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I am investigating whether left-wing Jews are behind the anti-Semitic attacks in America.

Their motive would be to dissuade American Jews for voting Republican.

No answers yet.
2) Why?
1 — Scare Jews - vote against Trump
2 — Disregard for people vs political goal
3 — Affiliation with Islamic terror apologists
4 — Propensity for violence
5 — Israel not concerned
6 — White nationalists operate silently

Follow the $ / social networks.
3) Hitler was a socialist.
And probably a Jew.
4) I have a feeling that someone is exploiting someone (idealistic young people) in order to gain power.
5) I have a feeling that anti-God interests are using Jews once again as a kind of buffer, human shield, scapegoat, public face, etc.
6) Certainly we know that what things look like on the surface are not necessarily what they are.

As someone said recently: “RICO exists because conspiracies exist”
7) And Bowers definitely said he heard voices telling him his people were being slaughtered.

Which strongly suggests that his mental state was not normal.
8) I watched an old clip of Alex Jones yesterday. He said (essentially) - bad people need to dominate other people.

Good people just want to live and let live.

And so we are only roused to act when there is real trouble.

Ok let’s dig into the research for a bit.
9) "God fearing people never have a problem with one another." - a Muslim colleague
10) All of our problems stem from defying God.
11) So it has to be said - there is a faction of Jews who go beyond the agnostic, beyond the atheist, to arrogance.

To actively saying things like "I do not believe in God - I don't report to him."
12) It has been reported that there are Jews who have essentially manufactured their own god (the egregore) - this is a collective mental projection.

The egregore does what they want, because they ultimately serve THEMSELVES.
13) November 3, 2018, Daily Star, UK: "The end of GOD? Claims humans will ‘worship AI Messiah’"…
14) We are dealing with a small minority percentage-wise. But it is people at the fringes who do extreme things.
15) "Jewish atheism is the most common form of irreligion. The 2009 Avi-Chai study found 77% of Israeli Jews believe in a "higher power, while 46% define themselves as secular, of which 8% define themselves as "ANTI-RELIGIOUS".…
16) This is where Alex Jones talks about good people not wanting to dominate others (it's in the beginning).

All of this is relevant to the research.

Whoever is massacring people at synagogues wants to dominate others.

17) If you fast forward to about 2:38 Jones explains how the ultimate goal of the elite is to build amazing computers, merge their minds with the computers, start a new civilization, and dispose of actual people, who they se as inferior.

18) Now if you jump to the possible George Soros document --“OSI Executive Report — The Last Election” -- you see that there is a flat-out plan to replace America with "technocratic" leadership.

19) The plan states: "Termination is designed to end constitutional law, replacing it with a rationalist progressive technocracy."
20) Technocracy means that people who understand computers are in charge.
21) The purported plan notes that religion is the enemy of progress.

"The Progressive Idea has eluded mankind due to selfishness, the hold of organized religion, and archaic ideas such as unlimited Democracy"
22) See #22 in this thread. It is about Hitler being Jewish.…
23) This entire thread is about the possible DNC strategy included in the Medium post.

#12 says "our stable of media is strong" and #15 discusses Soros investing $25mm in Politico". (It also refers to "hires prostitutes for politicians - access."…
24) I believe the Democratic party has been infiltrated by George Soros with the aim of overthrowing the government (as he has collapsed others).
(More at lunch.)
25) Not much time. Let's see how far we can get.
26) Actually not any time at all.

I only have time to share one thought.
27) I started studying institutional pedophilia in the religious Jewish community about ten years ago.

Back then, anyone who dared to speak up was labeled a traitor to the faith.
28) Rabbis covered up for other rabbis and blamed, shamed, marginalized, and sometimes even threw bleach at those who championed the children.…
29) The day you wake up to the fact that grown men can rape a child in a Jewish holy ritual bath -- and then be outraged that you STOPPED THEM -- is the day you realize that only the truth matters.
30) It took 20 years to get people to take the problem seriously. And even now we aren't where we need to be.…
31) But we are closer. And those who fight the child rapists are part and parcel of the religious community themselves.
32) Someone is targeting Jews. Beyond Pittsburgh. It's a hate campaign designed to scare the shit out of us.…
33) It isn't clear at all that White nationalists are always at fault.…
34) What is clear is that someone is exploiting a tragedy, and they are hiding behind Leftist Jews.…
35) The question is, who is behind this hate campaign?
What role do Leftist Jews and White nationalists actually play?
With God's help, we will get to the bottom of the story.

(more later)
36) speaks for itself
39) do normal people talk like this?
40) proud Jews
41) Leftist Jews exploit/politicize horrific tragedy
42) Leftist Jews are all mixed up with Islamic revolutionary types who hang out on campus
43) Normal Jews react to Pittsburgh by getting trained…
44) Leftist Allison Hrabar thinks she is a hero
45) DSA, writers, overly intellectual
46) Few in number but sound loud because they are electronic communicators. Extremist. Make it sound like only they define justice and everyone else is immoral.
47) “scheming toward the next strategic escalation #”
48) Jewish people are picking up on the fact that something doesn’t smell right.…
49) We are starting to question why Linda Sarsour continues to enjoy any sort of backing…
49) They use reverse language to mask the nature of their activities.

“Jewish Voice for Peace” gets money from the Rockefellers and supports an economic boycott of Israel in favor of Palestinians…
50) Shady funding hidden agendas.

Let’s see what is happening with the election.
51) (break)
53) It’s a desecration of Judaism to pervert our rituals but this is what these people do.
50) “Finally, while #IfNotNow spent an abundance of its time attacking Steve Bannon, they refuse to protest the Dem Party for considering Keith Ellison as Chairman of the DNC...a long history of anti-Semitism that even the ADL believes disqualifies him.”…
51) To close this out - there is evidence that the Left politically exploits antisemitism.

But I don’t see evidence that they are on a campaign to perpetrate it, either.
52) Post-Pittsburgh, this letter to the President is an example: says it’s from Jewish leaders, but it’s written by representatives of a political organization founded by...Alex Soros.…
53) The actual Pittsburgh rabbi welcomed the President, then got hate mail. This suggests that someone was trying to use Jews (the victims) here.…
54) Robert Bowers was visited by a Jewish doctor who really wanted to understand why he did what he did. Bowers told the doctor that HE HEARD VOICES SAYING HIS PEOPLE WERE BEING SLAUGHTERED. This suggests a government mind control program.…
55) Jewish gamer David Katz, before he went on a shooting rampage in Jacksonville, was treated st Sheppard-Pratt psychiatric institute in Baltimore, known for its expertise with deprogramming from mind control. What works one way, works the other.
56) The US government admits to using mind control techniques through drugs (MK-ULTRA). It is hard to believe they just stopped when caught, when the tactics work.…
57) “The FBI has used covert operations against domestic political groups since its inception; however, covert operations under the official COINTELPRO label took place between 1956 and 1971.”
58) “tactics are still used...alleged to include discrediting targets through psychological warfare; smearing individuals & groups using forged documents and by planting false reports in the media; harassment; wrongful imprisonment; & illegal violence, including assassination.”
57) COINTELPRO was intended to stop crimes. But it is possible that someone corrupt used these techniques to make it look like a neo Nazi was targeting Jews.
59) There is no doubt that there are neo-Nazis and they spew hate freely. But they seem to be conscious that a non-genuine entity could infiltrate and use them for their own ends. (I redacted the offensive words here.)
60) Antisemitism is more like a hidden element of public life. It tends to burst out when non-Jews feel shortchanged in some way.…
61) There is no question that we are living in a climate of rising antisemitism. “I have personally seen the anti-Semitism, in online insults, threatening voice mail messages and the occasional email that makes it through my spam filter.”…
62) I agree with Alan Dershowitz that antisemitism grew with Obama’s support of the “hard Left” - not with the appearance of President Trump. Obama showed open contempt for Prime Minister Netanyahu, and Israel.
63) He employed and USED Jews to do his dirty work of promoting the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization.…
64) Meanwhile, godless moneymen pretend to support Islam when they’re only exploiting Muslims to achieve THEIR own political aims.
65) “5. Neo-Islam: We believe that we can replace most entrenched traditional religions with an altered form of “Islam” ...The new generations...have been indoctrinated to believe that Christianity is (somehow) responsible for the world’s ills.”…
66) Prescott Bush helped bankroll Hitler, but who did Hitler work for?…
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