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1. #QAnon We got what we needed.
Thank you, Patriots!
Senate means everything.
Think Judges (SC) & Cabinet.
DECLAS overrides all potential House blockades.
Shift to Senate Judiciary (oversight) from House to now occur (stronger position and held in reserve for this scenario).
2. #QAnon
POTUS has ultimate authority.
Lower chamber (House) used as 2-year starter.
Upper chamber (Senate) will be used next 2-year closer.…📁
Military planned.
No impact re: ongoing investigations
Team is stronger [PRO].
3. #QAnon Goodlatte & Gowdy got agreement w DOJ 4 FBI/DOJ docs on HRC email server. Now resigning, all exec nominations & legis referred to Grassley (Sen Judiciary Chair). Key House investigations transfer to Senate. Military planning at its finest.
4. #QAnon Future proves past.
5. #QAnon Never Trumpers Corker & Flake removed.
6. #QAnon Nothing will stop what is coming.
7. #QAnon Are you proud to be an American?
Today, America is reunited.
We stand for liberty, justice, equality, and prosperity for all.
We stand for religious freedom.
We stand for life.
We stand for each other.
We stand for friendship.
We stand for love.
We stand for USA.
8. #QAnon The world will follow.
Think Merkel.
9. #QAnon put the spotlight on Pap for this very thing: declassification of FISA abuse, and the exposure of the attempt by Australia and the U.K. to sabotage Trump is near.. Pap has no choice now but to remain in the light. This is not a game. #Q
10. #QAnon There was a time when our children stood at attention, put their hand on their heart, and in one united voice, recited the pledge of allegiance.
There was a time when strength and honor meant something. "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous.."
11. #QAnon DECLAS coming.
Remain in the public light (safety).
12. #QAnon Both Podesta brothers have a pending sealed indictment.
13. #QAnon In one united voice, protecting the freedoms in which so many have died to provide.
Together we win.
14. #QAnon On Nov 5 POTUS gave a call in teleconference available to those with the passcode tweeted. By sheer coincidence, the numbers in the code added up to the alphabet's 17th letter.

15. #QAnon
Buckle up.
We are at war.
Think logically.
Patriots delivered.
Disinfo is necessary.
Moves & countermoves.
Enemy at the front door.
We defied history by picking up Senate seats.

17. #QAnon
Think logically.
To this point, what chamber do they feel most threatened by?
Why was winning the House majority the primary goal for them?
To this point, what chamber is currently directing the DOJ/FBI investigations?
Moves & countermoves.
18. #QAnon While the focus was on the House for them (due to above), our underlying focus was adding PRO_POTUS members to the Senate and safely securing a PRO_MAJORITY.
The Senate controls judges & cabinet positions w/o House approval.

19. #QAnon The Senate Judiciary Committee has direct oversight over the DOJ&FBI [more power than the House].
We are at war.
20. #QAnon While we had a senate majority on paper, in reality, we never did, nor could we count on bringing investigations to that body until it was safely in our full control. #Q
21. #QAnon You can say that again. While we had a senate majority on paper, in reality, we never did, nor could we count on bringing investigations to that body until it was safely in our full control. #Q
22. #QAnon
We defied history by picking up Senate seats.
Do you think the current 'shill' attack is organic?
23. #QAnon The President of the United States gave us a #Qproof today confirming earlier #Q "drops on House >>> Senate backed by POTUS tweet directly thereafter stating same should've put this to bed.
How many coincidences before it's mathematically impossible?"
24. #QAnon responded to an anon who noticed that the President of the United States repeated one of #Q's frequently repeated statements in today's press conference, "These people are sick".
25. #QAnon We are with you, Anons.
26. #QAnon In God We Trust. We can trust our President is in control, trusting God, who is in control. God plays a very big factor in my life.
27. #QAnon Those who are blind will soon see the light.
A beautiful brave new world...#Q
28. #QAnon
How do you catch a FISH?
Mission forward.

29. #QAnon
The Senate was the target.
Corker + Flake removed.
30. #QAnon

1:57PM #Q+: Mr. Gowdy, Mr. Goodlatte: thank you for your service !
2:44 PM POTUS: We thank AG Jeff for his service
4:02 PM #Q+: Thank you for your service to our Country, Mr. Jeff Sessions!
31. #Qanon

4:30 PM: What are the odds "thank you for your service" was posted less than 1 hr prior to POTUS re: Sessions "thank you for your service?"
Do you believe in coincidences?
How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?
Enjoy show!
32. #QAnon While we cannot telegraph everything, for reasons all can understand, we do try in our own way to inform loyal Anons & Patriots.

Stealth Bombers fly undetected.
The 'Red Line' months old 4am narrative should be updated.
Pain coming.
33. #QAnon Imagine if the new acting AG now releases all previously 'blocked' doc requests by the House (including the [RR] secondary CLAS scope doc). #Q posted about their "Red line" threats back in Jan. 📁
34. #QAnon These people are sick.
You are watching/witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.

Justice K confirmation
35. #QAnon Today is the 101st anniversary of Red October. Coincidence? Red line on the anniversary of Red October?
Now what are the odds of that?
36. #QAnon There will be no recusal.
37. #QAnon Ezra Cohen Watnik has been serving as AG Sessions' National Security Adviser. Bigger role soon?… #Q
38. #QAnon
Pain coming.
We are at war.
They know it's coming.
The day after midterms?!
Stealth Bombers fly undetected.
BOOM: AG Jeff Sessions resigns
BOOM: Whitaker sworn in as AAG
BOOM: Whitaker to oversee Mueller SC.
Nothing will stop what is coming. Nothing. #Q
39. #QAnon Huber reports directly to Sessions which'd potentially taint the unsealing of the indictments. Ds'd scream about political vendetta. It was not wrong to trust Sessions at all. Important to remember last post about Sessions. #Q
40. #QAnon Interesting cosideration by an anon,,,
41. #QAnon With the expansion of the Senate, our President will be able to get whomever he wants confirmed as new AG. #Q
42. #QAnon What role Trey Gowdy? #Q
43. #QAnon Typically, the imposition of martial law accompanies curfews; and the application or extension of military law or military justice to civilians. Civilians defying martial law may be subjected to military tribunal. #Q…
44. #QAnon In response to chaos associated with protests and mob action,"The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it." $Q
47. @threadreaderapp please unroll this latest #QAnon thread here. #Q
48. #QAnon There will be no recusal.
49. #QAnon Are we experiencing a COUNTER-revolution to the one that started all this communist misery, that the godless Marxists used to destroy 100 million lives, called the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917? #Q
50. #QAnon Stealth bombers Jeff --> Whitaker
space for a name with 8 letters and Whitaker fits

"Whitaker announced..that those aliens who contravene a presidential suspension or limitation on entry US ..will be rendered ineligible for asylum."…
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