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1) This is my Q thread for November 2, 2018

Q posts can be found here:

Android apps:

My theme: Do Not Let Them DIVIDE You
2) After last posting on October 9th, Q is back on the board.
3) Heads up to those who watch General Flynn's Twitter page:
His background changed during the last 24 hours.
4) There has been speculation over whether Q went dark because he didn't want to violate the Hatch Act - a law prohibiting most members of the Executive Branch from engaging in political activities while on duty.…
5) Note that the President, the Vice-President and certain top-level officials are exempt from the Hatch Act.
If as we suspect, POTUS is part of the Q team (and perhaps Mike Pence) they could post as Q without violating the Hatch Act.
6) Yesterday, Q posted this message with links to information on the Hatch Act.

What is the intent of the MSM currently?
They want (and need) to divide us.
7) The first link is to an Office of Government Ethics page that has information on the Hatch Act.…
8) The second link is to a document from the Office of Special Counsel.
(The OSC is responsible for enforcement of the Hatch Act.)…
9) If Q is subject to the Hatch Act, would this post from October 6th, be a violation?
10) What about this one?
11) If Q is subject to the Hatch Act now, he would have been subject to it then and all posts endorsing a political party or candidate would have been in violation.

I think Q would have known if he was subject to the Hatch Act & would have acted accordingly during his mission.
12) An anon concluded that Q is not subject to and therefore has not violated the Hatch Act.
(This graphic includes a post that can be found in a tweet below.)
13) Full graphic.
14) Q asked why members of the Democrat party inquired of White House Counsel Don McGhan about whether Q violated the Hatch Act.
15) I believe @WilliPete has requested information on Q and the Hatch Act via FOIA.
16) Q wrote:
Your vote matters!
Re_read drops re: Polls
17) In August, the MSM claimed to have conducted polls showing both Q and POTUS were very unpopular.
18) An anon observed that the polls were simply an attempt to discredit them.
19) Because of the MSM's anti-Trump bias, their polls are unreliable.
You'd do well to ignore them (including election polls).
20) However, people are catching on.
This poll revealed a belief that the MSM is more responsible for division than the President.…
21) At the rally last night in Missouri, POTUS highlighted the fact that he has to go around the mainstream media to get his message out in ways no President ever has.
22) Q drew our attention to these remarks, hinting that the President was (covertly) describing his mission with Q.

Overt means of communication: Twitter & rallies
Covert: Q

The MSM knows the rallies and Q are his means to avoid their distortion, thus the attacks on Q & POTUS
23) The previous post, just after 6 pm last night, included the words: "Power shall be RETURNED to the PEOPLE."

Almost an hour and a half later, a Tweet by POTUS included the words: "returning power to YOU, the AMERICAN PEOPLE."

25) An anon found another interesting coincidence.
Exactly one year earlier, a Q post contained the words: "this assignment to bring forth peace, unity, and return power to the people."

The post was signed 4.10.20
(Assign a letter to each number and you get DJT—Donald J Trump)
26) Does it seem more likely these are coincidences or does it seem like they're planned out?
27) The same message above that was reposted on November 1, also contains the word UNITED (twice).

As he left for the rally in Missouri yesterday, POTUS tweeted this picture.

Thanks to Greg (@heaven_is_free) for catching this one.
28) Q posted a link to Time Magazine's article naming him one of the 25 most influential people on the Internet.
30) Q asked why the MSM is determined to silence him, why they falsely attributed recent events to his followers, why they want to divide the country, and whether he was given clearance to continue posting after a legal analysis.

(Links included in this post are found below.)
31) Full post with links.
32) The first article is a pathetic attempt to frighten people over the dangerous and bizarre Qanon conspiracy.

The author attempts to paint Nevada Congressional candidate Joyce Bentley as a kook for mentioning her concerns about the deep state.…
33) The President's speculation that George Soros may have helped fund the migrant caravan sent the MSM into seizures. This article is their attempt to correct the record.…
34) Speaking of George Soros and correcting the record... the next entry is from Soros' slave David Brock and Media Matters, again slamming Joyce Bentley for taking the red pill.…
35) The next article is an embarrassing op-ed poking fun at POTUS for daring to have the Supreme Court rule on birthright citizenship by issuing an executive order.

(Don't waste your time reading it. I'd like to have those 3 minutes of my life back.)…
36) This pile of hateful word vomit spews accusations at conservatives for being pipe bombers and degenerates who dare to question the mainstream media.

(You may want to pass on this one too.)…
37) Forget about the fact that the media spun this story into a week-long news cycle. The idea that someone would intentionally set up such an event for their benefit is just plain kooky.…
38) The only thing the MSM wants us to know about the synagogue shooter is that he used the "far right" social media site Gab, which is so untethered to reality it allows even anti-Semites to post their views without censorship.…
39) If you'd like to know what it's like to be a Trump hater attending a week of jam-packed rallies, check this out.

(This guy will probably get a medal from the deep state for service above and beyond the call of duty.)…
40) Gab is a social media site used mostly (though not exclusively) by conservatives whose bad language has gotten them banned from Twitter. Silicon Valley used the synagogue shooting as a reason to try shutting down Gab & silencing the non-conformists.…
41) Never wanting to miss an opportunity to use a tragedy to their advantage, this article smears POTUS and Q conveniently overlooking the fact that the synagogue shooter called Q a LARP.…
42) This article falsely states the synagogue shooter "expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy - an unsubstantiated, far-right fringe theory..." when in fact, he opposed Q.…
43) Howie Carr came to the defense of Trump when the media wanted to blame him for acts of terror.…
44) An argument for shutting down Gab and permanently censoring those pesky conservative troublemakers.…
45) More fuel for the fire. It's Gab's fault (or Trump's) for inciting these racist kooks.…
46) A splashy headline and nothing more.…
47) We're the victims and we have proof!…
48) Extremist meme artists have taken over Instagram.
Who woulda thunk it?…
49) According to the MSM, If you say anything negative about their sugar daddy George Soros, it proves you hate Jews.…
50) Sheets of mylar wrapped on a van's windows (the way no Trump supporter would ever show their support) prove the pipe-bomber was incited to kill by Trump.…
51) Another hit piece on Gab, and a false assertion that this crazy man was a Q follower.…
52) A memorial to the victims of the synagogue shooter and another smear against Gab.…
53) POTUS asserted if there would have been an armed guard inside the synagogue, things would have been different.…
54) A conservative observed the left as they blamed Trump for the synagogue shooting.…
55) A three-paragraph lamentation on the paranoia of conservatives and Q followers.…
56) Standard MSM article on the synagogue shooting.…
57) The hate is strong with this one.
(But the journalistic skills are weak.)…
58) Another argument for banning free speech platforms like gab.…
59) Yahoo wants you to know mentally unstable people use Gab and talk about Qanon.…
60) Hate speech and hate crimes.…
61) How Silicon Valley turned a tragedy into an opportunity to control the public narrative.…
62) The usual (weak) effort from @HuffPost…
63) Despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, Trump doesn't trust George Soros, former Fed Chair Janet Yellen or Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein therefore, he is anti-Semitic.…
64) What we know is that a suspected killer uses Gab and talks about Qanon.…
65) What high school girls need to know about mean conservatives.…
66) Controlling the narrative and censoring free speech are what really matter.…
67) It's Drumpf's fault.…
Q wrote:
Attempts to label all those who challenge their narrative as 'racists' 'white supremacists' will fail [predictable].
69) Time to shift gears and talk about memes.

Q has been encouraging us to learn how to use memes.
70) An anon thought it odd that the CEO of Twitter would ask if anyone knew of an app that could convert text images (memes) to written text.
71) If used correctly, memes can evade Twitter's Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
72) Artificial Intelligence algorithms are used to censor us.
73) An anon found hope in Jack's Tweet.
74) Q reposted a previous drop about Artificial Intelligence and memes, saying Social Media platforms are frantically working on a way to read memes so they can further censor us.

"Fire when ready" is Q's way of encouraging us to engage in meme warfare.
75) I would post my previous thread on memes (it contained no text—just memes) but Twitter got so pissed off when I posted it, they chopped it up into individual tweets so it's not available as a thread.

Here's the video.
75) Why does the MSM insist Trump is a racist when they never said that before he ran for POTUS?
76) Why does the MSM ignore history?
78) Q posted a link to a detailed analysis of the 2016 election and suggested there are interesting voting patterns correlating with high illegal immigrant areas.

79) @TheGreatStorm did find an interesting pattern.
Areas with high Illegal immigrant populations just happen to correspond well with Democrat strongholds.
81) Q posted a link to a tweet by the Senate Judiciary account.
82) Chuck Grassley announced that Judy Munro-Leighton, has been referred for prosecution concerning false statements she made about Brett Kavanaugh.

83) Munro-Leighton admitted she made up a story up about Judge Kavanaugh raping her and confessed she had never met him.

84) @LisaMei62 pointed out that the President said Dems really want illegal aliens for their votes.

85) Q added that illegal aliens like MS 13 (and other gangs) are used as disposable assets for criminal enterprises like assassinations (wet works).
86) Q also posted a link to a video shared by @RepMattGaetz showing a man handing out money to people in Honduras who were joining the migrant caravan headed toward the US.

Note the man has a gun.
87) On November 2nd, Q encouraged us to use memes to go around Twitter and Facebook's censorship algorithms.
88) On November 2nd, the President posted this meme.

89) Follow the leader.
111) Q says:
[RR] Rod Rosenstein's days are numbered.
FISA declass authorized - waiting on Horowitz for timing
Deep state hoped to lock up evidence of their corruption in Mueller probe.
Mueller gave hope Trump would be removed.
Stealth Bomber (Session + Huber) will bring justice
112) While the left calls Trump a racist, Hillary says how she really feels about black and the media ignores her comments. Her admiration for former KKK member Robert Byrd is also ignored.
115) Q points out that the D party can't raise enough money so they worked out a scheme to get help.

Taxpayers fund Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood funds Democrat political candidates with your money.
117) We have a VIP Patriot sighting at the rally tonight.
118) Thank you for supporting our President, @ABOwarrior!
119) Q posted several links including one to a hit piece by the C_IA's favorite propaganda outlet: WaPo.

"If we aren't a threat, or real, or simply just a conspiracy theory, why the [constant] heavy attacks?

Q disrupts the official narrative & threatens [their] control.
120) Q signed the above post: (((Q+)))

Looks like we have confirmation of @Q_ANONBaby's picture with the signature from @realDonaldTrump: (((+)))

Will the MSM finally as the Question?
121) Q's link to the WaPo article attempting to conflate art and reason with conspiracy.…
122) Info on the C_IA's deal with Amazon to provide private cloud space.…
123) General Flynn's observations about how citizen journalists are replacing mainstream reporters.
124) Q gave a nod to a patriot at the Trump rally in Georgia.
126) #VOTE
128) Another shoutout from Q.
129) This shoutout is to a group of Q patriots waiting in line with @MariaWall93 at the Trump rally in Chatanooga.

130) POTUS warned that the elections are being monitored for fraud.
131) An investigation has been opened into allegations that the Democrat Party of Georgia illegally tried to access voter rolls.…
132) Haters call Q a cult.
A vast right-wing conspiracy.
Pizzagate on steroids.

What is the Q movement about?
133) Forget what you've heard.
Q posts this video so often because he wants to clearly outline the mission objectives of the Q team and the President.

We must understand this going forward.
134) Q gave another shoutout to patriots at the rally in Chatanooga.
136) Another VIP shoutout.
138) More VIP Patriots in Georgia.
140) Another VIP Patriot.
142) Q is making patriots famous.
144) Another VIP shoutout.
146) Q is on the move bringing patriots together.
148) A group shoutout to Q patriots.

Links & photos below.
162) Three more patriot shoutouts.
166) If you go to the polls, keep an eye out for trouble.
If you see anything suspicious notify the authorities.
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