They where attempting to turn their inside info into profit.…
@RepMarkMeadows Sullivan cut and paste memos sent by Blumenthal and circulated them around the State Dept.

Sound familiar?

Gowdy was able to recover up to 300 memos Sullivan sent to addresses.…
@RepMarkMeadows Feeding memos into the State Dept?

Guess who else was doing that?…

@RepMarkMeadows “The emails suggest that Mr. Blumenthal’s direct line to Mrs. Clinton circumvented the elaborate procedures established by the federal government.”

“Sloppy sourcing”

“Never pass muster”

@RepMarkMeadows Blumenthal paid $10,000 a month by the Clinton Foundation.

I wanted everyone clear he was being paid by the CF, this becomes important later.

He was also being paid by all of Brock’s organizations, not just two.…
@RepMarkMeadows Blumenthal was also being paid more than $200,000 a year by all of Brock’s organizations.…
@RepMarkMeadows I believe these are the original Guccifer emails.…
@RepMarkMeadows Now things start to get real interesting.

I’m going to start getting into why Hillary was never under investigation.

A lot of these memos aren’t fake or outlandish, they are real!

Read this article carefully. The Intel is real.…
@RepMarkMeadows That’s right it’s REAL!

Keep reading.…
@RepMarkMeadows Blumenthal sent Clinton a compilation of four NSA reports, one of them SAP about 24hrs after they dropped.

Let that sink in!

What is going on here?

Keep reading.…
@RepMarkMeadows The media tried to blame Gowdy for outing a CIA source.

The name of “Mousa Kousa,” an alternative spelling of Moussa Koussa, a former Libyan government spy chief and foreign minister.…
@RepMarkMeadows Now we are going to go back and review some of the material we have seen so far and it will start to become clear what is going on here.

We will start with the in depth Gawker article.…
@RepMarkMeadows As we read through the May 14 2011 exchange between Blumenthal and Shearer what does it look like to you?

This is a discussion about a CIA Black Opp.

That’s what it is. You just have to except it for what it is.

The larger question to me is, who is Shearer working for?
@RepMarkMeadows We know Blumenthal is working for the CF and Brock.

Who is Shearer working for and why does he need an Itemized budget?

What’s he going to do write it off on his taxes?

Itemized budget means he is accountable to some organizations or person.

Shearer has to be CIA
@RepMarkMeadows "The general" and "Grange" appears to refer to David L. Grange, who ran a secret Pentagon special operations unit”

Osprey Global Solutions has a contract with NTC to train Libyan Forces.

Wow, are you getting a strong whiff of the CIA here?
@RepMarkMeadows Grange wrote on Osprey Global letterhead to Assistant Secretary of State Andrew Shapiro, introducing Osprey as a contractor eager to provide humanitarian and other assistance in Libya.

Drumheller wrote a letter to the PM offering his services.

I will post that letter later.
@RepMarkMeadows As I’ve already mentioned source K is not Khalifa al Sherif.

Source K is ex-Libyan foreign minister Moussa Koussa (who had defected and become a source for the CIA on Libya).

Yea cause Shearer and Grange, they ain’t CIA at all.
Nothing to see here!…
@RepMarkMeadows Here is the letter Drumheller wrote to the Libyan PM.

Notice how they offer scheduled “reports”.

Notice the phrase “information unavailable to other commercial intelligence firms”.

Kind of sounds like what Blumenthal and Shearer are already doing for Hillary.
@RepMarkMeadows Have you figured out what I have been describing?

Check this out.

3/6/11 Shearer sends Blumenthal an email about Jibril says “he’s very smart” and someone should contact him.

An unknown figure?
Named head of the Int. Gov after meeting with Hillary?…
@RepMarkMeadows Jibril meets with Hillary in Paris.
U.N. force gets approved.
He gets named to head of Transition Gov.
Runs for PM and looses.…
@RepMarkMeadows Wow, this isn’t a C*A Operation at all.

Nothing to see here…
@RepMarkMeadows Blumenthal advises Hillary on talking point related to Libya.

“You must establish yourself in the historical record at this moment”

This is the intersection of politics with the secret Intel Op that was going on. We will talk about this later.…
@RepMarkMeadows In order to understand the political side of what was going on you need to read the entire email Blumenthal sent to Hillary.

** This is very important **


Read the whole email, especially the last part and what it hints at.…
@RepMarkMeadows State Dept “Global Partner”?

“The Osprey Foundation, which is a nonprofit arm of Osprey Global Solutions, is listed as one of the State Department’s “global partners” in a 2014 report from the Office of Global Partnerships.”…
@RepMarkMeadows What I have shown you is that Hillary was attempting to have Osprey Global Solutions set up as a private contractor with the State Dept.

A private contractor that is really a C*A front company run by her own “insiders” that lean hard left.
@RepMarkMeadows What the participants are doing here is operating a secret organization “within” a secret organization where they are using the resources of the Fed Gov for political purposes, and business purposes with no oversight or enforcement whatsoever.

Definition of Rigged System.
@RepMarkMeadows Now you may now be understanding why Hillary was never really under investigation, but if you don’t keep reading it just keeps getting worse and worse.

This secret organization “within” a secret organization is what you have been seeing glimpses of for the last 2 yrs.
@RepMarkMeadows Watch this video of ICIG Charles McCullough.

@RepMarkMeadows How many people did Blumenthal, Shearer and Drumheller interact with just for this one Libya Op?

How about Blumenthal being in possession of all this classified info while he was being paid by all of Brock’s organizations?

Let’s look at this.
@RepMarkMeadows For a general background on Blumenthal, Shearer and Drumheller you can read this article.

The big points on all three are they have been around for decades (Drumheller is deceased) and they all lean far left.…
@RepMarkMeadows Blumenthal 1st.

Scott Horton an adviser to GS Open Society Institute sends Blumenthal a memo containing highly classified info on Kyrgyzstan.

Scott is also a managing editor at Harper’s.

Where did Scott get this?…
@RepMarkMeadows Blumenthal uses his “insider” contacts with Media Matters to prepare talking points for Philippe Reines.

Like I said this secret organization “within” a secret organization is used to totally bypass all oversight of government activity.

This is outrageous.
@RepMarkMeadows Was Sidney Blumenthal attempting to collude with Russia? 😂

X Clinton ambassador John Kornblum sends a letter to Hillary trying to get her to support the pro Russian candidate for Pres. of Georgia.
@RepMarkMeadows I just wanted to show in the previous posts that Blumenthal has a large number of associates from both the Media/Left activism community (they are the same thing now) and former political connections built up over decades.

Let’s look at Blumenthal now.
@RepMarkMeadows ”Colleagues began to question his objectivity”

“getting too close to those he covers”

“Blumenthal talked to Hillary by telephone a couple of times a day and that London’s Daily Telegraph dubbed Blumenthal “Hillary’s own Sid Vicious.”…
@RepMarkMeadows Blumenthal was so given to harboring and hatching conspiracy theories that he was given the nickname G.K. (as in Grassy Knoll, the supposed location of the a second gunman in the JFK assassiation) by Rahm Emanuel.

ie”The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”…
@RepMarkMeadows Jonah totally nails it, it’s almost prophetic.

“An innocent idealist sets out to change the world and in the process becomes what he hates most. “He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster,” Friedrich Nietzsche.…
@RepMarkMeadows “Clinton had no choice but to run Blumenthal off the books because the Obama administration banned him.”

“Rahm Emanuel knew to keep the conspiracy-minded aide at arm’s length.”

“He urged the Clinton administration to craft a dossier”…
@RepMarkMeadows On January 1, 2016, Podesta will discuss Blumenthal with Brent Budowsky, a political commentator and longtime Clinton supporter. Podesta will write in an email, “Sid is lost in his own web of conspiracies. I pay zero attention to what he says.”…
@RepMarkMeadows This VF article is very long, but full of nuggets, needs more scrutiny.

Michelle Obama has a “Whitey tape” like Trump has a “Pee Tape”

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Senior Adviser David Axelrod—threatened to quit if Blumenthal was hired.…
@RepMarkMeadows This paragraph is very important it demonstrates that Blumenthal is aware of how damaging a major scandal like WG is to a party and it mentions Derek Shearer.

If your really into this stuff you need to read this whole article.…
@RepMarkMeadows Ok, I think I’ve given you enough info on Blumenthal to let you draw a conclusion as to who’s ideals you’ve seen sprawled across you’re TV screens for the last two years.

There are new actors in this play but you know who the director is now.

Now to Cody Shearer.
@RepMarkMeadows We are going to do Cody Shearer as audience participation to make it more fun.

1st off lets do a search on Cody Shearer to see what info we can find.

This is all Wikipedia has on him, notice how it doesn’t even list any kind of job or any real work history like a normal person
@RepMarkMeadows My life list a Los Angeles address with a previous address in D.C.

My life list work as iimcr (that’s an i not an l).

Only 1 of the articles that I’m about to post even mention what is listed as his work and it’s from 98

You’ll see why when I go into it.

(its a courtesy)
@RepMarkMeadows 11/2/98 WT David Bossie article, look what is says.

(As Newsweek reported in March, the State Department demanded that Mr. Shearer remove a page off his Institute's web-site that stated he was involved in international back-channel operations for the president.)
@RepMarkMeadows “Representing himself as an agent of the State Department”

“He claimed he was in contact not only with his brother-in-law, but also with then-secretary of state Madeleine Albright and even with President Clinton himself.”…
@RepMarkMeadows Talbott knew what Shearer was doing a year before the State Dept did and only asked him to stop after his trial ballon failed.

You see what’s happening?

But no politician was ever blamed for a failed trial ballon were they?

It was just ole Cody mess”in up.
@RepMarkMeadows “Bossie says the House Select Committee on Benghazi has been notified of Shearer’s past indiscretions in Bosnia and believes that history will prove instructive as to what he was up to in Libya — and on whose behalf.”…
@RepMarkMeadows The WT 3/19/99 John Solomon AP

Bosnian figures send Shearer threats in the mail and demand $1 million dollars for Mr. Karadzic’s family.

The State Dept IG and FBI investigates if Shearer mis represented himself.
@RepMarkMeadows The results of the IG investigation into Shearer’s actions are never released and it just sort of fell to the wayside after Clinton leaves office.

Just like the email scandal this thing is just swept under the rug, weird.…
@RepMarkMeadows During the Cheyenne Arapaho scandal he claimed to have worked on a series of back channel operations for Pres Clinton on his web site.

He later said this was false.…
@RepMarkMeadows Next, we go to a memo written to the Clinton’s by Derek Shearer, Cody’s brother, about his work on the 92 primary.

This is 1st hand stuff about Cody & Sidney and it’s a doozie.……
@RepMarkMeadows "I also began working behind-the-scenes with Cody and with Sid Blumenthal to promote your candidacy, to defend you and to attack your enemies," D. Shearer said.

D. Shearer said he worked with "Sid on his attack piece on Tsongas" and helped prepare a defense against Flowers.
@RepMarkMeadows “As you know, Cody was with you in Boston when the Flowers story broke," D. Shearer said. "I spoke almost everyday of the campaign with Cody, and with Sid, as well as with Susan T. [Thomases], to work on defense tactics on this issue."
@RepMarkMeadows "I was very successfull [sic] in working with Cody and Sid on the Perot problem,"

Derek writes a whole paragraph about how they took Perot out with a story about him being ant-Semitic and the story never got traced back to them, read it below.…
@RepMarkMeadows ”Cody was very successful at scaring off some of the Bush Campaign’s potential attacks on you because of the material he had on Bush” It was kind of a Mexican stand off.”…
@RepMarkMeadows When you read this I want you to pay attention to the students that are at Cody’s house and the fact that Tapper gets the name of Cody’s organization wrong on purpose.

2 of Cody’s “recruits” Ahum , I mean.. students were present when this happened.…
@RepMarkMeadows Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution is a Washington DC based, Non-Profit, 501(c)(3). Started in 1995 by our man Cody.

It has trained over 1000 people from over 50 country’s.
@RepMarkMeadows Read what schools are involved in this.

They do simulation’s of conflict resolution?

No, what they are doing is an open wide ranging interview with top students from all over the world and the students don’t even realize it.
@RepMarkMeadows look at this, sounds great like the Peace Corps of the C*A.

If you’re really good you get to go The Hague and join the World Wide Hydra of the Left.

If this one ain’t clear enough for you wait till you read the one from 1996 that’s coming up next.…
@RepMarkMeadows opportunity to meet with world leaders and internationally-known diplomats.

Goal of the International Student Symposium of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution is to provide experience on international business, law and affairs for future world leaders.…
@RepMarkMeadows “Students attending this program will have their lives shaped dramatically for the better — in what they learn, who they meet, and the doors that will be opened for them.”…
@RepMarkMeadows who are self-starters interested in becoming involved in business and politics on the international scene.

instructed by professionals who train the Dutch Diplomatic core, as well as many other diplomatic organizations located throughout the world.…
@RepMarkMeadows IIMCR was responsible for helping to secure the release of several westerners in Bosnia from the hands of the Serbs. Currently, the institute is helping in negotiations between the Israelis and the Syrians.…
@RepMarkMeadows I think the organization that was mentioned in the Salon article by Tapper was a local program ran out of George Washington, I found a reference to it but nothing solid.

The fact that it’s so hard to find any info on Cody at all is a red flag in itself.
@RepMarkMeadows This is the ONLY thing I could find that actually mentions his non-profit and it’s from VOA, (another red flag).

You’ve never heard of his non-profit on purpose.
You’re not suppose to know about it.…
@RepMarkMeadows Now if we go back to the 3/6/11 email you can see what is going on now.

Cody has his own World Wide network of contacts and the perfect cover to be speaking/dealing with them.

He used his contacts and his cover to find this Jibril guy for Hillary.…
@RepMarkMeadows In this letter Gowdy wrote to Cummings 10/7/15.

According to Gowdy, Hillary took steps to hide from Sullivan that some of this information came from Shearer.

So Hillary wouldn’t even tell Sullivan that Shearer had a World Wide network of contacts.…
@RepMarkMeadows If we look at this email we can see that Cody is apparently in close proximity to the Libyan source “Moin”, in fact he is so close Moin May be able to see his emails.

This tells us that Cody is with the rebels doing on the ground diplomacy with them.
@RepMarkMeadows This leads me to believe Cody’s previous claims he made about his work in Bosnia and Syrian-Israeli negotiations are true.

You just read emails about him doing this type of work in Libya yourself.

By the way Grange commanded the 1st Inf Div that was in Bosnia.
@RepMarkMeadows like I said Cody had a World Wide network of contacts.

He may have learned of Jibril from Bernard-Henri Lévy.

Lévy made an appearance with Jibril the day before he sent the email to Hillary.…
@RepMarkMeadows Our secret group of “insiders” operating with no oversight or accountability to anyone are not operating rouge, they are in fact carrying out BO’s foreign policy.

Arming the rebels was openly discussed in the press at the time, it was an open secret.…
@RepMarkMeadows Like I said this was no secret, the gang of 8 was briefed on it.

Anyone coming out now and acting like they are “shocked” this was going on is just being disingenuous.

Our group of “insiders” were right in the middle of all of this.…
@RepMarkMeadows Here is a video of Wolf Blitzer knowing all about the Libyan rebels being armed.

@RepMarkMeadows Ok now that everybody knows that everybody knew about the Libyan rebels being armed we are going to talk about Marc Turin.

look at how they stole his ideal about how to arm the rebels, and then put him out of business so he couldn’t compete with them.…
@RepMarkMeadows Fox did two good videos on this situation with Turin.

They held these charges over his head till right up to the election to keep him from talking about it. Jeesh!

Here is part 1.

The Arming of Benghazi Part 1…
@RepMarkMeadows Here is part two of that video from Fox.

The Arming of Benghazi Part 2…
@RepMarkMeadows Here is Sidney Blumenthal on CNBC talking about email investigation and Libya.

Notice he says he didn’t have any contracts or make any investments. No one made a penny.

He didn’t say if he was being paid a salary by Drumheller.…
@RepMarkMeadows Q:If you get a finders fee on a $200 million dollar arms deal what’s that come out to be?…
@RepMarkMeadows Like I said our group of “insiders” was just carrying out BO’s foreign policy, for an overview of that policy you can read the following links.

It takes a lot of infrastructure to move all those weapons.……
@RepMarkMeadows I’ll talk about the classified info later right now I want to get on a different subject.

The most disturbing thing that these emails from Hillary’s server reveals is just how coordinated and widespread the World Wide globalist left actually is.

Gowdy noticed this too.
@RepMarkMeadows You’ve got Cody Shearer working for Drumheller’s company that is contracted with the State Dept to work with the C*A in Libya and Syria.

He is awash in classified info from no telling how many sources.

He is doing pre diplomacy for Hillary, arranging meetings for her.
@RepMarkMeadows Cody and Drumheller are negotiating with an x Delta Gen to take the foreign minister of Libya who defected to the CIA on a trip to Tunisia.

I mean, wow this is mind blowing stuff.

Drumheller is offering to sell the Pres of Libya the same classified info he is giving Hillary.
@RepMarkMeadows Sidney Blumenthal is working for the CF and all of David Brock’s organizations which include at least one Super PAC at the same time he is advising Hillary while she is Sec State. He even directing Media Matters to attack her political opponents during the Benghazi hearings.
@RepMarkMeadows Sidney also appears to be a hub of leftist activity on a world wide scale including trafficking in highly classified information.

His testimony to the Benghazi Committee was never released by an interesting Newsweek article was written about it.…
@RepMarkMeadows You have read through a good bit of this article before you get to the good part.

It was eight hours before anyone even asked about the assault?

What was he being questioned about?

He was being questioned about his connections.…
@RepMarkMeadows You have to remember this article was written from the leftist point of view to attack the Benghazi hearings and can’t really be put into context unless you are familiar with the emails and the Russian Collusion Hoax.

Gowdy is going after his connections.
@RepMarkMeadows 50 Q on the Clinton Foundation.
45 Q on David Brock & MM
160 Q on contacts & relationship with Clinton’s…
@RepMarkMeadows Here is Adam Schiff on Blumenthal’s questions.

This area of questioning makes perfect sense knowing what we know now.

@RepMarkMeadows Here is Gowdy on with Bill Hemmer, you have to wait till the end but Gowdy asked him questions all the way back to the 2008 primary.

@RepMarkMeadows Why is Gowdy asking all these questions?

Because what he found when he started looking at all these emails is a ton of illegal activity, that the public was never suppose to see.
@RepMarkMeadows Again a ton of illegal activity we where never suppose to see.…
@RepMarkMeadows Nobody seems to remember anything about Osprey Global I wonder why?…
@RepMarkMeadows Oww, and what about classified info.…
@RepMarkMeadows Here is current acting AG Whitaker on the Blaze with Dana.

@RepMarkMeadows Teneo, what’s that?

Read this before you watch the video in the next tweet.

Let’s get into the Clinton Foundation.…
@RepMarkMeadows Now watch this video.

The Clintons raked in millions.

@RepMarkMeadows The CF got from $54 mil to $141mil from countries and corporations involved in arms deals.…
@RepMarkMeadows Now I’m going to analyze what is going on here.

What you are seeing manifested here is the foreign policy of the World Wide left manifested thru Hillary Clinton.

Strobe Talbott the former Deputy Sec of State under Bill and Head of Brooking from 2002 to 2017 is the one ..
@RepMarkMeadows .. who is actually formulating the foreign policy in Libya and Syria we have been going over.

Don’t believe me, fine you can believe your own lying eyes.

Read the following from Brookings.…
@RepMarkMeadows That’s not all.

Read the following, It’s a who’s who of leftist organizations

I’m not making this stuff up folks, that’s what’s scary....…
@RepMarkMeadows Here is more of the NWO and their connection to Syria.

This is bigger than just Hillary.

Hillary just kept the Sec of State seat warm for these NWO types.

I’m back on Hillary hard next.…
@RepMarkMeadows How warm did Hillary keep that Sec of State seat? Very warm indeed.

Obama brought in Holbrooke and Mitchell to do her job while she emailed Sidney (who was also doing her job)all day on her blackberry.

Hillary is/was a joke.…
@RepMarkMeadows Just how big a joke is Hillary? Keep reading and I’ll tell you.

Much has been said about Hillary’s emails, but did anyone ever explain or tell you what kind of email setup she actually had? Well I’m about to because it is really relevant.
@RepMarkMeadows You’ve got to read this article yourself, there is no way this computer wasn’t hacked.

This is another of those things you are not suppose to know, that’s why it is never discussed.

Like I said Hillary is a joke.…
@RepMarkMeadows Those of you that know computers well know there was no way this computer wasn’t hacked.

I’m just making it clear for everyone.…
@RepMarkMeadows Morrell talks Hillary’s Server.

I’m just making this clear for everyone.…
@RepMarkMeadows So Hillary is an Idiot who has a team of people doing her job for her, and she has a private server that she uses to keep in contact with all her globalist leftist friends while they reshape the Middle East in the image of the NWO.

The globalist leftist network that Hillary ...
@RepMarkMeadows ..Sidney, Cody and Drumheller are all a part of operates in the shadows and we were never suppose to know about it.
(It’s the same network that attempted to take out Trump that’s why I spent lots of time on it).
The cover it operates under allows team globalist to operate ..
@RepMarkMeadows .. in secret while Hillary puts on a show of being Sec of State.

Setting up the private server was Hillary’s decision and Hillary’s alone, if any 3 letter acronym had set it up for her it wouldn’t have been the joke setup we went over earlier.

The main problem with this ..
@RepMarkMeadows .. server wasn’t the pay for play or highly conflicted insider deals or illegal lobbying, no it was the trove of classified info that was to much of a magnet for foreign Intel Services to resist.…
@RepMarkMeadows Now, I want you to stay with me, I’m going to make an argument at the end of this your going to LOVE.

I’m not saying the CF or U1 isn’t that bad, in fact I’m going to make an argument that there is no argument to defend not FULLY investigating all these things.
@RepMarkMeadows Watch Louie Gohmert ask Strzok about his meeting with Rucker. Strzok remembers they had a meeting but just can’t remember what it was about.

@RepMarkMeadows This is the most important video I have found so far in the Russian Collusion Hoax.

It contains bombshell after bombshell if you know what your looking at, I will do a whole thread on this one video next week but for now I want you to listen to the end.

@RepMarkMeadows The CIA was spying on congressional staffs communications with whistleblowers and covered it up for 4yrs.

What were they trying to hide?…

John Reidy worked on the internet based platform the CIA used to communicate with and tried to warn about problems with it but management got rid of him and never did anything about it.

You can read his appeal here.
@RepMarkMeadows Around 30 assets lost their life because of “botched” system.…
@RepMarkMeadows The CIA imported the system from the Middle East operations.…
@RepMarkMeadows From 2009 to 2013, what was going on in that time frame?

That sounds real familiar, have we been going over something that happened in that time frame?…
@RepMarkMeadows By 2010, Iran had began to identify CIA agents and by 2011 had rolled up the CIA network in Iran.

Were China and Iran working together?

Remember,Team Hillary was fighting a proxy war with Iran at this time.
@RepMarkMeadows Let’s go over what we know from the small sample of email that where on Hillary’s sever that are public.

1. We know the names of CIA personal were on her server.

2. We know addresses to social media accounts of assets went through her server.…
@RepMarkMeadows The technique described in the yahoo article to use google to find out who the CIA assets where would be a lot easier if you had some names and social media info supplied by Hillary’s server.…
@RepMarkMeadows In fact this is exactly what the Iranians did as reported in this NYT article dated 11/24/15.…
@RepMarkMeadows Now, there is another set of possibilities that make perfect sense.

Everyone always wondered where Drumheller got his intelligence from.

He sent Blumenthal a compilation of 4 different NSA reports 24hrs after they dropped.

I think we know now.…
@RepMarkMeadows Lets look at Reidy’s explanation of how the CIA’s system worked.

Read his account below.

Now compare this to what Drumheller was doing, and to what Cody was doing.

Especially the program called “atmospherics”.
@RepMarkMeadows Now, I’m going to bring up a couple of interesting points that most people don’t know, that tie in to what I just eluded to above.

1- Drumheller & Blumenthal worked “on” Hillary’s 2008 Campaign.…
@RepMarkMeadows Blumenthal was not paid by the campaign, he was an “adviser”.

In other words Blumenthal did not officially work for Hillary’s 2008 Campaign, I’m going to assume the same for Drumheller.…
@RepMarkMeadows Philippe Reines says he has never heard of Cody Shearer.…

Gowdy says Hillary took steps to hide from Jake Sullivan the fact that she was getting emails from Cody Shearer.…
@RepMarkMeadows Hillary wants to hire Sid Blumenthal to work at the State Dept with her, but did not hire him to work on her campaign? Does that make any sense to you?

Jake Sullivan once asked Hillary where Sid gets his info.
She replied; Former US Intel with continuing contacts.
@RepMarkMeadows Who does this kind of work?
Would a CIA contractor do this kind of work?

In this email Cody describes the result of his conversation with a person who he contacted off a list of people given to him by a known CIA asset who defected to the U.K., the x foreign minister of Libya.
@RepMarkMeadows I think it’s pretty clear at least who some of the continuing contacts are at this point.

If you have been following the Russian Collusion Hoax then you are aware of private contractors and their use of the NSA Database to unmask and spy on people.

It’s also pretty clear ...
@RepMarkMeadows ...that Drumheller’s company has some kind of contract with the State Dept. most likely to use these Intel databases and coms systems even the one Reidy worked on.

You have to remember Cody has been doing this recruitment work since the 1990’s, even before he started his...
@RepMarkMeadows ..his non profit he was doing it locally at George Washington with foreign students.

There is no reason to think Cody would not also be involved in the cyber recruitment side of things.

This CIA coms system actually explains a lot and makes lots of sense.
@RepMarkMeadows Here is an email sent by Cody to announce his non profit visiting Cape Town, Cyprus and Prague in 2005-06.

Does this sound a lot like what is reported in the Yahoo article?
@RepMarkMeadows Here is an email Cody sent to Blumenthal on 1/17/2013, it is an attachment marked itinerary for D that Cody says is classified.

This would be the itinerary for a Deputy Director.

Thanks to Reidy I think we know where Cody got it.
@RepMarkMeadows Now if we look at the Daily Caller article on Hillarys server it says a couple of real important things.

1. It says the server was hacked through out her term.
2. Virtually all of her emails were forwarded.
3. ICIG found the anomaly pretty early in 2015…
@RepMarkMeadows Why are these things I just listed important?

Because Hillarys server wasn’t hacked in 2009, it was hacked in 2008!

The FBI has known what I am about to tell you since Cooper told them where Pagliano got the parts to put her server setup together with and NO ONE ever told you..
@RepMarkMeadows .. what I’m about to tell you.

Pagliano got the equipment to put Hillarys email setup together from her Arlington VA headquarters.…
@RepMarkMeadows During the 2008 election cycle both the McCain and Obama Campaigns were hacked by the Chinese.

It was an infection chain that replicated itself throughout the Obama Campaign’s computer system.…
@RepMarkMeadows John McCain writes a letter to the Pres of Taiwan in July of 2008 he never sends it and leaves it on his computer.

He gets approached by Chinese officials that criticize him about the planned military expansion mentioned in the letter he never sent.…
@RepMarkMeadows Hillary suspended her campaign on 6/7/2008, who knows how long the server equipment was kept up and running after that.

John McCain writes a letter to the Pres of Taiwan on 7/25/2008 that Chinese officials approach him about.


@RepMarkMeadows Hillary’s server is the nexus point between two different networks.

Network #1 is the CIA com system thru Cody/Drumheller.

Network #2 is the leftist/globalist thru Blumenthal.

The Chinese/Iranians/Russians would have been able to map out and compromise both networks.
@RepMarkMeadows As far as the CIA network being compromised
Reidy states that he started to hear of catastrophic failures in upwards of 70% of our operations (plural) throughout 2010.

The nightmare scenario he warned of.…
@RepMarkMeadows As far as the Blumenthal/Clinton side of things being compromised you can bet they got everything that Blumenthal and both Clintons were up to.

Remember Bill did all his business on this server too.…
@RepMarkMeadows To get some ideal of what kind of information was going through Hillary’s server you can check out the following links.……
@RepMarkMeadows Now remember that IG report where it not only said Hillary was never under investigation but that she also communicated with 13 other top officials on her server.

Well this is another of those things they never told you, the Chinese noticed that too.…
@RepMarkMeadows That’s right China hacked the private email of “many” top Obama Admin Officials and have been doing so since at least April 2010.

The private emails of all top national security and trade officials were targeted.…
@RepMarkMeadows Are you starting to see what is going on here?

China didn’t just hack Hillary’s server, they hacked the whole corrupt deep state and their dealings with the Clintons and Blumenthal.

This is just the 1st wave of hacking folks, it ends in 2013 and another starts in 2014.
@RepMarkMeadows Now match up the thread above from @GOPPollAnalyst with this email from Strzok where he admits Clinton staffers were hacked, then add in the warning google sent out in 2011 and you can see they know China was responsible.……
@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst Strzok not only did nothing when informed Hillary’s server was hacked, he had overwhelmingly evidence she was guilty thrown in his lap and did nothing with it.

Read this article.…

@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst Now we will take a look at this tweet from @GOPPollAnalyst

This Indicates Obama and Hillary must have communicated a lot more than previously reported.

Also notice the date of the production request Oct 27, 2015 or LATE 2015.

@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst You can read Andy McCarthy’s article about Obama and Hillary’s emails and I think he’s got some good points but that’s not the only reason Strzok never did anything.

This is a much bigger problem than that.…

@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst Chapter 2 - China hacks the whole corrupt deep state.

In order for me to “red-pill” you again we are going to square up the following articles.…………
@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst The dates in the yahoo article are wrong.

This did not start in Iran, it started in China in mid Dec 2009

As per google this started mid Dec 2009.

It became known as Aurora…
@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst As per both the Yahoo article and the Foreignpolicy article the Chinese broke thu the firewall of the temp com system to the main system.

This appears to be the event that happened to google Dec 2009.

In Mar 2010 google threatened to pull out of China.…
@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst You can read the following thread about Aurora, and read the article about the Stanford student being “hacked”.

Read the article because she wasn’t really “hacked”, China had the black door password.

@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst That’s right, China had the back door password or system access. (Whatever you want to call it)

Keep reading.…
@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst The Chinese may have used a zero day exploit on the initial attack on google.

But, like the previous article about the Stanford student states there was no malware on her computer. (They had the back door key by then)…
@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst Ok here you go, we start the good stuff.

The Chinese broke thru the firewall and got into the database and were able to get info on FISA warrants of Gmail holders.

(This is just what their telling us publicly, more later).…
@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst There was a months long dispute between google and the FBI and the Justice Dept.

(Because the agents didn’t have clearance to investigate)…
@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst “Bureau officials told FBI Director Robert Mueller III, who briefed President Barack Obama”.

Robert Mueller, that’s weird.…
@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst Let’s review: The Chinese break thru the CIA’s firewall and roll up the entire CIA network in China.

They also get the FISA info on all Gmail users in the USA to see who is suspected of being a Chinese agent or any other agent.

The admission that they got American FISA info ..
@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst .. is big as this could only come from American servers.

This means as per the Foreignpolicy article it is more than likely they accessed the CIA database itself which is what I have suspected all along. (I suspect this but don’t know)…
@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst The FBI never opens a public investigation into the google hack but enters into a “formal information sharing” relationship with the NSA.

By the way everyone needs to read the link below it explains a lot, I’m serious read the whole thing.…
@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst Now check this out.

“Department of Defense and national security systems customers”

Can you just imagine what their not telling us?

Once you go to this page below click the link for the next page, it’s a two part page.
@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst So China breaks thru the firewall of google/CIA and gets into the CIA database for a time before they are finally kicked out.

What do they do with that info?…
@RepMarkMeadows @GOPPollAnalyst Justice just put this out, but you know what they are not telling you now.

You can also read this article by Yahoo.…

Justice Department Announces Indictment Of 2 Chinese Hackers | NBC News via @YouTube
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