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Thread: Dan Bongino Interviews George Papadopolous

1. I listened to the interview just now with my wife and captured what I could in real time. I find it to be fascinating as well as entirely credible. B is Bongino while P is Pdop (duh!):
2. <starting the capture>

B: Why did you meet with Mifsud (the start of the collusion narrative)?
3. P: Mifsud is Maltese. I was working at a front for Western intel agencies including the FBI in London at the time. They told me before I left to work on Trump campaign to go to Rome to meet Mifsud at a university that was a training ground for Western intel operatives.
4. P: I saw many Italian diplomats there, too. Had no idea who he was.

B: You didn’t seek Mifsud out, right?

P: Correct. Legal counsel of the FBI was involved in setting put the meeting.
5. B: Mifsud was either the greatest intel agent ever putting one over on everyone, or he was a Western intel source.
6. P: He presented himself as the greatest connection ever to Russia, etc. He emailed me out of the blue to offer to introduce me to a Putin’s niece. Not just Mifsud, it was also the directors at the London front org, too.
7. B: The people at the London center believed the woman was Putin’s niece, too (laughing, since she wasn’t)?
8. P: Met this woman at a hotel. Later she emailed me with Mifsud and offered to introduce me to people at Russia. I asked her whether she was the same person I met in London since this woman spoke fluent English now.
9. B: It’s possible that it may have been the same person?

P: No idea where they picked this woman up. I met her only once in my life (24 Mar in London). [Her name was Olga Vinogradova.]
10. B: The charging documents read like there was a third person involved in reporting on what transpired. Is that possible? Also strong statements about connections to Russia. Yet no evidence that there was any Mifsud or the woman had ANY connections at all to Russia.
11. P: His lawyer said a couple of weeks ago that he was working with Russia and Western intel sources. He introduced me to a couple of people in Moscow (including a low-level intel analyst), so he seems to have Russian connections.
12. B: His lawyer says that Mifsud was NOT a Russian asset and was in reality working for Western intelligence. How do you feel about apparently being set up?
13. P: My wife has been distressed throughout this, but when the FBI claimed that I helped Mifsud “escape”, that’s when I really lost it. My wife is NOT Russian; she’s Italian from the Naples area.

B: Conspiracists claim you were working with Western intel against Trump.
14. P: Never!

B: Statement of offense asked whether you met with anyone with a Russian accent. Strange!

P: I don’t know what that means exactly. She probably was the only one with a Russian accent that I met throughout this ordeal.
15. B: Do you think Mifsud was recording you using spycraft?

P: I definitely think he was. I don’t know if a transcript will ever be published about it.

B: Did you ever push back on anything regarding Russian connections?
16. P: Mifsud stated he had access to Hillary’s emails from Russia. When he said to me, I didn’t find him credible.

B: You didn’t think he was some kind of serious Russian spy, right, but rather someone puffing himself up to look good.
17. P: Correct. Those transcripts will blow the case wide open because they will exonerate me.

B: If Mifsud was a high-level Russian operative recording you, how did the US gov’t get access to the recordings? Not possible!
18. P: Correct, it’s not possible. Why is Mifsud being represented by this top lawyer in London, and who is helping him hide in Europe? Must be Western intel agencies.

B: Was there a FISA warrant on you?
19. P: Yes, it was all about my energy business due to my contacts in Israel and others in the Middle East. I brokered a Trump meeting with Egypt. When the FBI came to my house in January ’16, they first asked about my energy business and contacts.
20. B: If you became a target, you may have been on the FBI radar because of your energy business connections. Maybe that’s why they targeted you to begin with.
21. P: When I met with Mifsud, Downer, and Halper, they all wanted to talk about energy business and contacts in the Middle East. Halper paid me $83K to write a report about what I knew.

B: Obama had multiple people associated with the Trump campaign under surveillance.
22. P: In April 2017 before I was arrested, two reps from the NYT and CNN (implied not stated) interviewed me to ask about a FISA warrant on me. Since I had not Russian contacts, I was bewildered about that.

B: Charles Tawil gave you $10K. Let’s get into that.
23. P: He was introduced to me by another intermediary in Chicago. He wanted to get a picture of me and the intermediary. Tawil flies in to Mykonos to meet and finalize a deal and receive $10,000.
24. P: (Paraphrasing) I never touched the money and was set up and arrested upon returning to US jurisdiction at Dulles Airport before clearing Customs. I never understood why I was arrested until appearing before a magistrate the next day.
25. B: In the federal system, there should have been a warrant to arrest you. In a case as deeply impactful as yours, to show up at the airport without a warrant for an arrest is highly unusual. Was it a probable cause arrest?
26. P: I had no idea why I was being arrested until before the magistrate the next day for lying to the FBI and obstruction.

B: All these people offering you money, you were suspicious of Mifsud, etc.
27. P: I got suspicious of Mifsud at the April 26 meeting. Sergei Millian tried to set me up with a financial deal. He reached out to me in July 2016 ostensibly to leverage my relationship to Trump. He looked suspicious.
28. P: Millian contacted me in late Sep/early Oct to discuss a private sector proposal. He offered a $30K per month in a PR job in Manhattan for a Russian entity with the caveat that I had to concurrently work for Trump. He disappeared much like Mifsud after this fell through.
29. B: Amazing how a guy with no Russian contacts is continuously approached by guys trying to leverage those same fictitious contacts. There’s credible reporting that Millian may have been passing off info to Christopher Steele to get into the FISA warrant app.
30. P: Every single meeting (Mifsud, Downer, Tawil, Millian, and Halper) was suspect in retrospect.

B: Stefan Halper contacted you on 2 Sep 2016.
31. P: He wanted to know about my contacts with Israel. It directly links the British in #SpyGate. I get to London and meet with him and Azra Turk who tried to seduce him. She was a Turkish national. This was possibly a CIA or MI-6 operation.
32. P: The next day I meet with Halper who was hostile about my relationships with Israel and energy contacts and was very hostile about Trump. He stated that it was my interest to cooperate because I was involved with Russia connections, etc.
33. P: John Solomon wrote an article that said I told Halper that I had no idea what he was talking about (exculpatory information never provided by the FBI).
34. P: Tobias Elwood (second to Boris Johnson, UK MP) wanted to meet with me before and after the Halper meeting. Reports have come out that the British were complicit in the spying op against me.
35. B: CNN article on the web (Sciutto et al): British intel passed Russian collusion evidence to the FBI. Your British connection is already documented!

P: What about Alexander Downer.
36. P: Israeli diplomat Christian introduced me to Erika Thompson, Alexander Downer’s assistant. Both were very anti-Trump. I then had an interview with the Times of London. I said that David Cameron (UK PM) should retract his negative comments about Trump.
37. P: On 2 May (the day after that interview), two Americans from the US embassy Gregory Baker and Terence Dudley gave me a “friendly interrogation” asking about Trump, etc.
38. P: Erika Thompson a day later contacted me to ask whether I would meet with Alexander Downer. My meeting with Downer was orchestrated (Israeli diplomat, Downer’s aide, Times of London interview, two US embassy officials, then Thompson again).
39. P: I go to this meeting with Downer, and he pulls out his phone and waves it around like he was recording the conversation. He didn’t want to talk about Hillary emails, etc. He wanted to talk about Trump backing away from Brexit.
40. P: I have zero memory of talking about emails. Downer has contradicted himself multiple times about what was spoken during that meeting. Strange that Downer wanted to meet with me just 10 days after Mifsud offering me those emails.
41. B: It makes sense with all these multiple meetings were attempts for you to freely give up info to them. Where was the NYT getting its information about these meetings? Were you drunk as reported?

P: No, I had a single drink.
42. B: Why did the NYT invest so much time and effort to publish an article about emails when both you and Downer denied ever discussing them?
43. P: This whole op was misinformation. I think Downer was being used by Halper to create this fictitious story about the emails.

B: This explains why Halper was upset that you never mentioned emails to him.
44. P: If I told Downer about the emails, why would Halper come out of the woodwork months later to pull the string on emails again?

B: Do you have an idea who the spy it the Trump campaign was? You are confident that there was a spy?
45. P: I think I have an idea on who the spy was in the campaign. He was a low-level player but connected to our intel services. Congress knows who it is and the name will eventually come out.
<ending the capture>
46. Bongino did a GREAT job eliciting information while Papadopolous came across as honest, forthright, and credible. Folks, an American citizen was illegally entrapped by the FBI and FVEY governments. Listen to the podcast yourself here:…
///The end.
Note: I may have misheard what I captured in Tweet 11. I believe Pdop was offered an opportunity to meet people in Moscow by Mifsud but never took him up on that.
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