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Good evening folks!

We're about to begin the last day of #Halloween #sale on #tarotreading

DM for more details
Again like the previous two days I will be doing a marathon #spooky thread here while waiting for customers.

This time I would love it if people could ask some witchy, pagan or otherwise magicky questions here and I'll do my best to answer or sign post to resources

I'll begin tonight's thread by saying happy #NaNoWriMo18 friends this thread is my writing for the day because I'm a rebel and I'm not writing a novel.

But enough of that.

I've got rocky horror picture show live @ London's playhouse theatre hosted by Mel Giedroyc on let's go!
I'd like to talk about a type of meditation/divination method I enjoy. It's not for everyone.

Essentially, block out all of your senses as best you can I use blindfold & earplugs then I set an alarm for 15min with vibrate lay it on my leg

Then I let mind wander.
After the 15 mins is over I make a note of the feelings and thoughts that came up for folks who don't have aphantasia like me make a note of the images you saw too.

After writing it down you can interpret using whatever imagery or symbolism systems you ascribe to.

Side note I've turned RHS off
Tw nazis

The audience was Hella enthusiastic at shouting nazi slogans at the mention of Dr Scott and the creator was there and I dislike him and the other criminologist (another famous person with dangerous and discriminatory opinions)

Okay now that I've found something else to watch (fraggle rock for those that are interested)

Let's get back on with some of my other favourite styles of divination.

Mirror gazing is a simple and effective tool. All you need is a mirror a candle and some privacy in darkness
Place the mirror so that you can see not only yourself but a largeish amount of empty space behind you.

light the candle place it near the mirror so that you can see it in the mirror.

Then turn the lights off so that the empty space behind you is darkness.

Peer into the darkness and let your mind wander pay attention to shapes and colours or images that appear to you from the darkness.

Again about 15 mins is enough

Make notes and interpret.

Hey lovely folks it's that time of the evening where I remind you that I'm offering #tarotreading for the next 5hrs

And it's the final day of my opening sale today so come check it out!

#tarot #Halloween #sale

Next I'm listing some of my favourite incense scents

These all have nocturnal/lunar connotations for the spoopy aesthetic

Nocturnal connotations

Dragon's blood

Lunar scents

Poppy seed

Next let's talk about colours of the spooky season and associations they have.

black (MVP of the season): divination, banishing, absorbing negative energies from a situation person place etc. Protection and binding.
Consider taking something black into stressful situations to absorb some of the stress and negative energies for you

Orange: attraction and encouragement work, creativity, self-expression

Consider lighting an orange candle and meditating to help with writers block

Purple: historically associated with royalty it's no surprise that the connotations of power and ambition still remain a long with ties to opening lines of communication.

Wear a purple piece of jewellery to an important business meeting that needs to go smoothly.
Green: finances, abundance of all kinds from nature, platonic love, forgiveness, compassion and empathy

Consider a gift of something green to help patch up an argument between friends.
Hey folks reminder that tonight's thread is slightly different read link for details

It's also that time to remind you that I offer #tarotreading right now and for the next 4hrs and it's the last day of my opening #Halloween sale.

Next I think I'm going to dive into general folklore and spookiness starting with some ways to stop a vampire or slow down a vampire.

TW violence and death in the following tweets
Put a clove of garlic, a Stone or a lemon in its mouth
Drive a nail through its head.
Cut its heart out and slice it in half
Give it a sock with a loose thread(they are compelled to unravel it)
Take away and burn it's shroud
Bury it face down underneath a stream
I'm enjoying vampires so let's continue with some interesting vampires from around the world

Russia: upierczi, vampires from dead witches or heretics that had an aura of energy draining essentially. The field was so strong it could dry the dew off of plants.

Portugal: Bruxsa, a shape shifting vampire with a penchant for children's blood.

Because of their ability to take an animals shape the often get confused with lobishmen a type of portugese werewolf.

Ghana(generally west Africa too): asanbosam, a vampire that attacks it's vitcims from above hiding in trees and dripping down in its victims with its iron teeth and iron hooks for feet.

Romania: Nosferat, made when the illegitimate child of 2 illegitimate parents dies.

They are known for seducing victims and only draining a small amount of blood from each

it was thought if a man has sex with one he would become impotent and a woman would become infertile.
Crete and rhodes: catacano, a smiling laughing handsome vampire that because of its charming nature easily wins the trust of humans making it prone to cockiness and arrogance.

It has a unique as hell & gross way to turn others.

Spit up regurgitated blood on people turns them
I'm going on break for some food I will be back soon #Halloween
Okay I'm back and as I was gone so long I'll extend my time till 3am for #tarotreading

Last night of the #HALLOWEEN
Opening #Sale

Here we have a wonderful fact from returning friend @macdugong

And we're back now with vampires from around the world

Bavaria: Nachehrer also has the most ridiculous nickname of Shroud eater as it's first meal in its unlife is its own shroud followed up by its own flesh & then its family

Also known for tying cows tails together
Dalmatia, Croatia: kuzlak

The vampiric poltergeist type spirit of a child who died from being weaned too soon.

It tosses pots and pans around in rages

It can be hypnotised with a branch of Hawthorne

Wales: Gwrach y rhibyn, often seen as the Welsh equivalent of a bean-sidhe (Irish banshee) she appears a as hag who foretells of disaster and death.

This being is somewhere between a fairy and a vampire because it drinks the blood of the family that she is portenting doom for.
Arabian peninsula: Algul, which roughly means "horse leech" this vampire as well as drinking horse blood lived in cemeteries drinking the blood of dead children.

Bank islands of the south Pacific: talamaur are amount the rarer living vampire.

This being can make the souls of the deceased their familiars and send it's soul out to feast on the energy remnants of souls from recently deceased corpses.

Slovakia: Nelapsi a vampire with two hearts & two souls that could kill entries herds of livestock & villages with a single look

But fear not nail it's clothes to its coffin while it's still wearing them and fill it's orifices with poppy & millet seed, you'll be safe
Persian Islamist lore: Palis this vampiric demon has a story attached that makes me giggle its name means "foot-licker" because that's how it drains your blood while you sleep, by licking the souls of your feet.

However in the story 2 sales men are travelling together and sleep foot to foot so when the Palis comes along it is confused by the man with 2 heads and no soles.

It's that time of the evening folks to remind you that there's just 2hrs left on the #Halloween opening #sale on #tarotreading

Here are some ways to protect yourself your family your livestock and your home's from the undead however and I feel it's time I dived into more about that!
Let's start with the obvious garlic it's almost universal for vampires/vampiric beings rub it everywhere on yourself and entry points of your home.

Thorns not just protection against vampires but also witches

In Romania on st Andrews eve, the most dangerous day of the year for Romanian vampires apparently. But to protect against them turn all your household items upside down for the day to confuse them.
Only respond to people who call your name 3 times because vampires only call it 2 times, that is to say nothing of answering someone who calls it once? But if you respond to the vampire congratulations you just gave it the power to kill you.

Feeling run down? Lackluster and like your energy is sapping away to nothing? Have a recently deceased relative?

Maybe they're a vampire stealing your essence but don't fret dear friend find them burn them and drink their ashes mixed with water to cure yourself.

Bread and cheese offerings where often made to appease vampires by some Slavic Rroma folk and in Transylvania wine was buried with bodies suspected of being vampires for the same reason.

Holly, Hawthorne and wild rose woods are mentioned both in general branch form and as stakes in multiple vampire myths

fishing nets are also a common theme plus other kinds of complex knotwork as it's said that vampires are compelled to untie knots should they happen upon them

Now I've given you some ways to protect yourself perhaps I should mention how to tell if a grave belongs to a vampire?

Keep an eye/ear out for these signs.

-Finger sized holes in the earth around the grave
-disturbed graves
-corpse lights(will o the wisp type beings)
-an absence of birdsong
-dogs barking at grave or refusing to enter cemetery
-horses shying away from the grave

Once you have established the grave is that of a vampire it's time to check the corpse my friend.

Do they have:
Open eyes
Ruddy complexion
Bloated body
New nails or long hair
Flexible limbs
Lack of decomposition
Blood around the coffin or tomb
Red eyes

If all these things apply you may well have a vampire (or just a weird corpse further along in decomp than you thought)

Has your cockerel recently been murdered?

It may well have been a vampire as cockerels are synonymous with the sun and so their cry harms them.
So friends for the last time tonight it's time to remind you that today is the last day of my #HALLOWEEN opening sale on #tarotreading

1hr to go folks

If you can't afford a reading fear not friends I'll be doing weekly sessions and special events.
Okay so in some Rroma lore twins had special powers over vampires but only if they were a boy and a girl twin and only then if they were born on a Saturday.
In some traditions twins also be able to see vampires in their invisible form but only if their underwear was inside out
Fire is always a sure way to rid yourself of vampires in almost all traditions as is religious symbols of all kinds and water blessed by holy folks.

As is seeds sand salt buttons anything with the ability to have many in small piles.

Vampires of all kinds can't resist having a count of things and if that doesn't work seeds like mustard and millet and poppy work well in orifices in a lot of folk lore

A variety of metals, including


Appear to be ways of protecting against vampires depending on the culture.

For the final half hour of the evening I'd like to talk a little about a favourite of mine which I talked about a little yesterday which is mythology.

It's more folklore than myth but the line is blurry.

Merrow are creatures that if you play #DnD you might be familiar with because like a.lot of early monsters they're were lifted from Celtic mythology.

They're Irish sea fairies often mixed up with mermaids
Merrow would steal sailors away to the bottom of the sea keeping them alive by magical means to be slaves for the rest of their lives

If you fight them they're likely to rip your limbs off and continue dragging you down so perhaps don't fight too hard.

Men who became obbsessed with lady merrows beauty where known for forcing the merrow to marry them by stealing their cohuleen driuth (magic caps and source of their souls)
Another Celtic being lifted by dnd was the dullahan its name roughly translates to dark man.

The Irish equivalent of the headless horseman whenever he stops riding someone will die.

It throws buckets of blood at passers-by as it whispers the name of the next to die
A strange being in Celtic mythology as well was balor ( not the blessed) this dude was king of the formorians (demons or like bad guys of Irish mythology although bad is subjective)

He had 1 eye & a giant single leg he could kill with a single look so kept his eye closed most of the time, he was kill by his son with a slingshot and when that happened his people became monsters of the sea/lakes and coast line.

So my darlings as my mother would say thats time folks

It's been a wonderful 3 days sale sharing with you all some of my favourite subjects.

Now that ive had this initial three days I've got a schedule that I will post for my usual times and prices tomorrow.

Thank you all you've been great

This has been #readingsbyroo

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