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Late night comfy #TrumpRally LIVE!

Election eve night rally, just like 2016. Gonna be great!


He is fired up. Double fist pumping like a champion! Boundless energy! Let's go!!
LOL someone is on stage singing "God Bless the USA" I thought it was a recording
THUMBS UP! #TrumpRally
😂 it sounded just like him so this makes sense.
"We really like that song, and we like Lee Greenwood" lol awesome.
"Sean Hannity, come on up, Sean Hannity"
Sean Hannity: "By the way, all those people in the back are fake news"

President Trump: *Turns around with the biggest grin ever and laughs at the fake news media*
Judge Jeanine hyping up the economy!

Fox News rally! I guess this is one way to make sure they show a rally lol. Great stuff.
Look at the wingspan on our President!
"Be very careful with those stairs, because she just did a great job, we don't want her to fall down the stairs because they would be decimated" not sure if he means she would destroy the stairs on her way down or the crowd would be upset but either way 😂
"There's something happening out there folks. There's something happening out there" talking about the massive crowds at all his rallies. THIS IS A MOVEMENT!
"This is the third one today. And it's not supposed to happen."

"These events, they say you do one a month, and then you recover, you don't do three a day"

"They had a lot of celebrities out there, but they just drew flies. They didn't have much of a draw"
"Don't worry, I'm smart also and we're smart" 😂
"When they talk about the elites, these are the elites, go on Ivanka say a few words"

"Be careful with those stairs everybody, be careful with those stairs" President Dad warns again about the dangers of these stairs at his rally lol.

"That's pretty good! She's fantastic!"

"Wow, that's pretty good! How bout letting her do the first part of my speech. Good idea?" lol awesome
Kellyanne Conway there too!

Women love Trump!
"They said woah, what's this!?" talking about "Donald Trump has won the state of Wisconsin" lol I love election night 2016 stories. I'm hoping election night 2018 stories will be just as good! #VoteRed!
😂 I think Trump forgot to introduce the next person or something and is just now re-living election night while Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne Conway stand there clapping and laughing lol. Great rally so far.
"They're crying out of despair" 😂
"Donald Trump has just won the great state of Michigan" 😂
"And that was the ballgame folks"
"Was that one of the great evenings of all time?" YES IT WAS!
"Don't worry I'm not going to mention CNN's name, America are watching, I won't mention NBC or ABC or CBS, I'm not going to mention, I'm not, I'm not going to mention that you treat us very unfairly" 😂😂😂
"But I think they're getting tired of it you know why? Because we keep winning, it's driving them crazy. It's driving them crazy!"

USA chants break out lol. Awesome.
"America's extraordinary comeback is the envy of the entire world. The whole world is talking about it. We're the hottest nation in the world"

"There is no place I would rather be, for the last stop of this campaign, then right here in Missouri with the incredible men and women that make our country run. This is my last stop!"

Get out and VOTE Missouri!
FOUR MORE YEARS chants break out

Missouri can't count! 6 more years!!
"My last stop is here. I think, for one reason, for one reason, and I have to say it, because this is the home of Rush Limbaugh" and "David Limbaugh" great lawyer lol.

There is also some people running for office there like Josh Hawley but I'm sure he will get to him 😂
"He will serve this country so well, he will represent Missouri so well" yep right on schedule lol
"The speechwriter for the deplorables speech, did that person get fired immediately or the following week?" LOL

"Wow did he give us a great gift. But the deplorables are the greatest people on earth. They're the smartest."
Medical emergency in the crowd, Trump stops the rally, people are passing out from loving the President too hard at every place he goes to.
"Don't rush it. That's one of our great people there, take your time" Trump tells the doctor.
President Trump looks on as the doctor assists a great person that is having a medical emergency.
"Say a little prayer, that's good, say a little prayer" dang sounds serious.
President Trump, standing awkwardly. Crowd starts a clapping chant. Weird situation.
Better way of standing, still waiting, Missouri crowd randomly chanting random things.
Crowd starts singing "Amazing Grace" this is so weird.
Apparently it worked though because we're back in business
"Hopefully she'll be ok"
"We overcame the Democrats smear campaign and confirmed the newest member of the United States Supreme Court, Justice Brett Kavanaugh"
"The accuser admitted she never met him, never saw him, never touched her, talked to her"

"Made up the story, it was false accusations, it was a scam, it was fake it was all fake"

Talking about the criminal referral for one of Kavanaugh's fake accusers.
"Let's look at the rest of them please, let's look at the rest of them. Because that man suffered" talking about looking into the rest of the false Kavanaugh accusers! Yes!!
"If you don't want to be saying the words "Speaker of the House Pelosi" for the next two years get out and vote for Billie and Jason, they don't really need your vote but get out and do it anyways because wow, that would be a story. We don't want to be complacent" LOL
"She was going down and she said "The Democrats are crazy" and I said "That's genius" about Claire McCaskill 😂
"I'm in office for two years, all of a sudden she agrees with me"

"The election is tomorrow, on Wednesday she will no longer agree with me on border security" lol get her!
"Claire McCaskill will be a disaster for jobs, for your families, for your state. And again, on Wednesday she will no longer remember anything she said and she will never ever vote for us on the big things where we need her vote, ever. Just like she didn't vote for Kavanaugh"
And now we get to Josh Hawley and Trump gets to do his troll smile while being praised by another person again lol. I love this President!
"She did say that she thought the reason President Trump got elected was because of the Russians"

"What she doesn't realize is that President Trump got elected because of the Missourians!" great line by Hawley lol
"(Dems) immigration policies are extreme, dangerous reckless and insane. They support catch & release, they want to free criminal aliens, they want no protections for American workers and taxpayers, and they want totally open borders which means crime will pour into our country"
"You have great law enforcement, police, in Missouri. Great people"
"You now have no death tax to pay, you now have no estate tax to pay" even when you are dead you pay less taxes! Woot!
If you hate your kids "just forget what I just said, because it's not going to help you" says President Trump, leader of the United States of America and the free world, standup comedian, rock star.
Thanks for the idea @sahgma 😂😂😂
"We make the best ships, the best submarines, we make the best rockets and missiles, we make the best jet fighters and bombers and tankers, we make the best tanks, we make the best everything. All here" Yes we do! Made in the USA!
President Trump again talks about moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Not something an anti-Semite does.
"This is the greatest political movement in the history of our country, what you've done. The greatest. History of our country. Two years ago we shocked the Washington establishment, and stunned the world. The entire world was stunned. We weren't stunned."
"We knew what was happening. We knew. When we defied the pundits and the critics and rejected the failures of the corrupt status quo and elected a government that finally puts America first!"
"I am asking every citizen, from every party, every background, every race color and creed to reject the Democrat politics of anger, division, destruction and to unite behind our proud noble and righteous destiny as Americans"
"From the bootheel of Missouri, to the beautiful big sky of Montana. From the deserts of Nevada to the everglades of Florida. From the coal mines of West Virginia to the steel mills of Indiana and for every family in every city and town all across our land..."
"We are going to work, we are going to fight, and we are going to win win win and not stop winning" AWESOME
"We are one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God. And together, with love in our hearts and hope in our souls, we will Make America Wealthy Again, we will Make America Strong Again, we will Make America Safe Again, and We Will Make America Great Again!" #VOTERED
"You can't always get what you want" plays in the background! What a freaking President! What a country! There is no freaking way there is a blue wave. Three rallies in one day, tens of thousands of people, incredible. It's midnight in DC right now. #VoteHawley #VoteGOP
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