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#Trump's last campaign rally of the 2018 mid-term election season is scheduled to start in about ten minutes. It's his THIRD rally of the day. Dude is likely exhausted and I doubt this rally will be less "speech" and more "incoherent tirade".
At any rate, here's the thread for it! Follow/mute at will!
Current Pre-show music is the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil." I couldn't make this up if I tried.

#Trump #Truprally
Hand to Wonder Woman, live tweeting the pre-show playlist is my favorite part of covering these things.

#Trump #Trumprally
November Rain. AGAIN.

Someone *really* loves this song.

$10 says #Trump thinks it is literally about rain in November.

Sweet Child of Mine. Is someone trying to kiss Axl Rose's ass or something? Because I'm pretty sure using his stuff without permission isn't the way to do it.

#Trump #Trumprally
Keep on Rockin' in the Free World. Oooooooh, @NeilYoung is gonna be PISSED.

#Trump #Trumprally
Announcer: Aaaaaaaaand now, please welcome....

Me: Oh thank god, let's get this over with.

Announcer: Rush Limbaugh!


#Trump #Trumprally
Limbaugh: There's no evidence #Trump colluded. None! HILLARY CLINTON colluded with Russia! HILLARY CLINTON tried to steal an election!

Rushie, Trump can't currently be sued when he says this, but YOU CAN. So by all means. Please. Keep talking. I DARE YOU.

Y'all, Rush is AD-LIBBING this. For serious.

I'm not surprised, I'm more horrified because that means he won't stop talking until he damn well wants to. We're DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED.

#Trump #TrumpRally
Rush says he asked if he could talk for half an hour but #Trump said no and gave him a ten-minute limit.

It's the ONE good thing he's done in his life.

Rush uses the word "indefatigable" and the crowd gets mad for calling #Trump tired. That just happened. He had to define the word for them to make them stop booing.

Rush finally done! He announces #Trump and...NOOOOOOOOOOO THEY'RE PLAYING "PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN" FROM THE BEGINNING. There's going to be sooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch claaaaaaaaaaapping for himself.

I mean, at least this is a different mix, but still UGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

#Trump #Trumprally

This is......Internet, I have teh feer.

#Trump #Trumprally
It's been a full five minutes of clapping for himself. This thing is never gonna end.

#Trump #Trumprally
#Trump *finally* stops clapping for himself and starts speaking. The first thing he does? Call Rush a liar about the time limit. Because Trump.

#Trump invites Sean Hannity to speak. Sean immediately calls the media covering the event "fake news."

There aren't enough milkshakes in Oregon to make up for this BS.

#Trump takes the mic back and now he's fawning over Justice Jeanine....who is somehow also there?!

OMG. He's going to make us everybody from Fox News kiss his ass before he gives his actual speech, isn't he.

I knew he was evil but WOW.

#Trump: I'm not on the ticket. They want me on it but I'm not on the ticket. If we do well tomorrow they'll put me on the ticket if we don't do well "it wasn't his fault he wasn't on the ticket." Look back there! It's like the Academy Awards! This is the Academy Awards!

Now Ivanka's turn. After #Trump talks about how smart she is but then clarifies the compliment with "and I'm smart too. I'm really smart. You know what, the elites! They think they're the elite but we're the elites, you're the elites!"

Y'all. Y'ALL.

#Trump: I'm smart too. I'm smart. In many things. Let's talk about the elites! Why are they the elites? We have better schools than they do and bigger houses and bigger boats. But you know what? We're the SUPER elites. The SUPER elites!

We're only10 minutes in.

#Trump is now just calling up the women who work for him to parade around like he's introducing contestants in a beauty pageant....which he probably thinks he is.

#Trump is now reliving election night but hasn't yet excused Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Kellyanne Conway. They're just standing on either side of him grinning and gazing at him adoringly. This is disgusting. I am so horrified for them.

#Trump is in rare form. He's shouting and slurring and mugging for the crowd and hasn't been able to finish a single thought without going on two or three tangents along the way.

FINALLY, #Trump lets his living trophies leave the stage. Sarah, Kellyanne, I hope you walk right out of there and quit. That was terrible.

#Trump: This is the last stop of the campaign! My last stop!


I...I can't....this isn't how you prove you're smartiest, yo.

Somebody's down. #Trump calls in the doctor, security clears a path so they can get the person out. Crowd takes the opportunity to call out "I love you Trump!" and cheering for their high school mascots. Someone yells "CNN Sucks!" and gets a big cheer. Classy bunch, this crowd.
This is serious. It's not just someone feeling faint so they need a quick escort out. The person is *down*. The crowd continues to jeer "Hillary Sucks!" and "Build the Wall!"

#Trump, on the other hand, tells the doctor to take his time. I'm genuinely shocked by all of this.
Okay, that was cool: arena sings verse of Amazing Grace as the medics get the person onto a stretcher and carries the person out.

Not going to poke fun here. That was genuinely a kind moment.

#Trump #Trumprally
Aaaaaaaand the moment's over. #Trump starts speaking, er, lying again--currently about unemployment and poverty rates for minorities.

#Trump continuing the lie about Kavanaugh that "the accuser" said she made it up, that it was a scam, it was fake.

A) There was more than one accuser.
B) You are NOT talking about Dr. Blasey Ford
C) Shut up, tiny hands.

#Trump: If you want jobs and you want safety, you only have ONE CHOICE

Yup: to get you & yours the f*ck out of power.

ANOTHER "Four more years" chant.

Can y'all ADD?

Oh wait. Right. Sorry.

#Trump #Trumprally
There are two little kids behind #Trump on the dais and they are so clearly bored. They're turning their signs into horns and shouting through them at each other. I love these kids so much.

#Trump: If you don't love your children or your children treat you badly or you don't want to leave you any of those valuables because they're no good...

Someone has lost his train of thought. Meanwhile, all of the adult #Trump kids frantically call their lawyers.

#Trump: I called up Pfizer and Navartis and I realized just how powerful this office is.


B) Are you sure it wasn't just Jared disguising his voice on the other end of the line?

#Trump: I'm the most brilliant human being that has ever lived.

No wonder humanity is doomed.

One of the kids behind #Trump has had his sign horn taken away and he is SO PISSED.

I'm with you, kid.

Holy sh*t. A couple of people on the dais just walked out. THE ONE TIME I leave the room during a rally. Were they kicked out? Anybody know?

#Trump #Trumprally
#Trump: Go out and vote Republican tomorrow!

Me: Ew, No thank you very much.

#Trump: We will not bend, we will not break, we will never give in, we will never give up, and we will never back down.

Says the guy who gave up on his umbrella when he couldn't figure out how to get it through the door of AF1.

THANK THOR IT'S OVER. #Trump has *finally* stopped rambling. Now he's going to bumble about, clapping for himself for as long as possible until they make him leave the stage.

Ooooof. That was a long one, wasn't it? Thanks for sticking with me through this suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper long thread! I appreciate it! If you'd like to help support my work please PLEEEEEASE, get out there tomorrow and VOTE BLUE!

#Trump #Trumprally
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