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1/8 My favorite #quote by #JosephStalin, which explains the scientific, #DialecticalMaterialist explanation of true freedom in material reality, not just as an abstract ideal. #StalinIsBack #StalinLives #JVStalin #Stalin #StalinQuote #StalinQuotes #Truth #MELS #MarxismLeninism
2/8 Having an #objective, #rational, #ScientificSocialist, #Dialectical, & #Materialist viewpoint allows us to accurately see & evaluate & analyze #Truth & #Reality as they truly materially exist in this universe.
3/8 An idealistic, dogmatic viewpoint, which capitalists have, however, makes one irrational enough to 'see' freedom where freedom stays trapped on a piece of paper while people are oppressed in their actual lived lives.
4/8 Those with a liberal ideology (capitalists), see capitalist "democracy" as freedom if freedom is guaranteed on paper in laws, even if in reality the masses in their daily lived lives are oppressed & have no real voice or power in society.
5/8 #Communists know it doesn't matter at all if a freedom exists on paper or in law if it does not materially exist in the lives of all in society. Freedom only exists when material conditions guarantee the material existence of that freedom in the lives of all.
6/8 #Communism is a society that materially guarantees all freedoms, rights, & protection of life to all life, and #Socialism is a society building and working towards Communism.
7/8 #MarxismLeninism is the science--in concept and practical methodology, all proven in real practice-- guiding us towards this most worthy and most objectively good goal of Communism, which is full freedom and full #HumanLiberation.
8/8 #Marx, #Engels, #Lenin, & #Stalin (#MELS) have best proven this liberating #science not just in theory but also in real practical practice in the material world & in human society. #Study them to liberate humanity from all oppression, exploitation, injustice, lies, & poverty!
We travel on the road of #Communism forever! #Marx, #Engels, #Lenin, & #Stalin (#MELS) will always guide us along the correct path of liberation! #StalinIsBack #StalinLives #EternalStalin #MarxismLeninism #Truth #Socialism #SocialismOrBarbarism #HLVS #DPRK
Any ideology which depends on lies to combat its opponents is obviously not a good or true ideology, but one for which #facts, #reality, #logic & #Truth are insufficient to prop up & sustain it. An example is capitalism's great slanders & lies against #Stalin! #StalinIsBack
Beautiful work by @leftyaesthetic (who everyone should check out & follow!), a talented revolutionary artist. Communism Forever! And Communism is indeed beautiful. #LeftWingVapourwave #MarxismLeninism #MELS #Truth #Justice #Communism #CommunismForever
1/3 #Communism is both #Love AND a smashing hammer! #Mao is only half right here. Mao forgets the #DIALECTICAL nature of Communism. Communism is love AND hate: love of the people & justice, & hatred of oppressors & injustice! This simultaneous love and
2/3 hate is inherent in #DialecticalMaterialism. True love is #dialectical. Idealist, dogmatic love which loves ALL is not love at all, because it means loving injustice, evil oppressors, etc, so is in reality a fraudulently disguised, even more cruel & sadistic form of HATRED!
3/3 Hatred of injustice, oppression, oppressors, evil, etc, is an ESSENTIAL component of TRUE, REAL #Love here in material reality! #Study & understand #DialecticalMaterialism! #TrueLove #Dialectic #Logic #MarxismLeninism #ScientificSocialism #Science #MELS #Truth #StalinIsBack
1/4 If you don't HATE injustice, lies, oppression, exploitation, & poverty, you don't #LOVE #Justice, #Truth, or the people. Those who adhere to the bourgeois, idealistic, dogmatic fraud of not hating anything & having "pure love for all," have NO REAL love at all!
2/4 Hatred of evil is absolutely necessary to truly #love what is #good! Idealism & dogmatism are misguided errors inherent in capitalism, feudalism, & all elitist class-oppressive & individualistic ideologies/societies, which divert minds away from #logic, #reason, #truth, &
3/4 #reality & trap minds in the twisted, irrational mental prisons of individualism, anti-Communism, & ideologies & social policies/practice of elitist class oppression. #DialecticalMaterialism is our #scientific, #objective way to have REAL #love for people & #justice
4/4 & not idealistic, bourgeois, non-dialectical, dogmatic, "pure," "absolute" love (devoid of any hatred, even for injustice, oppression, evil, etc), which in reality is hatred for people & a machine for producing injustice & human pain & suffering. #DialecticalMaterialism #MELS
#HappyBirthday Comrade #JosephStalin! 1873 gave humanity a hero! 139 years old & still going strong! December 21, 1879, is a #Birthday for ALL to #celebrate! We carry on your fight to victory, #Comrade! #UncleJoe #Stalin #WorkingClassHero #JVStalin #JVS #StalinLives #StalinIsBack
1/5 #Marx, #Engels, #Lenin, & #Stalin (#MELS), along with their best students, including #HoChiMinh, #CheGuevara, #KimIlSung, etc, are the greatest geniuses in human history. ☭ A brief look at their genius follows:
2/5 #KarlMarx was not only the greatest ever economist & political scientist, but a great practical mathematician, the greatest expert on ancient Greece & Rome, the greatest ever expert on the Christian Reformation, the most brilliant student of the Enlightenment.
3/5 #FriedrichEngels, besides his well-known political & economic genius, was a brilliant anthropologist, historian of humanity, & a biological & natural #scientist equal in importance to humanity to #CharlesDarwin. #Darwin #Darwinism
4/5 #VladimirLenin was the greatest scientist of revolution in theory & practice, but is also a brilliant expert of Enlightenment philosophy & philosophers, a man who could connect with people like few ever can, & is the hardest working intellectual ever.
5/5 #JosephStalin was the greatest ever scientist of nationality & #NationalLiberation, is the Father of anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism, national independence, & anti-racism, & freed the world from the old colonial system & from total world takeover by imperialism & fascism.
Individualism is a crime against human nature (biology). Humans are social, collectivist animals. Individualism destroys us psychologically, socially, & destroys the best of what we can be if we are allowed to rise to our full potential with #Communism. #CapitalismIsIllness #MELS
1/2 Capitalist feminists think that having #women as at least half of corporate CEO's, executives, & board members, business owners, & political & government leaders is the acme of absolute victory for women's liberation.
2/2 To #Communists, having women take an equal role as tyrants & oppressors, while keeping most women & people #enslaved under the tyranny & oppression of capitalism, is a nightmare all around & a step BACKWARDS for women & #WomensLiberation. ☭
Barbie is an effigy of the enslaved, objectified, commodified, exploited, oppressed #woman under the yoke of capitalism. The tyrannical system of capitalism strives to degrade & dehumanize #women into plastic objects to buy & sell, use & discard as trash, like Barbie dolls. ☭
1/6 Kim Jong-Il on #Stalin from his work: “Respecting the Forerunners of the Revolution is a Noble Moral Obligation of Revolutionaries," (1996).: #KimJongIl #MELS #JosephStalin #MarxismLeninism #Socialism #Communism #DPRK #Pyongyang #Korea #HLVS #JVS #StalinLives #StalinIsBack
2/6 “Our Party & people respect Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin as the leaders of the working class & speak highly of their distinguished services. Reflecting the demands & aspirations of the working class, Marx & Engels, the first leaders of the working class, developed socialism
3/6 from a Utopian concept to a science & started the socialist & communist movement. Lenin inherited & developed Marxism to meet the change in the times & won the victory of the October Socialist Revolution by organizing & mobilizing the working class. Stalin, succeeding to the
4/6 cause of Lenin, built the first young socialist state into a world power & defended the socialist fatherland from the fascist invasion, leading the army & the people. In their day, Marx, Engels, Lenin & Stalin represented the aspirations and demands of the exploited working
5/6 masses, & the cause of socialism was inseparably linked with their names. The fact that imperialists & the traitors to the revolution viciously defame the leaders of the working class & abuse their leadership as “dictatorship” or “infringement on human rights” only proves
6/6 that the leaders of the working class were zealous champions of the people’s interests & enjoyed their trust & support, & that they were steadfast communist revolutionaries who held fast to the revolutionary principle without compromising with the enemies of the revolution.”
Even Bugs Bunny knows that #Stalin is the greatest fear of all nazis, fascists, capitalists, & all oppressors. #JosephStalin destroyed hitler & world fascism & is the eternal greatest hero of humanity! ☭ #JVStalin #JVS #MELS #StalinLives #StalinIsBack
1/11 Here is a #quote by Comrade #KimJongIl & then my commentary on it afterwards: "The destiny of the country and nation is immediately the destiny of an individual and that the life of the latter belongs to the life of the former. Those who want to shape their own destiny truly
2/11 must consider the country and nation as the base of their life and the nest of their happiness and love them ardently. They must find the worth and value of their life in devoting their all for the independence and prosperity of the country and nation." - Kim Jong-Il On
3/11 Preserving the Juche Character and National Character of the Revolution and Construction (1997)

This is specifically talking about a socialist nation surrounded by imperialist capitalist enemies, & how it survives & thrives & perseveres & advances the revolution within
4/11 despite so much aggression from without, but the idea can be transposed generally to all revolutionary & all collectivist ways of life. The individual finds their happiness, purpose, fulfillment, inner peace, & "self-realization" (achieving one's potential in life & the
5/11 reason one is alive & exists, at all & why one goes on every day, even if it an enormous struggle & is excruciatingly painful & even if others oppose one, even in cruel & significant ways), in the collective: in the good of the people, in the struggle of the people, in
6/11 fighting the class war in the side of liberating all of humanity & forever ending poverty, injustice, oppression, & exploitation, in fighting for the good of the nation, the working class, the people in a socialist society, for their happiness & prosperity, for lifting them
7/11 up ever higher through social progress, political development, scientific & technological advancement, development of industry & infrastructure, & cultural & moral elevation & refinement, not in an elitist way, but in a mass, popular, all-inclusive way, from the depths of
8/11 the sewage of capitalist/individualist moral & cultural depravity & decay & debasement, to the highest moral & cultural heights of the revolutionary vanguard, then generalized with established socialism & then higher still & forever rising with communism. A collectivist way
9/11 of life brings the absolute most fulfillment, happiness, inner peace, & living one's true purpose to all human individuals. Human beings are social animals, & we live to serve OTHERS & the collective, not serve ourselves, as claims the anti-human, misanthropic philosophies
10/11 of capitalism, individualism, liberalism, hedonism, etc. We will find our total fulfillment & truest happiness & our fullest potential when we devote our lives to the most selfless, altruistic, & cooperative pursuits, & to the collective good, to the well-being of the
11/11 people, to the working class & poor masses & to the revolutionary cause. Thus do we live as truly FREE humans: as collective, selfless beings, not as individualistic, selfish beasts! ☭ #StalinIsBack
1/10 ☭ #GoodNews: Tuesday, February 12, 2019, Lyndon LaRouche of the USA, died, age 96. LaRouche, like all trotskyists, was a far-right-wing extremist. He moved from open trotskyism (he joined & created many trotskyist factions, & even tried to create a "fifth international"
2/10 in what to rational people seems like an attempt to look even more ridiculous than trotsky-the-fascist himself) to trump-like nationalism/fascism but with a "synthesis of socialism & capitalism" bent. He advocated a state capitalism where the capitalist & working classes
3/10 would supposedly unite around nationalism taking precedence over class interests, similar to many fascist theorists. He advocated a wall along the US border with Mexico for decades, for the USA to maintain a heavy manufacturing & mass infrastructure based economy, rather
4/10 than consumerism or service jobs. Besides trying to end the class war not with the working class' victory with socialism, but with a peaceful unity of classes around a common "national interest," making him a philosophical comrade of fascists & reactionary nationalists &
5/10 also of liberals who pretend to be leftists only to lure in & crush the working class & their movements, he stood out because of his bizarre ideas & for ruling a literal political cult of blind devotees who kept his name just enough in the news to be widely known as a fringe
6/10 figure. He ran as a US presidential candidate 8 times. LaRouche, like all trots, was an extreme anti-Communist & a hawk against the #SovietUnion, supporting US military buildups against the #USSR. He even had his cult members unleash a wave of savage violence against
7/10 Communist Party USA members, Black activists & other leftists throughout the 1970s & 1980s, supported in this terror campaign by the US regime. While the US regime cheered the LaRouche gang's violent thuggery against Communists, Black activists & other leftists, they did
8/10 imprison him for monetizing a quality shared by all trotskyists: being a fraud & a scam artist, after his groups scammed people, mostly elderly & vulnerable, out of tens of millions of dollars, in order to fund their fascist cult movement. But he still wrote bizarre works on
9/10 #DialecticalMaterialism & #Marxism, claiming that everyone had thus far misunderstood #Marx & that Marx was in fact a conservative capitalist. Like all the neocons, many strasserists & other open nazis, & so many ultra-imperialists & regime-change crusaders,
10/10 LaRouche was just another trotskyist who fully embraced the fascism that trotskyism has always been. The world is a bit better with him forever gone. #GoodRiddance#StalinLives #StalinIsBack
#JosephStalin in 1939 on how the capitalists crush workers by making them doubt their class. The #WorkingClass holds ALL power: seize it! ✊ #Stalin #JVStalin #JVS #StalinIsBack #StalinLives #CapitalismIsSlavery Found Posted By: @mixedforestzone Please Follow That Great Page! ☭
Great #Lenin, the great teacher of #Stalin & of ALL of us-showing humanity what we can achieve & our unlimited potential for #liberation & #progress! ☭ #VladimirLenin #VladimirIlyichLenin #VILenin #JosephStalin #JVStalin #JVS #StalinIsBack #StalinLives
1/2 I love this passage! #MarxismLeninism is #ScientificSocialism-truly a #science, no less than physics or mathematics, unlike mere unscientific philosophies/ideologies like liberalism, fascism, anarchism, libertarianism, nationalism, SocDem, etc. ☭
2/2 Like all sciences, #MarxismLeninism forever pursues #Truth, rather than presuming truth & then warping reality to fit that presumed truth. Study #Marx, #Engels, #Lenin, & #Stalin (#MELS) to study the #science of #Truth, reality, & our perceptions & thoughts of reality! ☭
☭ 🌹🌹 March 5, 1953 - Day of the Death of Comrade #JosephStalin. 🌹🌹 ☭ Thank you for your immeasurable service to humanity, #ComradeStalin. ☭ ❤ We love you forever! ❤ ☭ ∞ #Stalin #ManOfSteel #Gori #JVStalin #JVS @kprf #StalinLives #StalinIsBack #StalinLivesForever ∞ ☭
☭🌹 March 5, 1953 - Day of the Death of Comrade #JosephStalin. 🌹☭ The dreams of #ComradeStalin live on with strength & always will forever-his example & legacy fight on! ☭ ∞ #Stalin #ManOfSteel #Gori #JVStalin #JVS @kprf #StalinLives #StalinIsBack #StalinLivesForever ∞ ☭
The USA doesn't PRODUCE wealth, but STEALS it.

Capitalism is not PRODUCTIVE, but PARASITIC.

The "wealth" of the USA, UK, France, etc is REALLY the robbed wealth of TRULY rich countries like #Iraq, #Afghanistan, #Libya, #Yemen, nations of #Africa, etc.

1/2 This abomination should be removed as soon as possible. MILLIONS in the UK literally spontaneously celebrated in the streets, screaming with joy, when this monstrous butcher died. #CapitalismKills #StalinLives #MELS #StalinIsBack #StalinLivesForever
2/2 Joyful screaming, fireworks, blowing horns, etc were heard rejoicing in EVERY UK city & town, as well as around the world too! Don't remind people of a hated capitalist monster! #CapitalismKills #StalinLives #MELS #StalinIsBack #StalinLivesForever
#Socialism is under constant attack by all agents of capitalism-we must constantly reach the #WorkingClass with the #Truth & constantly counter capitalist lies! Truth is strength! #KimJongUn #DPRK #Korea #Pyongyang #Socialist #Communist #MELS #Communism #SocialismOrBarbarism
Reformism keeps in power the SAME elites who put in place injustices in the first place, so SOON after hard fought gains are won after decades or centuries of EXCRUCIATING effort, they can instantly take away those victories & erase all that struggle of millions. #StalinIsBack
Gambling is a PURE SCAM-mirroring capitalism-where the ones running the game are the only REAL winners, who throw extremely rare big wins for SHOW to someone to fool & entice everyone else to keep participating in & feeding the scam, keeping the scammers rich & TOTALLY in charge.
Gambling is like armed robbers giving out prizes occasionally to lure victims into the area they'll get robbed in. That SOME people win is NO justification or defence for the robbery & theft of MOST by gambling! #GamblingIsTheft #Truth #NoGambling #GamblingIsAScam #BanGambling
Just one of countless examples of the FAR superiority of #socialism over capitalism: A #socialist society would NEVER put profit/greed above public safety, as capitalism always does, like the mass-murderous greed of boeing that slaughtered hundreds recently. #CapitalismKills
The #SovietUnion did in 1963 what corrupt nasa is incapable of doing in 2019: make a spacesuit that fits a woman #Cosmonaut! #ValentinaTereshkova "The ideals of the party were close to me, and I have tried to adhere to those principles all my life." ~ #Tereshkova ~ #USSR #CCCP
Right-wing trumpist sinclair media used a NON-homeless man to portray as homeless in a hit piece to invert the #Truth & try to portray a leftist area of more poverty, when most poverty in the USA comes out of RIGHT WING areas! #CapitalistLies #Socialismcrosscut.com/2019/03/man-us…
1. theresa may is the most incompetent Prime Minister ever, but is also a really hilarious clown. Her latest ridiculous clown act will forever be good for a big laugh:

She knows she is not just universally unpopular, but universally DESPISED, so she uses this FACT as her only
2. political capital to leverage. May actually blackmails the UK, enticing MPs to support her #Brexit plan by promising to resign if they pass it! So her ONLY desperate plan to get through her policy & not be remembered as a 100% TOTAL failure as a leader is to leverage
3. universal hatred against HER & try to exchange her leaving power & going away for passing her central promised policy which she has failed to deliver on. After clinging onto power for herself for SO long past anything decent or honourable at the STEEP expense of of the rest of
4. the nation, hurting EVERYONE to not give up her PM title (even to a tory, let alone to #Corbyn), she finally offers to give up power in exchange for not being a PURE joke & UNIVERSALLY hated in the minds of all & in the eyes of history forever.
5. So she uses universal hatred of HERSELF to try to blackmail the UK into supporting her garbage policy plan for #Brexit, hoping that MPs will turn their desperation to get rid if the mess she is into support for her mess of a policy.

Fortunately, MPs did not go along,
6. though hopefully she'll be out soon anyways, & she already humiliated & degraded herself so totally by admitting that she is hated by all & everyone wants HER out is the ONLY argument she has to sell her terrible plan, but still people would not buy her bad #Brexit deal!
7. So a PM (may) tries to blackmail the UK by dooming them to more of HER if they reject her despised deal that has ZERO popular support, because the ONLY political leverage she possesses any more is universal hatred for her.
8. Don't give into blackmail from scammers like may who runs a scam for years & is now cornered when the fraud is FULLY uncovered to ALL & she's desperately looking for an escape that won't forever brand her in all history books as the most incompetent & ridiculous PM ever!
9. But reality remains: may threatened the whole people of the UK with blackmail, & the punishment used to terrify people into submitting to her horrible, fraudulent, zero-public-support-at-all #Brexit plan is MORE OF HER!

It's like a person suddenly following you around &
10/10 screaming shrilly in your ear & saying he'll stop if you pay him a huge sum of money. NO, you don't give into the blackmailer's demands, but you DO deal with the blackmailer & remove them, without rewarding them! #StalinIsBack
@PartyBolshevik @DeiterFuchs @FAApartheid @CommunistPartyW @WorkingClass_OG @SocialistVoice @ClaraSorrenti @Yclsa17 @YCLGMDistrict @YCLSA_UJ_APB "Organizational effectiveness balances the need for operational efficiency while achieving #strategic results." ~~ Jason Bell ~~ But capitalism does not work like that, but says: 'Lower quality to boost short-term profits at all cost!' #SocialismWorks #Socialism #StalinIsBack
#Truth is found through #rational #scientific methodology & examination. Truth adheres to #logic #reason. Truth is #objective & #rational. And Truth is not always obvious, but must but dug up, worked hard for & discovered through great, attentive, thorough effort. ☭ #Lenin says:
Since the account whose words I'm referring to here seems to be deactivated, I will post here those referenced words. Marxism-Leninism is true science like any other! Use the #ScientificMethod! #MarxismLeninism #ScientificSocialism #Science #Socialism #Communism #MELS #Truth
Since the account whose words I'm referring to here seems to be deactivated, I will post here those referenced words. Marxism-Leninism is true science like any other! Use the #ScientificMethod! #MarxismLeninism #ScientificSocialism #Science #Socialism #Communism #MELS #Truth
@PartyBolshevik @DeiterFuchs @FAApartheid @CommunistPartyW @WorkingClass_OG @SocialistVoice @ClaraSorrenti @Yclsa17 @YCLGMDistrict @YCLSA_UJ_APB boeing is in BIG TROUBLE! ~ EVERYONE now sees they intentionally murdered hundreds in the name of profits & greed for themselves! #RalphNader is now after them too-he'll get results! #NeedNotGreed #PeopleNotProfits #SocialismOrBarbarism #CapitalismIsMassMurder #CapitalismKills
A Prime Minister (may) tries to blackmail the UK by dooming them to more of HER if they reject her despised #Brexit deal that has ZERO popular support, because the ONLY political leverage she possesses any more is universal hatred for her. #BrexitDay #GeneralElection #JC4PM #GTTO
The reality remains: PM may threatened the whole people of the UK with blackmail, & the punishment used to terrify people into submitting to her horrible, fraudulent, zero-public-support-at-all #Brexit plan is MORE OF HER! #BrexitDay #GeneralElection #JC4PM #JeremyCorbyn #GTTO
#MarxistMonday#HappyMonday 'You don't hate Mondays, you hate capitalism!' So work hard to end capitalism so we can have the social peace & personal happiness of #Socialism! Follow the path of #Marx, #Engels, #Lenin & #Stalin (#MELS)! #Marxism #MarxismLeninism #StalinIsBack
This perfectly defines political conservativism, the reactionary elitist broad ideology of oppression, which includes all elite-class-oppression, such as capitalism, feudalism, monarchism, slavery, etc, & this perfectly illustrates the mind & psychology of reactionaries. #MELS
#CCCP2019! ☭ #USSR2019! ☭ #SovietUnion2019 ☭ I love this image! Let's work to make #Socialism a REALITY everywhere as soon as possible! Socialism is desperately needed everywhere on #Earth! #CapitalismIsADisease #SocialismIsTheCure #Stalin2019 #CCCP#USSR#SovietUnion
@PartyBolshevik @DeiterFuchs @FAApartheid @CommunistPartyW @WorkingClass_OG @SocialistVoice @ClaraSorrenti @Yclsa17 @YCLGMDistrict @YCLSA_UJ_APB 🛑 The "boeing 787 dreamliner" is just as unsafe as its already grounded jets! Brave #whistleblowers from the factory making these death-traps expose how profits made the murderous capitalists sacrifice safety & push through totally unsafe & defective planes! #CapitalismKills
"Storytellers rule the world." ~~ #Plato

What stories are YOU telling-with your words, with your actions & with your daily decisions?

Are you telling capitalist LIES or #Communist #TRUTHS?

#Marx, #Engels, #Lenin & #Stalin (#MELS) lead us to the #Truth!


#NightmareOfFascists The #RedArmy-& ALL #Communists-terrify fascists, capitalists & ALL such oppressors & tyrants, because only Communists can bring #Justice to all the victims of capitalists & fascists, which mean those oppressors will lose their elitist power & wealth! #MELS
☭ MAY DAY! ☭

The First of May is International Workers' Day (#MayDay),

but EVERY day we must ALL reach out to our #WorkingClass Sisters & Brothers, making clear to them that capitalists do not "employ them," THEY employ the capitalists, & the capitalists DO just ROB them!

@Ban_Animal_Test @SunnyCritter @JucheComrade @Rihan1719 @WinderDeyan @CPGBML @SWalesCpgbml @ComradeCoope @ViowaW @DeiterFuchs ☭ ☭ ⭐️ ⭐️ MAY DAY! ⭐️ ⭐️ ☭ ☭

Today is International Workers' Day (#MayDay)!

Photo of Comrade #Stalin leading a march of villagers & peasants in pre-#Revolution #Russia against terrible injustice & oppression.

#JosephStalin #JVStalin #JVS #StalinLives #StalinIsBack

“Communists, as consistent internationalists, cannot but be irreconcilable and bitter enemies of anti-Semitism.” ~~ #JosephStalin #JVStalin #JVS #Stalin #StalinLives #StalinLivesForever #MarxEngelsLeninStalin #MELS #Truth #MarxismAndTheNationalAndColonialQuestion #StalinIsBack
Winston Churchill was a genocidal, murderous racist. Don't ever let right-wingers get away with their evil lies saying otherwise. MANY confirmed examples of Churchill's own words which are highly #racist abound for all fair & honest people to see! #Truth ☭ Picture via @CPGBML
The only way to eradicate #Communism would be to physically eradicate the #WorkingClass & poor-which will NEVER happen! Communism is the undying expression of life in the working class which can NEVER die or be killed, & which WILL prevail victorious in the end! #StalinIsBack
🔴 All #Communists must step up-double if possible or more-their efforts to achieve #Socialism! This is URGENT to save the #Earth from destruction by #ClimateChange/#GlobalWarming, to save all from more imperialist wars & to save many millions from starvation! #CapitalismKills
“Under #Stalin, all the money went to the construction of cities, factories, schools. And what about Putin-where does the money go?” ~ Valery Solovey ~ #Russia desperately needs #Socialism! ☭ @chudak17#JosephStalin #JVStalin #JVS #MarxEngelsLeninStalin #MELS #StalinIsBack
#Stalingrad ☭ The nazis surrendered to the #SovietUnion on #May9, 1945, ending that fascist war to crush the #WorkingClass worldwide. #NeverForget the #Soviet sacrifice & the victims of right-wing #genocide! #GreatPatrioticWar #VictoryDay #USSR #CCCP #Stalin #StalinIsBack
#VictoryDay! #May9 is the day of #Soviet #Victory over the fascist nazis-when the nazis surrendered unconditionally to the #SovietUnion! Here's the original #VictoryDayParade from 1945! Nobody terrifies fascists & capitalists like Comrade #Stalin! #9May
"#RedArmy Victory Parade," 1945. 60 posts in the thread below are screenshots from the English translation of this film.

A Central Studio of Documentary Films Production, 1945.

English Translation & Digital Restoration by International Historic Films, Inc, 2006.

Picture above is the Order of Victory medal, the highest #Soviet military honour of the #GreatPatrioticWar.

Picture below is of the Soviet Banner of Victory, the flag raised by #RedArmy soldiers over the Reichstag in Berlin, May 1, 1945, one day after hitler killed himself.

1. Film opens showing the #SovietOrderOfVictory. #Soviet films were colourized decades before films anywhere else since the #SovietUnion was so far ahead of the rest of the world in colour film technology. #VictoryDay 1945 #VictoryDay1945 #USSR #CCCP
2. "Red Army Victory Parade" ~ #RedArmy #VictoryDay
7. "A Central Studio of Documentary Films Production, 1945" ~ #VictoryDay
8. The Kremlin bells toll over Red Square in Moscow, Russia, the #SovietUnion. ~ #USSR #CCCP #VictoryDay #VictoryDay1945
9. "June 24,1945." #VictoryDay 1945 #Lenin #Stalin
10. "The whole country celebrates." ~ #RedArmy #VictoryDay
11."The victorious return of its.brave sons." #VictoryDay
12. "those who liberated Kiev and Minsk," ~ #VictoryDay
13. "200 flags and banners of the defeated German Army" ~ #AntiFascism #AntiFascist #Stalin #Stalingrad #RedArmy #SovietUnion #USSR #CCCP #GreatPatrioticWar #VictoryDay
19. "Comrade Stalin and leaders of the government" ~ #ComradeStalin #Stalin #LeninMausoleum #Lenin #RedSquare #SovietUnion #USSR #CCCP #VictoryDay1945 #VictoryDay
60. English subtitles & digital restoration by International Historic films, Inc, 2005. #RedArmy #VictoryDayParade #ComradeStalin #Stalin #LeninMausoleum #Lenin #RedSquare #SovietUnion #USSR #CCCP #VictoryDay1945 #VictoryDay
"Long live our victory!" says a 1945 #Soviet stamp that includes a Red Flag with #ComradeStalin on it. We must have ETERNAL #Victory over fascism-which means ending capitalism FOREVER! #Truth #AntiFascism #AntiFascist #JosephStalin #JVStalin #JVS #Stalin #MELS #StalinIsBack ∞ ☭
The #Soviet Order of Victory-awarded by the #SovietUnion for successfully commanding major military operations. Comrade #JosephStalin was given the medal twice, in 1944 & 1945. #USSR #CCCP #Stalin #JVStalin #JVS #ComradeStalin #GreatPatrioticWar #VictoryDay #HLVS #StalinIsBack
From the happy, optimistic #SovietUnion-the song "#MarchOfTheSovietTankmen"-from the #Soviet movie "#TheTractorists"-from 1939. #ComradeStalin leads the people to victory over fascism-then AND now & always, forever! ∞ #Stalin #JVStalin #JVS #USSR #CCCP
Hello, dear Comrades-I'm just letting you know that I'll be quite busy for at least a week, so will likely not post much-but after that, I hope to get back to regular daily posting here! Be well always! #RedSalute! #SlavaStalin! #StalinLives #StalinLivesForever #StalinIsBack
Thank you to the UK military commander who had at least enough honesty & honour to repudiate the US lies against #Iran used as a fake pretext to escalate aggression against the #Iranian people. The USA is the terrorist threat against the #MiddleEast & whole world-NOT Iran! ☮️ ☭
Anti-#Muslim terrorist pogroms by violent mobs are plaguing parts of #SriLanka-THINK-if you participate in such mobs, you are NO better than the violent terrorists who attacked churches to target people of a religion-so why be angered by those no less moral than you? #Peace ☮️ ☭
"There must be either the dictatorship of the proletariat or the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Anyone who says otherwise is either an idiot or is so politically illiterate that he is ashamed not only to stand on the podium, but simply to attend the meeting." #VILenin #Lenin
Ha! The #Austrian right-wing-extremist "Freedom Party" are ALL out of power thanks to their criminal #corruption! #Austria can do better than that hitlerite gang of #corrupt fascist thugs! #AntiFascism #AntiFascist #AntiRacism #AntiRacist #NoH8 #Stalingrad #HLVS #StalinIsBack
Follow Up-After a stressful & exhausting week-everything turned out OK-not disastrous-so I hope to get back to being here regularly like usual-so I'm happy about that! Thank you to all my friends, Comrades & followers on here-I love you! #iHateCapitalism #Love #StalinIsBack ❤️ ☭
WHY does #AutoSuggest very often suggest I say #racist, right-wing, vulgar, obscene, violent, insulting & even #GENOCIDAL things that I have NEVER before written nor anything like? Is it because many OTHER people write such horrible things so often & skew the #algorithms? #NoH8
@Korea_Friend_UK @kfaturkey @DPRK_KFAGreece @Juche_Gang @juche0071 @JucheComrade @DeiterFuchs @PartyBolshevik @EmpiresStrike86 @CPGBML 1 What follows is the full #KCNA statement against joe biden, entitled: "KCNA Commentary Terms Former U.S. Vice-President Biden Snob Bereft of Elementary Quality as Human Being (2019.05.21) Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA)" #DPRK #Pyongyang #KimJongUn #Truth #NeverBiden #NeverJoeBiden
2 "Former U.S. Vice-President Biden has gone reckless and senseless, seized by ambition for power. The presidential candidate from the Democratic Party during his recent election campaigning reeled off rhetoric slandering the supreme leadership of the DPRK.
3 What he uttered is just sophism of an imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being, let alone a politician. He has been accused even within the Democratic Party, to say nothing of the American society, for his vulgar acts and words about women
4 and his thoughtless remarks. It is well known to the world that he received a grade of F during university days for plagiarizing other's article in his paper and could not but give up running for presidency in 1988 for plagiarizing a speech of a British politician
5 that led to a public furor. In April 2011 when the then President Obama was in the middle of making a speech, he was fast asleep in the auditorium to become a laughing-stock of the media. Once he called his political rival Republicans "shrieking pigs" to startle the public.
6 It is by no means accidental that there is nonstop comment over his bid for candidacy that he is not worth pinning hope on, backed by the jeer that he is a fool of low IQ. Even the American media derided him as a man with "manic-obsessive running of the mouth",
7 saying that he likes giving a speech but he is not serious in his words. Yet, he is self-praising himself as being the most popular presidential candidate. This is enough to make a cat laugh. It is easy to conjecture the politics to be pursued by such a thoughtless guy.
8 Such a guy had the temerity to insult the supreme leadership of the DPRK, an intolerable and serious politically-motivated provocation against the DPRK. Explicitly speaking, we will never pardon anyone who dare provoke the supreme leadership of the DPRK but will certainly make
9 them pay for it. Biden had better think back the reason for his past two failures in presidential elections and remember that prudence commensurate with the object is integral to a presidential candidate." #KCNA #DPRK #Pyongyang #KimJongUn #Truth #NeverBiden #NeverJoeBiden
@Korea_Friend_UK @kfaturkey @DPRK_KFAGreece @Juche_Gang @juche0071 @JucheComrade @DeiterFuchs @PartyBolshevik @EmpiresStrike86 @CPGBML #DPRK on bolton-"It's not at all strange that perverse words always come out from the mouth of a structurally defective guy & such a human defect deserves an earlier departure." To have #peace-trump needs to get rid of the bolton/pompeo/elliot abrams gang of neocon warmongers! ☭
"It is in solitude where we are least alone." ~Byron~ This is where the most ghosts haunt us from our past, present, & future. Such time is necessary, but in excess is harmful. We #Communists must reflect & mull & think & dream, but not get LOST within our heads. #StalinIsBack
1. A US border patrol leader was recently confronted in the US congress about killing so many #children in his custody (& putting kids in cages). He attacked the QUESTION & QUESTIONER as shameful-but NO-HOW DARE YOU! NO children died because of your questioner, but many die under
2. your "care"! So you need to forget about getting defensive, forget about YOURSELF, & finally care about the CHILDREN you killed & those still alive-YOU killing kids is the SHAME-what is a greater shame than that-so just have some basic decency, BE ashamed as you SHOULD be
3. if you kill kids, accept the shame & don't dare argue, & instead of arguing against your critics who do nothing but tell the #Truth, actually take responsibility for what YOU DID here in REALITY where kids are dead while you arrogantly think of YOURSELF while you're not only
4. alive but comfortable, privileged & powerful. Be concerned ONLY with those children, lost & still alive, NOT yourself or your worthless pride, & care about changing to protect children & not allow more deaths & ACT BOLDLY to ensure no more deaths-not care about defending
5. yourself or attacking those who DO care about protecting those children! You SHOULD feel ashamed & be able to admit that, & if you don't, that's a HUGE problem in your character & a fundamental flaw in your morality & fitness to lead & you must resign IMMEDIATELY.
6. Be RESPONSIBLE & HONEST-but that would be a first time for right-wingers, who do nothing but shift THEIR blame to others & who have no connections at all to
7/7 #honesty, #morality, #honour, or #Truth, let alone firmly live by those, as do all #Communists worthy of being called a #Communist. #StalinIsBack #MELS #CommunistMorality
#StalinIsBack to clean up all the messes in this world: fascism, capitalism, imperialism, neo-/colonialism, imperialism, war, & ALL exploitation, injustice, oppression, tyranny, poverty, greed, selfishness, immorality, & lies! #Stalin #JosephStalin #JVStalin #JVS #MELS #Truth
@StalinTours @Marxian_Theory @stalinengels @JucheComrade @ViowaW @ComradeCoope @Ban_Animal_Test @Rihan1719 @WinderDeyan @CPGBML #StalinIsBack to clean up all the messes in this world: fascism, capitalism, imperialism, neo-/colonialism, imperialism, war, & ALL exploitation, injustice, oppression, tyranny, poverty, greed, selfishness, immorality, & lies! #Stalin #JosephStalin #JVStalin #JVS #MELS #Truth
In just a few minutes watching #BBCFakeNews I was made to hear the spoken views of al qaeda terrorists in #Syria, criminal fraudster aristocrat conrad black, & arch-neoliberal imperialist butcher victoria nuland. What a horrific group of voices to use media power to amplify! ☭
@crimesofbrits @crimesofbritain @SyrianaAnalysis @Syrian_Youths_E @basel_souria @Presidency_Sy @republic_syrian @GenocideDonbass @georgegalloway @WatchingHawks 1/3 trump is tanking the US economy with his #TradeWar against #China & now his #trade #war against #Mexico. Today the stock market plummeted & even trump's political & business allies all oppose him on these #tariffs. This WILL hurt the US economy-
2/3 so this is GOOD to harm the #USEmpire & reduce the capacity of the USA to afford imperialist wars against #Iran, #Venezuela, etc. It will be GREAT if the #USWarMachine is bankrupted by trump pummeling the US economy.
@crimesofbrits @crimesofbritain @SyrianaAnalysis @Syrian_Youths_E @basel_souria @Presidency_Sy @republic_syrian @GenocideDonbass @georgegalloway @WatchingHawks 1/5 A little while ago the #BBCFakeNews showed on tv a tweet by trump openly threatening #genocide against #Iran-the host read the tweet but did NOT read the hitlerian terrorist #genocidal threat. They ignored the most important part of the story they were purportedly "covering"
2/5 as if it did not exist! It is a HUGE story of the century if a leader of a powerful aggressor country like the USA threatens #genocide against the whole people of another nation! The IS a #WarCrime, so trump is ALREADY a #WarCriminal. The US regime is a rogue terrorist regime
3/5 threatening more #WarCrimes to add to their LONG list of war crimes ALREADY committed in their rampage across the Earth against humanity! Yet the #BBCFakeNews doesn't see a credible threat of #genocide that might ACTUALLY be carried out as even worth mentioning & informing
4/5 their viewers of. So it is clear they staunchly OPPOSE the #NeverAgain vow resulting out of the #Holocaust/#Shoah, & it is clear they CAN intimately understand how it was that many people could stay silent leading up to & during the nazi #genocide across #Europe. Why does the
5/5 #BBCFakeNews explicitly side with terrorist #WarCriminals, tyrants, & #genocide & NOT with those threatened with genocide by the US terrorist regime: the good people of Iran #BBCLies #USWarCrimes #NeverForget #Genocide #NeverAgain #Iran #IRI #AntiWar #NoWar #Justice #Truth
@crimesofbrits @crimesofbritain @SyrianaAnalysis @Syrian_Youths_E @basel_souria @Presidency_Sy @republic_syrian @GenocideDonbass @georgegalloway @WatchingHawks Though I saturate myself in news & politics while awake, I only occasionally dream about political matters, but when I last slept, I dreamed I was a close top aide to donald trump, dealing with his demands & criticism...i think that counts as a #Nightmare! #Dream #StalinIsBack
@crimesofbrits @crimesofbritain @SyrianaAnalysis @Syrian_Youths_E @basel_souria @Presidency_Sy @republic_syrian @GenocideDonbass @georgegalloway @WatchingHawks The trump administration shouldn't just cover up the name "john mccain" on a ship-it should rename that ship & everything else bearing the mccain name-to at least somewhat lessen the legacy of terrorism & #genocide & war attached to that particular name! #Justice #StalinIsBack
@crimesofbrits @crimesofbritain @SyrianaAnalysis @Syrian_Youths_E @basel_souria @Presidency_Sy @republic_syrian @GenocideDonbass @georgegalloway @WatchingHawks #ThankYou so much to the 18 #Comrades who took the latest #Poll about who the #USEmpire would try to invade first. Most said #Venezuela, with #Iran close behind; some said #Nicaragua & none said #Cuba. We must stop them EVERYWHERE they target! #USWarCrimes #HLVS #StalinIsBack
#MaoZedong, #JosephStalin & #WalterUlbrict ~ Leading the liberated nations of #China, the #USSR & the #DDR ahead with #Progress & #Socialism! ~ “#Stalin is the savior of all the oppressed.” ~ #ChairmanMao ~ #GDR #Socialist #Germany #CCCP #SovietUnion #JVStalin #JVS #PRC #Mao
@crimesofbrits @crimesofbritain @SyrianaAnalysis @Syrian_Youths_E @basel_souria @Presidency_Sy @republic_syrian @GenocideDonbass @georgegalloway @WatchingHawks trump isn't wrong about sadiq khan, but all #Londoners & people across Britain should continue protesting against trump & make clear how unwelcome he is! Make trump never want to return to #London after such massive protests! #GTTO #JC4PM #GeneralElection #GeneralElectionNOW
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML How inappropriate that a US aircraft carrier named after #AntiImperialist #AbrahamLincoln is threatening #Iran for the #USEmpires's aggression. #Lincoln would be sickened by this criminality using his name! Unite against anti-#Iranian imperialism! #AntiImperialism #USWarCrimes
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML The #Sudanese people must get rid of the military, security forces, police & militias who are propped up by the fascist regimes of saudi Arabia, uae & Egypt. #Sudan desperately needs the #SudaneseCommunistParty-#SCP-to lead the nation to a free future! #Socialism #StalinIsBack
Don't be a #slave in the army of #consumerism-you DON'T have to buy the latest things! Don't bow before the crushing tyranny of the market! "Free-market" is an oxymoronic term for a system of extreme, dehumanizing oppression where markets matter & humans DON'T! ~ #StalinIsBack
@crimesofbrits @crimesofbritain @SyrianaAnalysis @Syrian_Youths_E @basel_souria @Presidency_Sy @republic_syrian @GenocideDonbass @georgegalloway @WatchingHawks trump wants to get rid of the #NHS as part of a trade deal. Who will let a foreign fascist rule over the lives of UK citizens? The tories of course, whose loyalty is to money & power, not to nation or the good of the people! #SaveOurNHS #GTTO #JC4PM #JC4PM2019 #GeneralElection
@crimesofbrits @crimesofbritain @SyrianaAnalysis @Syrian_Youths_E @basel_souria @Presidency_Sy @republic_syrian @GenocideDonbass @georgegalloway @WatchingHawks @LHumaniteN @YemeniJournal @telesurenglish @TheYemenitePost @amr_yemeni @ResistMedia313 @ResistUpdates @WorkingClass_OG @TheArabSource @SANAEnOfficial 1/2 Much of the western #MSMFakeNews made disclaimers that south #Korean reports about the #DPRK are ALWAYS proven false & have ZERO credibility because they're sick of constantly being embarrassed by reporting false slanders against the DPRK, yet they STILL reported #FakeNews
2/2 about diplomats from the #DPRK! Keep calling out their lies & maybe someday they'll be so embarrassed that they'll actually tell the #TRUTH about #Socialist #Korea...but don't hold your breath for that! The whole WORLD needs #Socialism too! #TruthMatters #CapitalistLies 🇰🇵 ☭
@crimesofbrits @crimesofbritain @SyrianaAnalysis @Syrian_Youths_E @basel_souria @Presidency_Sy @republic_syrian @GenocideDonbass @georgegalloway @WatchingHawks 1/4 The latest troll to decide to harass this page spewed lies, then when I disproved their lies rationally & politely, they were not capable of making ANY rational response or discussion, so lobbed insults & cowardly blocked me-& their insults are total projection, calling me
2/4 "angry" when I never was angry nor showed any anger, yet they seemed locked in a rage. And they said I lied when I provided PROOF to back up what I said, & they never offered ANY evidence let, alone proof, to back up their claims, since their claims were baseless lies with no
3/4 relation to historical #REALITY. Keep speaking the truth & all the trolls can do is embarrass themselves & look like the fools they are!
4/4 If THEY can't face what they themselves are & FALSELY call OTHERS what THEY are, this sad projection is PERFECTLY clear to all outside of their heads, so they fool NOBODY but themselves with such ridiculousness. #TruthMatters #Truth #StalinIsBack
@crimesofbrits @crimesofbritain @SyrianaAnalysis @Syrian_Youths_E @basel_souria @Presidency_Sy @republic_syrian @GenocideDonbass @georgegalloway @WatchingHawks @LHumaniteN @YemeniJournal @telesurenglish @TheYemenitePost @amr_yemeni @ResistMedia313 @ResistUpdates @WorkingClass_OG @TheArabSource @SANAEnOfficial 1/2 #Misogynistic snowflake chris wallace made clear how insecure he is & inferior he feels when he so desperately lashed out at a #woman daring to demand #equality. He was a rude bully because he feels so weak compared to #women so is PETRIFIED of not being privileged over them!
2/2 The only rude one was constantly interrupting wallace. His arrogant privilege & #sexism allow him to act in such an embarrassing way. "To those with privilege, the concept of equality feels like oppression." #Misogyny #FoxFakeNews #Sexist #FauxNews
1/3 This #DDay, as we honour martyrs & veterans of the World #AntiFascist War (#GreatPatrioticWar), we can remember little-told history, such as the D-Day invasion being military genius #JosephStalin's idea, with Roosevelt agreeing & siding against goofy psychopathic coward
2/3 churchill, who felt such an invasion was "too dangerous." #JVStalin likely saved the UK from military takeover, which would have happened without D-Day occurring. Just another shame for the dense, bumbling criminal
3/3 churchill. #Stalin's brilliant military leadership won the war on the Western Front as well as the Eastern Front! #DDay #JVS #AntiFascism #AntiFascist #History #Historical #TruthMatters #Truth
#PrimaryElection - Unknown US #DemocraticParty presidential candidate michael bennet-on #PBSFakeNews-called #MedicareForAll a "#Bolshevik plan." I WISH it was-but that would mean a #Socialist USA! The lame establishment thinks a #RedScare is the way to get support! #Socialism
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @Communist_SD Thank you to the #AfricanUnion for kicking out #Sudan until the saudi/uae/Egyptian propped-up military regime is out! Now the #Sudanese people must create a government that serves THEM (#Socialism)-not foreign fascist terrorist regimes! #PeoplePower #HLVS #PowerToThePeople #AU
#Japan must end its oppressive forcing of many #women #workers to wear high heel shoes! #Japanese women-& ALL workers-deserve to be treated like human beings-not like property or objects! Let #WomensLiberation rise against all reactionary tyrants! #KuToo #MeToo #Tokyo #TimesUp
I don't know what this is-but I came across it & it's so #cute-so here it is! "How #Communism works: God gives a bean to each #worker." 🤭 #Communist #Socialism #Socialist #WorkingClass #Workers #Marx #Engels #Lenin #Stalin #MELS #MarxismLeninism #MarxistLeninist #StalinIsBack
#Boycott Horseracing! Horseracing is not only cruel to animals for no reason but profit, but fuels much #gambling, which destroys many lives, while a few heartless, uncaring capitalists get rich off the suffering & death of #horses & humans! #BanHorseracing #BoycottHorseracing
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML The USA is using its dupes & tools in #HongKong, #China as tools in its #TradeWar aggression. No rational person wants their city to be a haven for criminal fugitives. US pawns are displaying pure thuggery to harm their own community on behalf of a hostile foreign regime! #PRC
The #SovietUnion made by far the first #desktop #digital #computer, which #Stalin saw-a device with #mathematical functions similar to a pocket #calculator & operated by manual programming. Another #Soviet first! #JosephStalin #JVStalin #JVS #Truth #USSR #DesktopComputer #CCCP
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML Remember: WE-the #WorkingClass & poor-hold ALL power-as soon as we unite as one & take it! All the weapons, violence & repression of the elite tyrant class of the capitalist dictatorship can do NOTHING to stop the united, disciplined working & poor people! #Truth #StalinIsBack
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @PDChina @XHNews @HongKongTourism @HKTourismUK @discoverhk @telesurenglish @SANAEnOfficial @PressTV @cubadebate_en @radiorebeldecu Those agents of the USA terrorizing #HongKong, #China are even more violent than ever in their latest campaign of thuggery! The USA won't "win" their #TradeWar this way! Let's see all Hong Kong residents who are NOT dupes of the West show their strength like in the photo! #PRC
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @PDChina @XHNews @HongKongTourism @HKTourismUK @discoverhk @telesurenglish @SANAEnOfficial @PressTV @cubadebate_en @radiorebeldecu We must understand that for the West-the battlefield is NOT the streets of #HongKong #China-but in the media of the West-with the street thugs causing mayhem being mere props to display in imperialist media-& the West's enemy is as much THEIR people as the #Chinese government! ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @PDChina @XHNews @HongKongTourism @HKTourismUK @discoverhk @telesurenglish @SANAEnOfficial @PressTV @cubadebate_en @radiorebeldecu @SocialistVoice @socialiststeve6 @PartyBolshevik @irspireland @sinnfeinireland @LHumaniteN @pceml @LabLeftVoice @ChurchLabour @alton_labour Anti-democracy terrorists used brute violence to prevent lawmakers from representing the people of #HongKong #China. Those thugs wish to use their savage riots to impose their minority will OVER the will of the people-proving that these rioters are authoritarian fascists! #PRC
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @Communist_SD @CPEgypt @cpaml_vanguard @NCPANZ @communist_au 1/2 The tiny elite oppressor class of capitalist tyrants stays in power by brute force, yes-but MOSTLY by fooling the masses! Remember: WE the #WorkingClass & poor people hold ALL power-if only we unite & seize it & exercise It-& all the state institutions, media, corporations,
2/2 & violence, weapons & repressive tools of the capitalist dictatorship are POWERLESS against us when we stand up as one. We WILL win then with NO doubt & NOTHING can stop the UNITED oppressed peoples! #Socialism #Algeria #Algiers #Sudan #Khartoum #Sudanese #SudaneseUprising
#ByeBye & #GoodRiddance to #LIAR sarah huckabee sanders-just a US propaganda liar spewing #lies to US MSM propaganda #liars. One more criminal out of a position of power! #USRegimeLies #USLies #USPropagandaLies #MSMLies #MSMFakeNews #FakeNews #Truth #TruthMatters #StalinIsBack
To all #workers on #strike-& just plain ALL workers!!-You are LOVED-not just as a #worker, but as a human being too, & you are valued & appreciated-not only for what you DO, but for WHO YOU ARE! #Love the humble workers who work hard long hours every day! #WorkingClass #Truth
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML How totally NON-surprising: a right-wing extremist #Parkland survivor says #racist things & gets harvard admission revoked. What did they think-that a right-winger in the USA is NOT racist? One couldn't be smart if they think a non-racist US right-winger exists! #StalinIsBack
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @PDChina @XHNews @HongKongTourism @HKTourismUK @discoverhk @telesurenglish @SANAEnOfficial @PressTV @cubadebate_en @radiorebeldecu @SocialistVoice @socialiststeve6 @PartyBolshevik @irspireland @sinnfeinireland @LHumaniteN @pceml @LabLeftVoice @ChurchLabour @alton_labour @CRG_CRM @PCV_Venezuela @Jotaceve1947 @PartidoPSUV @JuventudPSUV @dcabellor @DiazCanelB The USA/UK & their puppets favour dictatorship: a TINY MINORITY of #HongKong #China residents imposing their will OVER the majority. They want terrorism of some violent thugs to crush the will of the people! And Hong Kong IS China-NOT separate, as colonial brainwashers claim! ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @RightWingWatch 1/2 2 nazi terrorists arrested in the UK for targeting the royal family over interracial marriage. The right-wing (always #racists) have really been in a tizzy since they support reactionary trash like the monarchy but hate non-whites & interracial love-so it makes their minds
2/2 violently explode (& commit literal violence)! & funny how UK "nationalists" support a movement that attacked & sought to enslave & destroy the UK-so these terrorists are traitors, NOT patriots! #AntiRacism #AntiRacist #AntiFascism #AntiFascist #Stalingrad #StalinIsBack
#POLL: Who do you think would be least disastrous as leader of the #Islamophobic UK conservative party & as pm? johnson is a best friend to #MrBoneSaw & hunt is the same kind of dangerous neocon. Is anyone else less odious? Comment too-then work to #GTTO! #JC4PM #JC4PM2019
1/2 #ThankYou to all who took the #Poll about the #Islamophobic uk conservative party leadership. Most thought javid would be least disastrous, which may be true, yet now the race is between only 2 neocon imperialist warmongers: hunt & johnson-so #MrBoneSaw is happy! #GTTO
2/2 johnson has more ties to far-right fringe groups & stands a better chance of winning a #GeneralElection than hunt-so hunt winning would be a better situation for getting rid of the tories & kicking the far right out of power in the uk! #GeneralElectionNOW #JC4PM #JC4PM2019
The USA invaded #Iran with a drone-threatening the #Iranian people even more in their #Genocidal crusade to harm the civilians of Iran to attempt to destabilize & then conquer that nation. #Tehran must stand strongly on the moral high ground & be firm against US aggression! ☮️ ☭
When I saw lindsey graham threaten "severe pain" to the #Iranian people, I wondered if he is moving there! After saying the words of a bloodthirsty monster-which he is-will he inflict severe pain on #Iran by gifting them a dangerous, psychopathic imperialist warmonger-HIMSELF? ☭
#Iran chose NOT to shoot down a US spy plane that invaded #Iranian airspace together with their shot down unmanned drone since the plane had a crew of 35-whereas pompeo & bolton wanted to kill 150 Iranians in airstrikes. WHO is the terrorist regime? (#USTerroristRegime) #Truth
1/2 The west has not been calling the actions of some violent #Georgian thugs what it is: #racism. These rampaging #racist #Georgians are infected with #Russophobia, which is racism no less than any other form of racial hatred. #Georgia will endure severe economic hardship
2/2 thanks to such #racist violence! The #Russian people will not tolerate such #racism in #Tbilisi. If #Georgians think their economy won't plummet if they ruin ties with their neighbor #Russia, then it'll just sting even harder when reality hits! #AntiRacist #AntiRacism
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML #POLL: #Turkish President Erdogan once said, "whoever wins Istanbul, wins Turkey." Since Erdogan's party has now lost in #Istanbul (& in #Ankara & in #Izmir)-is Erdogan on his way out in the near future, or is he wrong, to his own benefit? #Turkey #Vote #Election #Elections
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML We send our #Love & best wishes to everyone in #Arys, #Kazakhstan-hoping all are OK after an ammunition depot explosion! Thanks to the bravery of soldiers & orderly evacuation as seen in the video, & I hope all were given rides whenever cars had space. ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML The mass-murderous terrorist leader dolly llama (who literally proclaims himself to be a god & demands to be worshipped as one) says nobody would want to look at a female dolly llama if she is "not attractive." He degrades ALL #women & ALL humans! #MeToo #TimesUp #KuToo #China
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML #ThankYou to all who took the latest #Poll about #Turkey. By far, most clearly think Erdogan is on his way out soon. Nobody thinks a coup by anyone is coming up (I personally wouldn't be surprised to see one by Erdogan to keep power). #Socialism will free Turkey! #StalinIsBack
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML #ThankYou for taking the #Poll on the first (Wednesday night) US #DemocraticParty #PrimaryElection #Debate. Most said #ElizabethWarren won it. #TulsiGabbard came in second, & she certainly won over trump & tim ryan-destroying their #RegimeChange war policies. #Vote #DemDebate
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML My take on the first (Wednesday) US #DemocraticParty #PrimaryElection #Debate: #BilldeBlasio won first place; Warren got second. Delaney lost worst, with one cringeworthy moment after another (the guy is a walking cringefest) & Beto, klobuchar & Ryan lost too. #Vote #DemDebate
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML My take on the second (Thursday) US #DemocraticParty #PrimaryElection #Debate: #MarianneWilliamson won first place by far! #BernieSanders got second. Bennett was very strong too. biden lost worst. hickenlooper & #Ageist swalwell (#Ageism is bigotry!) lost too. #Vote #DemDebate
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML 1/3 Establishment commentators in the #MSMFakeNews were RIDICULOUS & hilariously out of touch in their "expert" commentary before the US #DemocraticParty #PrimaryElection #Debates. A. One predicted KLOBUCHAR would win the first #Debate by far. 🙄😬😮 She lost BIG TIME OF COURSE!
2/3 B. Another said policy would not be talked about AT ALL in the 2 first debates-that it would ALL be people talking about their personal lives. It was almost ALL policy talk both nights! #DemocraticParty #PrimaryElection #Debate #DemDebate
3/3 C. MANY said the 2nd night would be a huge brawl between #BernieSanders & biden & nobody else-least of all lower ranked candidates-would dare attack biden. No #Bernie-biden conflict happened, but many others, even the low-polling, attacked biden! #PrimaryElection #DemDebate
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML If I ever hear anyone fooled by the dolly llama clique say "free Tibet"-i just reply: "Good news! It was freed in the late 1950s!" And the dolly llama is such an UNENLIGHTENED sexist! Meme by @MaoistTankie #China #CombatLiberalism #MeToo #TimesUp #KuToo #SocialismOrBarbarism
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML If you're looking for something funny, this made me laugh hard for a long time! We all need a break to escape from the world & laugh, but this is politically genius too. This brilliantly destroys the derangement of trumpism! ☭ #AntiFascist #AntiFascism
2/4 parliament-trashing it & raising the #Chinese flag? The UK wanted worldwide sympathy & outrage when ONE terrorist tried to attack their parliament-saying it was an attack on "the very foundation of democracy."
3/4 But the UK SUPPORTS a huge MOB of terrorists attacking parliament in what they see as their non-white colony! Of COURSE bojo the clown would never support such violent savagery against the UK-only against non-white colonial subjects! #AntiColonialism #NationalLiberation
4/4 Hey UK terrorist regime: #HandsOffHongKong! Hey wannabe colonial slave master #BojoTheClown: you CAN'T be a tyrant over the #Chinese people! ALL of #China, including #HongKong stays united & FREE from the terror & tyranny of UK colonialism! #AntiImperialism #UKWarCrimes
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML The #LNA-#LibyanNationalArmy-advances in the #Libyan capital, #Tripoli. A new campaign also targets Turkish intervention in #Libya. Turkish ships, planes, businesses & citizens are now targeted by the LNA for supporting the GNA. LNA T54 or T55 #TankCam: ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML #BoycottNickiMinaj & #Boycott ALL entertainers who perform in the ISIS beheader #saudiTerroristRegime! It's intolerable that any artist endorses that wahhabist fascism-& artists must pay a financial price for their offense AGAINST humanity! #saudiWarCrimes #Yemen #EndWahhabism
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML The illegitimate US puppet regime occupying #Kabul, #Afghanistan is saturated to its entirety with rape. #Women are under siege by the US-controlled #Afghan regime. Only #Socialism in Afghanistan had equality & safety for women! #SocialismOrBarbarism #MeToo #TimesUp #KuToo 🚩 ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML The diplomatic war between the USA & UK is absolutely hilarious: every iteration of what could happen in that saga harms, weakens & further discredits BOTH criminal regimes-& this is proven in practice as events unfold. The "special relationship" is a SPECIAL kind of JOKE! ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @PartyBolshevik @ChanWyles @georgegalloway @calebmaupin @anyaparampil @socialiststeve6 @crimesofbrits @crimesofbritain @CrimesofUS @Americas_Crimes 1/3 A supposed "press freedom" conference in London BANNED journalists & media organizations who differ from UK ruling-regime bias from attending. That sums up the fake, nonexistent "freedom of the press" in the capitalist West! ☭
2/3 The capitalist West's "freedom of the press/speech" means NO freedom for anyone but those spewing the propaganda lies of the tyrannical ruling elite class of rich psychopathic parasites! Yet these same capitalist dictators arrogantly attack societies who value #Truth
3/3 & keep out psychological warfare officers whose only jobs to lie for capitalists, NOT be at all interested in objective journalism or pursuing #Truth fairly. #Communists have a bias: towards #Truth & #Objectivity & #Logic-NOT a bias towards unscientific ideological dogma. ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @PartyBolshevik @ChanWyles @georgegalloway @calebmaupin @anyaparampil @socialiststeve6 @crimesofbrits @crimesofbritain @CrimesofUS @Americas_Crimes No wonder #corrupt #elitist pelosi is the most zealous defender of trump from #impeachment, legislative challenges, etc. She loves #corruption & loves launching #racist attacks on her own party members to protect that system of corruption-she & trump stand for the same things! ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @PartyBolshevik @ChanWyles @georgegalloway @calebmaupin @anyaparampil @socialiststeve6 @crimesofbrits @crimesofbritain @CrimesofUS @Americas_Crimes @FremontLenin @jimmy_dore @JimmyDoreShow @miserablelib @Sunrise_Mvmt_LA @Fightfor15LA @NorCalFF15 @TrinityfChavez #GoodRiddance to trump's labor secretary alex acosta, who violated the rights of victims in order to give special treatment to epstein. The criminal acosta should go to jail for his illegal #corruption to protect epstein! Just more #corrupt trump aides! #MeToo #TimesUp #KuToo
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada #HappyBirthday-June 12, 1916-to Comrade #LyudmilaPavlichenko-hero of the #SovietUnion & the entire world! The best #woman sniper ever-killing many hundreds of nazis invading the #USSR. She is an immortal example of #Soviet glory! Eternal Red Salute, Comrade #Pavlichenko! #CCCP
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML Here's a longer version of the previous video of an #LNA #TankCam as the #LibyanNationalArmy advances in #Tripoli #Libya! I didn't see it before because the platform shadowbanned that video in my search. Capitalists try to hide the #Truth! #StalinIsBack
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML Here's another great video of the #LNA as the #LibyanNationalArmy expelled al qaeda & ISIS terrorists from #Derna #Libya. Next to liberate is #Tripoli-to get rid of ALL Western-installed terrorists from the nation, so #Peace can begin! #EndWahhabism ☮️ ☭
Final Collapse of a Party (Escape from #MarxismLeninism):

The CPGBML plunged off the deep end of left-wing-deviationist philistinism, which in reality means serving the right-wing & capitalist interests--& they did so in a very stark & tangible way.

[Article Follows Below:]
1. The CPGBML have always declared that anyone who ever advocates voting for a non-Communist party in any election is just plain not a true #Communist. They say anyone who votes for or advocates voting for #Labour/#Corbyn etc isn't a Communist. Yet they now advocate voting for a
2. trumpian right-wing nationalist populist party, the Brexit Party. HYPOCRITES! Since #Corbyn isn't a #MarxistLeninist #Socialist, it is inexcusable to vote for him, according to the CPGBML, but it IS OK to vote for a far-right-wing-extremist party, with right-wing policies,
3. right-wing leaders who are close friends & allies of trump, & whose leaders & most of their most vocal advocates ARE openly #racist, regardless of how much of a percentage of the party's members & supporters are #racists too, so says this "communist" party. The Brexit Party
4. leadership have extreme-right-wing views-farther right than the tories-& many are openly racist too-so supporting & voting for THOSE politicians is OK for them, but in their minds, voting for non-#Communist #Socialists is unacceptable!
5. All rational people can smell the hypocrisy a mile away.
6. CPGBML logic: voting for social-democrats=evil & makes one a non-Communist; voting for extreme-right-wing nationalist parties led by racist trumpists=good & indeed the one & only way to be a "real communist."
7. And by this twisted "logic" of the CPGBML, it's OK to vote for LePen in #France, Salvini in #Italy, the afd in #Germany, the nationalists in #Austria & #Hungary, etc, since they are all hostile to the EU, & even nato in some cases!
8. These "communists" justify such right-wing populist extremism!

And then the CPGBML says "there's no such thing as 'left' and 'right' now, it makes no sense. we're communist we're not 'left'." [Is there also 'no such thing as grammar now'?]
9. This bizarre claim that "left-wing" & "right-wing" have suddenly ceased to exist serves a vital purpose in the CPGBML's self-delusion: believing that left & right no longer exist is the ONLY possible way to avoid the clear #Truth that the CPGBML are supporting a right-wing,
10. nationalist, trumpian party because they agree on one particular issue (Brexit). The CPGBML doesn't want it's followers know the TRUTH that they support right-wing trumpists electorally...
11. ...after years of hypocritically saying that supporting the non-communist left electorally is anathema & is as unacceptable as declaring oneself to be a lover of capitalist imperialism
12. CPGBML must in their grasping desperation deny the very EXISTENCE of left-wing & right-wing at all in order to avoid the obvious but embarrassing #TRUTH & FACT that they are supporting a right-wing extremist party!
13. And casting out the very concepts of 'left-wing' & 'right-wing' is the ONLY way for the CPGBML to attempt to escape the core #MarxistLeninist principles of left-wing-deviationism & right-wing-deviationism, wherein left-wing-deviationism away from true, scientific
14. #MarxismLeninism IS right-wing-deviationism. & since the CPGBML embodies this concept in material practice, it is convenient for them to drop by the wayside that core principle of #MarxistLeninist science.
15. Let me inform the elitist philistines of some facts: Communists voting for or supporting the electoral victory of non-#Communist #leftists/#socialists like #Corbyn, #BernieSanders, etc does NOT make them social democrats or democratic #socialists-it makes them #Communists who
16. use elections to move society & the population leftward towards adopting the basic concept of #socialism & #socialist policies, while making crystal clear that such social-democrats & democratic-socialists are NOT #Communists & will NOT bring us to actual #socialism, & these
17. #Communists spend their time fighting for #MarxistLeninist #Socialism in a non-electoral struggle, as most of the struggle for #socialism is in the West: education, agitation, organization, etc of a non-electoral character.
18. Also, it is those in the ranks of the #left/#socialists who are most open to the message of #Communism & who are most likely to become #Communists thanks to engagement & dialogue Communists have with them. MANY Communist Comrades have been won from the ranks of #Corbyn,
19. #BernieSanders, etc supporters & democratic #socialists & others on the #left. How many non-Communist Brexit Party supporters or other right-wing trumpists/nationalists/populists come to be #Communists? Unlike leftists & #Socialists, far right-wingers like followers of
20. trump, farage, Salvini, & other right-wing nationalist populists who also happen to be anti-EU are NOT AT ALL open to #Communism. Is that a surprise to anyone? Moving society as a whole leftwards will help bring more of these right-populists to the left, & then to #Communism
21. over the long-term.

The CPGBML wants to advance the cause of farage & trump & the extreme nationalist right-wing, but can't tolerate advancing left-wing & #Socialist views & policies in society & among people if they are not fully #MarxistLeninist.
22. Hypocrisy as strong as hypocrisy can be.
23. The reason I went to look at CPGBML policies is that the CPGBML had for a long time followed my page, liked & commented on posts of mine, & was supportive, yet a few days ago, I went to visit their page & noticed they had inexplicably blocked me.
24. I wondered why they would block a #MarxistLeninist when they never seemed to have any issue with me. That is when I encountered their new policies & positions, which diverge drastically away from #MarxismLeninism. It seems they did not want a #MarxistLeninist seeing their
25. new line, especially since I have posted many times against the very right-wing crowd in the UK that they were telling their supporters to vote for.
26. Well, it was their attempt to hide from me & escape criticism that is what made me examine them & find their very flawed views & policies which I have a duty to denounce.
27. Curiously, in 2014 the CPGBML Congress officially declared that UKIP was dividing the working class & that the EU was not the problem, capitalism was, & that Party embodies "the seductive appeal of such wrong ideas" to hurting workers.
28. What a difference 5 years makes: a stunning 180 turnaround for them! And the new directive to vote for the UKIP successor Brexit Party is penned by "Proletarian Writers," not individually identifiable authors.
29. I truly hope the CPGBML will rectify this terrible mistake of theirs before they permanently deform & ruin their Party. If they look at this logically & with detached objectivity & not emotional defensiveness they can see their errors & will be able to redeem themselves.
30. I encourage people to discuss with me in a rational way rather than block me if you disagree with my assessment. I hope all Comrades will view this matter correctly (logically) & will part with the CPGBML if that Party will not correct its deviation, wherein it has
31. brought itself to opportunistically support & vote for an extreme right-wing party, when supporting or voting for any non-#Communist left-wing party is absolutely forbidden, but this is "made OK" since, in the minds of the CPGBML,
32. left & right 'do not exist'-so it's OK for them to support & advance right-wingers...but NOT left-wingers, though how those are identified is unknown since left & right 'don't exist' so left-wingers apparently don't exist....
33. Yes, my head is spinning too from this twisted, circular, irrational "logic" adopted by the ex-#MarxistLeninist CPGBML, who seem to now adopt the "post-leftist" post-modernist bourgeois philosophy of left-liquidationism.
34. #Lenin would DESTROY this class-liquidationism of the CPGBML, who try to follow a misled chunk of the working class AWAY from the class struggle rather than make every effort to bring the #WorkingClass INTO the class struggle, as is the duty of all #COMMUNISTS!
35. Not being anything near #Lenin, I at least laid out the errors of logic by the CPGBML so all can see their hypocrisy & their open support for advancing the right-wing nationalist/populist movement in the UK & around the world. #StalinIsBack
Hello, Comrade Esha @eshaLegal - I am very interested in your thoughts on this little article I wrote in a 35 tweet thread below this header tweet, if you wish to comment. I'm very dismayed by the CPGBML's recent turns & I would value your perspective. ☭
1/2 Thank you to Comrade Esha @eshaLegal for pointing out how demeaning & insulting they are when the CPGBML thinks that "standing with the #WorkingClass" means supporting racist, right-wing extremists--following a small group of badly misled workers rather than showing workers
2/2 the right direction! It's liberal classism to slander all workers as racist right-wingers & so support racist right-wing parties to purportedly follow & "stand with the #WorkingClass"! If you see workers misled by rightists-you try to show them #Truth-not JOIN them! #MELS
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @PartyBolshevik @ChanWyles @georgegalloway @calebmaupin @anyaparampil @socialiststeve6 @crimesofbrits @crimesofbritain @CrimesofUS @Americas_Crimes @FremontLenin @jimmy_dore @JimmyDoreShow @miserablelib @Sunrise_Mvmt_LA @Fightfor15LA @NorCalFF15 @TrinityfChavez 1. #Corrupt stooge pelosi TOTALLY CAPITULATED to the #rethuglicans & voted for & demanded her whole party vote for THEIR immigration bill-she LOST legislatively by CHOOSING to lose & NOT take a stand or fight AT ALL! Then she attacks #TheSquad for NOT caving to #rethugs like her!
2. #CorruptPelosi is WEAK & a TERRIBLE legislator & a DISASTROUS political strategist-contrary to the fawning sycophantic praise by the #MSMFakeNews. She gets nothing done except when she caves in totally to the #rethuglicans! Wonder why trump praises her? #WeakPelosi #Corruption
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada The #Soviet space program was built on hard work & ingenuity~The US space program was built on nazi #slave labor & #genocide. The saturn rockets are nazi creations-DIRECTLY using hundreds of thousands of #slaves to create. Is the USA proud of its #genocidal nazi space program? ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @communist_au @NCPANZ @cpaml_vanguard @PartyBolshevik @AISA_tweets @communistsusa #OperationPaperclip let nazis live freely in the USA, in power at the center of the US regime. A top SS officer serving hitler led nasa. nasa was a nazi anti-#Communist organization-NOT anything to celebrate! #NeverForget #Genocide #TruthMatters #Holocaust #Justice #Truth
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada It is time for #Socialist revolution in #PuertoRico NOW! Get #corrupt officials AND a corrupt system out of power! Ending #corruption requires ending capitalism! #Socialism is the ONLY hope for #PR! #PowerToThePeople #SanJuan #Justice #PeoplePower #HLVS #SocialismOrBarbarism
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @communist_au @NCPANZ @cpaml_vanguard @PartyBolshevik @AISA_tweets @communistsusa @JucheComrade @Rihan1719 @Ban_Animal_Test @WinderDeyan @The_Jag_10 @DeiterFuchs @SunnyCritter @marisa64757443 @socialiststeve6 By any objective measure-the #SovietUnion overwhelmingly won the space race-it's not even close-yet US propaganda lies always claim the opposite of facts...Facts that ANYONE can see who cares to look-but #Soviet achievements are NEVER talked about in the US. #Truth #USSR #CCCP
Ms may 🤡 calls herself "completely unacceptable" & a "#racist." Well, she's right for ONCE about something: she IS completely unacceptable & racist! #GTTO #AntiRacism #JC4PM #GeneralElection #JC4PMNOW #GeneralElectionNOW #JC4PM2019 #HLVS #StalinIsBack
@JucheComrade @SWalesCpgbml @Rihan1719 @YCLCanada @PartyBolshevik @ComradeCoope @DeiterFuchs @communistsusa 🔴🔥🔥 A true #martyr holds tightly to an idea of #Justice & is too #moral & #honest to let go of that-even when facing death as the cost of standing for what is right. #NeverForget true #martyrs! 🔥🔥 #EternalRedSalute 🔥🔥🔴 #Truth #MELS #StalinIsBack
No matter the various incidents occurring between imperialist predators & #Iran, the basic overall moral of this story is that the US & UK regimes are total losers. #IRI #Iranian #AntiImperialism #AntiWar #NoWarOnIran #StalinIsBack
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada ‘‘To dismiss the #history of the #SovietUnion & the #Soviet #Communist Party, to dismiss #Lenin & #Stalin, & to dismiss everything else is to engage in historic nihilism, & it confuses our thoughts & undermines the party’s organizations on all levels.’’ #XiJinping of #China 🇨🇳 ☭
The rogue terrorist US regime must be stopped from murdering more #Iranian people! #NeverForget #IranAirFlight655: 290 innocent people (66 of them children) murdered by the #USTerroristRegime! #Iran #IRI #USWarCrimes #Justice #Truth #HLVS #AntiImperialism #AntiWar #NoWarOnIran
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada A million #PuertoRicans rise up against the #corrupt regime of #PuertoRico! The entire regime in #SanJuan must be gotten rid of: the governor, the control board & all! The ONLY way to end #corruption is with #socialism! #RickyRenuncia #Renuncia #SocialismOrBarbarism #PR #HLVS
Elitist trump-apologist tom brady endangered his own daughter by yanking her off a cliff. On video-she obviously doesn't want to jump-& doesn't jump-but is yanked off the cliff by tb. She then flops into the water on her side-not feet first like one who jumps. It must've hurt! ☭
UK Comrades: it is time to immediately "welcome" #BojoTheClown 🤡 as PM with massive street protests! The trumpist clown must see & feel MASS opposition to his right-wing extremist, neocon warmonger imperialist, pro-austerity ways! #GTTO #AusterityKills 📢 #NoWarOnIran #HLVS
@JucheComrade @SWalesCpgbml @Rihan1719 @YCLCanada @PartyBolshevik @ComradeCoope @DeiterFuchs @communistsusa "The production of souls is more important than the production of tanks.... And therefore I raise my glass to you, writers, the engineers of the human soul." #JosephStalin, October, 1932. #JVStalin #JVS #Stalin #Writers #Writing #Writer #Write #Truth #StalinLives #StalinIsBack
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @chinascio @ComradeXiangyu @CommunistPartyW @ApuntesML @calebmaupin @radiorebeldecu @cubadebate_en @Granma_English @PartyBolshevik @ChanWyles Comrade President #XiJinping of #China says: "Every country has a stake in dealing with #ClimateChange & every country has a responsibility for the safety of our planet." We MUST stop the #ClimateCatastrophe & END #GlobalWarming! We can't wait-we must ACT NOW! #EcoSocialism ✊ ☭
@JucheComrade @SWalesCpgbml @Rihan1719 @YCLCanada @PartyBolshevik @ComradeCoope @DeiterFuchs @communistsusa 1/4 The Japanese regime itself admits that its anime/manga/J-pop/etc industry is exponentially more popular overseas than within Japan & that the purpose of those is soft-power propaganda on behalf of their regime around the world-a political tool to get people worldwide to see
2/4 the Japanese government in a positive light. What else would you expect of culture from a nation under the boot of capitalism? Anime/manga/J-pop/etc is for mass-indoctrination first, not mass entertainment. This is how capitalist tyrannies use culture for mass manipulation
3/4 & mass brainwashing, so people will support right-wing rule & militarism in Japan, just like Hollywood is primarily for US regime propaganda worldwide to indoctrinate & manipulate people on behalf of the US regime, with entertainment a second thought.
4/4 Capitalist culture is about mass-control & oppression, not cultural & artistic expression & liberation as in #Socialist societies. #Socialism #SocialismOrBarbarism #CapitalismIsTyranny #Truth #StalinIsBack
The CPGBML: people who vote for the #racist farage (but calling this what it is-supporting #racism-gets trolls harassing you), who call the term "cis" a "slur" & "an attack on women" & who oppose #NationalSelfDetermination for #Scotland & the #BlackNation living in the USA. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ☭
All #Communists in the UK who can must protest against #BojoTheClown-be a constant presence on the street for him & the whole country to see-to make him the shortest lasting UK pm ever! Even in small towns-be vocal & visible protesting him! #GeneralElection #GeneralElectionNOW
0.13% of the UK population elected the leader of the country. The UK can't in any way be called democratic-not even the sham bourgeois kind. #BojoTheClown has ZERO popular mandate! He's illegitimate & the ONLY right path is to call a #GeneralElection NOW! #GeneralElectionNOW
It is a great milestone in one's life when one comes to be enlightened about #Truth & the reality of the world & masters the #science of #MarxismLeninism. #Marx, #Engels, #Lenin & #Stalin free one's mind! #MELS #MarxEngelsLeninStalin #JVS #StalinIsBack
1. Anarchists ONLY EVER have LIES to back up their skewed worldview! Here they believe & repeat lies from the #NewYorkTimesFakeNews! #Sinophobic anarchs just want, wittingly or not, to protect us/uk spies in #HongKong! The video is in #Beijing! #Truth #TruthMatters #PRC #China
2. As brilliant Comrades have pointed out: The video is in #Beijing-NOT #HongKong! The video's silenced since people are speaking Mandarin-not Cantonese! Anarchs believing US imperialist #FakeNews is normal. #NYTFakeNews #Truth #TruthMatters #PRC #China
Remember, Comrades, because #Communists defend #China against colonial/imperialist aggression, we're seen as enemies by anarchists.

Well, anarchists are enemies of #WorkingClass liberation!

#SocialismOrBarbarism #MarxismLeninism #MarxEngelsLeninStalin #MELS #StalinIsBack
@chinascio 1/2 How many murderers, rapists & other criminal fugitives of all kinds from across #China are among the #HongKong "protester" fascist thugs? Only they & spies have a reason to oppose extradition within a nation-which is normal worldwide! US/uk agents want their #HK spy base! ☭
2/2 These thugs rampaging #HongKong #China are ALL violent criminals, savagely & brutally attacking police. The USA would have killed them all as terrorists! The USA/uk/France would have killed many, injured the rest & imprisoned ALL who occupy an airport like that & the rest! ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada #Guatemala surrendered fully to the USA, becoming a colony fully controlled by the US regime, no longer controlling its own nation at all. The people must seize back their national sovereignty & expel the US imperialists, including local collaborators! #HLVS #StalinIsBack ✊🇬🇹 ☭
Reveal the crimes of the western-backed terrorists violently attacking #HongKong #China! #PRC #StalinIsBack
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @Communist_SD @CPEgypt @cpaml_vanguard @communist_au I can't vote in my own polls, but my answer is all 3 of the above. #BernieSanders, #ElizabethWarren & #MarianneWilliamson all DESTROYED the corporatism establishment candidates & arguments & spoke strongly against corporate greed & the criminal profit system. ~ #StalinIsBack
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @Communist_SD @CPEgypt @cpaml_vanguard @communist_au anderson cooper is an al qaeda apologist. He literally called #TulsiGabbard an "Assad apologist" because she opposes AL QAEDA in #Syria! cooper is a dangerous terrorist sympathizer & would be in prison in any just country! He's an "enemy of the people" in a very stark way! #SY
ronald reagan will #FOREVER be known as nothing but a #Racist monster. He's an inhuman evil enemy of all humanity with NO #morality whatsoever. He's one of the many monsters of #humanity produced by capitalism. #Racism #Truth #TruthMatters #StalinIsBack
#Racism & fearmongering have to be simplistic. If you get into details, distinctions, intricacies & subtleties, people may begin to unravel the lies inherent in all racism & fearmongering, & no longer be held the clutches of those cruel enslavers of minds. #StalinIsBack #Truth
@means_tv @TheComCurrent @communistsusa @compartycanada @ClaraSorrenti @ComradeXiangyu @WorkersMonthly @ComradeCoope @JucheComrade @SocialistVoice #RussiaDerangementSyndrome is what the #MSMFakeNews & the establishment have, seeing "#Russian intervention" wherever the establishment & their power are challenged, like #TulsiGabbard exposing kamala's #racist record! #Racism #Russia #FakeNews #Tulsi #Tulsi2020 #TulsiGabbard2020
@means_tv @TheComCurrent @communistsusa @compartycanada @ClaraSorrenti @ComradeXiangyu @WorkersMonthly @ComradeCoope @JucheComrade @SocialistVoice @jimmy_dore @JimmyDoreShow @LeeCamp @RedactedTonight @AbbyMartin @BenjaminNorton @anyaparampil @calebmaupin @Yaro_RT @ManilaChan ann coulter just endorsed joe biden. Is that enough to make people who call themselves #Progressives or at least #Democrats to say #NeverJoeBiden? She was a short while ago a SUPER-trumper who now opposes trump because he's "not right-wing enough" for her! #DemDebate #NeverBiden
@means_tv @TheComCurrent @communistsusa @compartycanada @ClaraSorrenti @ComradeXiangyu @WorkersMonthly @ComradeCoope @JucheComrade @SocialistVoice @jimmy_dore @JimmyDoreShow @LeeCamp @RedactedTonight @AbbyMartin @BenjaminNorton @anyaparampil @calebmaupin @Yaro_RT @ManilaChan ann coulter just endorsed joe biden. 😬 Is that enough to make people who call themselves #Progressives or at least #Democrats say #NeverJoeBiden? She was a short while ago a SUPER-trumper who now opposes trump because he's "not right-wing enough" for her! #DemDebate #NeverBiden
#BadNews: The USA breaks & unilaterally pulls out of the #IntermediateRangeNuclearForcesTreaty (#INF). The #GoodNews is that #Russia is MANY decades ahead of the USA in military technology. #Russian Deputy FM Sergei Ryabkov says: "Russia will never lose the arms race." #USALoses
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @Communist_SD @CPEgypt @cpaml_vanguard @communist_au #ThankYou to all 30 who took the #Poll about Part 1 of #DemDebate2. By far, most said #BernieSanders won, followed by #MarianneWilliamson, then #ElizabethWarren. Nobody agreed with me that all those 3 won together. 😊 #Progressives dominated the #DemDebate & #Bernie won here. ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @Communist_SD @CPEgypt @cpaml_vanguard @communist_au #ThankYou to all 43 who took the #Poll about Part 2 of #DemDebate2. #TulsiGabbard absolutely annihilated the competition with 72%-but #Tulsi did even BETTER in the actual #Debate! #Gabbard won EVERYWHERE. #AndrewYang got some votes by comment. #Progressives win the #DemDebate! ☭
Send #Love & any help you can to the people of #Vietnam & southern #China as they deal with tropical storm #Wipha. This dangerous storm has caused heavy flooding, devastation & even, sadly, some deaths. Support people who are in need due to this #storm! ❤️ 🇻🇳 🇨🇳 #StalinIsBack
@means_tv @TheComCurrent @communistsusa @compartycanada @ClaraSorrenti @ComradeXiangyu @WorkersMonthly @ComradeCoope @JucheComrade @SocialistVoice @jimmy_dore @JimmyDoreShow @LeeCamp @RedactedTonight @AbbyMartin @BenjaminNorton @anyaparampil @calebmaupin @Yaro_RT @ManilaChan The terrorists in #Syria were desperate to get a ceasefire since they were getting wiped out & their lines of defense collapsing-opening up all of #Idlib to liberation from terror-& the state backers of the al qaeda terrorists were scared of losing ALL land they held in Syria! ☭
In the #Chinese city of #HongKong, the people show strength in the face of foreign attacks using local dupes who are manipulated into violent thugs by their Western handlers. #China will overcome this aggression by the misanthropic imperialists! #PRC 🇨🇳 ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CPGBML @Communist_SD @CPEgypt @cpaml_vanguard @communist_au #NeverBiden biden pretends to be different than trump-but he's just a more restrained & less over-the-top version of the same worldview. biden isn't an alternative to trump-he IS trump in a less gaudy package. #CringeyBiden Unless you like trump, you must say: #NeverJoeBiden! ☭
Send #Love to the #Chinese people as they endure #TyphoonLekima. This #Typhoon has caused destruction & death in #China. People worldwide have deep compassion & Love for the victims & their loved ones, all who have lost anything & the brave rescuers. ❤️ #PRC 🇨🇳 #StalinIsBack
1/2 The USA's #CBSFakeNews specifies "government police" in #HongKong #China. What other kind of police are there? #PRC 🇨🇳 ☭
2/2 The bizarre reaches of capitalist propaganda are just asinine-beyond absurd. Layers of loaded innuendo that don't make any sense the instant they're viewed rationally & logically. #MSMFakeNews #CapitalistLies#Truth #TruthMatters
Every last one of the savage ISIS-like terrorists violently attacking #HongKong #China should be imprisoned for the rest of their lives. They use barbaric terror to try to impose tyrannical oppression on the people of Hong Kong on orders from the USA & UK. @HKPoliceForce #PRC
@chinascio @PDChina @ChinaDaily @chinaorgcn @Chinamission2un @XHNews @CathayPak @CCTV @CGTNOfficial @cgtnafrica Deep respect to the '#Russian #SullySullenberger' pilots who landed safely in a cornfield near #Moscow. Such skill is admirable, & the #CaptainSullenberger-like pilots truly are heroes for saving so many lives: heroes of #Russia & the whole world! I #Love stories like this! ❤️ ☭
@means_tv @TheComCurrent @communistsusa @compartycanada @ClaraSorrenti @ComradeXiangyu @WorkersMonthly @ComradeCoope @JucheComrade @SocialistVoice @jimmy_dore @JimmyDoreShow @LeeCamp @RedactedTonight @AbbyMartin @BenjaminNorton @anyaparampil @calebmaupin @Yaro_RT @ManilaChan Hahahaha-the UK & US pirates lost big time as the #Iranian ship they illegally seized has been released by #Gibraltar police! The desperate US bandits begged them to reverse-but #Justice prevailed-if a few weeks delayed. #Iran will overcome the imperialist criminal! #IRI #HLVS
@hkpoliceforce We can ALL stand up against fascism & imperialism, as this woman did. EVERY one of us can make a positive difference for liberating humanity. Do what you can! #CapitalismIsTyranny #AntiFascism #AntiImperialism #EndColonialism #HongKong #China #PRC 🇨🇳 ❤️ ☭
@hkpoliceforce Brilliant graphics! How dare #genocidal imperialist mass-murderer hillary clinton talk about democracy, freedom, human rights or LIFE after all the evil oppression & terror she has caused to so many millions of our fellow human beings?! #AntiImperialism
@JucheComrade @PartyBolshevik @DeiterFuchs @redswimmer99 @WinderDeyan @Ban_Animal_Test @Rihan1719 @irspireland @socialiststeve6 I love this! #CrimeaFriedChicken! In beautiful #Crimea, #Russia, sanctions mean better food in bigger amounts that costs less too than the Western trash. The food looks FAR better & healthier than Western fast food. #HappyMonday #Smile#StalinIsBack
@JucheComrade @PartyBolshevik @DeiterFuchs @redswimmer99 @WinderDeyan @Ban_Animal_Test @Rihan1719 @irspireland @socialiststeve6 Here's a post for #Vegetarian & #AnimalRights friends to balance out the previous post. #SaveKoreanDogs in the occupied south of #Korea from cruel death! These dogs are abused & mistreated before being killed in horrifically painful ways. Help end that! ❤️ mobile.twitter.com/NamiKim_DogsSK
Looking for something to read? Why not read about your favorite #ManOfSteel: the original: #JosephStalin? This is a great little #biography of #Stalin, perfect for a bus commute, lunch break or quiet night at home. #RelaxWithStalin#JVS #StalinIsBack…ernationalstalinsociety.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/the…
#KhanShaykhun LIBERATED!! The #SAA smashes the al qaeda terrorists in southern #Idlib! This is a huge step towards the total liberation of #Syria from foreign terrorist invaders! Not only the #Syrian people, but all of humanity celebrates this global victory today! @ShehabiFares
@georgegalloway @pceml @jvplive @JewishWorker @jvpliveNY @JVPBoston @JVPliveIthaca @jvpliveTufts @AliceRothchild @UKAntifascism @IngaNazisterGBG @ActionGirona @SeattleAFA @ActionYuma @EskryOfficial @Rihan1719 @Ban_Animal_Test @The_Jag_10 @WinderDeyan "I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat--it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty." -- US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, August 20, 2019, at the White House. #AntiSemitism from the Oval Office! #AntiSemitic views from the #AntiSemite trump. ☭
@georgegalloway @pceml @jvplive @JewishWorker @jvpliveNY @JVPBoston @JVPliveIthaca @jvpliveTufts @AliceRothchild @UKAntifascism @IngaNazisterGBG @ActionGirona @SeattleAFA @ActionYuma @EskryOfficial @Rihan1719 @Ban_Animal_Test @The_Jag_10 @WinderDeyan So many on the #Danish right love trump, so do they stand with their people or with a foreign aggressor they idolize? trump-loving #Danes should be the laughing stock of #Denmark. Every trumpist #Dane betrays their own people...like fascist nationalists always do. #AntiFascism
@georgegalloway @pceml @jvplive @JewishWorker @jvpliveNY @JVPBoston @JVPliveIthaca @jvpliveTufts @AliceRothchild @UKAntifascism @IngaNazisterGBG @ActionGirona @SeattleAFA @ActionYuma @EskryOfficial @Rihan1719 @Ban_Animal_Test @The_Jag_10 @WinderDeyan To be clear-I'm referencing trump insulting #Denmark for the dumbest reason. #Greenland must have self-determination to choose #independence or to become fully part of Denmark. But neither Greenland nor ANY nation can be BOUGHT by ANYONE-whether a nation, person, company, etc! ☭
@georgegalloway @pceml @jvplive @JewishWorker @jvpliveNY @JVPBoston @JVPliveIthaca @jvpliveTufts @AliceRothchild @UKAntifascism @IngaNazisterGBG @ActionGirona @SeattleAFA @ActionYuma @EskryOfficial @Rihan1719 @Ban_Animal_Test @The_Jag_10 @WinderDeyan 1/2 trump tweets statement saying trump is considered the "King of Israel" & the "second coming of God" by Israeli #Jews, which was uttered by an #AntiSemite during an #AntiSemitic rant insulting Jews. This is more clear #AntiSemitism by trump! ~ #NoAntiSemitism #EndAntiSemitism
2/2 I don't understand how even ONE #Jewish person could ever support someone as saturated with #AntiSemitism as trump! #NoAntiSemitism #EndAntiSemitism #AntiFascism #AntiRacism #NeverAgain #GOPAntiSemitism #RepublicanPartyAntiSemitism #AntiSemitictrump
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik #Brazil's fascist ruler is a dangerous threat against the entire world & must be treated as a military threat by ALL nations worldwide. The capitalists' burning of the #AmazonRainforest isn't just destroying Brazil-but the ability of Earth to support life too! #CapitalismKills
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia #Korea must totally break free from parasitic #Japan, which continues its mission of imperialist conquest over Korea by means of economic domination & parasitism. The #Korean people must unite as one to end #Japanese imperialism FOREVER! #AntiImperialism #JapaneseWarCrimes
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia A top obama regime diplomat just said #Japan invaded "South Korea" in 1592. You sure your puppet regime ruled by US military occupation in the south of #Korea existed back then? The whole #Korean people must unanimously see that US imperialism is as evil as #Japanese imperialism!
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia #BojoTheClown is either delusional if he thinks he'll get a new deal with the EU, or he's lying to EVERYONE, playing the distraction game as he intends for nothing but #NoDealBrexit. #Brexit run by the tories is like a mirror shop run by a bull-obvious total disaster. #GTTO #GBJO
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia #Brexit run by the tories is like a mirror warehouse run by a bull-a total disaster that everyone can clearly see ahead of time will be such a mess. #BojoTheClown makes a mess of #NoDealBrexit, like he makes a mess of EVERYTHING he does! #Truth#GTTO #GetBorisJohnsonOut #GBJO
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia "It's amazing how broken the political system is, or rather, how FIXED it is." - An approximate quote of Gordon Dimmack, a UK political commentator, speaking of the #Corrupt systems ruling both the UK & USA. Good one, @GordonDimmack! #Corruption #GTTO #GetBorisJohnsonOut #GBJO
#GoodRiddance to david koch, whose personal greed has pushed US capitalism to high extremes of exploitation & parasitism against US workers & the peoples of exploited nations worldwide, has died. No good person mourns. Religious people clearly see him as barbeque fuel now. 🔥 ☭
Were you made to defecate on command as a child? No? Then you don't have what it takes to be a psychopathic koch brother, desperately seeking to destroy the world that destroyed your soul! #GoodRiddance to the evil misanthrope david koch. Picture c/o @_grendan#StalinIsBack
@_grendan 1/2 Behind scaramucci at the biden event is a banner that says "Blue Dream." That's such a perfect view of the corporate #Democrat nightmare: millionaires, billionaires, Rethuglicans, & recent high-level trumpists together at a mansion garden party in the Hamptons.
2/2 This is a visual definition of the #DemocraticParty vision & identity as pushed by hillary, biden, pelosi, feinstein, obama, etc, perfectly & starkly visualized! #NeverBiden #PrimaryElection #BidenIsTrumpLite #NeverJoeBiden
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia Deranged fascist criminal bolsonaro is sending the #Brazilian army to fight against innocent citizens of #Brazil, as part of his #genocide against #NativePeoples, NOT to fight #ForestFires in the #AmazonRainforest! But the west is giving this fascist massive MILITARY aid now! ☭
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia @GordonDimmack Child rapist #PrinceAndrew, son of the degenerate psychopath queen, a parasite devoid of morality, needs to speak the #Truth & stop revictimizing his rape victims with lies, hiding behind his #corrupt position. This only further exposes royal #corruption. #AbolishTheMonarchy
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia 1/2 #Socialism is the ONLY answer to stop the corruption that is robbing not only all the money created by OUR work, but robbing our LIVES too! Capitalism is robbery of an entire society at once & capitalism is ALSO murder on a mass scale.
2/2 From local->national->everywhere worldwide under the boot of capitalism-it's the same corrupt capitalist elite robbing us & often murdering us. #Socialism will cure the disease of capitalism! #CapitalismIsADisease #SocialismIsTheCure #SocialismOrBarbarism #CapitalismKills
#POLL: Who should drop out of the #Democratic #Primary next: john delaney, michael bennett, amy klobuchar, or cory booker? Ugh-they ALL should soon! klobuchar should never have gotten into this race. Watch the vanity go up in smoke soon! #BonfireOfTheVanities #PrimaryElection
#ThankYou to all who took this #Poll about right-wing Republicans who identify as #Democrats. john delaney, whose goal is to inject as many Republican talking points into the #DemocraticParty, got the most votes, but all got votes to exit the race, & all soon will, of course! ☭
1/2 john delaney has a small constituency of right-wing Republicans who call themselves Democrats for some reason. michael bennett has a small constituency of right-wing Republicans who call themselves Democrats for some reason who love to be lulled to sleep from boredom.
2/2 cory booker has a small constituency of people who love his lofty rhetoric which has ZERO substance or firm principles behind it. amy klobuchar has a constituency of her own ego & NOBODY else. That's why klobuchar shouldn't have even run! Drop out, right-wing no-shots! ☭
#NeverNRA The nra is about capitalist #corruption, not gun rights. The only way to end corruption is with #Socialism. Capitalism itself IS corruption to its very essence & core. You can never fully escape corruption inside #corrupt capitalist society. #CapitalismIsCorruption
@means_tv @ComCurrent @communistsusa @compartycanada @ClaraSorrenti @ComradeXiangyu @WorkersMonthly @ComradeCoope @JucheComrade @SocialistVoice 1/2 Like every right-winger inherently is, bret stephens is an insecure snowflake, constantly triggered & needing to hide in a safe space away from anyone left of him. He ran away-shutting down his twitter after trying to get fired someone who, in an obscure post bret obviously
2/2 deeply searched for his own name to find, called him a name. Of course now the post which almost nobody saw has gone viral & he's so ashamed at doing what he constantly harshly criticized others for supposedly doing that he's hiding from twitter in a right-wing safe space. ☭
1/2 salvini maneuvered his way right out of power! #Italian fascism slides closer towards the history books than into the latest newspapers thanks to the incompetence of the arrogant far-right-wing, but we have to fight hard against capitalism in #Italy & EVERYWHERE if we want to
2/2 prevent fascism from roaring back! All capitalism: liberalism, social democracy, democratic socialism, anything trot related: it's all an expressway to fascism, & the ONLY off-ramp is into #Socialism! #SocialismOrBarbarism #AntiFascism #AntiFascist #HLVS #CombatLiberalism
@ShehabiFares The uae is breaking with ksa now more than ever. The uae now calls saudi backed forces invading #Yemen-as well as other wahhabist groups-"terrorists" for the first time. You'll soon see ksa trolls flooding the internet calling the uae "terrorists" just like they did to #Qatar. ☭
@ShehabiFares 1/2 Today, the UN says that the USA, UK & France are complicit in #saudiWarCrimes against #Yemen: the bombing of civilians & the #genocidal deliberate mass-starvation of civilians in their siege of the nation.
2/2 The #Yemeni people & the people of the whole world will get #justice against the USA, UK, France & ksa for their #genocide against Yemen! #USWarCrimes
Let's hope salvini & his league of losers wither away forever thanks to their hilarious misjudgement whereby they threw THEMSELVES out of power in #Italy! The #Italian people want an end to eu/nato oppression, but not to be replaced by right-wing oppression! #FiveStarMovement
Even US media say the Taliban is the strongest it's been since the savage US invasion of #Afghanistan began in 2001. All foreign invaders MUST leave, so the #Afghani people can build an #Afghan society, not ruled by the USA using #corrupt puppets. #USWarCrimes #AntiImperialism
1/2 #BojoTheClown was never elected to lead the UK, but the UK advocates the overthrow of nations worldwide who do not directly elect a top leader, so besides their hypocritical double standard, countries targeted by UK aggression are almost all far more democratic than the UK &
2/2 far more embody the will of the people! The UK always scoffed at popular mass democracy, though, saying democracy is best when never wider than the parliament, & elected representatives are where democratic decisions must be made. But now they flip this claim 180 degrees! ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @chinascio @ComradeXiangyu @CommunistPartyW @ApuntesML @calebmaupin @radiorebeldecu @cubadebate_en @Granma_English @PartyBolshevik @ChanWyles Rest In Peace, Comrade #RobertMugabe, the liberator of #Zimbabwe from colonialism & white supremacy, who made #ZW the most literate nation in #Africa & a model for all #Africans, who died September 6, 2019, at the age of 95. Eternal Red Salute! Comrade #Mugabe, Presente! ✊ 🇿🇼 ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @chinascio @ComradeXiangyu @CommunistPartyW @ApuntesML @calebmaupin @radiorebeldecu @cubadebate_en @Granma_English @PartyBolshevik @ChanWyles @ZANUPF_Official @zanupf_patriots @ZanuPFNamibia @uk_zanupf @ZANUPF_CAPE_YL @ZanuPFWassu @Zanupfparty @SACP1921 @YCLSA @KnowYourYCL #Africa has the best potential in the near future of anywhere in the world to achieve #Socialism in many nations. All that is needed to REALIZE that potential is for leaders to rise up to rally the people & for the people to mobilize, unite & organize for a #Socialist future! ☭
@ShehabiFares 🇸🇾 The entire world joins the #Syrian people in celebrating the full liberation of #Hama Province from Western-backed al qaeda! The #Syrians & #Russians freed so many people from terror & tyranny! All of #Syria will soon be liberated! #EndWahhabism #HLVS @ShehabiFares #SY #SAR
2/8 Kim said: "It feels like hatred for the country." in reaction to #ColinKaepernick & many others opposing the use of a #racist US flag on some nike shoes. So according to her, opposing #racism is "hatred of the USA" & "un-American activity," one could say, if it is against the
3/8 US rag flag, even in a long-past form! Kim also praised with adulation tulsi for "serving our country in the military." Does any "progressive" who is actually a PROGRESSIVE person think the US military serves anything or anyone good, including the US people?
4/8 And how did it serve anything or anyone good, including the US people at all, for tulsi to go train a military that is CURRENTLY conducting MULTIPLE #genocides?? So kim is a US-military-worshipping, US-flag-fetishist exactly like all reactionary right-wingers, from neocons,
5/8 to libertarians, to trumpists, to all "centrist & moderate" ultra-extremists from any party, to establishment Democrat liberals & neoliberals. I didn't watch the last more than half of the video-what I did watch is enough to expose the right-wing militarist,
6/8 jingoist fake-patriotic, imperialist military & flag worshipping brand of "progressivism" of kim, tulsi, & other tools of the #MilitaryIndustrialComplex & right-wing establishment posing as being "leftist" in any way to divert & weaken the #WorkingClass from
7/8 TRUE #AntiImperialism & TRULY #progressive #MarxismLeninism, where #Socialism & #Communism bring TRUE freedom & a #RedFlag to be TRULY proud of, a #RedArmy TRULY deserving of praise, & a #Socialist nation TRULY worthy of patriotism from the #WorkingClass of the whole world!
8/8 #MELS #Truth #StalinIsBack

Comrade @SameeraKhan , I'm interested in your views about constant-tulsi-apologist/evangelist kim iversen in general, & what is outlined in the 8-part thread above. ☭

@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia 50% of saudi oil production capacity-5% of world production-halted for now. How about not be dependent on fossil fuels & go #green with #solar, etc? 🌞 Don't rebuild that oil site-rebuild the economy with a #GreenEconomy to stop #ClimateCatastrophe! @sunrisemvmt @GretaThunberg
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia The West is freaking out at one counter-attack against saudi Arabia by #Yemen-saying they must attack #Iran-but ksa massacres #Yemeni children & civilians ALL THE TIME-& none of the savage barbarians of the Western elite demand to attack & end the saudi bandit regime! #SaveYemen
@JucheComrade @SWalesCpgbml @Rihan1719 @YCLCanada @PartyBolshevik @ComradeCoope @DeiterFuchs @communistsusa @ChanWyles @communist_au @Granma_English @calebmaupin @SunnyCritter @cpaml_vanguard @compartycanada ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭

Picture Karl Marx smiling.

☭ ☭ ☭ #KarlMarx ☭ ☭ ☭

☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ #Marx ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭

☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia #GretaThunberg is a child with an independent mind & pushes back against the irrational distorting of #Climate activism into #ImperialistAggression targeting those nations in the crosshairs of imperialism. Will she stay free of capitalist co-option? 🌍 ☭
@JucheComrade @SWalesCpgbml @Rihan1719 @YCLCanada @PartyBolshevik @ComradeCoope @DeiterFuchs @communistsusa @ChanWyles @communist_au @Granma_English @calebmaupin @SunnyCritter @cpaml_vanguard @compartycanada @PVNews1 #JustinTrudeau is a #racist-but this is FAR from the first time this has been proven-this #brownface is just the latest example of his #racism. He was an ADULT TEACHER displaying his degeneracy for students-teaching them to denigrate people by race. #TrudeauResign #ResignTrudeau
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia #ClimateStrike! It's critically urgent that we stop more #ClimateCatastrophe-& this requires we end capitalism & implement a planned #Socialist economy that's the only way to actually stop the 🌍's destruction & mobilize society to change & THRIVE in abandoning fossil fuels. ☭
@JucheComrade @SWalesCpgbml @Rihan1719 @YCLCanada @PartyBolshevik @ComradeCoope @DeiterFuchs @communistsusa @ChanWyles @communist_au @Granma_English @calebmaupin @SunnyCritter @cpaml_vanguard @compartycanada @PVNews1 Hey "#WorkingFamiliesParty"-is warren just as good as your guy joe crowley? ~~ #WFP is #corruption embodied, with its #corrupt, #rigged, anti-democratic internal voting & its history of backing corrupt candidates. Everyone leave & shun that #scam of a party! #CombatLiberalism
@JucheComrade @SWalesCpgbml @Rihan1719 @YCLCanada @PartyBolshevik @ComradeCoope @DeiterFuchs @communistsusa @ChanWyles @communist_au @Granma_English @calebmaupin @SunnyCritter @cpaml_vanguard @compartycanada @PVNews1 All the US MSM pundits were just saying for days: 'derp derp putin; derp derp #Russia'~Cuz they're brainwashed into the #Russiagate op. Turns out trump's #corruption involves Ukraine. Sure indict trump-but I've called for UA to investigate the bidens' crimes for years-so do both!
@JucheComrade @SWalesCpgbml @Rihan1719 @YCLCanada @PartyBolshevik @ComradeCoope @DeiterFuchs @communistsusa @ChanWyles @communist_au @Granma_English @calebmaupin @SunnyCritter @cpaml_vanguard @compartycanada In Memorium of #PaulErdos~a #Mathematician who was a #scientist of the fundamental nature of the Universe as expressed mathematically. He called the #SovietUnion "Joe" after #JosephStalin, & he was denied entry into the USA for years for saying #KarlMarx was a "great man." #Erdos
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia #CapitalismIsTyranny Capitalism is oppression that crushes human life & our humanity. This case is literally "enforced suicide" imposed by the school as strongly as they're able to. We must stop schools from endangering the lives of their students! ✊🏿🌍 ☭
@JucheComrade @SWalesCpgbml @Rihan1719 @YCLCanada @PartyBolshevik @ComradeCoope @DeiterFuchs @communistsusa @ChanWyles @communist_au @Granma_English @calebmaupin @SunnyCritter @cpaml_vanguard @compartycanada @PVNews1 1/3 Another stable-genius-level idea: blump today threatened to release at the borders of US allies in Europe & etc thousands of isis fighters imprisoned by US proxies in #Syria.
2/3 Will nobody in MSM even report on what would normally be the biggest news story of the decade: a US ruler threatening to release thousands of genocidal terrorists at the borders of the US's own "allies"?
3/3 That's so deranged that normally-they'd lock up anyone who said something so dangerously irrational-but with clump-nobody even seems to notice & people go on like normal with such a monster with his finger on the "nuclear button!" #CapitalismIsADisease #SocialismIsTheCure
Stable-genius-level brilliance building upon widely-acclaimed mind of george w bush. #Iran #NoWarOnIran #USWarCrimes #AntiImperialism
@JucheComrade @SWalesCpgbml @Rihan1719 @YCLCanada @PartyBolshevik @ComradeCoope @DeiterFuchs @communistsusa @ChanWyles @communist_au @Granma_English @calebmaupin @SunnyCritter @cpaml_vanguard @compartycanada Checkmate. Capitalism loses, #Socialism wins. Here's the definitive proof expressed succinctly. What is it? Capitalist society produced the following song. #Socialist society would NEVER commit such a crime. Case closed. Capitalism defeats itself again. ☭
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia @YemenFightsBack @YemenEdge @monareliefye @amr_yemeni @YemenEyes @ResistMedia313 @ResistUpdates @JoeQuinlan7048 @communist_au @compartycanada The #Afghan "government" (US puppet regime) massacred a wedding party yesterday. Then people wonder why the taliban terrorists are winning when the "government" terrorists kill many MORE civilians than the taliban! We need #Najibullah & a NON-terrorist option in #Afghanistan! ☭
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia @YemenFightsBack @YemenEdge @monareliefye @amr_yemeni @YemenEyes @ResistMedia313 @ResistUpdates @JoeQuinlan7048 @communist_au @compartycanada All US MSM I've seen so far say blump's UN speech was "conciliatory" & "mild" & "seeking peace." Are they ALL so delusional about a terrorist rant of imperialist aggression against nations around the world?! They said he was conciliatory towards #Iran. Pure nonsense! #Truth
@Front_Rouge @ByMurderers @MancWorkerBee @OxfordWorker @cpimspeak @SACP1921 @YCLSA @SRWPSouthAfrica @PartyBolshevik @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg @anyaparampil @chinascio @calebmaupin @ClaraSorrenti @SocialistVoice @sunrisemvmt @BelfastTpuk @TPSlovenia @YemenFightsBack @YemenEdge @monareliefye @amr_yemeni @YemenEyes @ResistMedia313 @ResistUpdates @JoeQuinlan7048 @communist_au @compartycanada 1/2 The British Empire crumbles a little more with the total collapse of Thomas Cook. This old company was part of the global colonialist reach of the uk to keep nations captive to them economically. Its downfall is one tiny brick removed from the imperialist fortress-let's pry
2/2 out more & more such bricks worldwide! #KarlMarx considered ending the British Empire one of his primary tasks during his lifetime-& we still have more work to do on that-but we'll finish #Marx's mission! ✊🏿 #EndColonialism #AntiColonialism #AntiImperialism #StalinIsBack
After the fraud #RussiaGate-#UkraineGate is where actual #corrupt scandal exists. Blump's REAL #corruption is extreme-but the elite devise FAKE scandals since exposing real corruption would mean exposing the corruption of bidens, clintons, pelosi, feinstein, mccains, MSM, etc! ☭
Yet another right-wing terrorist in the terrorist breeding ground of the white-supremacist USA. A US soldier takes time off from his official #genocidal terrorism for his own personal genocidal terrorism. #NeverAgain means #AntiFascism & #AntiRacism! #AntiFascist #AntiRacist
There is just wanton terrorism against #HongKong #China by agents of the US/UK. It is laughable the western MSM still calls these criminals "pro-democracy" when they indiscriminately commit violence & destruction against the people & civilian infrastructure. 🇨🇳 #CN @chinascio
#BojoTheClown is a CRIMINAL-get him out NOW! He belongs in a cage! I support #Brexit, NOT this proven liar & proven criminal & all these tory/brexitparty thugs! #Corbyn will do it. #GeneralElection #GeneralElectionNow #JC4PM #JC4PMNow #JC4PM2019 #GTTO #GetBorisJohnsonOut #GBJO
@JucheComrade @SWalesCpgbml @Rihan1719 @YCLCanada @PartyBolshevik @ComradeCoope @DeiterFuchs @communistsusa @ChanWyles @communist_au @Granma_English @calebmaupin @SunnyCritter @cpaml_vanguard @compartycanada 1/2 #JosephStalin funny quote from 1904, Part 1: "I must observe that some abnormal "individuals" regard the co-ordinated action of the various sections of our Party as "slavish submission." It is all due to weak nerves, the physicians say."

#StalinQuote #Stalin #StalinIsBack
2/2 #JosephStalin funny quote from 1904, Part 2: "Nothing better could be expected of the archeological fossils of the Bakunin era: the fruit is typical of the tree that bore it, goods are typical of the factory that produced them."

#StalinQuote #Stalin #JVStalin #JVS #Truth
@JucheComrade @SWalesCpgbml @Rihan1719 @YCLCanada @PartyBolshevik @ComradeCoope @DeiterFuchs @communistsusa @ChanWyles @communist_au @Granma_English @calebmaupin @SunnyCritter @cpaml_vanguard @compartycanada @cpimspeak @ComCurrent @ClaraSorrenti @Communist_SD @CPEgypt @dcabellor WOW-trotskyists are here openly supporting isis #genocidal terrorists! But isis-supporters are allowed in the "fourth international" (fake intl). isis, al qaeda, trotskyism & ALL such fascist terrorist ideologies must be totally defeated! & some doubt that neocons are trots... ☭
2/6 also puts one firmly on the side of the capitalist oppressors! It is NOT cute or funny to denigrate ANYONE because of ANY race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, or any other fundamental human identity.
3/6 One fights FOR capitalism if one seeks to divide the #WorkingClass by race, nationality, religion, or any other fundamental identity of people. This division of peoples against each other is a primary task of capitalists to enable them to rule & oppress & rob ALL people. ☭
4/6 You want no interracial relationships? So you agree with racist segregationists? You want to attack individuals for simply being a certain race, not a racist system? You want to insult all POC who chose to have a relationship with a white person?
5/6 Tactically, this acts as white-supremacist recruitment propaganda, as personally denigrating all white people for doing something that isn't wrong could cause resentful backlash against #AntiRacism. Wouldn't you rather work to bring more white people on the side of
6/6 #AntiRacist liberation & ending the capitalist white-supremacist system rather than drive white people towards white-supremacist activism & even more fervent enemies we must overcome?

"We are fighting against colonialism, not against the whites." ~~ Julius Nyerere ☭
@JucheComrade @SWalesCpgbml @Rihan1719 @YCLCanada @PartyBolshevik @ComradeCoope @DeiterFuchs @communistsusa @ChanWyles @communist_au @Granma_English @calebmaupin @SunnyCritter @cpaml_vanguard @compartycanada @cpimspeak @ComCurrent @ClaraSorrenti @Communist_SD @CPEgypt @dcabellor @historic_ly @BenjaminNorton @MaxBlumenthal @anyaparampil @AbbyMartin @LeeCamp @RedactedTonight @georgegalloway "People always have been the foolish victims of deception & self-deception in politics, & they always will be, until they have learned to seek out the interests of some class or other behind all moral, religious, political & social phrases, declarations & promises." ~ #Lenin
@SocialistVoice @LabLeftVoice @jeremycorbyn @HateTheTories @DerbyChrisW @wirralphil1 @pete3291 @JoniMMM @Skybluerick1 @EssexLabStudent 1/2 #BojoTheClown was a PROVEN LIAR over & over again when he was a journalist, lying about ANYTHING & making things up out of literally nowhere, even making up "quotes" that people never said. He couldn't keep any journalist job because of his pathological lying... (#GTTO #GBJO)
2/2 ..So #BojoTheClown-unable to keep any journalist job thanks to his pathological lying-found job security as a capitalist politician. But the liar just oozed #corruption & criminal #nepotism. #Corrupt proven criminal, proven liar to the queen's face-bj must go NOW! #GTTO #GBJO
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @chinascio @CommunistPartyW @ApuntesML @calebmaupin @radiorebeldecu @Granma_English @PartyBolshevik @ChanWyles On September 28, 2019, US MSM #PBSFakeNews says upcoming in #China is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the #CommunistParty of China (which is almost 100 years old), when it's in fact 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China. #CPC @chinascio #PRC 🇨🇳 ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CarmenYulinCruz @FIPR9231868 @IndepPuertoRico @lgbtpr @SOSPuertoRicoFL @communistsusa @radiorebeldecu @cubadebate_en @Granma_English @embacuba_repdom Support the #Haitian people in their struggle against #corruption & the oppression & misery of capitalism! Ever since the US #RegimeChange-#corrupt, oppressive capitalist tyrants have robbed the people of #Haiti-devastating society & destroying countless lives. #Socialism now! ☭
@JucheComrade @SWalesCpgbml @Rihan1719 @YCLCanada @PartyBolshevik @ComradeCoope @DeiterFuchs @communistsusa @ChanWyles @communist_au @Granma_English @calebmaupin @SunnyCritter @cpaml_vanguard @compartycanada @cpimspeak @ComCurrent @ClaraSorrenti @Communist_SD @CPEgypt @dcabellor @historic_ly @BenjaminNorton @MaxBlumenthal @anyaparampil @AbbyMartin @LeeCamp @RedactedTonight @georgegalloway @FremontLenin @SocialistRwanda @SACP1921 ""I’m 70 years old,” my father used to say to him [Stalin's son Vasily], pointing to the books he was reading on history, literature, and military affairs, “yet I still go on learning.”" ~ #Stalin's daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva in 1967. #JVS
Photo of Vasily, Svetlana & Stalin ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @chinascio @CommunistPartyW @ApuntesML @calebmaupin @radiorebeldecu @Granma_English @PartyBolshevik @ChanWyles The fascist puppet regime of #Japan censors an art exhibit that dared to mention the #SexSlaves (#ComfortWomen) tortured by the #Japanese imperialist terrorists. The people of #Korea & the entire world will NEVER forget the mass terrorism of the #JP regime. #Truth #Justice ⚖️ ☭
@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @chinascio @CommunistPartyW @ApuntesML @calebmaupin @radiorebeldecu @Granma_English @PartyBolshevik @ChanWyles Should "CNN" change their name to "KKK?" Apparently-according to a couple of right-wing Dems celebrated & broadcast by CNN-Black & Brown women are "the loudest" & have "a bad tone." #Racism 101 Just some #Racists on a #Racist capitalist propaganda lie factory. #AntiRacism
2/2 #Catholic #corruption can be traced to that Secretary of State. If that #corrupt tyrant & his henchmen are finally stopped & cease to have power, the #Vatican hierarchy & the #CatholicChurch overall will be less reactionary & less driven by #corruption. #LiberationTheology
2/2 and far more precious--to be a revolutionary when the conditions for direct, open, really mass and really revolutionary struggle do not yet exist." ~ #VladimirLenin, Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder, 1920. ✊ #Lenin #VILenin #Quote #Stalin #JosephStalin #JVStalin
2/2 Is dore an unwitting tool of the trump cult, or a crypto-trumpist aware of what he's doing? Either way, he serves the extreme right-wing, whether he'll acknowledge that or even knows that or not. And either way, dore is just a mere tool of elites far more powerful than he is.
A Very Basic Explanation Of #DialecticalMaterialism (#DiaMat)

#Dialectical #Materialism is the foundation of the #Science of #MarxismLeninism.

Principles Include:




Quantitative Change Leads to Qualitative Change.

#Truth #StalinIsBack

1. A Very Basic Explanation Of Dialectical Materialism:

#DialecticalMaterialism (#DiaMat) is the #science of material reality, wherein contradictions & imbalances cause constant motion, friction, conflict, struggle & change in the pursuit of harmony & balance,
2. whether in physics chemistry, mathematics, economics, society & politics, or any other sphere of material reality, including the Universe as a whole & all of existence at the cosmological level.
3. #DialecticalMaterialism (#DiaMat) is a #Thesis combining with an #AntiThesis to transform & become a #Synthesis; with such a cycle continuing & combining with other such #DialecticalMaterialist cycles, on & on, never ending, never pausing, ad infinitum (always & forever).
4. Besides #Thesis, #Antithesis & #Synthesis, the fourth element of #DialecticalMaterialism is the #scientific law stating that:

Quantitative Change Leads to Qualitative Change.
5. Massive changes in quantities of something at a certain point results in changes in quality: changes in the very nature of something.

This is the perpetual motion & never-ending change that eternally characterizes our material reality as long as the Universe is in existence
6. beyond being a unified, undifferentiated singularity. This fundamental law of science is #DialecticalMaterislism, which is the basis of all physical AND social #science, including #MarxismLeninism.

#Truth #StalinIsBack

7. Even music is only explainable using #DialecticalMaterialism, as music is nothing but deviations of sounds above & below a base centre of balance, wherein a pleasing sounding song, as opposed to mere discordant noise, is achieved simply by equally balancing,
8. in various patterns, those deviations above, & those deviations below that centre baseline line of balance, wherein equal balance above & below achieves a perfect harmony by the end of the song-which we perceive as pleasing & complete,
9. whereas halting a song before it is finished does not balance evenly & does not complete harmoniously, so is perceived by us as incomplete, as unpleasing, as discordant, & indeed causes great disharmony in our minds until the song is completed & harmony is restored,
10/10 even if that requires us to hum the end of the dong to complete this harmony & restore peace to our mind.

#DialecticalMaterialism #DiaMat

#Truth @StalinIsBack

Music is Dialectical Materialism.

#DialecticalMaterialist science explains why the human brain feels harmony from listening to #music.

Those whose irrational dogmatism leads them to reject #DialecticalMaterialism reject the #science & reality of music, period.

@CathayPak @Chinamission2un @cpimlliberation @CpimlPuducherry @cpimltamilnadu @cpimspeak @POSTEP_ORG @YCLCanada @compartycanada @CarmenYulinCruz @FIPR9231868 @IndepPuertoRico @lgbtpr @SOSPuertoRicoFL @communistsusa @radiorebeldecu @cubadebate_en @Granma_English @embacuba_repdom @redswimmer99 @EmbaCuba_Haiti @HaitiJustice @PresidentofHAIT @DrJeanBAristide @dekapaulo @JLMelenchon @JuventudRebelde @radiorebelde_en @cubadebate_fr A #corrupt corporate boss in #Japan was "surprised" to find a birthday cake given to him was filled with gold coins-& he didn't return the coins for many months until the cops intervened because he 'was simply unable to arrange their return to the briber.' Ridiculous #corruption!
1/2 The clownish person who so transparently trolled #AOC regarding #ClimateChange is from the trotskyist/fascist #cult of the thankfully-dead lyndon larouche-a group that spent the 1980s attacking #Communists with chains & bars (larouche always said he was still a trotskyist, &
2/2 claimed that #DialecticalMaterialism is actually pro-CAPITALISM). Sadly, this violently anti-#Communist trot cult still exists post-#cult-leader-larouche & supports trump, as do many scary #cults like falun gong, MEK/MKO, the family, etc. #TrotskyismIsFascism #StalinIsBack
1/5 "Stalinist Marxism did not long outlast Stalin himself." Ha! A trotskyist wrote this in 1986, but there has been no time, PERIOD, before or since Stalin's death, that #Stalin-following #MarxistLeninists haven't FAR, EXPONENTIALLY outnumbered trots! If what he says is so,
2/5 then trotskyism is far LESS existing ever! Never mind Stalin-following #DPRK, #China, etc-only BILLIONS of people! #MarxismLeninism, following #Marx, #Engels, #Lenin AND #Stalin, in numbers of worldwide adherents AND in leading nations. has astronomically dwarfed microscopic,
3/5 tiny trotskyism, which of course never achieved a revolution or led any country at all & never will do either of those! trotskyism sees itself as something bigger than it is, just like its narcissistic, #Lenin-hating cult-founder. #TrotskyismIsFascism #Stalin #StalinIsBack
4/5 #StalinIsBack

Here's some more about the anti-#Communist narcissistic, lying, scammer, megalomaniac, fraud trotsky (& why do trots claim to be #Leninists when trotsky hated #Lenin, & Lenin-& #CheGuevara & #HoChiMinh & #MaoZedong-hated trotsky?): …ernationalstalinsociety.wordpress.com/trotsky-the-an…
5/5 All true #Communists see through the lies & fraud of trotsky & the capitalist scam of trotskyism! #Marx~#Engels, #Lenin & #Stalin are the guides to TRUE #MarxistLeninist #Communism! Dogmatic/idealist trotskyism will never defeat #ScientificSocialism/#MarxismLeninism! #MELS
@ShehabiFares The #Kurds need to make a deal with the #Syrian governmemt NOW. #Syria needs to sweep in NOW & liberate all areas that the US helped occupy. #TabqaDam, across northern #SY to block invasion & sweep into the oil & gas fields east of #DeirEzzor. @ShehabiFares @mod_gov_sy #Tabqa 🇸🇾
@ShehabiFares @mod_gov_sy @Presidency_Sy @Syrian_Youths_E @republic_syrian @basel_souria @SyrianaAnalysis @AsemSalehDE @SANAEnOfficial @SanaAjel @PressTV @SyrianLionesss 1/2 Few on Earth are more stupid than the pyd/ypg/ypj/sdf. They trusted the USA as an ally, when the USA doesn't make friends or allies, but just uses others when the USA gains, & kills those same people when THAT benefits the USA. These groups who made themselves tools of the
2/2 USA apparently can't read basic history-since anyone can see in 5 minutes what the USA does to its allies~noriega, saddam, Afghan mujahideen & bin laden-etc. So the pkk can crawl back to #Syria & end their treachery or will be fully punished by Turkey for trusting the USA. ☭
Is happiness a choice-as elitist celebrities & the pop fad in capitalist culture claims? Read & find out. #KarlMarx decisively answered this question long ago. The science of #Marx is just as true today-& is still debunking "new" bourgeois propaganda lies. #Truth #StalinIsBack
2/3 them with metal poles or throwing firebombs at them, OR they only are #racist & accept such violence against ONLY #Chinese police: it MUST be one or the other: they either support such violence against ALL police,
3/3 or they are #racists who do not support such violence against police in the USA, but DO support such violence against #Chinese police?! They can't avoid holding one or the other of those two positions! #PRC #China @chinascio 🇨🇳 ☭
Trotsky explicitly says he wants to use the support of nazi Germany & the fascist empire of Japan to come to power in the #SovietUnion after toppling #Stalin-& is willing to give away #Soviet territory & resources to genocidal fascist regimes to satisfy his own lust for power! ☭
@historic_ly @compartycanada @YCLCanada @ComCurrent @communist_au @PartyBolshevik @cpimspeak @jcp_cc @kprf @StalinSocietyPk Trotsky literally thinks the nazi occupation armies will be so touched in their hearts by the cruelty they commit against their victims that they'll become a progressive force for liberation. His inability to understand Marxism makes him think nazis will be good for the world! ☭
@historic_ly @compartycanada @YCLCanada @ComCurrent @communist_au @PartyBolshevik @cpimspeak @jcp_cc @kprf @StalinSocietyPk @StalinSocietyAu @dieLinke @Jucodemex @PCV_Venezuela @cpimlliberation @CPEgypt @Communist_SD @cpaml_vanguard @Ward4Yclsa @YCLSA trotsky is heartless towards human beings, regarding them as mere pawns in larger social forces. This is how trotsky could plot to give away even his native Ukraine, the place he was born, to nazi Germany. This is the (absent) morality of trotsky! #nazsky #Truth #StalinIsBack
@historic_ly @compartycanada @YCLCanada @ComCurrent @communist_au @PartyBolshevik @cpimspeak @jcp_cc @kprf @StalinSocietyPk @StalinSocietyAu @dieLinke @Jucodemex @PCV_Venezuela @cpimlliberation @CPEgypt @Communist_SD @cpaml_vanguard @Ward4Yclsa @YCLSA @YCLGMDistrict @KznYclsa @YCLSA_UJ_APB @KnowYourYCL @SACP1921 @CPIM_WESTBENGAL @CpimWBS @cpimbengaluru @NeverAgainActn The US regime & capitalism overall are not only cruel, sadistic & devoid of compassion, empathy & humanity, but is literally #genocidal. The #genocide of capitalism must be ended by #Socialism. Capitalism is contrary to & a fundamental enemy of human life. 🔴#CapitalismKills🔴 ☭
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