@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright She didn’t have middle class upbringing. Her CEO dad had that house built (which cost hundreds of thousands 30 years ago) in a community w NOT ONE BLACK PERSON. Her family only spoke English, & she never commuted to the Bronx like she said bc there’s no public transit in Yorktown
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright It costs $82 to get a Lyft ONE WAY from Yorktown to the 41 mi away Bronx. They didn’t have Lyft when she was growing up, although since then they’ve shown she’s racked up > in Uber/Lyft in one year than I make in an entire year! She was never “average.” She was known as Sandy
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright She was seen as a white woman. She was involved in a protracted fight over her dad’s estate—lawyers don’t do that for “middle class” ppl, & no one sues for years over tiny amounts of $. She owns an expensive home AND the apt in the Bronx, which she’s used rent free at times.
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright She has not known “struggle” as she lied, nor did she commute (also a campaign af lie, where she showed a video of herself taking the subway w a voice over ab commuting to the Bronx—not possible).
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright She appropriated the real experiences of POC/WOC for personal gain. She also lied that “a girl like” her wasn’t “supposed to run for office.” Oh really? Then how come her mom told her NY Post that she’s aspired to be an elected official & even POTUS since HS? Not a struggle
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright She has access to a very wealthy community & school & got a free apt during college—no struggle there. Oh, she had a part-time job briefly? Gee, that’s totally the same as what most ppl on the bottom experience, said no one credible.
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright Her town has held events that are even somewhat racist. She didn’t protest. She originally filed in her ACTUAL district (15), then suddenly changed her mind at the last minute. Why? It sure AF isn’t bc she “knows” the struggle of ppl in the Bronx.
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright If she really cares ab the Bronx, why didn’t she simply represent herself as an ally, rather than lying that she’s a fellow sufferer? Why did she go across the country to primary real WOC who didn’t get breaks instead of focusing on the Bronx? What’s she done that truly helps?
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright She lied that Joe Crowley was a carpetbagger when he’s lived in & worked for NY 14, but she doesn’t live there—she just has the luxury (not a middle class thing) of owning TWO properties!
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright She’s padded her resume, not held down any real jobs, & she’s incredibly condescending. What person is like “oh, I have a BA—I’m gonna school Congress?” Please—most of her aides will have higher degrees than her. Why did she push for Sharice Davids or Laura Lombard to lose?
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright Why’d she try to make Stephanie Murphy lose? Why does she typically back only white male cands, unless it’s her (& she’s nene treated as a white woman & identified that way until it suited her not to). She said she would singlehandedly take down trump. How? A process unheard of!
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright Impeachment! That was her big answer. Now she’s whining ab how she “can’t afford an apt in DC.” Excuse me? I don’t hear any of the ppl who don’t own 2 prime pieces of real estate complaining? Where’d she get all that $ to travel the country primarying members of oppressed grps?
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright She claimed the Dems are not doing enough bc we don’t have enough “fire” in our eyes. Excuse me? Last I checked, Pelosi was filibustering for dreamers & CHP, Feinstein released the GPS transcript, & the issue was we have a minority, not “no fire eyes.”
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright She is not an ally. FFS, this is who she considers a good person to align w
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright See? She’s a hypocrite & that’s not “middle class!” Now check this out:
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright See those receipts? She’s not progressive, she’s a liar, & she got the endorsement of the JDs, whose board she was on as of August! We call that unethical campaign finance where I come from, not a “grassroots miracle.”
@Nick_J_Gatti @NoNiceties @Eviljohna @lynnv378 @SallyAlbright I have plenty more where this came from, but the bottom line is that she’s not really a Dem (& she constantly trashes us), she’s NEVER been “middle class,” & she’s a liar. We done here? Bc I’m tired of her nonsense.
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