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1) This is my Q thread for 11/8/2018.

Q posts can be found here:

Android apps:

My theme: Mission Forward.
2) If you choose to follow Q, that's fine.
We're glad to have you aboard.
If not, I hold no ill will against you.
There are many good people who do not follow Q.
3) We all have to make decisions.
Some decisions are harder than others.
Some have greater consequences.
These decisions are deeply personal.
If you want it, I'll give you the information I have but I will always respect your right to make your own decisions, free of pressure.
4) On the evening of the election, after it was clear that conservatives would increase their lead in the Senate, the President tweeted this.

5) Q said the [undisclosed] plan was to jump-start investigations in the House for 2 years then switch them to Senate Judiciary.
Losing the House will not negatively impact them.
Senate approves cabinet & court appointments.
Declass will remove/prevent obstructions in the House.
6) There is evidence to suggest that the President's plan took into account the likelihood of losing the House. (It's extremely hard for a new President to hold it.)
7) If holding the House was critical to the success of ongoing investigations, why did Bob Goodlatte (chair of House Judiciary) and Trey Gowdy (Chair of House oversight) step down from their positions?

Q told us in May their departure was important but he did not explain why.
8) The departure of Goodlatte and Gowdy were a sign that corruption investigations in the House would be moving to another venue. The only other committee we can trust is the Senate Judiciary, which has direct oversight of the DOJ & FBI.
9) House Judiciary announcement (April 2018) of agreement with DOJ for the release of requested documents.…
10) Q noted that the Senate will be stronger with the departure of Bob Corker and Jeff Flake and the addition of new pro-Trump Senators. POTUS will be able to get his nominations approved with less resistance.
11) Q confirmed that the President's strategy took into account the likelihood of losing the House majority so a plan was set in motion to move important investigations to the Senate Judiciary under the watchful eye of Chuck Grassley.
12) POTUS confirmed that his game plan was to increase support in the Senate and use them to accomplish his goals.

13) Q suggested the enemies of the President were baited into thinking the House was the prize. If they won control, they could shut down corruption investigations.

But House was merely bait.
And the simpletons fell for it.
14) Now that the victory in the Senate has been secured, the mission is moving forward.
15) The President confirmed that the Senate was his goal. He warned Dems to be careful how they use their newfound majority in the House. Trump knows where the bodies are buried and the Senate can investigate and make criminal referrals to the DOJ.
16) Set aside emotions & expectations.
Think logically.
POTUS is at war.
Military strategies & tactics include deception, diversion, distraction & disinformation.
Patriots delivered a pro-Trump Senate.
We're in for a bumpy ride.
Buckle up.
17) During yesterday's press conference the President said, "These people are sick."
18) WHy is it relevant?

The phrase "These people are sick" has become one of Q's calling cards. This search shows 20 occurrences in all of Q's posts.
18) A anon noticed the statement by POTUS.
20) At 11:10 am yesterday, speaking of increasing their majority in the Senate, Q used the phrase "We defied history."

Three hours later, speaking on the same subject, the Vice President used the exact same phrase.

22) Just before noon, (Arizona time) Q+ posted this message thanking Bob Goodlatte and Trey Gowdy for their service to the country.

... but one more person needed to be thanked.

(Note this post is signed: Q+)
23) 47 minutes later, the President thanked Jeff Sessions for his service to the country.

24) Who is Q+?

When @Q_ANONBaby met with the President and had his picture taken, Q said there would be something about the picture that would be significant.

Q wrote: (((WWG1WGA)))
25) On October 28, VIP anon posted a picture of the photo he received in the mail that was taken with the President. On the back, is the signature: (((+)))

Nov 4, Q confirmed it was from POTUS and signed off: (((Q+)))
26) @Q_ANONBaby took this video showing both sides of the photo.

Link to tweet:
27) Q posted a link to the tweet by the President thanking Jeff Sessions and asked if it was a coincidence that Q thanked Bob Goodlatte and Trey Gowdy less than an hour earlier.
28) An anon noticed more than the usual difficulty accessing the research board.
29) Q asked why it might be that the board was under attack.
30) After hearing that Matt Whitaker was appointed Acting Attorney General, Chuck Schumer insisted he must recuse himself from the Russia investigation.

(Seems they like having Rosenstein in control.)…
31) Because he's Rosenstein's boss and has not recused himself, Whitaker effectively has oversight of the Mueller investigation.

Q said Whitaker will not recuse himself.
32) Background info on Matt Whitaker.…
33) Whitaker believes the Clinton Foundation investigation has been buried by the FBI.…
34) Q said Whitaker could release an unredacted version of the document Rod Rosenstein issued redefining the scope of the Mueller investigation.

There's no point in threatening Trump with a "red line."
35) Q's link above is to this tweet.
Former Attorney General Eric Holder went into panic mode over Whitaker's appointment as Acting AG.

36) Former Deputy AG Sally Q doesn't seem real happy about Whitaker's appointment, either.

37) If Trump's enemies are freaking out over Sessions being replaced by Whitaker, why are Trump supporters also freaking out?

Emotions instead of logic?
38) It's not like Sessions' replacement was an unexpected thing.
(At least not to DC insiders.)
39) Q wrote:

"Stealth Bombers fly undetected."

Was Sessions (or even Huber) undetected?
In hindsight, Sessions was a concern for the deep state. He wasn't really a stealth bomber.

Stealthiness = being undetected by anyone or anything.
40) Rather than Jeff Sessions (or John Huber) being the stealth bomber Q referred to before the elections, I believe it was a reference to Whitaker.

(We were given space for a name with 8 letters and Whitaker fits.)
41) Matt Whitaker was Jeff Sessions' Chief of Staff. In that role, he would know Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who has been working as Sessions' intelligence adviser.
42) Ezra Cohen-Watnick is a protege of General Flynn. He was assigned to be Sessions' intelligence adviser at Trump's insistence.…
43) more background info on Ezra Cohen-Watnick.…
44) Q posted a link to a tweet by @supermom43207
45) @supermom43207 wanted us to know that November 7th, the anniversary of Red October.
46) The deep state threatened POTUS with a "red line" on the anniversary of Red October.
46) Red October occurred during the Russian Revolution of 1917.…
47) We are undergoing another revolution—one that will remove corruption on a global scale and return the rule of government to we the people.
48) There has been some discussion about whether the President can use the military to defend the border and under what conditions Martial Law can be declared.

Sadly, many people are ill-informed.
Q wants us to know the truth.
49) The constitution gives broad power to the President to use the military to keep the peace.

Martial Law permits the suspension of civil rights, civil law and the right of habeas corpus, placing citizens under the Military Code of Justice.…
50) Contrary to what many people think, the Posse Comitatus Act doesn't prohibit the President from using the military to enforce the law. Rather, it specifies that only the Congress or the President may do so.…
51) It's important to note that unlike in cases where Martial Law is imposed by despots to punish freedom fighters. if Martial Law is declared in the US, it will only be implemented as long as necessary and only to restrain lawlessness.
52) Wisdom about reading and interpreting Q's posts from an experienced anon.
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