Right let’s talk folks. About home. What’s in it anyway? Home is home right? Just like Brexit is Brexit, it can mean different things to different people. It’s just surprising how *many* people equate home with place. Home is not a house or town or country. 1/
Home is where you feel safe. It may be where your loved ones, your family, live but it doesn’t have to be. It may be temporary, where you’re staying, but it’s still home as it’s where you have decided to spend your life. Even if just for now. 2/
Home is where you can relax. Where you can love and sleep and eat in peace. Without fear or worry that any moment someone will come knocking at the door to take you away. 3/
At different times of your life, our needs change and so your home changes too. I’ve lived in a metropolis, a large town a small town, a village and the countryside. I’ve lived abroad even for a short while, but I never called it home as I always planned to return here. 4/
It’s a common mistake people make, to ask, for instance, someone from the continent ‘what it’s like back home?’ without asking first where home is. For all you know their home may be right next door to you! 5/
And then I hear people telling a Polish guy to go back ‘home’ after he’s lived half his life here, married, raised kids and worked hard in the local hospital helping to care for my friends and relatives. 6/
Home isn’t a house, a geolocation, a place where you were born and raised. Home is wherever you feel safe. It’s the place where you want to be because it’s secure. It’s where your loved one(s) are, if you’re lucky enough to have someone. 7/
Home is where you don’t have to worry about people knocking at your door to take you away. It may be only temporary, a home from home until it’s safe to return to another town or city or country. Or somewhere more permanent for work or family or just love of a place. /8
Home is about the feeling and not the place. So when people come to my house *and* home, I try hard to make them feel *at* home. Because only that way can they relax. And when we’re all relaxed life is so much more fun! /9
Which brings me to my point. Three million points, to be accurate. Three million homes, three million people, three million men, women and children. Just like you and me. And they’re living in my home. Britain. /10
A home I share with 66 million people. A home which in the last 2 years I’m ashamed to say has become hostile to some of its inhabitants. A hostility that started more than ten years ago but reinforced and encouraged not only by our incumbent prime minister, but many others. 11/
Three million people have come from Europe and made their home here. Now it is incumbent on our PM, her cabinet, the government and all MPs to make sure they feel as much at home as the rest of us. That was what we bought into by staying in the EEC, later to become the EU. 12/
As much as if you or I had moved to the continent to work, where we then met our partners and lived many years together, if the climate there made you or I feel home was no longer as safe or secure as we had thought it to be, that we were made to feel inferior or different,.. 13/
...how would you feel? Angry? Sad? Anxious? Tearful? Insecure? Unsafe? Unwelcome? (And much much more). 14/
Is that how you want someone staying with you in your house, in your home, to feel? I don’t think so. 15/
So, now, do you want to make someone feel safe again? Show you care? Do something about the #hostile environment that is so damaging and toxic at the moment in Britain? 16/
Because if you do, and if you’re not sure how, apart from going on about it here, the best thing anyone can do is vote against the hostile environment created by politicians, the media, and a damaging referendum. 17/
Vote? You ask. There isn’t anywhere to vote is there? Well actually, yes, there is. 18/
Imagine if we could raise a pound for every person who marched last month. Who marched for a #PeoplesVote. That would be 700 thousand pounds. Then imagine if we all decided instead of a quid, we gave the cost of our tube fare to and from Green Park tube station. 19/
That’s over *three* million quid. And then imagine how that might go down with the media, the polticians, with those who voted out but may now be wavering. It might not be a ballot paper where you put your cross and secretly drop it into a box somewhere. 20/
But you know what? So long as there aren’t any big donors, if it’s seen coming from all us little people, then maybe, just maybe, we can make a difference to the three million at home here. And just maybe, maybe it will make a difference to what happens in Parliament too. 21/
And who knows what could happen next. But at least you can say you tried your best, you came out on a cold wet winters day to cast your vote. Then, you can hold your head up high. Show you *cared*. 22/
To vote against a hostile environment, to vote against #Brexit, to support Britain staying in the #EU, then go straight here, and support this campaign 👇🏼

If you want to stop #Brexit I can think of no better way than by showing your support for your friends, neighbours & work colleagues across the country.

And even if the course of Brexit remains unchanged, at least we stand a chance to change the lives of someone near to us.
PS: here’s the direct link to fundraising site...with full details of what they’re doing including, and importantly, monitoring the actions of the Home Office and challenging it when required.

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