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You Agree 🇺🇸 Needs #VoterID for U.S. CITIZENS & stop Democrats from committing #VoterFraud

We Believe Only American Citizens Should Vote In American Elections

Democrats Need "Foreign Interference" From Illegals & Dead People get elected

News Analysis 🔎 | "Following the elections, @POTUS Trump called for investigation of #VoterFraud. His call was met with massive #Resistance"

Do we Need #VoterID's ?
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Media will Lie to Public like they did against @realDonaldTrump in
2016 Election polls

The United States of America Midterms #Election2018

#WalkAway from #VoterFraud
Democrats Dont want #VoterID & denied over & over again that illegal immigrants vote in our elections

San Francisco paid $6,326 per person to register NON-citizens as voters, Breaking the LAW!

Democrats Can't win elections without ILLEGAL #voterFraud
(2) San Francisco spent $310,000 on new registration system aimed at getting non-citizens to cast votes in school board elections
The program resulted in 49 new voters, which turned out to cost city $6,326 each. The paper called the effort “pretty much a bust the first time out.”
(3) Local officials suggest residents who might otherwise consider registering are worried Trump administration @ICEgov would learn their identities.
The voters are only able to vote in school board race. John Arntz, city elections chief, in San francisco. #VoterFraud
(4)Robin Hvidston, executive director of We the People Rising, group that calls for tougher immigration enforcement, told LA Times that program could ultimately backfire with those who take moderate stance on immigration.
San Francisco is not the f1st place committing #VoterFraud
(5) In Massachusetts, cities of Amherst, Cambridge, Newton & Brookline have allow noncitizen voting, but they cannot implement them because they need approval of state lawmakers, Ron Hayduk, professor of political science at San Francisco StateU who studies noncitizen voting laws
(6)The Times said the San Francisco Unified School District does not have exact numbers on how many students in its system are noncitizens. The report, citing the district’s website, said 29 percent of its 54,063 students are English-language learners.
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The TRUTH about Birthright Citizenship: A Fundamental Misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment that Media fail to come clean about

You ONLY have U.S. Constitutional Rights if you are a LEGAL U.S. Citizen
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(1)whats Citizenship status of children of illegal aliens? That question has spurred debate over the 14th Amendment, with news that several states—like Pennsylvania, Arizona, Oklahoma, Georgia, & South Carolina—may launch efforts to deny automatic citizenship to such children
(2) Critics claim that anyone born in the United States is automatically a U.S. citizen, even if their parents are here illegally. But that ignores text & legislative history of the 14th Amendment, which was ratified in 1868 to extend citizenship to freed slaves & their children
3) 14th AM doesn’t say all persons born in U.S. are citizens. It says “all persons born or naturalized in U.S. & subject to jurisdiction thereof” are citizens. That 2nd critical, conditional phrase is conveniently ignored or misinterpreted by advocates of “birthright” citizenship
(4) Critics erroneously believe that anyone present in the United States has “subjected” himself “to the jurisdiction” of the United States, which would extend citizenship to the children of tourists, diplomats, & illegal aliens alike.
NO U.S. Citizenship, No Rights as a Citizen
(5) But that is not what that qualifying phrase means. Its original meaning refers to the political allegiance of an individual & the jurisdiction that a foreign government has over that individual.

You ONLY have U.S. Constitutional Rights if you are a LEGAL U.S. Citizen
(6) The Fact that a tourist or illegal alien is subject to our laws & our courts if they violate our laws does not place them within the political “jurisdiction” of the United States as that phrase was defined by the framers of the 14th Amendment.
(7) This 14th Amendment’s language was derived from the 1866 Civil Rights Act, which provided that “[a]ll persons born in the United States, and not subject to any foreign power” would be considered citizens.

Illegal alien migrants not applicable & not granted U.S. Citizenship
(8) Sen. Lyman Trumbull, a key figure in the adoption of the 14th Amendment, said that “subject to the jurisdiction” of the U.S. included not owing allegiance to any other country.

You ONLY have U.S. Constitutional Rights if you are a LEGAL U.S. Citizen
Stop #VoterFraud
(9)John Eastman said “the distinction between partial territorial jurisdiction, which subjects all who are present within territory of sovereign to jurisdiction of that sovereign’s laws & complete political jurisdiction, which requires allegiance to sovereign as well”
(10) Slaughter-House cases 1872, Supreme Court stated “children of ministers, consuls & citizens or subjects of foreign States born in United States” in 1884 in Elk vs. Wilkins, when citizenship was denied to American Indian “owed immediate allegiance to” his tribe & not U.S.
(11)American Indians & children did not become citizens until Congress passed Indian Citizenship Act of 1924. Would be no need to pass legislation if 14th Amendment extended citizenship to everybody born in U.S., no matter circumstances of their birth & no matter who parents are
(12) U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark,1898 case cited by “birthright” supporters due to its overbroad language, court only held that child born of lawful, permanent residents was U.S. citizen. Far cry from saying a child born of individuals who are here illegally are considered U.S. citizens
(13) Of course, the judges in that case were strongly influenced by the fact that there were discriminatory laws in place at that time that restricted Chinese immigration, a situation that does not exist today.

Now illegal Immigrants are used to commit DEMs #VoterFraud scheme
(14)Court’s interpretation of 14th Amendment as extending to children of legal, noncitizens was incorrect, according to text & legislative history of amendment. But even under that holding, citizenship was not extended to children of illegal aliens—only permanent, legal residents
(15) Wrong to claim that children born of parents temporarily in U.S. as students or tourists are U.S. citizens: They do not meet 14th Amendment’s jurisdictional allegiance obligations. They are, in fact, subject to political jurisdiction & allegiance of country of their parents
(16) The same applies to the children of illegal aliens immigrants because children born in the United States to foreign citizens are citizens of their parents’ home country & do not have "Allegiances" to the United States of America & do NOT have the Rights of U.S. Citizens
(17) United States of America Federal law offers them no help either. U.S. immigration law (8 U.S.C. § 1401) simply repeats the language of the 14th Amendment, including the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction thereof.”

No Citizenship NO Right to Vote #VoterFraud
(18) The State Dept has erroneously interpreted that statute to provide passports to anyone born in United States, regardless of whether their parents are here illegally & regardless of whether applicant meets requirement of being “subject to the jurisdiction” of the U.S.
(19) U.S. are only 1 of small number of countries that provides birthright citizenship & do so based not upon requirements of federal law or Constitution, but upon erroneous executive interpretation. Congress should clarify original meaning of 14th Amendment
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