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Tonight Saturday 10th Nov 9pm-3amish #tarotreading

Check it out 💜
Gonna be starting #readingswithroo about half 9 tonight (an hour from now) but will be talking about crystals tonight.

Specifically the crystals mentioned in Steven universe and their real world equivalents what they're associations and uses are.
Good evening folks!

It's Saturday 10th Nov the time is 9.30pm GMT and until 3am I am doing #tarotreading along with a #stevenuniverse #Crystal thread.

See link for #tarot details or DM me.

So warning obviously spoilers for Steven universe.

Also as always general trigger warning
So we're going to start at the smaller appearances and mentions and work our way to the crystal gems.

 With that out of the way let's start with watermelon tourmaline. Also known as the giant pufferfish the gems and the pizza's team up to overcome season 1
Now in Steven universe this fishy gem while not it's intention, brings together two very seemingly different forces, bringing them harmony and balance which is very much what it's known for irl.
This tourmaline is known for being a balancing force something that can bring spontaneity to stagnant situations or bring a grounding energy to chaotic situations

This in part could come from the passion & energy of the pink/reds or from the growth and protection from the greens a group of crystals that have greenish outers melting into pinky red centres
They're made from an aluminium boron silicate and generally tend to be rarer than other tourmalines
Practical uses for this tourmaline include sewing a small chip into the hem child's coat or bag when they're headed to school for the first to help bring grounding energies to an overwhelming experience.
Or maybe place a small tumble stone of it in an office plant to help encourage teamwork sociability and peacefulness.
Hey lovely folks it's the first time this evening that I'm reminding you that I offer #tarotreading from now till 3am ish GMT

It's often associated with Scorpio and Libra star signs and scents that work well with it are apple blossom, cherry blossom, geranium, rose and thyme.
If your the kind to include crystals in your magic other things watermelon tourmaline is known for is encouraging self worth and self love particularly in healing the pain of unrequited loves.
Next in this whistle stop tour we have malachite. In the world of Steven universe malachite is an unhealthy fusion between lapis lazuli and jasper born out for jasper’s need to try and defeat the crystal gems but specifically steven/rose quartz
In an almost exact flip of its meaning in the show irl malachite is actually most often associated with Nordic & russian goddesses of love Crystal description emerald to grass green with black or pale green stripes swirls bands and marbling effect
even outside of those specific traditions malachite's thought to help resist emotional blackmail and abuse, & is meant to help encourage relationships based on love not need.
Malachite is fairly common, made from Copper Carbonate. It's associated with Scorpio and the scents cedar, copal, pine and sage.
Hey lovelies it's that time of night where I remind you that I'm offering #tarotreading for the next 3 hours

See link for details

Practical uses for malachite include using it as a venting Stone.

Something that at the end of the day you give all your frustrations of the day and then place it on a window sill to be released into and counteracted by the moon and star light.
Another fusion up next. This time smoky quartz, a fusion of Steven and amythest born of their determination,love and courage in a tender moment between the pair as it looks they may be in danger from jasper.
In the real world smokey quartz is known for being a redirector/absorber of negative energies which is interesting given SU smokey quartz's weapon and fighting style. Crystal description clear quartz that has been tinted smokey brown or dark grey by natural radiations over time
Seen as a protector against bad luck, in places like Switzerland Germany and Austria it was even turned into crucifixes placed on bedroom walls to protect from supernatural attack.
A type of quartz also sometimes known as Cairngorm smokey quartz is common in shops.

associated with the Capricorn star sign and these scents cedar, cypress, hibiscus, lily, mimosa, patchouli.
smoky quartz has a huge array of practical uses from sitting on your desk at work to take the brunt of a stressful day to hanging a piece from you rearview mirror to help deal with roadrage.
That time of the evening folks where I mention I offer #tarot readings


Link for details

I probably won't make it through all the gems tonight but fear not I will finish it when I do tarot again next Wednesday.

But that's neither here nor there as I've got an hour and half left of tonight.
A small ritual I enjoy is putting a small tumblestone of smokey quartz i  the bottom of a pot of a new plant or seeds.

The plant can then be used to help imbue spells and potion work with the energies of smokey quartz. Works well with things like kitchen herbs, basil thyme etc
Now we have a fusion that I love so much, Sardonyx the crystal is so perfect for the fusion too like I can imagine Rebecca and the crewniverse just determined to get meanings and hidden things in the choices of gems and my heart breaks because this is so perfect
Ok so Sardonyx is a fusion of pearl (my poor darling child) and garnet first seen in an episode called cry for help. As always with the the crewniverse the title means so much more upon watching the episode
we learn that pearl uses the confidence and strength from sardonyx to feel less helpless. But in an unhealthy way the violates garnets consent and that is a problem that thabkfully the gems manage to discuss and work out together
Thing is Irl Sardonyx is most often used to remove feelings of helplessness and victim mentality lifting depression and encouraging action long over due.
It qas known as a courage stone by the Greeks and romans. They'd wear amulets of it carved with images of Ares/mars to protect and give them courage in battle.
Which doesn't that just sound exactly like what pearl describes as why she loves being fused with garnet. Not the Greek stuff obviously but still 😂

Okay now I've finished gushing about the crewniverse and the hidden meanings of gem choices.
Sardonyx works well with scents like fennel musk and thyme and is often associated with the star signs aries virgo and Capricorn.
Fun fact amethyst in SU calls Sardonyx, sards, well that's probably because sard is literally layered with chalcedony irl to make Sardonyx
Sardonyx is often thought of as a lucky charm in legal and justice respects especially concerning matters of money or property.
Okay so because I'm ill today I'm not going to be able to extend my hours like a might usually.

So that my lovely folks is it for this evening.

I will be continuing this thread and offering tarot on Wednesday 14th November

I've been Roo and you've been awesome!
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